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- Wed, 11 Mar 2020 10:24:18 EST NNvOA7ck No.533982
File: 1583936658318.gif -(1336056B / 1.27MB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Anxiety
I work a stressful job.
I work 6 days a week.
My job involves getting yelled at by people upset about things.
Everyday I wake up and have serious nausea.
I can't eat in the mornings, I just vomit it up.
I've taken medication to reduce stress
I've taken medication to reduce acid reflex.
This part is an advertisement, ignore it.
I try eating at work, but have limited options due to working hours and general avoidance of frozen foods.
God this break room is a petri dish of germs.
I normally only have one big meal when I get home, just a few hours before bed.
I just want every day to be the night before my day off.
I have nightmares about my job.
It normally passes once I get to my office and start working.
It creeps back the next morning.
I just want to slow down.
I haven't connected with my friends in years.
Try getting fresh air that helps.
Just focus on your work you'll be alright.
You just need a creative outlook for expression.
Try socializing that helps.
I just want to go back to bed.
12 hours of sleep is healthy.
You have running water and clean underwear.
Your grandfather killed men for less.
Lets talk about current events
Just leads to more arguments.
I sleep in a closet locked away from my peers.
People look up to me as an example
People look down on me as a failure.
I need to get out more
I'm to tired to leave today
I just want to sleep.

Please help.
Edwin Bungerhood - Wed, 11 Mar 2020 13:41:49 EST 1SSFeKJF No.533983 Reply
Look for another job.

It does seem like the majority of your problems are caused directly by or exacerbated by the job. Call centre work is awful, if you can do it you can hold down a job in a non customer facing office as an admin or maybe more and work your way up.

Also my advice for food is prep a big dinner and stick half in a tupperware bowl then bring that in for lunch. For bachelor eats it works.

Your life sucks, of course you feel awful. Socialisation and hobbies aren't an escape, they're supposed to be enjoyable on their own merits.

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