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Fuckin fuck

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- Wed, 01 Dec 2021 23:15:03 EST UHyFcIwS No.541383
File: 1638418503037.jpg -(403848B / 394.38KB, 1058x1611) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Fuckin fuck
I knew parenting would be hard, but holy shit bro. Just holy fuckin' shit

Took my son out to look at Christmas lights. I have my daughter in a harness on my chest, my husband is holding his hand. The entire week, this kid has argued about every. Single. Fuckin. Thing. About brushing his teeth, when to have dinner, the dog wants to play with him, EVERYTHING. But fuck it right? Let's be a family, lets do Christmas shit, let's look at lights.

My daughter is having a blast. She's looking and smiling at all the lights. She's one of those babies who doesn't always laughs, so the fact that she is laughing is rocking our world. Well then my son out if nowhere gets scared. Can't go on. My husband offers to hold him. No. My husband offers to hold his hand. No. We have to go back this way. No kiddo, this is the way we need to go. Que screaming. He starts waving around the cool light up sword and hits us. Starts just full on tantrum mode while we are just trying to do something nice for him and his sister. 20 minutes of this, so at that point we just have to leave because no one is happy or having fun.

This isn't the first. It won't be the last. But it hurts. I know he's just a kid, it's a phase, we can move through it and work on it together. It's not the end of the world. But we end up getting mad at him in the car and raise our voices, threaten to throw away the sword. Not cool. Not good parenting.

I hate it. I feel like a bad mom. I feel like my son hates me and anything we try to do. I feel like my husband hates this life. I feel like I shouldn't have brought my daughter into the world. I feel like nothing I do is right and I'm just anothet fucked up parent bringing more assholes into this shithole we call Earth.

I'm just some stupid white bitch stay at home mom. Everyone has bigger problems than me. I know this isn't as bad as it could be. But fuck me. I just want to be a good mom and do nice things for and with my family that doesn't end in screaming and crying over literally fucking nothing.

End rant. Fuckin sorry. Merry Christmas. Please be kind to yourselves, I'm sure as hell trying.
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William Tillinghall - Mon, 06 Dec 2021 14:45:45 EST 5V5rPYC3 No.541427 Reply

I don't think anybody would ever agree with you that being a parent is easy in any capacity.
Cyril Smallham - Mon, 06 Dec 2021 15:03:36 EST x9U1lk46 No.541429 Reply
1638821016305.jpg -(41179B / 40.21KB, 300x324) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
lets all pay attention to this guy. he apparently has something insightful to say
User is currently banned from all boards
Hugh Grimworth - Mon, 06 Dec 2021 16:29:16 EST Is6YGJ6d No.541430 Reply
Nobody starts screaming and crying over nothing, even if you don't understand the reason why and it seems overblown. Theory of Mind. Maybe your child does not enjoy Christmas lights because they're too overstimulating, or he is scared of being the only one not having a good time, and he would feel better doing something else, and then his sister could enjoy them without him there.

Not one of those people who's like, never set limits with your children. but just because something is socially normative. it doesn't mean you have to do it. If doing things differently doesn't hurt anyone, it's worth a try. If your son is routinely miserable and combative even when you try doing stuff he does have to do (like eat or get dressed) and you can't find a way for him to do that without him being upset, maybe you should try counseling.

this is probably b8 anyway but w/e

Past decade

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- Sun, 28 Nov 2021 04:25:59 EST z+pViFVR No.541364
File: 1638091559874.jpg -(139051B / 135.79KB, 750x929) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Past decade
I’ve gotten into way too much shit, got arrested a couple times, been to a few music festivals, had way wayyy to many times being a drunken fucking idiot. Fell in love once or twice with the wrong girls,

And now here I am, 29, drunk, without a real future path and a short criminal record from stupid crimes.

I always pictured myself as like some really manly type, and I never made it to that. I’m considering abandoning my entire lifestyle, I am wrapped up in some legal drama. I am going to keep low for the next year-year and a half and get out of this, and work hard. But my next step is where I’m confused. I’ve always wanted a skinny blondie wife that’s decent, but that just ain’t around here for what I’m looking for.

I could:
A) stay here. Fit into a mold I’m not. Cut off a lot of people. Get some experience or a degree and search hard for the perfect girl that fits my attraction requirements and also doesn’t love black dudes (rare here)

Or b:
Lay low. Keep all my legal shit lowkey af. Cut off everyone. I fucked up, I’m 29, I don’t wanna be my uncles. My best friend from my entire life is a flaming homo. I love those festival girls…I’m gonna run away when this shits wrapped up, I’m gonna work hard in the mean time. Pay off all my debts and rack up some cash, run away. Start a new life. Not necessarily drug involved. Weed and that’s it, not all this trippy and coke head shit. Start a new existence…just move on.
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Simon Sombleshit - Mon, 29 Nov 2021 21:38:05 EST qxHlraK/ No.541377 Reply
>My best friend from my entire life is a flaming homo.
Shit Shittingshaw - Fri, 03 Dec 2021 15:47:07 EST cG7MBhK2 No.541405 Reply
You seem to have a piss poor impulse control, I mean, at least you're not some passive autist who remains stagnated their whole life and keeps whinning about it, but things could still get really fucked up in the future if you don't do something.

It's probably easier for you to cut off the shittiest people in your life than to exercise the self control you're never had so yeah, I do hope you have a career or something to do for a living.

Another breakup thread

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- Wed, 26 May 2021 19:34:36 EST 6rkdjr+3 No.539232
File: 1622072076307.png -(39295B / 38.37KB, 260x258) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Another breakup thread
>gf of over 4 and a half years dumped me yesterday evening
>we lived together for 8 months
>says she didn't want to live together any more because we don't see each other enough
>I work overnight 12hr shifts and she works 12hr days
>I've been applying to day jobs since January
>she got a storage unit for all of her stuff and she's moving back in with her mom and brother
>I'm trying to see a bright side to this and so far at least I have my house all to myself, even if it's more empty
It just isn't fair frens :'(
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David Briblingworth - Fri, 03 Dec 2021 04:30:06 EST B0DFQTtB No.541395 Reply
>it’s just the world
Yup, that's life for you. At least you know now.
User is currently banned from all boards

How to overcome the fear of Westerners?

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- Fri, 26 Nov 2021 22:35:47 EST CbV6WRyI No.541349
File: 1637984147973.jpg -(24072B / 23.51KB, 450x267) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. How to overcome the fear of Westerners?
I do not harbour any hatred towards Western civilisation, and I read many books written by Westerners out of obvious necessity because most academic knowledge today comes from the West. However I am subconsciously afraid of them. This is because as a teenager I spent many hours talking to Westerners on the internet and a majority of my interactions with them had been very negative. Most of the time whenever they would find out where I'm from they would immediately start ridiculing and mocking my people, or say that my opinions are irrelevant because I come from an inferior country or race, even if the discussion had nothing to do with race or politics to begin with. Strangely enough this wouldn't happen nearly as often when I would talk to people from other third world countries. I have heard that Western countries are actually far more tolerant than third world countries, but on the internet the trend seems to be reversed.

I have never spoken to a Westerner in real life, and it would be very unfair to form any opinion about them solely from online interactions. However due to my immaturity and insecurity I continue to feel afraid that they would always judge me or ridicule me. My family wanted me to go and study in the USA, but I refused citing that it was too expensive. But the real reason is I just find the idea of living there too frightening. The more of us migrate to their countries, the more they will hate us. I decided to study in Malaysia instead although even there many of my countrymen have supposedly faced discrimination. But I do not feel afraid of them, just because they aren't Western. This mindset of mine would look completely irrational, but I can't overcome my subconscious fears and insecurities.

I know this post is very racist and controversial, so it will probably get deleted. But anyway I'd like to hear your opinion before it gets deleted, since most of you are Westerners.
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Archie Gevingman - Thu, 02 Dec 2021 12:18:45 EST dtrJlUCf No.541390 Reply
seriously ignore this guy, OP
if you go to the US or to Britain, literally the safest areas you can be in are the White areas and the ones where you're most likely to be targeted for a violent race crime are the Black areas.
Molly Penningbanks - Thu, 02 Dec 2021 13:08:24 EST X6qCCLkQ No.541392 Reply
Ok slavery-was-a-good-thing spammer. Reported btw, your posting style is too obvious.

sober living houses

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- Sat, 27 Nov 2021 00:57:26 EST Pmx6lTHo No.541352
File: 1637992646381.jpg -(79141B / 77.29KB, 720x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. sober living houses
Subject : In Communistic Russia, USA is Communistic Russia!
Thesis: The FBI Community Outreach #FBI is actually deeming "Havana Syndrome," a #TopPriority which is ill defined as unexplained things such as memory lapses.
Author : AdminElliot
Which I can relate to when Aztec Casino and Mike from WellCare robbed me of $800, in front of the police he was like "Elliot Remember Me? We used to play Basketball together?" just so that Aztec Casino can say to the police I was mental and if I argued that I was robbed, I would just be deemed as a mental person.
Here's the thing about #happiness and I read a lot about it, but don't remember a lot about it because during UNLV I had to study a lot because we were actually very far behind in everything despite technology advances, we were far behind in psychological existence of well-being and happiness, which The United States didn't even make the list of happy places, only Boulder, CO did and when I was doing #CDC at #Savers, I inquired about it from someone who was from there that was donating and it didn't seem very attractive at all.
The thing is,
I didn't ask for this.
I didn't ask for Tesla's, or #oil,
or any of that.
I used to buy drugs using a #payphone
then we innovated travel and public transportation, which we thought was a great idea, but then it created more problems :
No more buying drugs using a payphone, we now all need cell phones because now for $5 my dope man can get from Boulder Highway to Rampart without telling anyone.
It's true.
Back in the day, THOSE DAYS, the #DEA would have to track #SatellitePhones for huge deals, because we didn't need cell phones yet to make deals.
Hell, even when I was 18?
To buy dope all you had to do was sit at a #BurgerKing for about 10 minutes and not order anything and instead of someone coming up to you to see if you wanted a burger, it was to ask you if you wanted to buy crystal.
Then, neighborhoods got better.
#CircularEconomy and #SmarterCities but the thing with Vegas is it was already ransacked with (what is now sober people) people getting off spice and bath salts, and feeling bad about being a tweaker for the last 20 years, and young guys like me proposing for a better life, we take a look at the city, well... everything is built.
We can't do much.
So there went Burger King accidentally being the what is now "at any 7/11 stand there long enough you'll find what you're looking for, is actually just a BK.
And #humantrafficking?
I was high as shit balls at Tacos Mexico when I found out,
we lost a lot of people during excavations for diamonds,
that was reported in the 1980s.
See, I don't have to walk around like I goddamn killed someone when I was high, or say that drugs are bad.
I'm not you.
So, with that being said.
Problem Solving became a problem, and innovative.
A couple scenarios.
  1. A stranger and I cross paths
"What do you get high on?!"
Is asked over and over again, because I give no answer.
The thing about that is,
if a problem needs to be solved,
and the only person that can solve the problem is a coming down drug addict, a 10 sack IS the solution so that the solution can be found.
It's like, not having coffee before the huge board meeting without it.
So questions are asked : Where would you go?
I say : Smith's.
She says : Smith's is closed, where would you go?
We're sitting down at a bus stop and I look across the street.
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.


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- Wed, 22 Sep 2021 10:32:49 EST 7Yosa0uO No.540578
File: 1632321169328.jpg -(30066B / 29.36KB, 320x216) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Poverty
I have no money
I have no job or am studying.
I'm just a 28 year old living alone at the moment and I can't buy anything I want.
My family doesn't have money.
I live in a terrible country and my chances of getting anything like a good job, etc. are so low I can almost cry.
There's the option of leaving the country but then I can get it worse.
I'm bored everyday all day.
I can't live like this.
User is currently banned from all boards 15 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Nicholas Dobbernedging - Fri, 26 Nov 2021 09:12:31 EST X6qCCLkQ No.541340 Reply
>necrobumps five different threads and talks about spamming
God, you're just a miserable sod. I feel sorrier for you than for OP.
Nathaniel Shakewell - Fri, 26 Nov 2021 11:09:11 EST AYHMqdl/ No.541344 Reply

If you don't know the people here and what's happening, you should lurk more.
Nicholas Dobbernedging - Fri, 26 Nov 2021 15:46:26 EST X6qCCLkQ No.541348 Reply
Yeah, yeah, it's another 'noted user' you're in a negative feedback loop with because your sense of empathy is busted by years of irony posting. Nobody cares. Your board meta is shit and so is your face. "Ruralfag" "brazilfag" it's all nonsense you use to bury your head in the grass.

Keep telling yourself you're here to help people. We both know the truth.

I'm crazy

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- Sun, 24 Oct 2021 19:24:50 EST /6J1MYV3 No.540975
File: 1635117890363.jpg -(96467B / 94.21KB, 735x1128) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I'm crazy
I'm an otherwise a normal girl but i get psychotic episodes and go completely crazy.
I can't have a boyfriend or friends because of this and almost no family.
I fear for my future
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hello - Wed, 27 Oct 2021 22:31:28 EST NRkDBSgv No.540994 Reply
1635388288076.jpg -(385950B / 376.90KB, 1044x1474) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i saw a woman today walking down the street, she had dyed he hair green and was kinda yelling to herself and stomping around.

at first i didn't really think about it but later i saw a guy walking around talking to himself like he was a rap artist

i realized there are a lot more crazy people than we think, and having been though psych wards and prison for many years, i found myself intuitively knowing that all humans are crazy when pushed enough, some without even that.

that is to say, ignore self diagnosing entirely, let others judge you in the moment because you can only be crazy, in contrast to being sane, and therefore it happens entirely in isolation and doesn't define an entire person.

i haven't been in a relationship since high school, and the people i was with seem so distant to me, i almost never never think about them. same goes for people i met more then three days ago, really. things move fast, and cycle quickly. all you really need to remember is your family never goes away, but everyone else is replaceable, as anti-romantic as that sounds. everyone is acting out an archetype, and those archetypes are as old as time its self. We are only vessels for whatever type of archetype is needed in any moment.

the past only exists in the mind, and the future only exists in the physical. the present is a healthy balance between the two.
Jack Pickforth - Wed, 03 Nov 2021 11:59:28 EST yG1dcQAk No.541040 Reply
You need to change. You need to take steps to change. Constantly feeling bad won't change anything and screaming at us won't help.
Samuel Brugglewug - Fri, 26 Nov 2021 08:34:18 EST LW9t4K1c No.541332 Reply
Say it with me everybody



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- Wed, 27 Oct 2021 07:03:06 EST F2YZMl0H No.540989
File: 1635332586893.jpg -(843697B / 823.92KB, 2000x1412) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Love
I can't let go of my highschool crush.
I get sad i never told him about my feelings save i can't have any kind of relationship because of this.
I suffer daily and just wish to see him.
Samuel Brugglewug - Fri, 26 Nov 2021 08:33:57 EST LW9t4K1c No.541331 Reply
One more time: consolidate


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- Sun, 19 Sep 2021 09:23:34 EST dXHn0hxF No.540512
File: 1632057814706.jpg -(312422B / 305.10KB, 1125x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Friends
I have a ton of energy.
I don't have friends to drain it with though.
I just want to have fun, play basketball, go hiking.
But so far I'm only locked in my house.
If only i had at least an online friend...
I'm not lonely just have nothing to do and I'm dying of boredom.
I want to go outside and have fun.
10 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Doris Gunderchadging - Mon, 20 Sep 2021 06:32:25 EST /TstgmhX No.540535 Reply
stop smoking weed and jacking off so that you become brave enough to go talk to people in some social function
Doris Gunderchadging - Mon, 20 Sep 2021 06:43:04 EST /TstgmhX No.540537 Reply
1632134584350.png -(485095B / 473.73KB, 998x1297) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
no no no that is in fact the exact opposite of what the original poster must do
Samuel Brugglewug - Fri, 26 Nov 2021 08:33:35 EST LW9t4K1c No.541330 Reply
Consolidate you creep

Dealing with having lower intellectual abilities

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- Thu, 25 Nov 2021 11:18:30 EST eT0zUTzu No.541304
File: 1637857110003.jpg -(15735B / 15.37KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Dealing with having lower intellectual abilities
My father, brother and sister all work in information technology or computer engineering and studied in some of the best universities in my country. My sister has a master's degree in computer science and works as a data scientist. My father is the chief technical officer of a major IT firm. Only I have struggled with academics throughout my life. My father ultimately enrolled me into a private college (that doesn't require good grades in school for one to apply) and I narrowly managed to pass with a degree in computer science. I managed to get an entry-level IT job with my father's help but I quit after two months because I was unable to understand anything in the job. Since early adolescence I have had behavioural issues and have been prone to violent outbursts, and as a result of this my parents put me through psychiatric therapy. When I was 18 years old, my psychiatrist put me through an IQ test and found my IQ to be 94. At the time I didn't understand the significance of IQ, and I am still sceptical about the concept of IQ. However recently, my brother who had become interested in light reading regarding psychology brought this up and told me I should give up on trying to work in computer science or STEM fields in general because my "IQ isn't sufficient". I'm not sure of he said this out of spite or out of genuine concern, but it has got me wondering about what I should do in my life. I am already 23 years old. I have been unemployed for three months, and I'm not really sure what to do next. I don't have the courage to accept that I cannot work in a white collar job. I wonder why everyone else in my family has been able to do so well academically and what made me unable to do so.
1 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Alice Fuckingcocke - Fri, 26 Nov 2021 07:24:36 EST vpcnZyhW No.541325 Reply
you should never do something because you "ought to", unless you absolutely have to. give your self more of a chance.. try to find what you really want to do.
Alice Fuckingcocke - Fri, 26 Nov 2021 07:31:15 EST vpcnZyhW No.541326 Reply
1637929875265.jpg -(37978B / 37.09KB, 657x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
a good way to find out what you actually want to do is to cut yourself off from things that you're addicted to. this can be accomplished with
that other anon is right, you're living someone else's life. find out who you are and what your unique gifts are that you can bring to the world
Samuel Brugglewug - Fri, 26 Nov 2021 08:31:28 EST LW9t4K1c No.541329 Reply
IQ doesn't make you anything. If you're not good at something then stop doing it for Christ's sake and figure out what you're good at. You could have a 150iq and be born into a family of sculptors and you'd still be fucked for not being creative, see what I mean? IQ is for predicting patterns within groups, on an individual level it's not like status points you can put into competencies and skills, it's just a number that doesn't make you anything.


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- Sun, 21 Nov 2021 04:50:29 EST LtYHLiwe No.541216
File: 1637488229396.jpg -(57872B / 56.52KB, 1080x890) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. sorry
I feel really aimless, stagnant, lonely, and maybe even bitter. I'm not quite sure what details to include about my situation in this post, only that I wish I knew what dying/being dead is like and if it's any better than what I tolerate now. I'm not sure what kind of advice or support I'm looking for either. I've been told I should try DMT before I make up my mind but it probably wouldn't work on me because I'm partially schizo and gotta take meds like vraylar and depakote for it. The last time I took shrooms, they didn't really work and that was a huge bummer. If I could at least get inspired in my art and writing, I'd probably want to stick around but lately all I can do is nap. There's just a lot of grief that comes with being mentally and physically disabled and unwanted/disregarded for it. I can't bear it anymore. I feel too twisted and broken to be loved- like there's nothing here for me. I'm tired of being here and it seems most everyone else is tired of me too. My brother is an addict. It's possible if I lie and say they're for someone else, he'll help me score some "blues" but I just don't know what exactly to tell him or when. I feel too overwhelmed to have the conversation with him right now because it's really late and I don't want our parents to over hear. I understand you all can't advise me on the logistics of something like this anyway, but I just wanted to voice my thoughts somewhere. I don't know where I was going with this. I guess I better stop here before it gets TL;DR. If anyone wants to see the goodbye letter I wrote, I'll post that too. Only if someone else is interested and thinks it would help them have more insight into how to "solve" my situation but I pretty much think it's too late for me to ever be happy...
2 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Martha Sobberstone - Wed, 24 Nov 2021 01:57:09 EST 0jNhcKyQ No.541261 Reply
You still there OP?
James Chinnerchodge - Thu, 25 Nov 2021 02:40:31 EST FUaMdaVb No.541291 Reply

Yeah. Here's a draft of the note I started up in October.

I appreciate every single person who preserved me until now because I wouldn't be truly ready to do this any sooner. I wasn't cognizant enough to present my reasons clearly and it's important they are expressed in a way at least some can understand. Those who have known me over the years deserve an apology. Perhaps this is why past attempts failed; the powers that be must have not wanted me to pass without at least a proper goodbye. It's selfish to leave a huge mess without a proper explanation, regardless of how long I've known there isn't anything here for me.

Organized thought is overwhelming as it is. I've wrestled with how the present my logic for years. For one thing, my life is a living Hell because I'm schizophrenic. I don't care if I've found an antipsychotic that doesn't cause restless limbs and at least allows for some normal range of emotion. I hate that I have to rely on medication at all. It's too expensive and I can hardly focus on anything. I hate how every day I'm triggered with memories of what I did, said, and thought before I was relatively stable.

I used to be much more passionate and creative before I needed meds. Not to sound conceited, but as a child I was gifted with a beautiful mind. I don't want to cope with what's left of it. The frustration is never ending for everyone involved! Life was much more worth living when I still had some semblance of intelligence.

I miss myself. I miss how much I had going for me before my first psychotic episode and any of my suicide attempts. I'm tired of my family constantly blaming and punishing me for my condition. I understand the drugs I experimented with were not helpful but this doesn't mean how they treat me is fair. I'm tired of having the burden of unfair blame heaped upon me in every conversation. I'm not and never have been lazy. I'm just sick.

I'm done being a scapegoat. Being surrounded by people who resent me is soul crushing. I can't believe this is all I get. I have nothing to look forward to. Once these people won't take care of me, I'll just end up in assisted living or some other sort of mental home and places like that aren't good enough for me. I'm constantly reminded of what a burden I am and how they won't do this forever and how I ought to just rot at an institution because it's not fair to them that they have to care for a disabled person at all.

I can't find words to adequately express how disappointed I am that I don't get to celebrate the milestones a "normal" person does, nor do I want to continue to accept everything I'm missing out on in life. I wanted and honestly expected way more from life than this. To put it simply: this isn't much of a life. I'm tired of accepting how cruel and condescending people are to me. I deserve much better than this. I deserve to be put out of my misery and am certain death is the answer. I have no dignity. I'd rather be dead than continue to degenerate like this.

Halloween season is especially bitter for me because I wanted to get married on Halloween but the person I want is not interested in communicating with me. I find some comfort in knowing he condones my decision to do this, at least. One new year's eve while I was at a residential rehab recovering from a psychotic episode, he even told me to go ahead and kill myself. I imagine my death will be a great relief- maybe even a delight to him. Living to spite others who wanted to see me fail simply isn't enough for me any longer. I don't care how happy people who hate me will be that I did this because in my heart I know it's the kindest thing I can do for myself.

The reasons he rejected me as a lover are excruciatingly painful and I can't accept them because it's all things I can't help. He said he can't be that person because I suffer psychotic episodes and have tried to kill myself. That I make him uncomfortable. It hurts. The hurt is more than I'm comfortable carrying anymore.

All I wanted was for him to hold me for a while on Valentine's Day and instead he made love to someone else in a room I paid for. I'm not a fucking stallion, okay? Nor am I a pay pig. I'm tired of all my attempts at romance just me being used as a means to an end. My disabled, fat, transgender body will never be enough for him. Probably no one else either because I can't get past him. He would not even wish me a happy birthday or congratulate my year off alcohol. What is the damn point of doing everything I'm supposed to and being on my best behavior if he doesn't want a future with me?

I'll tell you: there is none.
Goodbye everyone.

Tell (redacted) I loved him as deeply as I had the capacity to.
Esther Chodgedock - Thu, 25 Nov 2021 12:38:03 EST qxHlraK/ No.541318 Reply
Okay. Are you the same person from the other thread that got deleted?

Am I overreacting?

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- Sat, 13 Nov 2021 10:05:16 EST 1+Zi0vj4 No.541120
File: 1636815916170.png -(1764340B / 1.68MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Am I overreacting?
Howdie qq, I hope yall are having a good weekend so far.
Back around the end of September I met a new girl and we hit it off pretty fast. Soon we start seeing each other and she is over all the time. I let her move in with her pets and after a few weeks it feels like she's settling in.
Last night we are playing around and she makes a joke about my penis size.
I'm not all that hung up on the joke itself, instead I'm kind of worried she does not see me the same way I see her. I would never make a joke at the expense of her physical appearance and especially about something she cannot change about herself. I'm concerned about respect being an issue going forward.
She noticed my mood shift and it kind of derailed the plans we made. We talked about and she apologized profusely but it still doesn't sit right with me.

Thanks for listening, I'm open to any advice or personal experiences that resemble this sort of thing.
4 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Henry Wengerwock - Tue, 16 Nov 2021 02:06:37 EST vJji9HNW No.541159 Reply
What was the joke, OP? It's hard to tell because we don't know exactly what she said.
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Charlotte Blackdock - Tue, 23 Nov 2021 15:21:28 EST MMV57R3h No.541254 Reply
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You know, life is short. If you have a partner that makes you feel bad about yourself (especially somthing you can't change.) it's usually best to move on.
You sound like a nice and giving guy Anon, and honestly that is what your girl is after. There are plenty of big weiners out there but the number of dudes that are willing to open their home to someone is much more rare.
Go find someone that wont make you feel so bad about who you are.
Men like you are a rare commodity and are extremely valuable while women like that are a dime a dozen. Ignore some of these responses (They are probably just bitter women.) and always remember you are worthy of love and respect.


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- Thu, 18 Nov 2021 17:01:02 EST UmlVDoQ9 No.541185
File: 1637272862408.png -(101805B / 99.42KB, 475x356) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I cant stop PROCRASTINATING HELP ME FFS
I can't stop fucking procrastinating for the life of me. I've got an exam I have to study for in 10 days, and I wasted all semester Doing absolutely nothing. At this point, I'm fucked. I was gonna pull an all nighter tonight, but im so tired and I havent done any work. I always wake up so late too. And sleep late. And jerk off all day and watch porn. FUCK MAN WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I DO I WNATED TO ACE THESE MIDTERMS AND COME FIRST IN MY CLASS. I KNOW I STILL CAN IF I PUT IN THE WORK BUT FUCK IT IM NOT ABLE TO FUCK THIS SHIT
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