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Shit Roommate

- Sun, 30 Aug 2020 14:20:25 EST 8YfZXFG9 No.535891
File: 1598811625172.gif -(375366B / 366.57KB, 300x172) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Shit Roommate
>From day one roommate hasn't made me feel like I can even speak to him really, despite having a very similar tech job and once I moved in, basically is nonexistent. Guy just eats and makes noodles, no other meals and works on his computer.
>Live at place for last 3 months. I think we have spoken about all of two times and I've been friendly and trying to initiate a conversation quite a few times, dude just runs to his room.
>Sends me txt 2 weeks back, complains about me leaving the light on in the hall, complained about a loud noise (which was just a mat I've had in front of my door the entire time, couldve just asked about it, made a rubbing sound when I moved the door.) Complained about me smelling weedy and then said I had at some point forgot to flush the toilet or something. And said that I now, after two weeks back saying I could vape in my room can now not vape in my room, but the thing was I actually quit vaping 5 days before he even said anything.
>Alright then... Uh, So I stop talking to him. weird to complain all at once in a text form, move mat, whatever. Told him I quit vaping, and sorta glanced it off. Cringed at him then txting me "Oh good, you'll feel health benefits if you keep on quitting." followed by a "I'm glad we could work these issues out" which made me just about implode with how snarky it seemed.
>be 2hrs ago, get txt "Your keyboard has woken me up twice tonight chill tf out, it's almost 2am, nobody needs to type that loud." literally just sitting in my room as quiet as possible. He then threw something at the wall.

Literally didn't even respond. Went for a walk awhile later at about 4am to some people in the same apartment complex yelling off their balcony talking to one another loudly and kids screaming bloody murder in an apartment complex down the street as I walked by.

Made me just shake my head.

Some people honestly, are just super sensitive, i'm really not and I legit was as nice as possible throughout this and I've had quite a few things to complain about, like paying half the rent but getting 1/4th the space in the kitchen and him not taking the garbage and etc out, but this is just stupid. Get a fan, use a white noise generator. You really should eat something green, and you aren't the center of the world dude.

Who complains about a keyboard like that. lol, and i'm typing right now without any kind of retaliation or things getting thrown at the wall the same way I did earlier.

Probably gonna give the dude my 30 days and just move out. Guy was strange from day one, never had anything bad to say about him until clearly he had some sort of issue going on'.

All I know is I would probably talk to that person about a thing before it got to the point i'm sending you a asshole list of issues or complaining about mundane things and clearly having a bit of a breakdown about it/being frustrated like that. It's a weird move especially when you haven't even attempted to have a decent conversation at any point in the last 3 months.

Like, is there something here I ain't getting? I've lived with quite a few people in different situations and I've not really ever had anybody ever complain quite like this. Legit, I got no words, a keyboard? Why did you even look for a Roommate?
Barnaby Bundleworth - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 16:04:06 EST U22IkmCz No.535894 Reply
Sounds like you need to grow some balls and actually verbally talk to your roommate instead of playing along with this passive aggressive bullshit.
Oliver Fegglestone - Sun, 30 Aug 2020 21:47:09 EST 8YfZXFG9 No.535901 Reply
1598838429538.gif -(1313605B / 1.25MB, 226x195) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
OP returning.

So I confronted him about all of this shit, and we pretty much hashed everything out in about 30 minutes of talking.

>I was quitting nicotine at the same time dude was quitting a regime of SSRI's, he apologized first off and I think he sorta realized what he was sounding like.

We came to a conclusion where it's clear he was stressed out, i was stressed out and we were 100% not communicating and that by simply talking for 30 minutes candidly, we realized there are no issues and ironed it all out, he's gonna get a bigger fan for white noise, and if that fails I told him I'll switch to a membrane keyboard later on at night or whatever.

We just talked about shit, and realized we're probably just equally enthusiastic. We actually had a really hard time ending the conversation because we just sorta went in circles with what we were gonna do to try to fix the situation.

Gotta say, not the way I assumed that was gonna go. I'm still waiting for him to turn on me again, but I'm willing to go forward as we both basically told each other that talking really showed neither of us are THAT big of assholes, and maybe I'm a little loud cause i machine gun that shit, maybe the walls of the apartment suck dick and maybe he's just a bit of a bitch when it comes to staying asleep.

And we all lived on...

Jesus christ.
Polly Herringsick - Sat, 19 Sep 2020 01:04:29 EST fm2nh+WG No.536199 Reply
What a good conclusion to this thread. Hell yeah OP, glad you guys worked this shit out.
Walter Clinnerwin - Tue, 22 Sep 2020 23:37:10 EST /a0EWK+P No.536257 Reply
Agreed, lolled

Sounds like he just isn't a good roommate. Hopefully you can find a better one but it sounds like he is quiet at least so good luck OP
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