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Dudes who commit domestic violence are some of the lowest of scum

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- Sun, 28 Jun 2020 22:06:43 EST JWWudQ3H No.535165
File: 1593396403039.png -(43805B / 42.78KB, 490x284) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Dudes who commit domestic violence are some of the lowest of scum
They really need to have their skulls caved in if they have ever caused permanent damage to their partner.
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Doris Tootdock - Sat, 04 Jul 2020 06:06:22 EST rqyO5sU4 No.535226 Reply
i see no signs that op is emotionally stunted, what do you think that word means? OP seems very self-aware

The magical fairy race thing is spot on. Maybe we should rename benevolent sexism magical-fairy-race sexism.
Shit Bardfield - Sat, 04 Jul 2020 08:43:08 EST 9Qgx6n7T No.535228 Reply
Make a home cooked bowl of eggs. Make sure she eats them all.

Mental Institution

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- Sun, 09 Feb 2020 19:56:12 EST a9l1x9a4 No.533543
File: 1581296172863.jpg -(100172B / 97.82KB, 646x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Mental Institution
Any expereinces in Mental institutions as children, teenagers and adults? Tell me everything: what clothes do you wear, what do you do, if you can speak with the nurses, can you receive letters, are there bedrooms, &c.
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Molly Crundleforth - Thu, 02 Jul 2020 00:15:55 EST XHgC+rDf No.535191 Reply
1593663355074.jpg -(763217B / 745.33KB, 850x850) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
yes, I have been in six times, as a kid and as an adult. it fucked me up pretty bad. Some of them they kept extending my stay again and again so i was there for like a few months. all answers are just my own experience i guess.

>what clothes do you wear
might wear hospital gown if you're newly up from ER or whatever. otherwise you wear your own clothes modified to their standards--shoes or hoodies without the laces, hospital socks, etc. when i want to remind myself i'm not there any more i wear boots with really long laces. staves off the flashbacks lol

>what do you do
you kick around a waiting room sort of space that's either very boring and quiet or filled with chaos from people running around screaming or loudly and aggressively flirting with orderlies or whatever. sometimes there's meals and they suck, or group therapy which is really low-energy and like a shitty motivational seminar. you might meet with a psychiatrist once or twice, they put you on meds and don't listen to most of what you're saying. or they do med or vitals lineup and hand out meds or take measurements. and visitation hours.

talking to other patients might take up most of your time. this is the most helpful thing because they act like real people unlike most staff, and might have empathy or advice about dealing with your problems or how shitty the hospital is. and they're also very interesting, besides. it's like a menagerie of types of cray cray.

>if you can speak with the nurses
sure. sometimes if you ask them for stuff they get annoyed though.

>can you receive letters
some of them have a computer or two to use so you could do that. most of the time you'd be in and out too quick for a letter to reach you. it's usually phone calls and visits.

>are there bedrooms, &c.
yes. when i was in a youth ward i shared a room. i've been in situations where you have your own too. the bedrooms are pretty sparse.
James Blatherworth - Thu, 02 Jul 2020 00:25:31 EST mttQWkrO No.535192 Reply
1593663931898.jpg -(3397087B / 3.24MB, 3936x3024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Psych wards are interesting places, that's for sure. It's really weird thinking back to my stays because it feels like it's almost a totally different universe. They feel like a waiting room going from one life to the next. In the interim it's a way of living almost completely devoid of experience, like the physical manifestation of what it feels like to be on Seroquel or Thorazine.

The specifics of the extreme sort of depression, mania, and psychosis that lands me in them never sticks around in my memory and I can only really recall those feelings through memories of how I felt about it at the time. The actions I took that land me there, suicide attempts, hallucinations, overdoses, etc., don't make any sense to me now. I remember them, but it's like someone else did them, even though I never consciously lost agency.

I tend to have more fond memories of them than not, because the thing I remember the most is the relief I feel finally being safe and finally being able to come down. There was one that I was stuck in for 14 days while I waited for space to open up and a rehab facility. That really fucking sucks, but it was after an attempt during a psychotic manic episode, so they weren't just going to let me go.

The entire idea is to provide structure and stability while also addressing the chemical imbalances that brought you there. Medications are started or changed/adjusted on admission. I've probably been on a couple dozen different psychiatric drugs over the years before I found the combo that works for me. If you know what to say (or actually need it) occasionally you can get benzos, but most of the fare is antipsychotics, antidepressants, and stuff like hydroxyzine and trazadone. Schedules are tightly regimented usually but nothing is obligatory. The smart patients know total cooperation is how you get out fast though. You can stay in your room the whole time, but that times gonna be 2 weeks instead of 5 days. You can see an example of what a schedule's like here.

You get 3 square meals, always double portions with basically everyone being on appetite enhancing drugs, often with unlimited snacks. It's next to impossible to leave one of these places without gaining weight. You're allowed to wear your own clothes but all of it is screened and you're given a choice to store it away or have strings, etc. removed. You're stripped of all your prohibited belongings upon entry but you can have a family member bring clothes and other approved items. They provide you with personal care items, but you can also have your own sent in provided they're sealed. They keep it all in a bin that you have to ask to get. Nothing is allowed to be kept in your room. Some places are more strict about this than others. The rooms are always very spartan, occasionally you'll have a weighted chair (all the furniture is either weighted or attached to the ground to prevent people throwing it) but beyond that, nothing. In a lot of places if I wanted to sit up to read or right I would turn the trashcan upset down and use the air conditioner/window as a desk. You're not allowed to do this technically but I've never been stopped, the worst that happens is the cleaning lady comes by and takes your pens if you don't hide them when she comes to do the trash.

The people you meet are for the most part pretty good people, and there's a unique sense of camaraderie. Some are very disturbed, others just need a place to put their head one straight so they don't end up killing themselves. Most are at least pretty interesting to talk to and come from a diverse number of backgrounds, although racial/ethnic minorities, LGBT people, drug users, and the poor are massively over-represented. It's always two to a room, some people had problems with roommates, but mine have all been either nice or quiet. People who are (visibly) trans usually either get a room by themselves or the staff tend to kind of politely ask you in a roundabout way if you're cool with them being your roommate/being their's.

The bulk of your day consists of group therapy sessions. These vary widely from place to place, with some places having a lot of different kinds of groups and others having next to no real group therapy and are just kind of a holding tank, but they funnel you into a room where you kind of just color or read one of the 12 books they have. In a lot of them you do w…
Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Priscilla Suddlefuck - Thu, 02 Jul 2020 15:28:58 EST UglurXVu No.535201 Reply
basically all of this

plus it fucking blows

everyone there will be a lot more insane than you who likely isn't going to like it once you actually realize you are trapped there

non lethal OD of meds to rock you on your ass and keep you there zombified in some that I went to. Sometimes fights, other times sex. Sometimes roommates drugged me in my sleep and would vaguely allude to it next morning. Sketchy places to be, dude.

dont do it.

Relationship breaking apart

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- Fri, 12 Jun 2020 18:55:45 EST A7q4nA/+ No.534912
File: 1592002545325.jpg -(10490242B / 10.00MB, 4000x3000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Relationship breaking apart
So, i have been on a break with my gf for a month now. We have been together for 3 and a half years also living together for almost 2 and a half years of that time. when the break happened i finally woke up from a state of mind i had been in for way too long. Smoking weed everyday and being depressed and in general being selfish. I have started working out, stopped smoking and in general try to work on myself to not be that person anymore. I stayed with her a couple of days just now, and it seems that she can't let go of the "old me" and i truly understand why because she had felt like it wasn't working for like a year already so i realize that i didn't see what good she did to me and now that it seems we are over i truly realize that i fucked up big time. Shit still hurts like a motherfucker. I really love her but i think it might be over. We kind of decided to just let things be as is and not really be together but not really break it off completely. I'm not planing on going back to my old ways anytime soon and try to improve even more, but god is it hard to not hurt this much. i think she really was "the one". I feel like most people i talk to don't really care. Which i also understand because of my past self isolating lifestyle. No idea where i'm going with this tbh. I guess i would like some advice... but i realize that i can't force us back together. Just damn i'm sad. I'm also really bad at meeting new people and online dating seems awful. also i don't really think i will find anyone that can match her. just need some venting here so sorry if the post is inconsistent. What is your experience with breakups/breaks. Any advice?

Pic unrelated, it's a bike in the woods nearby my moms house where i'm staying atm.
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Munz - Sun, 28 Jun 2020 19:46:24 EST 8KwDabST No.535164 Reply
I stopped getting high all the time... but truth be told i did do the latter
Frederick Lightman - Tue, 30 Jun 2020 20:47:05 EST VMzmKgcf No.535177 Reply
1593564425122.jpg -(133760B / 130.62KB, 680x680) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>We ended up cuddling and sleeping together, but with the pretext of this is not gonna get us back together which i said that i understood since i do really understand why she broke up with me. Although she said that she had been feeling lonely, but still wasn't/didn't want to get back together at this point

my friend, how do you feel? bad? it sounds like she just used you. think about it. what did YOU get out of that?
we call this "being an emotional tampon"

>I really don't want to cut contact, but is it because i can cling to the hope that if i manage to keep in control of my emotions we might be able to try once more in the future? when i say the future we are talking several months, maybe years.

i don't want to presume too hard on you but i think that i've been there and with that kind of delusion. you have to cut the emotional cord man. you don't want the same things, so it's irreconcilable. are you really going to trust that she won't find someone else? you'll see pics of them on your fb feed or something.. don't let that happen. pain! you'll find somebody else, but that's not what you need right now. you don't need it, you just think you do. it's gross energy. honestly disgusting when you are able to step back and look at it from a distance.
imo sometimes we think that something can be a certain way, but it belies the tangible reality

What age did you stop addressing your parents as "Mother/Father

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- Sat, 27 Jun 2020 01:49:17 EST yal3LfZo No.535132
File: 1593236957350.jpg -(24354B / 23.78KB, 552x358) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. What age did you stop addressing your parents as "Mother/Father
is there a certain age where you started calling your parents by name when talking with them in conversation as an adult? I haven't ever seen or heard about such a thing, and now I am genuinely curious what others have to say on the matter. I have an older sibling who came from a different father than me. My father was abusive to her, our mother, basically everyone except me as his son. You can imagine, growing up, this built resentments long after they were all split apart and everyone went separate ways.

Well, for whatever reason, that same older sibling insists on calling our mother by name, to forever reinstate that she's a person, with her own identity separate from being our mother. I don't find that hard to understand at all, and for the most part it feels generally weird because the look and tone my sister has around me for as long as I've grown up carrying on my abusive Father's name, is a look of fear and wide-eyed paranoia. All my life, basically every memory I have of this older sister, I was looked at with the fear that I would at any level be like my abusive father, which I've already known on my own since I was little to be better than.

I mean, fuck, Idk. Im just sensing a weird vibe whenever this name thing comes up about how to address my own mother. It's never fully been made into a debate on either side, or even discussed like this... it's just something I notice being shown by example in a rather pompous manner when it happens. What am I supposed to do? Im old enough and at the point where they're both essentially cut out from my life due to basically every coworker and friend I ever had suggesting doing so, except for phone calls long distance which someone here recommended I keep it at when I last came here to post a couple years back. Thing is, where they are I have a lot of my things in a storage unit and my mother is maintaining that until we mail it all over to me. I avoid letting things reach any sort of peak with my mom because if things don't go smoothly for her then she'd just threaten to let all my shit fly to the wind. Mostly it's books and a PS4, a custom built ouija board worth a couple hundred dollars and some clothes and other valuables etc.

that's all folks, advice appreciated
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[name redacted] !h55/E7mIo6 - Tue, 30 Jun 2020 09:50:26 EST 4u/9lb1b No.535176 Reply
I think the idea behind it is to get you ready for university or work, where you probably don't address people other than with their first name, at least in my experience. It was never actually explained why they only wanted the first name though.
Shit Brevingbury - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 23:53:36 EST jnas4L6T No.535221 Reply

you mean in your experience as an incestuous pedophile?
[name redacted] !h55/E7mIo6 - Sun, 05 Jul 2020 03:23:24 EST 4u/9lb1b No.535243 Reply
There's my stalker, you should really seek therapy. Chasing me around and replying to all my posts seems sort of obsessive.


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- Sat, 20 Jun 2020 03:27:46 EST s6yb1++W No.534963
File: 1592638066228.png -(66853B / 65.29KB, 350x219) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Venting
Why are you so difficult to love? God dammit, you are amazing, you're such a talented and beautiful person and yet you can be such a dick sometimes. I've shared memories with you that I thought were for people who were delusional or just children. I remember the little things, shit that will stay with me for a long, long fucking time. I hate this space we have, I hate that we've argued so much, I hate that even though we realize we're stubborn and we both know how difficult as people we can be, we still completely manage to forget that in a fight. I'm really god damn ornery and I'm sorry, I know I need to work harder, we both do. I've got giant fucking insecurity issues that are plain as day that I thought I had tackled fucking years ago, and it's spilling out onto our relationship. I'm keeping my fingers cautiously crossed. So at least we're on the same page.
But god dammit, when things are good, for the majority of the time we spend together it is so god damn nice. I know you, and I have expectations, and I feel the same from you. So why do the arguments that we do have get so bad? Is this really it then? Is this just a soft form of the eventual hard goodbye where like, yeah, we're both going places and we'll be fine, we've even developed as people. But fuck. It's sad. It would be so much easier if we at least resented each other or something. But we don't.

I love you. I was an ass, you're sometimes a cold dick. I'll be happy to see you even if we do go our separate ways after this.

tl;dr an old queen venting some bullshit because if I write this down somewhere I'll just delete it later.
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Riker - Tue, 30 Jun 2020 01:13:28 EST 31lTGUeC No.535175 Reply
1593494008004.jpg -(13689B / 13.37KB, 320x238) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thanks for the advice everyone. I may send them something every 6 months or so. I may not. We both agreed I should contact them in August. I'm leaning towards just wishing them well and saying hi and leaving it at that. The very idea of any kind of hope makes me both resentful of myself for not realizing that yes, there are probably better suited people out there for me, and yes, I'll meet them.

I'm sad because we definitely understood one another on a really fundamental level, that, and we both don't hate each other. That almost feels so much worse than if someone wrongs you, at least with the anger you can use it as fuel. With the melancholy all you can do is give it time and space and eventually hope your feelings either fade away or you forget about them completely.

It's already been a week and I feel myself moving on from the relationship, but not forgetting the memories, and the love, that I have for this person. This isn't my first rodeo so I know I'll be okay. I'll become better as a result of this. Just wish things hadn't gotten so god damn out of hand in the relationship.

Eh well, the only constant in life is change. The sun will rise tomorrow. On the plus side I'm viewing this as a golden opportunity for massive self improvement, physical, mental and even emotional to a degree. I see strides happening in that regard.

Thank you again for the heart to heart and letting me vent.

Cognitive barriers

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- Fri, 26 Jun 2020 15:59:36 EST b2U4Jslk No.535117
File: 1593201576774.jpg -(4049B / 3.95KB, 228x221) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Cognitive barriers
I feel like I'm not allowed to not be stupid. What do I do about it?
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Matilda Dishwell - Sat, 27 Jun 2020 13:50:52 EST LUAyeKAb No.535145 Reply
Lately I've had the attitude to walk into the symposium, assblast the professor in the face and forehead, and then leave.

And that's not an anti-intellectual thing to do, because I think these degree holders are really fucking dumb. It's a really intellectual thing to do when you spend a good deal of time thinking about it. These people run things and they think that the society is working, and they're fucking rude about their degree 110% of the time.
Matilda Dishwell - Sat, 27 Jun 2020 13:56:47 EST LUAyeKAb No.535146 Reply
Oh how hard you worked to be smart, even though some people don't have to work that hard. Is it a loyalty program or is it an accreditation program? They're snooty and I want to smack these people in the fucking jaw, but I just assblast them in the face with my Beavis and Butthead bit that I do, because that's called feedback.
Betsy Bamblehick - Sun, 28 Jun 2020 11:28:24 EST bgNsrXdi No.535160 Reply
Why not just avoid them, don't worry about them, and live your life?

what do with all the bitterness thrown around nowadays

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- Sat, 20 Jun 2020 02:29:02 EST U418HUY3 No.534962
File: 1592634542640.jpg -(118028B / 115.26KB, 1242x818) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. what do with all the bitterness thrown around nowadays
Im just a white guy living in Hawaii as a minority and witness here alone to a lot of prejudices based on the idea this island, much like a lot of the world, was taken control of by English colonists and therefore evil white men. I don't care to disagree with that or play a victim but when I see a post like pic related shared on twitter and it's just fuel thrown into a fire, I have to at some level question and take issue with it.

Personal issue, I know, because all anyone says to the black kid who replied to this pic saying it came off so unnecessarily mean it was almost a joke lol and people told him just ignore it if it dont apply to you. That makes sense if you're the white guy taking it personally but when I saw a black kid being told to ignore this when another black chick shared it... well I felt like it needed some real discussion.

What is this photo, to you? Just bait? Truth? What are the stats? I just don't feel like doing all that research to disprove this on my own. Feels like a waste of time when to even make that argument but at the same time this picture just seems biased.

what am I feeling with this
User is currently banned from all boards 29 posts and 5 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Eliza Honeystock - Sun, 28 Jun 2020 00:13:16 EST LUAyeKAb No.535156 Reply
Where's my special interest group, is it the people who want to throw everyone in jail? I need outside help because I just get fed this endless train of absolute garbage, and I do not have any help.
Emma Mopperdig - Sun, 28 Jun 2020 03:47:11 EST mttQWkrO No.535157 Reply
I don't think there's anything wrong with you and I don't think you're a bad person, whether or not you're the same poster. I'm assuming you aren't because you have a different ID. Please don't read what I said and think that I'm talking to you or that I'm intentionally trying to make you or them or anyone else feel bad. I really think that I should not have been snarkposting on the self-help board and I regret doing that.

It's easy to feel alienated today and like you don't have a place. In the past it was much easier. People just told you what you were and what that meant, and for a lot of people that worked out ok. But for those us in the minority, who for one reason or another could not be what we were told we had to be, that system was disenfranchising us and killing us, and I'm glad to see it go. It does not need to exist for us all to be happy, it's just how the majority have derived (a false sense of) meaning and purpose from life up until now.

Right now in particular, the hallmark of our postmodern era is the total break down of all of the systems of belief which we previously used for guidance as the realization sets in that there can be no one grand narrative to life, no religion can ever have it totally right and no country can ever be the best.

For those who can, the urge to try to flee back to a time where this wasn't true must be enormous, but the problem is that it never was true, it was always an illusion. If there was some great anti-enlightenment and some random system of beliefs became dominant and "true" through brute force, it would not change the reality of the situation and it would not be sustainable. At least not without the constant use of force. Think of the billions of people who have been murdered in cold blood at the hands of other people fighting for a nation that proclaimed itself the one rightful ruler of the Earth and the sole arbiter of truth.

Minorities have exclusive spaces and organizations not because we wish to exclude the majority, but because we need to find a place in the world just like everyone else. The difference is that we never had one to begin with. We never had anything to give us the slightest idea of what we should do or what we should be as equals. All we got was violence and repression.

You're just as important and worthy of love as anyone else, and I don't want the aggression and venom some of us have when we say that we are as well to make you think that you aren't. It's understandable on our part, but not justifiable and I'm sorry that I provided such a poor example of it.

Despite being in different situations, in the majority of cases we have more in common with each other than not, because we're all facing the same crisis of self, just for different reasons. In my experience, the majority of support groups are not exclusive to any particular race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality, because regardless of those differences the paths to fulfillment and happiness are the same, once we're caught up. I would need to know more about your personal situation to provide any more help than this. The biggest thing is that I don't want you to feel excluded because that's exactly what we're fighting against. It has said that many of us take the wrong approach and DO end up at least partially justifying some of the feelings you might have that you're getting left out of the modern world, if only because of poor arguments and undue aggression.

Global warming

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- Sun, 21 Jun 2020 21:58:53 EST LQ4VvGPH No.535002
File: 1592791133073.jpg -(138931B / 135.67KB, 500x454) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Global warming
Anyone else struggling to deal with the knowledge of impending doom from everyone just ignoring this shit? I don't know how to live my life. Every action that is part of a normal life now becomes some big mental struggle for me to determine whether it is worth it or not in the grand scheme of things. I keep trying to see how we're gonna come out of this okay and not seeing it, but to not even try to combat it is not an option for me, it's living in a state of defeat where you've already given up before you've even tried. It's living in a murder-suicide cult knowing your victims are going to be not just individuals, but entire species, maybe even our own.

To actually be able to affect the fate of society is something that is possible for a man to do, but I look at myself and I look at that theoretical man and it's like they're not even the same species, maybe not even from the same universe. I look around desperately for a leader, someone who knows what must be done and simply asks for my help to do it so that I may answer their call, but there has been no one. I don't know what to do, I just know that just ignoring this shit is not gonna work for me.

I've been in periods where I basically just feel paralyzed by guilt and don't do anything and fall into deep depression and periods where I slip into a state of ignore-ance and pretend I'm gonna be a normalfag and like get a job and life a "normal" life. Those states of delusion never last very long though because I just can't see the end goal, all I see is all the carbon I expel getting wherever it is that everyone in society seems to want to get so bad. Up another rung on the ladder I suppose. So much else in society feels wrong and broken to me too, but global warming is really the cherry on top of the shit sunday. I don't want to live in this world, I want to utterly remake it and live in a different one.

I feel wholly alienated from normal people because the things they care about are usually things that are actively contributing to the problem or else just a distraction from the task at hand. It sounds super enthusiastic to say that I know, but this impending doom shit has me terrified and I don't have the capability to just hand wave it away like everyone else and I would very much like to be doing something about the impending doom so I can stop being so fucking terrified and depressed every second of my life. So what do?
21 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Isabella Fattingped - Sat, 27 Jun 2020 17:23:28 EST p8iHLAWA No.535150 Reply
Global warming isn't a real thing. They changed it to climate change because its changing. I used to do that too, never use AC never drive eat vegetarian and stuff. I learned the truth they big from us: greenhouses are good for plants. Animals will migrate elsewhere. The Sahara will turn green from climate change. More land for humans to live in Canada and School.
The science behind global warming is not only dubious, it's unproven and the consensus is just corruption of academia. If you want to be worried about something, ocean acidification is a much larger threat to us all.

Taking easy classes and about to have a semester off, should I just get fucked up a lot?

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- Sun, 21 Jun 2020 21:48:24 EST g7IeGvbQ No.534999
File: 1592790504384.jpg -(36959B / 36.09KB, 511x468) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Taking easy classes and about to have a semester off, should I just get fucked up a lot?
The classes I am taking are piss easy due to it being online, and I am planning on the taking the next semester off. So, my question to all of you is, should I just party and get fucked up as much as I can?

Besides work and my gf, I don't really have any other responsibilities whenever I take a semester off. I am also pretty sure I won't get an opportunity much like this again until I transfer to uni. ( Currently finishing my associates at a community college.) I was thinking about picking up a hobby or something when I have all this free time but I don't really know where to start. I am also worried about not getting into the groove of things whenever I start school again with much harder classes.
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Fanny Gannerwitch - Thu, 25 Jun 2020 21:23:56 EST y0iK7Iy7 No.535089 Reply
Getting fucked up is never the answer.

t. I used to get fucked up
Charlotte Blatherville - Thu, 25 Jun 2020 21:25:36 EST NEWuiYpp No.535092 Reply
>Getting fucked up is always the answer.
>t. I am fucked up

rose in love

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- Wed, 24 Jun 2020 13:18:03 EST NsGKpZNe No.535048
File: 1593019083019.gif -(1020265B / 996.35KB, 500x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. rose in love
last time i had sex it was 3 1/2 years ago and it wasnt even good, but now that my heart feels something like love, i miss the forceful nakedness and have a hunger for every affection and dream about all kinds of touch. i was alright by myself, i wanted someone i have a connection with, and im really good at beeing alone. but now that i feel for someone i crave its intimacy as if it were my spinal fluid. and im so critically deprived im not even sure how to sex. im having minimal experience but a whole lot of curiousity and hunger and its a very loaded mixture thats prone to overreaction and sensitivity. just thinking being close by proximity, yet alone the sensory overload AND the emotions…if it ever happens.
im a bit overwhelmed by my desire and although i feel it kind of takes two to approach that, its not unsurprising at the beginning to face it on your own. but how?
any advice?
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Phyllis Hibbleway - Fri, 26 Jun 2020 11:28:01 EST deim8t2y No.535111 Reply
>i dont understand that demand.
Then lurk until you do.
Jarvis Clellystone - Fri, 26 Jun 2020 12:36:30 EST LUAyeKAb No.535113 Reply
she fukin disappeared into oblivion budskis

or a gay he maybe, i guess that part didn't matter
Matilda Blunderbanks - Fri, 26 Jun 2020 16:33:16 EST iz5v9lnu No.535119 Reply
Haha nah man them women were the sleazy ones dude. No lie. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches

The bookmaking process was long and laborious.

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- Thu, 02 Jan 2020 13:49:00 EST YdB8+Eq5 No.533055
File: 1577990940188.jpg -(121051B / 118.21KB, 909x607) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The bookmaking process was long and laborious.
Scrolls can be made from papyrus, a thick paper-like material made by weaving the stems of the papyrus plant. At first, books were copied mostly in monasteries one at a time. With the rise of universities in the 13th century, the Manuscript culture of the time led to an increase in the demand for books.

Today, the majority of books are printed by offset lithography.
Isabella Perrylet - Thu, 02 Jan 2020 21:44:26 EST CRVvPZHe No.533069 Reply
What about using clay for whole pergamen back than, to print it multiple times, for many monesteries? Material is easily handable, and it works like stamp.
Fanny Gannerwitch - Thu, 25 Jun 2020 21:29:09 EST y0iK7Iy7 No.535096 Reply
Interesting books are interesting.

Staying young

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- Thu, 21 Nov 2019 13:20:28 EST UZC9gHak No.532491
File: 1574360428730.jpg -(59886B / 58.48KB, 636x382) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Staying young
Is there any way to reduce aging and make it last as long as possible? I started looking into shit and got obsessed with it i found that around asia and India and places in the east they take crazy good care of their skin and you can find girls that are like 35-45 years old and still look crazy young like mid to early 20’s.

I found a list of a ton of them and theyre all proven to have not just gotten surgery its just moisturizing their entire life exercise and fitness. The only thing is I’m battling severe severe depression which i feel like is the only thing wrecking me no matter how much i take care of my health.

I drink water all day. I quit soda, alcohol, i dont even like to be around cigarettes to get second hand smoke, i make sure to get fresh air leaving my window open, sitting out in nature, i do all my exercise out in nature, i avoid the sun but i get enough for health benefits and stuff. I have severe depression thats always just kinda draining but other than that ive been slowly eating more and more vegetables, taking care of myself, avoiding sun, drinking water. I keep a gallon of water next to me at all times, studying health and food, ive been buying a ton of natural oils and moisturizers to use on my face and body, i dont do crazy hard exercises just walking, i try to avoid stress, I’m taking all natural herbs, i try to get diverse vegetables and fruit, using as much natural stuff as i can, finding new herbs to take and taking them all, using multi vitamins, nothing with any chemicals.

My only drug usage now is kratom, cbd hemp flower, and caffeine pills and i want to start smoking weed again and besides that i probably wont do much. Everything i do and take is mostly all natural and herbal, I’m avoiding any food with chemicals, finding new things i can use for my health and studying it, and just seeing what other people are doing.

The only thing is my stress and depression is killing me. I’m always depressed as fuck. I have a ton of stress. A really really bad life. I have like no happiness at all my only friend i had died and the only person i could laugh and talk with I’m trying to make friends online and stuff but its not working i just want someone to laugh with. Everything i talk about now is usually just how stressful my life is and depression and shit and all the shit going on in my life and i met one friend with a shitty life and we just talk all the time now.

But if you look up like “Asians who look young for their age” and shit like that you can find a ton of asian girls that look super young and they all talk about moisturizer and all natural stuff and isnt asia super stressful to live in? I figured a lot of them were rich tho with an easy life and resources
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Jarvis Pushpidge - Mon, 09 Dec 2019 10:56:16 EST XHgC+rDf No.532703 Reply
Sunscreen and proper sun protection, exfoliating with AHAs or BHAs, general good health and hydration, don't smoke.
Cedric Blackwater - Mon, 09 Dec 2019 19:33:27 EST JWWudQ3H No.532710 Reply
Bathe in young people's blood after killing them.

Brian De Palma's Carlito's way is not on netflix

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- Mon, 22 Jun 2020 20:19:59 EST 02ceUJr1 No.535015
File: 1592871599509.png -(450588B / 440.03KB, 540x422) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Brian De Palma's Carlito's way is not on netflix
post your boo wooo complaints here
Walter Clayway - Wed, 24 Jun 2020 16:02:55 EST sd6ywSUT No.535053 Reply
ive never fucked a korean chick
Fanny Gannerwitch - Thu, 25 Jun 2020 21:26:11 EST y0iK7Iy7 No.535093 Reply
Carlitos Way used to be on Netflix like 10 years ago.

Do you have avoidant personality disorder?

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- Sat, 20 Jun 2020 06:42:09 EST O1E8SiQM No.534966
File: 1592649729321.jpg -(37425B / 36.55KB, 640x772) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Do you have avoidant personality disorder?
So many self-proclaimed asperger's people online, and I don't think someone needs an official diagnosis to be enthusiastic, for sure, but I just want to put this out there: If you think you are an "aspie" but you don't have any sensory issues, read up on avoidant personality disorder. There's a lot of help available for it if it turns out you have it. If you see someone in a thread saying they think they might have Asbergers based on the online stereotyping, point out that avoidant personality disorder is a thing to them, it might make their lives so much better, knowing that. And it will certainly take the pressure off enthusiastic people who already have enough shit on their plate without extra confusion about what it means to be enthusiastic thrown into the mix

pic related
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Shitting Hucklestedging - Fri, 26 Jun 2020 18:22:02 EST sg9WXzAO No.535126 Reply
now were gatekeeping aspergers wow
Eugene Sannerdene - Sat, 27 Jun 2020 04:11:39 EST 3A/9rSkO No.535134 Reply
Self-diagnosing personality disorders is even stupider than self-diagnosing ASD. And quit pretending you're gatekeeping for anything other than selfish reasons.

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