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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated March 22)
I am so happy I lost my ex! by Medium Difficulty - Wed, 19 Sep 2018 18:13:48 EST ID:jFcb6uwf No.526719 Ignore Report Quick Reply
File: 1537395228990.png -(238784B / 233.19KB, 765x567) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 238784
First of all: Sorry for my bad english!

I just need and want to write this down and get off my chest.

While I said it occasioally to my current wife, its still something I need to speak / write up.

My last relationship nearly ruined me.
I had years of depression, couldn't find a job because I was suicidal, had friends who moved far away ( so I had literally no friends or fake-friends who only wanted to smoke pot or get drunk and needed help fixing their computers).

I was in a relationship with - in retrospect - an awful hipster-bitch.
In fact I only truly realized what hipsters are after the "relationship" ended.

Her parents didn't like me from the get-go. They made relatively clear, that I needed a better paid job (I worked at a farm, sold food and helped in keeping the house together - because the owners were really old.)

I loved my job. It was hard but I managed to get through.
Unfortunately the farm was to be sold and the shop wasn't supposed to be there for the new owners ladidadida...

But back to topic:
My Ex was a totally needy, REALY needy girl! She wanted to "explore" the world, wanted to travel every single weekend, and best to pack our stuff and travel right after work.

We stopped having Sex when she started to visit some christian festivals, because she wanted to safe herself up for me, but she wasn't fond of marriage. She said she'll marry when she's done with travelling.

She started to have money-problems and up to this point I lost nearly all savings to her travel-craze.

(not that I don't like travelling! I just think going onto big travels every single weekend ist kinda too much and psychotic. Like running away from yourself).

I was deluded and in love/blind enough, to think she's a very intelligent and open-minded woman (kinda conflicted with her going onto christian festivals!).

Her lifestyle went further into Hipster-Parties and travells to her friends homes - all some not too rich-kids homes but obvious houses paid by parents.
It was a constant dick-measurement-contest between her and her "friends", and me and her "friends".
Do you know what I am talking about?

Her friends seemed nice at first. They wanted to include me in some kind of imaginary "club".
But they showed their real face after only a few years!

She kept going on, onto leasing cars to drive away with her girlfriends, riding motorcycles (she was constantly buying these "experience-tickets", where you can pay for some "crazy" stuff, boring people think cool people do),
went onto disgusting "champagne" parties with me
(not exacly "parties". More like many people meeting in fancy dresses and drinking champagne while talking about their latest "achievements" that cost a ton of money!),
her "friends" allways wanting to burn money on stupid stuff on her birthdays
(like buying her more of these "experience tickets").

I started to work two jobs and still went into debt, because her lifestyle was costly as fuck.
Her parents kept supporting her, I didn't have parents who would support me (and even IF, I never would've wanted my arsehole-parents to give me anything! They are cruel catholic monsters that tired to ruin me my whole life!) and I felt more and more like I didn't belong.

After maybe 3 years (and some random passive-aggressive fights with her parents) she broke up with me.

Her and (so I thought) my friends treated me like I never even existed.
I lost so many "friends" after the break-up and always wondered why they didn't want to be my friends!

I was devastated.
I thought I wasn't enough.

I had maybe the worst depression of my whole life. 4 years I wept, hadn't the energy to do something for me, couldn't hold another job for more than a few weeks.
I got constant panic-attacks and wanted to take my life.

I took an overdose of some random pills I found at a "friends" house, but they only knocked me out and after I woke up and puked on everything in an ambulance I just stopped.

I stopped hurting myself.
I went to a shrink for a year, didn't help me as much as I wanted to and most of the shit I chew myself I left behind!

I started to meet people who aren't shallow husks, I started to back-down on working myself to death (works more or less fine) and I started to enjoy the little things in life!

I met a beautiful wife and we are married now.
We travel occasionally, but mostly twice a year. Other times we drive around on our bicycles or go swimming (SEE?! You don't have to do expensive shit to be happy!).
He rparents like me, I try to help'em with stuff now and then.

She had some hipster-firends that started to show the same disgusting "never-satisfied"-attitude, but she left these people to rot.
They were like children, buying so much useless stuff, literally hoarding junk and kept doing their well-known "look what expensive shit I've bought today" with no substance.
It felt like they weren't human at times, only robots with the sole purpose on throwing their money away.

We cleaned out our social contacts, we both took a deep look into who is poison in our life and who is a great and positive human to have around.

We "lost" contact to many, many "friends" but the true friends stayed and its a JOY!

No more buying expensive and useless crap for birthday os 10 (!) people at once who all want their presents...
No more pressure to try out EVERYTHING in life (including drugs or going to christian festivals full of hipsters).

We are happy with what we have and still follow our dreams!

We may have to save up a lot more to actually travel somewhere, but its okay.

We found our balance between cooking very excellent food, Netflix, local and cheap oldschool-cinemas, occasional concerts or just cuddling and listening to great music!

Drawing, playing guitar, going naked swimming, filming ourself underwater whithout any clothes.

We love each other and I wasn't so relaxed and full of a really satisfied feeling for a long time in my life!

6 years now, and we are still going strong.

I am very happy I battled the maybe worst depression I've ever had, could battle some minor episodes that tried to cimb back into my life together with my wife and I feel nearly complete!

(well my present work-situation is kinda shit. I am working in the healthcare-business and these fuckers are cutting everything down, left and right. I know I'll lose my job in a month or tow, but I already started to look elsewhere!)
Nigel Blobblelock - Sat, 22 Sep 2018 14:21:34 EST ID:BgYDrKs0 No.526769 Ignore Report Quick Reply
thanks for sharing your story man. i'm really glad it all worked out for you. it's no good to let people treat you like that, so kudos to you for recognizing that

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