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how to avoid my sister

- Wed, 07 Aug 2019 16:38:47 EST qSBAVAm/ No.530857
File: 1565210327431.jpg -(47434B / 46.32KB, 400x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. how to avoid my sister
>sister has some sort of mental disorder
>when she is stressed she begins accusing me or my parents of various things while breaking down
>she keeps inviting me to spend time together, movies, museums, etc.
She, btw, constantly do this. She is constantly an annoying prick but then once a month or so she suggests we go do something together. After having experienced her breakdowns several times I have decided that I really don't care about her and I must somehow avoid her as much as possible.

How do I repeatedly decline her offers without her going even more mental? I can't avoid her 100% btw because I live with my parents and she visits now and then.
Barnaby Sangerlutch - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 13:22:29 EST ZyAKcTrV No.530872 Reply
"No thanks I'm busy"

"I'm sorry I'm busy"
Rebecca Dendletat - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 17:32:41 EST mx986IvR No.530879 Reply

Just block her phone number locally I.e. sent straight to voicemail (from your phones settings.) If she presses; tell her it must be the towers; if pressed further; blame the phone company; if she presses further Tell her your phone is broken and you 'gotta wait for the update'
If she presses further; tell her the update didn't fix it so the phone company had to order you a part.
If pressed."damn part for my phone is stuck in China."
If pressed "it's probably on a boat somewhere"
If pressed "it's probably at a port somewhere stupid under a lot of shit"
If pressed "it's probably stick at customs"
If pressed "it cleared customs but now it's stuck at the sorting area"
If pressed "it's probably on the plane to here"
If pressed "it's most likely stuck at another sorting place"
If pressed "it's probably on a truck somewhere"
If pressed "it's probably in the city; after all it was coming from China"
If pressed "It's probably going to be here soon;..."

Make up some bullshit about how the part that was for your phone was for the euro model phone because a mistake with the shipper and then you have bought yourself another six months.

She will either :
A. Get the hint
B. Buy you a new phone out of mental illness or well Justice for you; you amazing person.
C. She will be ????
D. Profit.

Fanny Challyfield - Thu, 08 Aug 2019 21:12:21 EST V6inbDPQ No.530886 Reply
Sounds a lot like an ex of mine. Some kinda borderline thing. She'd always want to go out and do stuff and then nearly embarrass me to death throwing fits or get really pissed at everyone around.

Go to the zoo, sweet. No, theres nowhere to buy water and I'm an idiot for not bringing some, then it's too expensive when we go to buy it, and theres too many kids in the way, and somehow i planned this all as a way to prove to her we should've stayed home because deep down she thinks i didnt want to go.

Movie theater. What could possibly go wrong?
Of course, surely i was flirting with the teenager who ran the snack stand register because i was smiling when i paid. And halfway through the movie she informs me I chose the worst seats on purpose because I hate her or some shit. And why dont I look at her more during the movie, am I thinking about the snack stand girl?

Life was so good damn stressful and you shouldn't have to walk on eggshells like that. It's sad because it's your sister and not some random chick you can just leave. The tragic part is shes probsbly aware of how miserable she is to be around in hindsight and really does want to spend time together.

Idk OP you could tell her you're sick of her meltdowns and that's why you dont wanna hang out, recommend she seek help. But that will most likely just cause a meltdown and her resenting you for 2 or 3 days before bouncing back and asking to hang out.

There is no proper medication as far as I'm aware

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