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No one to talk to about my problems IRL

- Wed, 11 Dec 2019 10:57:24 EST U22IkmCz No.532731
File: 1576079844216.jpg -(184521B / 180.20KB, 500x726) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. No one to talk to about my problems IRL
I cant talk to anyone about the shit thats troubles me. I pretty much isolated myself from everyone who wasnt my girlfriend who happens to be extremely emotionally abusive towards me as of late. Im losing my fucking sanity fast, it's completely destroyed my confidence and self esteem I'm thinking about suicide every day and I've even taken to self harm and not eating again. I haven't been this mentally fucked up ever about anything and I really dont know what to do. I know I've got some really bad problems but lately they've been exasperated by the abuse super hard. I just try to smoke away all the feelings but it never helps. I try talking to her and she always has an excuse for herself to not be responsible for what shes been doing to me. If I break down she threatens to leave me and its killing me literally because I always beg for her to stay despite the fact that I know she's extremely bad for my mental health. I just needed to write some of this out because I really cant tell anyone, I'm not going to tell my coworkers or friends back home because it just makes me feel crazy. I can't tell any of my family because I want to hide the fact that I'm in this bad of a place from them. I can tell my girlfriend but she is the source of all of these problems and she just uses me bringing it up as a way to make me feel worse or make it about her.
Sorry for the long vent but I'm really concerned for myself because I feel like Im really losing a grip on reality and death seems like not so bad of a choice
Nathaniel Fublingstone - Wed, 11 Dec 2019 11:17:51 EST Gb0+uHdz No.532732 Reply
1576081071774.jpg -(171276B / 167.26KB, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
the only problem you mentioned was your girlfriend
you should obviously break up
Fuck Subberdock - Wed, 11 Dec 2019 16:05:24 EST mqpN1yO5 No.532739 Reply
>depressed, suicidal thoughts
>begging gf to stay

Stop being so needy. Life is a solo journey, if you depend on anything external then you are going to be perpetually in discomfort. I would leave you too if you were begging me to stay.. what the hell, man? And if you're depressed in a relationship that means something is wrong not only with the relationship but with you. Chances are you are the one at fault.. do you want to be a cucck or do you want to be a man? Decide.

Being alive isn't easy. Being a man is tougher than being a woman. Nobody wants to hear about your problems or give you sympathy because you're supposed to be able to hold up the world on your shoulders and pick up the slack where everyone else isn't. You're not losing a grip on reality - that's one of your depressed delusions that generate more depressed, sad, "im a special snowflake" energy within you. When was the last time you did anything difficult? Go cut down a few trees and tell me how you feel..

Your life isn't that bad and stop telling yourself you're losing your sanity. Don't practice what you don't want to become.

Get a life, bro. No offence but there isn't room for this kind of weakness in a person's life. If you live and die a soft loser then keep looking for your security blanket and sympathy. If you want to be somebody worth something, that your ancestors and your potential future children could be proud of.. then you need to cut this shit out. You can't have everything you want.. you can't be cozy and comfortable and happy all the time and have everyone like you and say nice things to you and notice your achievements and all the work you do and give you compliments.. life becomes warm when you voluntarily embrace the cold parts of it. You don't deserve to be happy if you're not suffering. Your life is too easy and that's why you feel this way.. where's your dad? Do you have a personal idea of what being a man is like?

Be a role model, be somebody.. not this.

Good luck brother.
Charlotte Hengertat - Wed, 11 Dec 2019 19:56:52 EST iMBU6kIs No.532741 Reply
Life is a comedy tragedy and drama man. Maybe even a satire sometimes
Thomas Posslepare - Wed, 11 Dec 2019 20:22:13 EST ewOsQFys No.532742 Reply
I appreciate the gesture but fuck you man, I know it just sounds like I'm whining but when you have someone you really loved absolutely destroy your self worth and then go back to loving you until shortly after its right back to anger. It fucks with my head because I'm trying really fucking hard to keep afloat but I'm struggling when this shit is happening 24/7. Theres only so much I can do at this point and I know what it is I have to do but I just wanted to vent because its been eating me up from the insides lately.
David Sibbersid - Wed, 11 Dec 2019 21:08:23 EST usOLm3en No.532743 Reply
Yeah instead of attempting to make actual positive changes continue doing nothing. You know this woman is no good for you but you’re too busy finding comfort in your own sadness and wallowing in self pity.
Archie Birringwell - Wed, 11 Dec 2019 21:30:15 EST LrrhOi62 No.532744 Reply
So you want to vent so that you can put up with more abuse?

We dont offer that service here mate. We're going to keep telling you to leave ber
Jack Suffinglock - Thu, 12 Dec 2019 00:40:09 EST 6JlUGUXR No.532746 Reply
Good they will use the information against you again, don't do it
Barnaby Cellykidging - Thu, 12 Dec 2019 02:30:24 EST mqpN1yO5 No.532754 Reply
Give her a slap, obviously she doesn't respect you. You might spend the night in jail.. so make it a good one.

What do you have to do? Why do you take abuse? You must not love yourself if you can love someone that abuses you. If you don't love yourself at least as much as you love other people then you're going to decay and be sad. Your condition will deteriorate from not putting enough energy into sustaining yourself. You will notice it and feel like you're sinking down beneath the people around you.

You're not wrong to have made the choices that led you to the place you're at. You would be wrong, now knowing better, to let things get worse. There's no guide to life so we all make mistakes.. that's not a problem. I would see a problem with you not having the willingness to change things. You know right now what's wrong.. don't let it persist. That seems masochistic to me that you have an attachment to someone that brings you pain and misery.

You're not crazy and you're never going to be. That's a myth you hear about in folklore and media. Don't worry dude. Try to chill out. You have the power to change things in your life.
Esther Grimshit - Thu, 12 Dec 2019 06:34:38 EST TUQC22QU No.532756 Reply
If I break down she threatens to leave me and its killing me literally because I always beg for her to stay despite the fact that I know she's extremely bad for my mental health. I just needed to write some of this out because I really cant tell anyone

I mean obviously thats her way ov telling you you are valuable to her.
Esther Grimshit - Thu, 12 Dec 2019 06:36:58 EST TUQC22QU No.532757 Reply
You need to take more responsibility for your self! that or mate, lol.
Thomas Posslepare - Thu, 12 Dec 2019 08:48:24 EST ewOsQFys No.532762 Reply
She is just as if not more clingy and attached to me, I dont think she loves me I think she just needs me. Trying to pull me back in and I feel like I'm slipping idk promises are always made and I'm trying not to put myself in these positions but I do feel weak, I'm a lot younger than her and I let her into my life at a difficult time and I know that I probably allowed her to take advantage of my kindness and my love. I still love her a lot, more than myself and Im having a really hard time letting go. Yesterday we got in such a loud fight the police came to check on us... Even though she has threatened breaking up with me every single fight we get in if I make any mention of how unhealthy this is for both of us she starts breaking down, flipping out and crying while throwing her clothes all over the place acting like shes packing. This stresses me out so hard I have to try calming her down rinse and repeat
I have such little confidence in myself after all this is said and done, I want to break up but I also want her to move back home and not stay in the same small town we moved to together. I know I'm fucked regardless of what I do, I know I'm a pussy too scared to let go of the demons in my life, I know I'm weak in that sense, if I could be a better person for myself I would but I'm having such a hard time doing it in this relationship.
Im not asking for any more advice, I know I should break up with her. I just want to write this out in the downtime I have to let someone hear whats in my head because I keep really quiet about everything kept up there.
Barnaby Cellykidging - Thu, 12 Dec 2019 15:36:50 EST mqpN1yO5 No.532769 Reply
She's controlling you. She sounds very unstable. Do something. Make her trip on something and hopefully realize she's acting crazy.

I don't think you'll break up with her. I think you're comfortable in a way and you see it being very uncomfortable to be alone again. Good luck dude. Maybe somehow the two of you will come to your senses and have a healthy relationship. It's possible..
Clara Noddlefuck - Sat, 14 Dec 2019 01:10:58 EST ewOsQFys No.532794 Reply
1576303858880.jpg -(126273B / 123.31KB, 839x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
We broke up. Talked for a bit and had sex but we are not going to stay together. It was a crazy fucking run and all these things only revealed themselves at the end.
Shitting Honeywater - Sun, 05 Jan 2020 10:18:26 EST RM0nUBdj No.533103 Reply
Life is still hell because she is still in mine. Why wont this fucking nightmare end
Sidney Hullyridge - Tue, 07 Jan 2020 15:07:16 EST hvRCEg/v No.533124 Reply
Just pummel
Like in the sexual way like
Pummel pummel pummel
Drill it from the front straight out the back, jack
Ag a gag. That's how it sounds when you got yr slimmy jimmy plugging the pie hole.
Ag a gag a gag a gag... Or like schhhhblUMP

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