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feeling nonhuman

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- Tue, 01 Sep 2020 20:04:26 EST 4hBEIt21 No.535934
File: 1599005066927.jpg -(10900B / 10.64KB, 260x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. feeling nonhuman
i think ive hit a wall. i can't do self-improvement stuff anymore. i've tried but my heart's just not in it. i can't socialize with anyone except over the phone/internet and as soon as it's gone i feel empty again. i miss my friends so much, and my old life. i'm terrified of going off UI and getting a job again because i'm an "at-risk" individual and i'm scared to death of covid, even though it would mean interacting with people in person again on a regular basis.

i've been on the computer, phone, TV, so much that i wish i had the balls to just throw it all away and join a fucking commune or something. i feel like i'm losing my humanity. and i've just felt shittier and shittier as time goes on, like my physical health is really in a weird state right now where i'm just getting random aches and pains all the time.

i'm really fucking scared. so scared i can barely feel it or anything else for that matter. i really only look forward to dreaming and the two hours before it when i'm just watching silly cartoons to fall asleep to. i have no idea what i can do to help myself and it's freaking me out. i don't feel like me at all, it's like i exist in a void or a vacuum and i'm even more nothing than i was before when i thought i was such a loser.

i wanna cry and scream and ask for my parents to hold me like a little kid but i can't, i'm too old and it wouldn't really help me anyway. i feel so weak, weaker than ever before in my life, and i've had some low low low points. i don't know what to do. i just wanna cry but i can't. i try to sit with it but i can't. i feel like it's gonna kill me, like i'm gonna have a stroke or a heart attack or a brain aneurysm. i went to therapy and it didn't help, he only had time for me once a week and just told me to do breathing exercises which don't really help either. and i didn't feel like i could trust him.

everything just feels so tremendously fucked. i'm trying to be strong for myself but i'm just exhausted. i wanna give up, but i still have hope for some reason. i wish i didn't. it would make my life easier
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Wesley Shakeville - Wed, 02 Sep 2020 22:11:30 EST VMzmKgcf No.535960 Reply
I did a 3 day dopamine fast in the woods and it...changed things. Just try it and see what happens
Basil Turveygold - Wed, 02 Sep 2020 22:33:40 EST 3ScQQ4dj No.535961 Reply
bruv just chill, this will all be over next year
just learn to be alone and don't depend on technology so much
also wear a face mask and go for a walk, wash your hands, etc. it's not THAT extreme and this is coming from an at risk person too.
Alice Pickfield - Thu, 03 Sep 2020 06:07:57 EST a/iLV5l2 No.535963 Reply
I can only infer so much from what you have shared about yourself, but it sounds like you are weighing the burden of self-improvement too heavily upon yourself. It's ok to spend a day or two not being productive, especially in these weird and unprecedented times. Maybe keep a light workout routine if you need something to maintain that semblance of productivity? Just simple calisthenics. This strange period of time will pass, as painfully as a kidney stone at times, but it will pass.

people think im gay or bi and they have no idea what I actually am

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- Sun, 30 Aug 2020 15:50:46 EST zhv62VNB No.535892
File: 1598817046805.jpg -(278762B / 272.23KB, 1197x865) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. people think im gay or bi and they have no idea what I actually am
I raped a male cousin as a little kid because I knew since my abusive father to never abuse women and I just felt pressured to try sex or at least getting head because the world and TV and family all seemed like I was starting to feel like a loser for being a virgin; and I was always over this house and would play alone with my vulnerable and enthusiastic cousin. Eventually my fam found out I was doing weird shit and I literally hid inside the closet afraid of being called a rapist. I was not even 13. didn't even care if anyone thought I was gay because I knew that was better than how much more was really in my head in regards to rape and deceit and using a man just to avoid the sense of wrong in overpowering a female, like I even imagined it as a girl.

I am seriously fucked up, but now the word is out that I am simply gay or bi and not some predatory creep into even weirder shit which is the actual truth of it all. I know a few girls who like me for BDSM and shit for how honest I can be about my nature as a 'dangerous person who cares', but others who don't realize how long I've let their misjudgment be allowed if only to keep them from seeing me as a criminal or predator at some level for raping someone in a way that strictly was to avoid default trouble. I made this mask, and I want it off now. Tired of that misunderstanding, but I cant just go tell the world about incest rape. I can always just apologize to my cousin since we're still cool and video game etc. and just keep it in the family, but I think right now it's just all convoluted. I moved, but this haunts me.
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Shitting Gullyman - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 15:46:26 EST GDO32Ht8 No.535922 Reply
hey we all had pressure to have sex but we didn't go out and rape someone. You need some counselling to figure out why you really did this, because if it was what you said it was we'd all be going around raping each other.

but be really careful because there are mandatory reporting laws. If you are in the UK there are anonymous lines you can get help with and as long as tehy don't know your name and address (they don't trace calls) they can help you without reporting you, but in the US helplines have to trace calls i think, which means it would be basically impossible to get help with this BUT BUT BUT if you talk about it without ever mentioning that you ever actually did something they don't have to report you unless they think you did or you are going to do something

Anyway if you don't want to be a predator you won't be a predator, you have control over that shit and it sounds liek you really regret it.

I would definitely apologise to the cousin, and make sure they know what happened was wrong and it was completely your fault and they did nothing at all to provoke it and it was 100% you and you are so sorry and you feel awful. Again, talking to a counsellor would help you figure out how to do this in a way that would minimise the harm already caused to your cousin but again laws mean you can't do that unless you live somewhere where helplines are anonymous. A terrible apology would be better than none. Sexual abuse really fucks people up, no exceptions. Is your cousin in counselling? He should be.
Nicholas Shittingwell - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 21:16:24 EST zhv62VNB No.535924 Reply
That all makes perfect sense. Thanks.
I'd say my parents definitely broke it as they both met each other at a fucking AA "Ball" dance gathering and the rest is revisionist history. Mom went sober once kids were involved but pops remained a terrible person, hence sitting a little girl down to watch porn with him. Cops were on His payroll at the time, this was in AZ, so in a fucking Desert this guy was abusing the household while cops allowed it for money or drugs. That kind of thing makes you never view society the same way ever again. Hence me feeling a lot of, in My mind, more criminal influences growing up like that's all I could see anymore.
Nah man, it wasn't the societal pressuring, I was explaining that as a facet of it but the obviously I know more than that was the influence on me to do this. Not to be simplified, but I wanted to make this post as cut and dry and relatable as I could so that's not really my entire sense of what caused it in me.

Fam is cool now he does his thing with college work and professional gaming etc. all things considered he is cool, and we still chatted here and there over the years. At this point I think more conversation was given to him than me about this, so he is fine probably more than I am about it, which is fitting of course.
Fanny Derringmock - Tue, 01 Sep 2020 14:47:28 EST 80a+lf6a No.535926 Reply
theres no "word out", you are simply not important.

Need new friends, but don't have time to find new friends

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- Sat, 30 May 2020 08:46:00 EST zcMKtJVi No.534733
File: 1590842760883.jpg -(219833B / 214.68KB, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Need new friends, but don't have time to find new friends
Long story short:

>worked my ass off to finally invest in my hobbies (that are snorkeling and filming underwater)
>finally got all the equipment i need
>friends have congratulated me
>but noone ever wants to go out and leave their couch

>finally some free days, we all will have vacation soon
>noone interested in doing anything
> all they do is smoking weed or playing with warhammer figurines or sitting @ their homes together and playing board-games

>when I try to inspire them by showing them the footage of my last dive they are impressed
>but whine about it beeing expensive
>they spend up to 1000.- for costumes and conventions

how do I find new friends when I don't have the time due to workload and not the best social-skills (like forgetting names and faces, the inability to listen and care about the problems of others when my work-day ends) ?
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Angus Turveywill - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 19:41:29 EST EHK2Yob/ No.535899 Reply
1598830889440.jpg -(64313B / 62.81KB, 820x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>made his wife get cut up for the for a C-section for the 4th time in a row now, but complains about not having enough money to feed his family all the time.
Thomas Hollergold - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 12:08:40 EST A8m11hb5 No.535919 Reply
Oh, buddy.

My friend who's not into anime doesn't want to and will never hang out with me in the vrchat anime world I made. I wouldn't even mention it to them. They are not a shitty friend. There are creative spaces for creative feedback, display, and reflection, bud.
Shitting Gullyman - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 15:48:10 EST GDO32Ht8 No.535923 Reply
do you think maybe your friends don't want to go fucking snorkeling because there is a pandemic?

Should I be concerned?

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- Sat, 29 Aug 2020 15:28:28 EST 8nwJ3HKU No.535872
File: 1598729308340.jpg -(11945B / 11.67KB, 227x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Should I be concerned?
I'm currently living with my fiance, we've known each other for a little over 2 years. Our families knew each other since our grandparents.

Money is really tight right now, and I've brought up the idea of getting a dishwashing job just to get a paycheck, even though it's outside my industry (automotive). When I bring it up, she basically gets mad and tells me no because there will be slutty waitresses there shaking their asses in my face.

It's kind of insulting because to me it says she doesn't trust me. But beyond that, is she trying to exercise too much control?

I don't have a social life or any friends really, I just go to class and then come home and spend my time with her.
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Ernest Goodgold - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 09:30:46 EST VAcauGzm No.535913 Reply
You're ridiculous. OP needs to have a serious talk with his fiance about this. Controlling behaviour isn't reasonably written off as "she's just insecure."
Cornelius Wavingford - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 10:01:14 EST B5LU1ac8 No.535915 Reply
>"you cant leave the house in case there is another woman outside"

It's not gonna stop at your job.
Nathaniel Hicklebock - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 10:04:29 EST 1SSFeKJF No.535916 Reply
I agree. I assume the emphasis was on "just" as in "she's not a cheat". But it's still a problem when her issues make her stifle OP due to lack of trust. It's something which needs to be sorted out before you commit further. And by sorted out I mean the end result needs to be her being okay with OP hanging around other women.


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- Mon, 24 Aug 2020 03:46:42 EST gQzWHmd6 No.535825
File: 1598255202568.jpg -(60865B / 59.44KB, 750x701) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. why
have to wake up at 6:15 am tomorrow for first day of school
stay up till 12:45 am on my laptop
why am i like this
William Bloffingridge - Mon, 24 Aug 2020 06:18:38 EST USUZpST+ No.535828 Reply
What year are you in?
James Grandfoot - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 00:36:22 EST VMzmKgcf No.535876 Reply
You need to be disciplined god damnit. Stop scrolling and refreshing and decide to close the laptop at a certain time, like 8pm or whatever anus
Jarvis Blatherbury - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 07:51:16 EST a/iLV5l2 No.535912 Reply
You are like this because you've allowed it. Now it is simply habit and the longer you let it repeat the harder it will be to break the habit.

I'm going mad. No quiet here, the noise drives me insane.

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- Fri, 21 Aug 2020 02:57:23 EST J5oFL2bl No.535796
File: 1597993043601.jpg -(91369B / 89.23KB, 767x505) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I'm going mad. No quiet here, the noise drives me insane.
Got a week of vacation but can't relax. I look and feel like shit.

Workers are rebuilding the street just in front of my window and the flat under me is getting renovated at the same time!

All the noise starts @ 7:00 but work on the streets even @3:00 in the morning (when they bring supplies and talk and shout @ each other.

Can't close my window in these temperatures and every room here gets bombarded by the same amount of noise. I hear it even with my earplugs!!

Already filed 2 noise-complaints with no response at all.

I can't. I have gotten zero sleep, my head is pounding, I feel like dead.

I have no friends that live close by, have no money to live in a hotel (and I don't want to in times of Corona).

I wanted to go away with my tent and sleep in the bushes, but we had thunderstorms @ exactly the same two days where I wanted to go.

I feel trapped, exhausted, thinskinned and like total shit. I just can't. I can't anymore.

I guess when my works starts again next week, I'll die of some sort of heart-attack or stroke.
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James Snodwater - Wed, 26 Aug 2020 06:10:34 EST Td/+OTTF No.535830 Reply
can't imagine there are empty rural homes waiting to be lived in.

Or do you expect someone to just build themself a new home?
Cornelius Hemmlenetch - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 11:51:32 EST wcqQCL4Z No.535889 Reply
Bro go get some fuckin earplugs. Problem solved. I live with other people and we are on different schedules, if I don't have earplugs I sleep like shit.
Cornelius Hemmlenetch - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 11:53:11 EST wcqQCL4Z No.535890 Reply

My bad I just read the line about you having earplugs. That sucks dude, I'm sorry. I would go batshit. Maybe try taking sleeping pills or benedryl + melatonin. This problem might require chemical assistance.

Family doesn’t really talk to me

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- Fri, 28 Aug 2020 23:33:19 EST ISA767Yd No.535863
File: 1598671999576.jpg -(144888B / 141.49KB, 900x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Family doesn’t really talk to me
Really just venting here.

Never had any problems or fights with my family, we all seem to get along fine. Lately however, they’ve all seemed to distance themselves from me except for one sibling who actually seems closer.

If there is any contact at all, I have to be the one to initiate it. Even then I might not get a response for a few days if at all. I don’t know what happened!

I get that they all might be busy but even a few months ago we were all talking back and forth regularly. I can’t think of anything odd or rude I may have said or done either, but it does stand out to me that the switch happened so fast with everyone

Not a big deal and I’m not even looking for answers. I felt like saying it somewhere. Thanks qq
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Lydia Claycocke - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 01:23:43 EST zhv62VNB No.535885 Reply
he isn't wrong
I found out my cousin was lying and saying weird shit about me that was making everyone distance themselves until a few people actually brought it forward. STILL dealing with this shit. It happens.
Nell Baddlechedge - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 11:37:07 EST ktKpXU2t No.535886 Reply
And this is why you don't deliberately troll advice forums making people feel insecure.


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- Sun, 09 Aug 2020 23:36:19 EST chJdEY/L No.535669
File: 1597030579489.jpg -(88697B / 86.62KB, 448x478) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. PTSD?
It’s been awhile since I’ve been here, but idk where to ask this. So here goes nothing.

Has anybody here been diagnosed with PTSD without feeling they have been through what they feel to be a major traumatic incident?

Idk I’ve been speaking with an online therapist due to the pandemic and she feels quite strongly that I may have PTSD, but like the most trauma I’ve been through is probably having the shit beat out of me and getting kicked out of the house as a kid without clothes for a good 15 mins, or losing all my online friends at age 12?

Kinda asking because while I’m thinking of possibly getting checked out irl, aside from the above, all I’ve got the usual toxic mum and absent father, the whole depressed/anxious formula. I’d like to know if there’s something more that can possibly be helped with, otherwise, if it’s the same shit all over and just more going through shitty therapists, I’d rather just keep going my own way
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James Grandfoot - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 01:04:08 EST VMzmKgcf No.535880 Reply
Unironically cry as much as u can.
Eat mostly meat
Get ur good sleep. PERFECT sleep

Maybe u had feelings and denied them to urself. Here, I have a solution. Find a place where u can be alone completely. Go solo camping or whatever. Bring literally nothing with u no phone NOTHING, do not eat. Stay for four days.
We always fucking distract ourselves with bullshit and it hides the gross stuff underneath. Feeling this shit will make it better. Just hold on..
Also if ur mom was controlling and weird and ur dad never taught u anything then yeah no wonder, everyone gets fucked up by that, not ur fault
James Grandfoot - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 01:12:39 EST VMzmKgcf No.535882 Reply
Ok, another thing. The solution is not "tactics". Do not constantly add shit to ur life, doesnt do shit. Take one and try it. Do it thoroughly and maybe it's good. But make sure u stick with it.
Blahblahblah "therapy". Maybe u know u shouldn't be confident because u aren't a man yet and u know u should be more. That's ok ur parents were obviously terrible as I said not ur fault what more is that u can change


But do the 4 day thing, called a dopamine fast. I did one recently and the difference was incredible. The trick is that being bored is like healing your brain, assuming you're an addict. I recommend camping because u can stare at the river and shit at least
James Grandfoot - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 01:16:43 EST VMzmKgcf No.535884 Reply
1598764603753.jpg -(126285B / 123.33KB, 900x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Rather than adding things. Take away the bad things because u get accustomed, your brain and body adjusts to the bad and is changed in a bad way. Do NOT go on the life path where u go from thing 2 thing 2 thing...

Should I break up with this bitch?

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- Wed, 19 Aug 2020 19:30:36 EST 1+Zi0vj4 No.535783
File: 1597879836890.jpg -(61008B / 59.58KB, 750x554) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Should I break up with this bitch?
I'm in my first relationship in almost two years and I have a terrible suspicion she is cheating on me or at least has recently.
My heart broke when I saw a couple of parallel bruises on her thighs I'm pretty sure I did not put there.
We have been seeing each other for only a month so and have seen a few red flags such as:
Using her mental illness as an excuse for terrible behavior.
She has zero ambitions and no work ethic whatsoever.
She has really low self confidence and I think really craves constant attention from men.
She just acts extremely strange sometimes and not all together. What would you do? I feel like shes torn between being a human flashlight and wanting to be a decent woman.
9 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Wesley Wedgefat - Fri, 28 Aug 2020 12:08:48 EST 1SSFeKJF No.535862 Reply
>you wouldn't fear a partner being unfaithful if you were confident in yourself
Applies in many cases but not all. Lots of generalisations. Some people fear their partner cheating because they lack confidence but sometimes because it's what they'd do and they're shits.

Some people fear it because they're cheating. There are often signs, inattentiveness, sketchiness, being unavailable emotionally, being secretive about things etc.

Not acting all together and bruises are attributable to hemophilla but OP has given us a only vague details.

Dating people you don't respect is a sign of also not respecting yourself and I think we agree there.

Worried I made a huge mistake, other venting screaming into the internet void

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- Sun, 23 Aug 2020 01:19:38 EST +9HwQJ74 No.535815
File: 1598159978548.jpg -(70982B / 69.32KB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Worried I made a huge mistake, other venting screaming into the internet void
Sup /adv/,

Wow, I haven't posted here in nearly 10 years. Thanks for still being there.

I recently moved to another state to pursue a graduate fellowship. I previously lived in a major city where I worked for the state from home pretty much doing fuck all for 40k a year. It was awful, and I hated feeling so useless, but at least I was making a pretty decent salary to do nothing for a lot of the week, working from home.

My degree program is political science, and to be quite honest with you, I have absolutely no idea what the hell I would do with this degree. I originally applied for this program because I honestly wasn't sure what else to do. They gave me the fellowship offered, and I accepted since I and worried about getting trapped or getting laid off because of the pandemic.

I have a professional internship during my 3rd semester which would account for a paid salary experience and the chance to move to another city. I don't have to pay any tuition for this program, receive a stipend, and I don't have any debt.

Here's the kicker: despite the pandemic, our cohort was pressed to move here. A week prior to moving, all of our classes were moved online.

For the record, I'm female, queer, and I moved into a student housing situation where I live with an incredibly normie roommate. I feel awkward, because I haven't made any friends here yet due to campus being somewhat locked down. I'm also worried that she may find out that I am queer. I think she already thinks I'm weird.

To be honest with you, all of this, paired with the pandemic, makes me worried that I made a huge mistake. My family is not supportive of me, so even if I quit this program, I wouldn't have support upon moving home.

I'm worried about sinking into a very bad mental health situation because of the isolation, the lack of direction, and the stress. But I feel completely directionless about what else to do.

If I could go back in time, I would have pursued a degree in nursing or social work. But it is what it is now, and I feel like I would /really/ being going backwards if I were to go into debt for another undergraduate degree.

Personally, I'm also very unhappy with where I am in regards to my own life. I am in my late twenties and have never had a relationship throughout this decade, feel socially stunted, and am really beating myself up because I hate that I am queer. I fear that this entire situation I'm trapped in might push me off the edge completely. I just can't take it anymore.

I feel completely alone and despite all of my successes and devotion into making the right decisions about things in my life, (being financially independent, copletely sober, great diet and exercise routine), I'm just as isolated and as unhappy and directionless as ever. It's really getting to me, and sometimes I believe that the universe really wants me to be unhappy or is setting me up to be in completely unsavory situations.

This evening, when I was walking home, I noticed so many people who seemed really happy, in relationships, around friends, and probably getting along with tons of direction and support in their lives. It's so disheartening to see, because I really feel like I'm a huge fuck up.

I wish I was "normal", I wish I was straight, I wish I wasn't such a weirdo, I wish that socializing with other people came naturally to me, and I wish I had direction and support for once in my life.

Thanks for listening to my venting. Have a great rest of your day/night.
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Hedda Sicklestene - Sun, 23 Aug 2020 20:20:38 EST AIv9ZZie No.535824 Reply
I don't know a whole lot about being a lesbian, but I can tell you that your experiences here will determine the value of your degree. You have a future in public policy or mass comm but you have to knuckle up.
James Grandfoot - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 00:51:37 EST VMzmKgcf No.535877 Reply
1598763097753.jpg -(266652B / 260.40KB, 1080x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I dont get it. Why dont you keep that job of 40k, save money and try stuff. Fuxk it, if its easy fuck it. Take that easy ass money minimize all expenses and throw all your capital into literally anything. Dont just do something you dont want to do. Blah blah blah professional development. Do u want more of the same for your life? Ok, newsflash u r getting older. What is the thing you want to try? Dont be dumb about it, but start to move in that direction. The important thing is action.
As for social things, are you the kind of person that people want to be around? If ur not, u gotta change yourself. More interesting maybe idk. It's like, be the thing where the result just comes automatically, as opposed to trying to do something to change and control the outside world. Some of it is practice in basic social skills, consider hiring a coach with your easy as shit money, but mostly what u get from the world is a reflection of what u r. U can change this by realizing that ur identity is malleable. Here is a good vid. It's more for guys but give it a watch

Maybe go seek out groups that either are like you or that u may want to find out more about.
Alsoyoure not vegan are you? Dont be vegan just saying seriously though
Martha Clanningdale - Mon, 31 Aug 2020 09:37:59 EST Afhaf3fx No.535914 Reply
1598881079632.jpg -(5096612B / 4.86MB, 4656x3492) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You sound too self-obsessed to properly connect with others.

When is it okay to lie to people?

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- Fri, 21 Aug 2020 15:43:53 EST zLz8KnuE No.535806
File: 1598039033220.jpg -(34652B / 33.84KB, 421x316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. When is it okay to lie to people?
Would you guys say that it's acceptable to tell small lies in certain scenarios? I'm super fucky about being dishonest in any situation, but I really like this guy who I don't know all that well and I'm thinking of booking tickets to an event and telling him I couldn't find anybody else to go with me so that we can get to know each other better.
5 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
[name redacted] !h55/E7mIo6 - Wed, 26 Aug 2020 13:43:31 EST e9eRuSB0 No.535839 Reply
I think it can be acceptable, but I think it's a good idea to think about why you're lying and see if maybe there's something there that can be fixed or is irrational. Like in this situation, it sounds like you are scared you're making it too obvious you like him, which I guess is fear he'll reject you. Rationally, it probably doesn't make much sense since you'll know whether he's interested or not, but it's hard and not always the best idea to be rational. At least if you look at why you're lying though, you can be more confident in your decision to lie.

Like one I'm on the fence with is sometimes I'll play an online game with some friends, and then I'll say I'll head to bed, but just set my Steam to Invisible and play a single-player RTS or something that's a bit more chill and relaxed before bed. I lie because I don't want the friends to feel bad that I'd rather choose to play a game without them than with, but looking back now, I'm sure they would've understood if I just said I want to relax a bit and play something a bit more chill before I go to bed. Now I know that though, I might just try saying that next time and see how it goes, though it might feel weird being truthful the first time, at least I'll feel comfortable not lying to them.
Augustus Fudgestidging - Wed, 26 Aug 2020 15:11:18 EST HKZj2hxA No.535840 Reply
Do you consider any non-truth a lie? You really never tell little white lies to spare people's feelings or avoid pointless confrontation? Do you ever misinform anybody about something as a joke, just to fuck with them? Lying is potentially useful, so naturally how wrong it is to do it depends on what's at stake if the truth were known as well as the reason you're lying.

Essentially, if something big is at stake, and you discern that lying is the correct course of action, then you ought to lie (imagine German soldiers in WWII asked you if you knew where any Jews or handicapped people were located). If your reason for lying is petty, done with malice/contempt, or is otherwise childish and immature then naturally it's wrong to lie. If you lie to get out of work, to get somebody fired, because you don't like a person, etc. then those are all pretty shitty reasons.

There definitely are good reasons to lie though. Lying isn't always wrong.

Fucking Women Now A Days?

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- Thu, 27 Aug 2020 05:57:29 EST OuQCp+w8 No.535845
File: 1598522249832.png -(908064B / 886.78KB, 1439x958) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Fucking Women Now A Days?
am a 26 year old, male, from Florida. I think I'm severely depressed and I dont quite know what ill do.

I'm about to graduate my online college program for web dev. In 3 weeks I'm getting my license reinstated and my life is family starting to come together. However I'm missing something in my life. Throughout the years I've had about 10 different girlfriends. I've never been too much a guy who sleeps with random women and is just single all the time. I prefer the companionship of being in a relationship. For the past 2 months or so I've been trying to meet girls through the channels of Tinder, Bumble, and Facebook Dating. I've matched with quite a few and got their phone numbers but it's either usually we dont click and fall out, they're straight up thots, or I am not physically attracted to them. Right now I"ve been talking back and fourth this girl I matched with and we started DMing eachother on IG. Her bio says she's only looking for casual relationships but I've been horny and desperate that I decided why not? She's really cute atleast but is def a straight up thot and even has her onlyfans in her bio. I dont know what's going on with her. I make comments about going out and doing something and they go relatively ignored but she's still engaged in conversation with me and keeps it going. Why is she even talking to me if that's actually the case?

Where I'm coming from is where can I find a real woman? I dont want a girl. I want something serious that I can go on and start a family with. I know I wont find that in these dating apps. But if not there then where else?! I'm not bad looking at all(I've been told by many to be very attractive looking) and I always seem to attract my type which is other spanish girls as I am spanish myself. I'm really just lonely and I can only hangout with friends so much. Their company cant replace that type of intimacy. I just feel like total shit about it all.

I am a drug addict who is several years in recovery from IV heroin. Ofcourse I dont tell women this until I start dating them seriously in which case they deserve to know. But recently I've even been thinking about going back to heroin despite 2 and half years clean time. That's really just where I'm at mentally.

*Jerry Seinfeld voice* Whats the deal with these modern white girls? How I basically look at Women now is that they're all fucking everyone. God damn I need to get laid, it's been like 4 months.
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Ian Dartlock - Thu, 27 Aug 2020 21:10:10 EST ehhnNOgT No.535851 Reply
dude, it's the histrionic shallow nature of thots that makes them unappealing, not the fact that they fuck. A kinky girl with a good personality is literally the dream but thots compensate for their bad personalities by being whores. People who are secure don't need to make themselves into sex objects so that men will pay attention to them. Thots are trainwrecks who need the attention from men because it is their narcissistic supply. They value themselves by their physical appearance and ability to get men interested in them. It's just fucked up.
William Duckworth - Thu, 27 Aug 2020 21:44:23 EST h9TTa2SX No.535852 Reply
you’re certainly making a lot of assumptions about total strangers rn, just saiyan
Martha Faddlenore - Thu, 27 Aug 2020 23:47:57 EST Qoe2oia4 No.535854 Reply

You sure are making a lot of assumptions about 420channers. Why are you assuming so much about what I'm saying? I had a good chuckle at all the assumptions you made.

Feel like the marriage/settling down train has left the station

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- Thu, 13 Aug 2020 23:35:00 EST 0oEnimUC No.535725
File: 1597376100063.jpg -(22109B / 21.59KB, 612x459) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Feel like the marriage/settling down train has left the station
I'm 34 years old. I spent my 20's being a manwhore who fucked anything that moved and only had 2 serious girlfriends, and neither relationship last that long (only about a year each one). My body count is relatively high. I spent the ripest years of my life either awash in drugs and the company of loose women, in the mosh pit at punk or metal shows, or in the university library scouring over books for research.

I've also spent a lot of time traveling the world and moving around a good bit for grad school and teaching. Currently I'm in East Asia after a stint of living in NYC. I'm a ramblin' man, to quote Hank Williams (or the Allman Brothers). So while I've seen and experienced a lot of amazing things I never really established any "roots" anywhere.

Now I'm at the age where I kinda wanna settle down and get married but I feel like that train's already left the station. 90% of my friends back home in America are married or at least in permanent cohabitation with their partners, and I currently live in a culture where marrying young is a big deal. I feel like living my life as a free spirit finally came back to bite me in the ass and I'm gonna be lonely for the rest of my life as the dating pool progressively dries up.
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Cyril Grandman - Wed, 26 Aug 2020 08:20:55 EST LhLHuuXU No.535834 Reply
You're justifying people having kids who don't have the resources to support them.
Albert Sundlelock - Thu, 27 Aug 2020 22:31:15 EST 7WoF1Co9 No.535853 Reply
OP here, haven't checked the? thread in the while but dang.

I should have clarified: having kids isn't what I feel pressured about, it's the pressure to finally quit being on my hoe shit and get married/a serious life partner. But
both made some good points that make me feel a little better about the situation.

Still, like I said, hard to be at family gatherings and your grandma or aunts ask "So are you seeing anyone right now?" and you can't reply with "No but a cute undergrad sat on my face last night!"

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