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I feel lack of meaning in my life.

- Sun, 21 Jul 2019 06:27:08 EST zCxGGeAl No.530548
File: 1563704828875.jpg -(97280B / 95.00KB, 960x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I feel lack of meaning in my life.
What is the meaning of life if you are not exceptional in any way, if you do not look exceptional, if you do not have exceptional talent, if you were not born in a unique place, you don't have any unique skills, and you don't have a bigger goal in life?
John Bimblestock - Sun, 21 Jul 2019 06:32:53 EST 1VcUBcZx No.530549 Reply
Experiencing what life and the world has to offer? Well, unless you're like the usual image board user who thinks everything is already shit because their too lazy/jerking off to their own perceived sense of superiority and "intelligence" to actually get up and do anything with/or improve their lives. Basically just chill and try to see whats out there in the world.
Doris Duckhood - Sun, 21 Jul 2019 07:07:02 EST A8m11hb5 No.530550 Reply
What are your goals? It could be that you lack direction in life because you haven't set a direction.
Henry Shittingwell - Sun, 21 Jul 2019 07:50:46 EST iJiVumQQ No.530552 Reply
Spite. Fuck the world. So many other humans and life forms are scumbags with no regard for others and no regret. The lack of meaning, the struggle, it must be won because fuck it. Being unconscious would be desirable. Superior. The sleeper awake. Truly meaningless. Will, be damned
Doris Duckhood - Sun, 21 Jul 2019 11:02:08 EST A8m11hb5 No.530554 Reply
LOL wow man, can't relate. I don't let other people's dumb ass behavior trigger me that much or I wouldn't be able to be on the internet without it constantly making me angry. Because the internet is a lens and your phone screen is the focal point and the subject is dumbassery. You are infecting yourself with a disease you hate.
Doris Pellyledge - Sun, 21 Jul 2019 17:48:23 EST 8IbMZPLw No.530559 Reply
Those people with those things you don't have are living their own lives and can't live yours. Only you can do that, only you can be you. Don't second guess yourself with regards to others like that because they're not you. If you don't try to make the most of your life no one else will because no one else can. So you should measure your life by goals and values that relate to you. You don't have the experiences and opportunities and setbacks of anyone else, only you have your consciousness and end to end life experience.;

A small net positive might not be a huge net positive but it's still a net positive. It's still better than not.

Working out how you do this is the next step. But you need to let go of the notions of others and work out what you believe, what your values are and what you value. hopefully you'll be able to say "a guy with those values isn't all bad" but that's not the end goal in terms of existential crisis resolution, just a good start
Nell Blemblelit - Mon, 22 Jul 2019 01:46:06 EST iJiVumQQ No.530564 Reply
Nah. That was my response to the world that gave me a mental illness that made me question whether I should be alive at all. I felt I didnt deserve to live. Response to repeatitive traumas built into my body. It's not going to be well adjusted. Just need to get the job done anyway you can. I have more reasons now but I'm no longer as OP described.

Its clearly absurd without being from my viewpoint and from my viewpoint as well, but it kept me alive. I'm not saying to copy me or anything. Just answering a question.
Jack Blackleman - Mon, 22 Jul 2019 06:01:47 EST 5hj1bpxt No.530569 Reply

this idolization of athletes, artists, martial legends, celebrities, etc... is just a distraction. that's just our primal brains being attracted to exceptional human beings.

But existence/life/consciousness is so much more than humanity.
Every cell, plant, fish, bird, mammal, human is one part of the same collective organism that we've called Earth. And Earth may in turn be just one part of the organism that is the Universe.
Life is built up from the same matter that the planets and the stars are.

First a single point, a singularity, expands into a giant ball of plasma. Eventually this plasma cools. Through gravity, this uneven dispersal of matter in the early universe starts to form clumps. Clouds of matter become dense enough to collapse into create a star. Inside this star the pressure becomes such that atomic nuclei fuse together to create heavier atoms.
Eventually these atom factories, the stars, explode into empty space. Gravity catches this stardust and forms it again into clumps, this time clumps of heavier and lighter atoms. From this, the planets are born.
Through the natural laws, certain molecules are chemically very attracted to one another, making them clump together and form complex bonds. Through chemistry these collections of molecules are able to replicate themselves with themselves. Through biology we get these self-replicators becoming a collection of different systems all working together to increase their own efficiency... Life.
From life: consciousness.

Is consciousness just another inevitable consequence or is it somehow willed by the universe? Whatever the case, we're here. We're thinking. WE are aware, all of us.
We have made factories to sustain ourselves and ensure replication, the same way cells have. And do we not value the entire cell more than the individual parts of the cell? All life has equal value when it's working together.
We owe it to the collective organism, the Earth, to replicate ourselves. The only way to fail is to destroy us before we get a chance to.

That's how I find meaning, anyway.
Oliver Wemmlebore - Mon, 22 Jul 2019 22:55:23 EST auLICsYv No.530575 Reply
Even if you are exceptional, it is still completely meaningless. Death will claim all the gods, humanity, and the universe.

I'm pretty advanced in a certain area and could easily make something greater out of myself than a shitty dead end existence. But I just don't care. Because nona this amattas.
Nicholas Bemmlechedging - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 12:18:52 EST ZdyXyUcS No.530576 Reply
Have you considered making yourself sexually available to men?
Dextrolord - Tue, 23 Jul 2019 12:19:32 EST qVE1EEVS No.530577 Reply
I subscribe to the ways of hedonism. The meaning of life for me is to be comfortable and have a good time. So I work enough to support my good times and try not to infringe on others rights or property with my good times.

So drugs, anime, videogames, sex and porn is what I do. It is a fulfilling existence for me but probly not for everyone
Fanny Worthingbanks - Mon, 29 Jul 2019 00:56:21 EST mEnDUHX1 No.530658 Reply
You should focus on just trying to better yourself, not the point of being exceptional but finding a place where you are comfortable
Nicholas Dannerchad - Thu, 01 Aug 2019 13:05:29 EST jbD27n1q No.530718 Reply
Exceptional people aren't necessarily happy, either. Don't envy someone simply because they're exceptional. I had a friend in school who surpassed me academically simply through his work ethic and determination. I was always "gifted" and all those things that they tell you when you're young and can do shit slightly sooner than the other kids. It helped that I was lazy and depressed as well but, basically natural talent/intelligence/attractiveness are pretty much the most overrated qualities in the whole spectrum of human existence.

Working on things is underrated, work as a concept is just misapplied and we spend time on shit that doesn't matter at all. We waste time on stuff we don't enjoy but we don't call it work, whereas someone who loves their career can do a 10 hour day and feel invigorated at the end of it (which also doesn't conform to our traditional view of "work).
George Supperchodge - Sat, 10 Aug 2019 01:43:16 EST yUhAjzvV No.530925 Reply
What's the meaning of life if you are exceptional? Why are you assuming being exceptional in some way makes life more inherently meaningful? Ignoring "looking" exceptional (i.e. being born beautiful) for obvious reasons, as well as enthusiastic savants and shit, everybody else that's exceptional wasn't simply born exceptional, they became exceptional.

You seem to have the idea that they derive meaning from their life from their exceptional skills or the trivial details surrounding their lives, like being born in a unique place (what does that even mean? I mean, if they were born off-planet that would be one thing, but being born on a big mass of land surrounded by water is common to literally every human being on the planet). This isn't the case. They created some kind of meaning for their lives themselves, and then they used that sense of purpose and meaning as inspiration and motivation to become exceptional by working harder and for longer hours than essentially anybody else at whatever it is they are exceptional at. It's easy to see how you would think that they get meaning from their exceptional "talent" (skill), because it is an inherently self-fueling cycle once things really get going--giving their lives an even greater and better defined sense of purpose.

You can't count geniuses in this either, because they are like people that happen to be lucky enough to be born beautiful except far more rare. A majority of the people who are noted to have made major contributions to mankind weren't actually geniuses, geniuses just happen to be overrepresented in that category for obvious reasons. How did the rest get there? They stopped floating aimlessly through life. They chose to believe in something, became determined to be a certain way and/or do certain things, committed to it, and executed. They failed and wanted to give up along the way but kept doing it. It sounds gay and corny but it's the truth.

If you want some meaning in life, create it for yourself. Find some resolve, commit to changing yourself, and don't quit when it becomes too inconvenient. It's easy to slip back into easy comforts like TV, food, youtube videos, image boards, social media, phones in general, video games, or simpler hobbies and past times when it gets too difficult, frustrating, and stressful. We have almost instantaneous access to forms of entertainment that provide us with instant gratification. This could actually be a strength provided they don't become a distraction and are used thoughtfully to take enough breaks to allow your unconscious mind to consolidate the memories and information that's been learned in throughout the process of accomplishing some goal.
Hedda Monkindock - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 04:38:31 EST An0Z/cse No.530948 Reply
just start drinking in the morning, maybe work towards starting a bussiness or a skill set that wil alllow for self employment. The meaning of life is alcohol.
Beatrice Brookhall - Sun, 11 Aug 2019 20:54:37 EST hiKxQg3e No.530967 Reply
Life has no meaning, but as long as you are alive, you can try to make it better. There is no guarantee you will make life better, but without accepting the idea that you have to try to make it better for it to ever be better is key.

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