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Is it okay to completely ghost parents? Have you ever?

Locked Reply
- Thu, 12 Sep 2019 19:27:56 EST U+BwHn1v No.531676
File: 1568330876373.jpg -(49377B / 48.22KB, 621x414) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Is it okay to completely ghost parents? Have you ever?
I fucking hate my parents. Every bit of suffering has come from the and none of it is my fault. First off my entire house is a fucking death trap hell hole nightmare from hell. Everything is broken down and shit parents too poor and stupid to even bother. If i ever brought up ANYTHING about a safety concern. Typical white rural trash response” I DONT HAVE MONEY FOR IT” only thing i have ever heard. In my entire time being alive i have never seen my parents have money. They pretty much ritually had their entire check spent 2 days before it arrived. Even shit like testing and making sure the water is clean and getting a water filter or something. DONT HAVE MONY FOR IT. Even if something is a serious fucking death hazard and costs 200 dollars DONT HAVE MONEY FOR IT. Even if something costs like 20 bucks parents just neglect it for 25 years and then still even after that do nothing about it. Literally even something like getting a laundry hamper for clothes they just throw them on the dirty basement floor.

Entire house is a broken down shit hole like completely beyond repair no value at all. I mean i guess maybe its better than a shitty trailer or something but ive seen some that are nicer to live in. Never had anything. Couldn’t even get help paying like half on a shitty beater car that wont even drive up a hill. Closest source of jobs and shit are 20 miles away and even thats like drive 20-30 miles a day flip burgers make 30 dollars and come home with nothing. Literally suffered every type of trauma possible for a person than locked away in it and then locked away in solitude. Just pretty much got OH. WELP. DIDNT HAVE MONEY FOR A PRORPER CHILDHOOD SORRY. Meanwhile my dad typical poor person spends fucking a shit ton of money on cigarettes and stupid shit while were dying and suffering and missing out in my entire life

Trapped out in the middle of nowhere. Not only did i lose out on my entire life. Suffered the entire duckling time too. Nothing but a fucking husk of a human now just waiting to die and fucking cursing god and wishing my parents would die with every breath i take. Can’t sleep with the thoughts screaming at me. Can’t get out of bed. I’m so fucking tired i cant even do shit for 12 minutes or make a phone call or anything. I finally got enough money to fix my shit situation and start off in life and maybe kinda catch up to my peers just with ptsd, trauma, sadness, depression, anxiety, no memories, no happiness. NOPE GOD COMES ALONG RIPS IT AWY TRAPPED WITH SHITTY FAMILY IN PTSD NIGHTMARE HELL EVEN WORSE THAN BEFORE MORE AND MORE SUFFERING. Never even went on a nice vacation, had happy family moments nope nothing. Every single person i see on snapchat and instagram has done shit I NEVER GOT TO DO because i was fucking poor and born in a rural hell hole with fucking nothing around but trees and then the poorest of the poor. I fucking was randomly searching shit on google and i cam eacross these psychology papers on poverty and a rural area. Says every single person in rural areas and poverty is fucked. Sky high drug abuse, arrests, suicide, depression, mental illness. I read a paper on a small town and it said literally every single person went to the same therapist office and every single person in town had some form of trauma ranging from every fucking kind and usually multiple types of trauma all because they were poor and then isolated and trapped with their shit in poverty. And then watch their friends in the city go to clubs and make money and have friends. I have to fucking scam to make money and then god fucking attacks me as soon as he sees me happy because god just flies above small towns to make sure everyones suffering especially me. Looked up several studies that ALL said suicide rates are twice as high in rural areas then cities and then guess what. POOREST OUT HERE SHITTIEST LIFE OUT HERE. Literally the worst fucking life out of everyone i have ever met in the entire world.

I LITERALLY look at people in 3rd world countries and they have fucking better lives and I’m FUCKING jealous OF THEM. Every time i find a way to succeed fucking god comes. Rips it away. Makes my life even worse than before. Non stop fucking suffering that just gets worse and worse as god fucking comes and perfectly articulates my life around me to make me suffer in every way possible as long as possible. FUCK GOD.
Beatrice Pummledock - Fri, 13 Sep 2019 01:57:59 EST D+KEM0Il No.531677 Reply
Do they own the house? Why don't you get a job and fix up the house if you can do better?

I'm from a similar place. The world is fucked up, sink or swim. Since it's a rural area aren't there farm and processing jobs closer that pay better? IDK where you're at but going all the way into the town with a walmart and mcdonalds to work a fast food shift doesn't seem like the best use of your time, especially if you want to get out.

If you are capable of backbreaking physical labor and numb to discomfort and depression you should try Alaskan fishing boats, most companies pay for your flight there and when you're done will pay for a return flight to anywhere you want to go.

Sign up for financial aid or student loans and go to college in the closest city with an airport in your state if you don't want to do that. Go live in a dorm or some shit.
William Nombleduck - Fri, 13 Sep 2019 07:22:29 EST UazQZPcT No.531684 Reply
Seconding military career. It is literally the best and only option for people in your situation. Go Airforce or Army. Maybe Navy... Maybe.

lol muhreens

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