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- Thu, 06 Feb 2020 03:53:00 EST 7cGpsW87 No.533489
File: 1580979180911.jpg -(40643B / 39.69KB, 350x355) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. CULT DISGUISED AS A HOMELESS SHELTER
okay, firstly, I want you all to know this place is well on its way to being found out and shutdown by the local federal judge here in Hawaii, so no worries but I need to write about this.

For starters,
>I just reunited with my long absent father after 19 years growing up entirely without him in my life.
>I am a free american citizen and not on probation or drug addicted or in any sort of trouble binding me to be a part of some program or any sort of rehabilitation housing or halfway house or anything like that,
> I just got off the plane ✈️ in Hawaii to see him
> was picked up by this van with my dad in a wheelchair inside who is however legally bound to this weird place I was told is happy to take me in and help us out for a bit

If you check the google reviews of their ex location in Washington you may find;
> they were SHUT DOWN by Child Protective Services and have been labelled a CULT by more than five families.
>This lady who runs the place is called “Mom” by all the crony grown adults working here for her,
>they soon are telling me Church is Mandatory in this place
>every Sunday and Wednesday, however everyone rooming with me said that’s odd because none of them were told that and it wasn't until my blatant resentment for psychotic religious types was being expressed that they made this decision,
>even though apparently this was the norm in their Washington location and it was shutdown.

Now, not only is Their specific “”Church”” in the building Mandatory but also reading Proverbs downstairs every morning at 7am is now mandatory.
>They play whacky LOUD christian music every Sunday and Wednesday that can be heard even down the street while dancing around waving their hands like maniacs in the movie Midsommar and wearing purple capes as one lady bows down in front of her husband who is the son of this “”mom”” lady etc.

and hey, TO EACH THEIR OWN, I dont mind whoever believing whatever.

But, in America, which Hawaii very much still is a part of, I as a citizen have the right to freedom of religion and expression and freedom of choice. I understand in a privately owned or run business they make the rules, but my dad has a FEDERAL probation officer on our side and has actually been getting a kick out of all this knowing they are truly digging their own grave by how they run this place.

Apparently the federal Judge here recently asked her, in Court, “Does Faith house REQUIRE or Force people to attend or perform religion practices?” the answer “Not to any of My clients...”” and the judge responded “Good... because I absolutely forbid that and anything like that...”

Now, when she said not any of My clients she is referring to the fact Federal convicts here are required under Federal order to stay there after release from jail and therefore can stay regardless of anything they do or dont do here as far as their house “”rules”” go.

But Me, who is just moved here to reunite with my dad, am not under any probation or federal requirements or programs or anything like that to be here and am just a free US citizen trying to stay with my dad while we get our own place and were waiting on his check to come in.
Walter Sallyfune - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 03:53:25 EST 7cGpsW87 No.533490 Reply
Pt 2

Rent here is 500$ per person, I was told immediately get Foodstamps and offer them 200$ of that like everyone else and then 300$ cash assistance by claiming disability. They said do this by claiming anxiety.

I haven’t exactly conformed to their religious practice and they have expressed death-glares and resentment over this with me, and tonight I was told upon returning to the home that I am being put on “”BLACKOUT”” which means I cannot leave here, unless I wanna pack-up and be on the streets of course.

I countered and said in all honesty that tomorrow I have my final appointment to get the cash benefits they need for my rent, mind you this is my 3rd week here and I already chipped in the foodstamps part... and the guy told me I wouldn’t be going. I quickly said yes I will be because the rent this “”Mom”” lady as they call her wants from me and was being upset with me about earlier is why I am going and he said fine, someone will go with you then.

Now, mind you, the tirade she threw at me earlier before I left was that I should be going to read the bible at 7 or I can leave because if I cant wake up to attend every day then it shows I cant hold down a job which means I cant be trusted to pay rent.

I HAVE A THIRD JOB INTERVIEW THIS WEEKEND and have already done 2/3 of the interviews required at my new workplace, but when I told this authority figure that too is a MUST for me this weekend I was told I am on “blackout” and will not be going. I said no, I am, idc what happens or what you say Im going because that makes no sense to complain a worry to me about rent and then deny me my chances at cash assistance OR my new job opportunity.

Needless to say, my father’s federal probation officer loves him as he’s her most successful fix-up and she will do anything to keep him doing well because it makes her also be known as being good at her job. She has noted all of this, and is going to be getting to the bottom of all this and told us dont worry just go out tomorrow as planned to his doctors because Im needed to wheel him around and she’s going to make an order for these people to comply to that basically says FUCK your “”blackout”” this kid is free to go as he pleases.

Lastly, here is a Google Review given to their Now Shutdown location in Washington which they all here openly do say they just moved away from Washington to be here...

> I think the idea of the program is awesome and beautiful.
>However the ppl responsible for running this place and respecting boundaries holding to confidentiality remaining professional bias fair and supportive as well as having regard to the difference in cultures here is discriminative overbearing pushy disrespectful and damaging to the ppl who are residing here. The way it's ran is messy and chaotic. No real rules are in play except be a slave to only their culture like church. They smile and hide behind the coat fake as it is portraying to be pastors etc absent formal training. Kathy lies right in members faces gossips and snitches on the ppl she claims to dupport. She belittles house folk calling them demons pointing accusing and assaulting them and it's not ok. she formally had the growth center it was shut down for her being founded by CPS and for not operating under law. She is far from godly. She's money hungry. This place is built and conducted poorly. I've personally spoken with five former families that really had nothing good to say about the place. Alot of drama lying by co owners manipulation and forcing the Bible on ppl the way they want it worshipped. A faith house cult is what it's been described as. Money is the focus underneath and behind the title. Families are stuck because of the financial crisis in today's society. Ppl did not feel good about being there. The lady Kathy is two faced and phony she lies right in your face and operates on a power and control basis has also had other businesses fail like the family growth center plus was founded by CPS for abuse or neglect. She has a bully type approach and likes to trick children under her spell turn them against their families and is very judgemental. You clearly can tell money is the motivator to her work behind the faith center title. The place is a old nursing home ran loosely without true privacy or respect. There's a lot of junk in basement where ppl live. She charges according to desire and accepts ppl according to their sop story so to speak. The turn over rate is high most families are gone fast due to the pressure to be who they are not and the stress of having to be forced into church five nights a week. It isn't a place your fairly treated or helped based on need it's more a place you get minimal housing at for increased monthly monies and based on your effort in begging for a chance. I'm sure it'll be shut down in little to no time like the other failed adventures.it would be a great thing with the right ppl and appropriate vision in place. Basic meals provided and transportation tk the cult five days a week provided.. don't catch the curse of the dark one. It's sad how ppl hide behind the title of god ans the whole time be demons. What's in the dark will come to the light you cannot drag others down to make self feel superior. Do not let it be known you get any food stamps and keep your income tell all's minimal because you will be overcharged etc. What's dark comes to light and then it's penalty time. I give it through the year before all hell breaks loose.
Walter Sallyfune - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 04:03:41 EST 7cGpsW87 No.533491 Reply
please any feedback on this is appreciated I just want someone I can talk with about this here because i have me stuck in my bedroom upstairs for the night as punishment and im fuckin 27 years old reading Paradise Lost up here and enjoying my good ol’ Slayer. Fuck all this shit. I will be okay soon enough but man, I really need a dose of reality that at times like this only the internet can provide. Discuss this shit with me anyone.
George Dobblefat - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 04:09:50 EST dIFWQvnm No.533492 Reply
1580980190937.jpg -(63681B / 62.19KB, 234x279) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
tell them to fuck off. shit all over the walls before you burn it down.
blame is on insanity brought on by their indoctrination
Walter Sallyfune - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 13:31:49 EST 7cGpsW87 No.533497 Reply
someone already took a shit all the way down the entire upstairs hallway floor leading from one side of the building all the way to the other end where the lady running the place room’s and then a big fat dump to finish on the front porch just down the stairs from there. Glorious except they make all of us staying here clean that up and do all the housework. One morning she was yelling about men not deserving “foodstamps only women and children or it’s communism and that if we all dont wanna work around the house or pay rent then we can all go live with the filth and animals like we belong!” and then sound “now Round em up we have a foodbank and need volunteers!!” this lady is a fucking nightmare and her “”staff”” are either her family or other brainfucked members of her little operation. Shitting on it is not enough. Arson will be for once I have actually gotten the fuck out of here for a couple months honestly. Molotov season, boyy.
Rebecca Saffingnork - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 15:08:52 EST WEFKswrr No.533500 Reply

Check out Steve Hassan stuff, his books are great and there are free resources on his website "freedom of mind" which, ironically, sounds like the name of a cult

They probably don't have good fire safety so arson would be murder
Walter Sallyfune - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 16:21:57 EST 7cGpsW87 No.533501 Reply
nobody lives on above the church part of the building it would be fine

I got called fucking Demonic for expressing my own difference of views here dude
and am now being told i cant leave without supervision because God told them it wouldn’t be safe for me? The FUCK??? i am being told to be a disciple for christ/god because i signed a contract on some bullshit.

If I wanna disobey I can leave and not come back but I have nowhere to go, I cant just make a shelter in the jungle here. This is fucked and all these people are so adversarial toward my open resistance to their fucking programming.
David Grandstone - Thu, 06 Feb 2020 19:42:31 EST y2kOPsXP No.533504 Reply

Have you tried taqyia/kitman? Basically, have a revelation and oretend to be christian until you can move out.

Are there other shelters?
Polly Suzzlelock - Fri, 07 Feb 2020 03:18:37 EST 7cGpsW87 No.533507 Reply
no other shelters and I heavily practice dark magick in my own actual homes that I’ve had and plan to soon establish out here as well. I really dont wanna even pretend to be christian because it will fuck up all my bad juju that I worked all this time to conjure up in my own spiritual practices. I really do oppose this shit and my own beliefs are such a parallell opposite to all this just being that I have a thing for mystery and the mysterious aspects of life that lead me to a much MUCH different understanding than the shit they want me spewing. They are willing to understand I am serious and claim they wont force a deliverance on me but its to the point I am being told to fucking serve under their idea of “the lord” and they can see that really is not what I feel comfortable with, but being fucking asshole christians they like that because they see it as demons being fucked with and tortured out of me. Shit is fucking whack, I just really dont like being given dirty looks and condescension and blatant adversarial attitude from religiously smug people.

No other shelters, island is only 36 miles total, shit is fucked.

I am trying to ride this out but my sanity is being preyed upon here. I just believe in paradox and contradiction elevating my soul and to be my own god and my own devil. They see that as blasphemy of course, and I cannot fucking stand the suppression and oppressive behavior they expect me to mimic toward my own fucking beleifs. Losing my mind over it all.

Mind you, on top of all this, I just reunited with my long distant father who was only ever known as the abusive husband and father. Guy is still kind of shitty, and he’s all I got right now. Most my other friends and family had abandoned me back on the main land, this all is just a longg fucking story and currently is at its most difficult time for me
Frederick Favingstone - Fri, 07 Feb 2020 09:22:05 EST USUZpST+ No.533508 Reply
Start calling her mom but also be coming on to her really heavily.
Rebecca Clerryhuck - Fri, 07 Feb 2020 21:53:12 EST 7cGpsW87 No.533514 Reply
bruh, this place is seriously creepy.

Not only do they pop up creeping out of nowhere to listen in on any conversation had in the place, but I just tried walking into the office of this cool local Hawaiian guy working there as the Local and authority figure over the place to all these newcomer Cult types from Washington that I keep talking about here, and I just wanted to let him know it’s good seeing him because he was gone a few days and I heard from my dad that the guy found they were badmouthing him sewing discord because he’s a power struggle on My side in this and his immediate question was how did things go? Like, about me and the “church” disagreeing and forcing me to go, and before I could even finish my response... a guy walked into the office, plopped down on a chair in front of desk and sat just clicking his tongue looking up and down the wall until asked “can I help you?” response “no just listening...” So I walked out.

Door left opened, these to went at it verbally for 20 minutes. Guy trying to justify words like Submission, Authority, Biblical principle etc. and the hawaiian went straight back at him like NO brother, you do not make these men submit. Who even are you? Guy said it’s just biblical principles and honoring the word and why is he not being honored by this man? Hawaiian says “you do not have honor. Theres no honor in what you are doing, these men do not deserve to be forced to submit to your will. Is this personal??” Dude acted like it wasn’t but it clearly was.

Eventually it got to where the Hawaiian said “bro you know the bible but DO you know Reality? What that is? Reality is not a book. You yourself are a reality, as are we, not what some book says to do. That book is guidance but shouldn’t substitute your own mind and common sense or decency of other men!”

It got so fucking real and weird at the same time. This Sunday my dad’s federal PO is coming to spectate this little church day operation, and today I was asked if I cam help move some things but my dad had just called me to say his handicap van was on the way so get ready and when I said no because of that I was told “Well, You Work here.” I live there, now I Work there? I said yall blurred the lines between church and state and now Home and Work?

again I am just documenting this for myself.
Augustus Pittstock - Fri, 07 Feb 2020 23:02:07 EST TUQC22QU No.533519 Reply
Well you did Inquisition....
Augustus Pittstock - Fri, 07 Feb 2020 23:03:50 EST TUQC22QU No.533520 Reply
also aparently Jesus is ultimate power now?
Dost though have eternal life? are ye the goblet or not?
Rebecca Clerryhuck - Sat, 08 Feb 2020 16:10:27 EST 7cGpsW87 No.533525 Reply
I say j-fag aint shit. These people seem to be obsessed with power and control, though, yeah. Definitely apparent here.
David Biffingnut - Sun, 09 Feb 2020 15:11:16 EST QPXQPttI No.533541 Reply
> Preacher now talking about the pineal gland, thirdeye, DMT type shit
> admitted to having been kicked out of the mall for preaching
> says You talk about freedom of religion what about Mine!
> says women in the mall get angry at his preaching because it’s the devil in them
> acts like he is being oppressed
> implying freedom of religion means preaching christianity in a fucking Mall and calling people who reject you the devil
> says Why Dont people act like that against Sharia Law when Muslims are in the mall free to represent Their religions
> talked about Going into battle without a gun, compares his work to a Cop’s without a gun but a badge
i am reminded of an anons post more than like a decade ago, saying how people imagine god as some benevolent cop in the sky who beats down their foes.
> Preacher goes on to say all this is because Demons only have to Submit to Christianity’s god, not Buddha or Hindu gods etc
> they’re all in the same family as the demons, thats why people are okay with them
> expresses massive superiority complex
fuckin’ aaaaa. this shit wild bruhs.
Esther Cedgeshit - Sun, 09 Feb 2020 16:32:10 EST g4l1+StW No.533542 Reply
It's a victim cult. They can be dangerous, get out man...
Walter Cloddlelare - Sun, 09 Feb 2020 22:19:39 EST QPXQPttI No.533544 Reply
> At One point the guy showed prejudiced for Jewish people
> said He was a jew before this stuff, so he can say what he’s about to say
> ya know jewish people sometimes think they are better than others, screw that
> mentions being greedy
> also says there’s people in this room he likes and others he doesn’t but he loves us all
> but since some people here show disdain for him, well, nevermind..
> lets just say Some people here I sometimes wanna, ya know, like punch in the face or kick in the throat but I pray for them anyways because I love them nonetheless
shit has taken such an odd turn, this “prophet” preacher dude who talked about pineal glands and DMT type shit really takes things personally; as the review of their prior location stated they really show biased and unprofessionalism in all this. Complete lack of real training to be doing what they claim to be doing.

Going by that list I’d say they score 30/34 points, 88%, B maybe B+ which is a passing score going by qualifications that make a cult.

Yep; just his halfway house / rehab program is actually a fucking cult, and is money motivated because they also require 500$ rent from everyone here who also does all the chores and maintaining the place while being forced to do such labors and pay for the meals and essentially be slaves here under their control while they hustle a yard full of donated desks and furniture while only showing up to degrade people into submission and cult religious activities. Mind you, they suggested claiming anxiety as a disability to use govt cash assistance as rent and 200$ foodstamps monthly as well.
Hamilton Blillerbedge - Thu, 13 Feb 2020 13:18:23 EST ml7qIw/D No.533611 Reply
almost forgot about this one last thing
> I am being “”””put on BLACKOUT””””
> not allowed to leave the place, even for job interviews
> asked for a ride to an interview later on
> asked if I remember that I am forbidden to GET A JOB
> because “”god said”” It Wouldn’t Be “””Safe”” for me outside
> am given stern looks in the eye whilst being reminded that i cannot leave as I please, for work, for anything
> leave anyways, fuck that
> Dad’s Federal PO wrote a written permission saying they have to let me leave if my wheelchaired dad needs to go out
> he gets me out every day
> do this until they lightened up
Staff here are still being weird and getting more and more controlling, everyone living here is talking about it. Shit is FUUUUUUUUUUCKED.

Imagine NOT being in even the slightest bit of legal trouble or obligations to be here and JUST getting off a ✈️ Plane to get picked up in a Van by this cult and they start telling you that you are not going to be allowed to leave the property even for JOB interviews or to even GO to work while they force you to do their “”volunteer”” work FOR FREE and that you owe them money but instead of getting them paid they rather you be under their thumb via threat of homelessness. While showing unfair treatment and biased as religious cult-based bigotry.

No surprise this fucking shithole got SHUT DOWN in the state they moved from before this. Fucking ‘A. WTF is wrong with these delusional psychopaths.

Solution; WAS told IF I dont wanna conform then just LEAVE!
That I Will. Soon. Called a real-estate agent, am finding work, dad WILL get me my own place once my new jobs are rolling steady for a solid month, NEED to wait it out until then and not sell my soul in the meantime. Fuck. This. Shit.
Phoebe Millyfoot - Thu, 13 Feb 2020 15:15:33 EST BcgArs1M No.533612 Reply

Dude just call the ACLU. Want to make the pay? Make them pay in us dollars.
Ernest Fuckingson - Fri, 14 Feb 2020 07:36:30 EST SdJf/BwH No.533616 Reply
You are an adult. Pack your stuff in a bag and go to a shelter. In the morning go to the social security office and bounce around until you get your documents, then go to the temp agencies and bounce around until you get some money, then bounce around until you get a bank account, then bounce around until you can rent a room, then bounce around until you can get an apartment, then bounce around until you find a girlfriend, then bounce around until you have the same shitty boring life as everyone else.
Ernest Fuckingson - Fri, 14 Feb 2020 07:37:11 EST SdJf/BwH No.533617 Reply
Just know that you're staying in that situation because it's comfortable to be told what to do, to not have to think, even if they're abusing you.
Betsy Mockleletch - Sat, 15 Feb 2020 02:32:42 EST 1OmC/vbR No.533618 Reply
Nah bruh see because I’ve already read up on the cycles and stages people go through in life and am well aware the stage all these other guys are at when they need prison or the army or a job or the government or anything like that for the sake of being in a set way of living or thinking when they can’t manage themselves on their own.

That ain’t me. That’s why I show all this resistance to the program and they wanna try making an example out of me, to show they can really do what they say and “change” people.

That shelter you’re suggesting I just go on over to is even worse in the sense that I’d have to be out by 7am every day and back in by 7pm, it’s got no showers and I’d be given a matt for the cold hard floor of their dining room that during the night is made into a sleeping room with mindless drug addled even more gross lowlifes. Here I have a decently kept group-home with at least the freedom to leave and go during the day, even if it comes with lots of hoops and tricks surrounding all that. I’m getting hooked up with a job at Bed, Bath & Beyond while I focus on getting myself my own Bed/Bath/Etc. in the meantime, while surely going to land other jobs this next couple weeks as I rarely have trouble finding work once I set my mind to it. Which, of course, being in a place like this has certainly gotten me to do.

I’ll find a way to make them pay, one way or another, I will have my vengeance, even if I gotta wait until I get my shit from Oregon shipped over here and gotta use my custom nearly 200$ Handfrafted wooden Ouija board infused and enchanted by an elder Pagan to sell a piece of my soul and summon Andras or some other demonic forces to ruin this place. Fuck it. Either I go THAT route or I use my own wrath to teepee the fuck out this place and prank them endlessly lol.

P.S. one of their weirdo creeper spy-guys who always lurked around listening to conversations for them has called it quits and dipped out unexpectedly, went and crashed with some chick at tent city. Even their cronies get sick of this madhouse.
Betsy Mockleletch - Sat, 15 Feb 2020 02:48:31 EST 1OmC/vbR No.533619 Reply
1581752911283.jpg -(741673B / 724.29KB, 2048x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ditto my dude, 31/34 qualities of a cult they in fact have here
about a B+ maybe even an A- if we’re grading this place on being a fully active cult.

So, yeah, that about covers everything for now, aside from a handful of other showings of their insanity. I got off a fucking plane and picked up in a van unwittingly by a fucking cult full of lies and untrained wannabe “apostles and prophets” who essentially know jackshit about running an operation like this and generally force their views onto anyone and everyone here, to a point this place might as well be their containment zone because their fucking “preacher” was too busy getting kicked out of Malls before this

Absolute Fucking Madhouse i tell ya. Just needed to get all this written down for my own sanity and be able to backtrack all this shit if I need to.
Albert Brollysut - Sun, 23 Feb 2020 02:46:42 EST EFXmbFdY No.533753 Reply

that’s an article my buddy found for me of the newspaper article from the week this lady running this place got found out by Child Protective Services and shutdown after being reported for abuse and neglect as well as being understaffed and not properly trained or having valid backgrounds to allow them the authoritative positions they somehow managed to obtain.

Btw, some dude here woke up covered in bug bites and nights prior swiped a roach off his torso that was crawling across while he lay in bed. This place is a nightmare all the while tomorrow being Sunday we all STILL have to wake up for their Mandatory Church goings if we wanna have a roof over our heads, because all these fucks care about is forcing religion onto everything they do while collecting money from all inhabitants living here.

Meanwhile, a fucking samoan gang has their part in staying here and couldn’t give a shit less as they give me dirty looks knowing I have this place on my fucking radar and am fully smart enough to get it reported and closed the fuck down. Fuck your lazy ass gang needing this place to stay at for cheap. I’ve had a shelter in Bend, OR. get demolished by the state Senator after every worker there was fired and a new bigger better shelter built on the place’s fucking ruins in 2018. I could give a fuck less if these fucks end up in the struggle if it means getting this corrupt place out of business. I just gotta be smart about it, my buddy worries for my safety hearing all this shit.

Anyways, tomorrow at the weekly “house meeting” Im addressing the fact these people normalize insects all over the house to a detrimental degree, so much so that you’ve got several roach sightings and other bugs even in the kitchen and restrooms and living room as well as in kitchen cabinets IN the cups kept inside there at times, and if they dont plan on stepping it up then fuck ‘em, I’ll be well on my way to getting this place reported for neglect and abuse of power and they can get shut the fuck down like any other endeavors they’ve tried in the past.

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