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Psychosis and drugs

- Wed, 30 Sep 2020 16:39:13 EST WLm/1o0C No.536306
File: 1601498353487.png -(393919B / 384.69KB, 541x339) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Psychosis and drugs
So over the years of using many drugs I've had multiple instances of psychosis, including one hospitalization where I was labeled a schizo (which I am not because drug induced psychosis is not schizophrenia, the psychiatrist just wanted to push me in Invega Sustenna which I refused), the drugs that caused my psychosis were only weed and psychedelics, with weed being the worst offender, I was hearing voices telling me how worthless I am and when I looked at my parents their face was all black except two bright red lights where their eyes are. Psychedelics made me feel terrible and I was hearing voices telling me I am worthless and I felt super dysphoric, I tried LSD, shrooms, DMT, 2C-B, and 4-ACO-DMT, all of which felt terrible. Dissociatives and stimulants don't give me psychosis at least when I've tried them but I've read that those drugs can also cause psychosis too, I'm sure you've all heard of the paranoid meth head trope. Honestly I'm not sure what to do, I want to do drugs, but I don't want to end up killing someone while psychotic or injuring myself.

>Drugs are not for you, just don't use them
I wish I could, but I feel so down most days, there's a low grade level of dysphoria at all times and I feel lost and meaningless. I have anhedonia too which means I don't enjoy things anymore, most days I spend endlessly refreshing Discord and YouTube, and obviously imageboards. I feel like genuine trash.

>Use opioids or benzos
I've used them before and benzos didn't do much for me but opioids were a lot of fun. The problem is of course tolerance and addiction, and also ODing and dying. I would use opioids all the time if they were safer and less addicting.
Samuel Fenkinhane - Wed, 30 Sep 2020 19:53:58 EST mttQWkrO No.536307 Reply
>Invega Sustenna which I refused

first off, great fucking choice, they put me on the pills and somehow it's worse than Seroquel and Abilify combined, way worse, I stopped taking that shit after like 3 days, getting a months worth in my arm might've driven me to attempt suicide in the state I was already in

As for the rest of the post, it's a lot harder for me. I've been kind of in a similar situation, except I legitimately do have BPD and bipolar with psychotic features, so even though drug use, in particular alcoholism and absolutely obscene ecstasy abuse (like a gram up my nose in a single night and coming back for more the next day) along with other stims and dissos was probably the biggest contributor to bringing out those latent mental illnesses in me, your treatment plan would look a lot different if it is actually strictly from drug use.

It does suck, but how long of a time have you given yourself to stay completely clean and sober? If you find that you can't do this, which I certainly couldn't being severely chemically dependent on alcohol, I wouldn't necessarily rule out a dual-diagnosis treatment center. Stays at them are usually quite a bit shorter than the usual month or more at rehab, so a matter of a week or two, and they focus much more time on the mental health side of things and substance abuse in a holistic way, usually with something like dialectical behavior therapy, as opposed to more traditional rehabs that mostly emphasize pathways to abstinence through more traditional therapy methods like CBT.

What you want to do is see if your psychotic symptoms start to dissipate once drug use stops, and it could take a couple months of sobriety to really get a feel for it. If they don't, then while probably not schizophrenia it's likely that you have some sort of more permanent condition.

I think there are too many unknowns to really give any further advice than that. In my case, I haven't had any psychotic features at all in months and months despite dipping my toes back into the water with drugs other than alcohol and benzos (which I will never be able to safely do again). I also find that now that my mental health is more under control, my urge to do them goes down. If I have weed or hash or something then I will still smoke every single day until it's gone, and I still smoke all the time with week long breaks every month or so, but other drugs I've found I can more or less take like a normal person, since downers were my thing that I was actually addicted to (and I mean weed and nicotine but at this point I'm fine saying that I'll do those until I die idgaf)

The thing that really helped me the most was finding the right combo of psychiatric drugs. I don't have to tell anyone why I absolutely ruled out all antipsychotics, which having bipolar means I can't safely take most SSRIs since they can trigger mania (some of them like sertraline quite reliably and I used to trigger them on purpose with it). Ultimately what I found worked the best for me was lamotrigine (which is a mood stabilizer as well as an anticonvulsant), and Wellbutrin which as an NDRI 1. isn't nearly as likely to trigger mania and 2. does a very good job of targeting the worst symptoms of my depressive episodes which tends to be anhedonia, inability to focus, fatigue, etc.

At this point I'm pretty much in a place where the lamotrigine is enough to keep me from going too high or too low without making things flat, I still have hypomanic episodes and very mild depressive episodes which is honestly fucking amazing having my cake and eating it too, and more importantly it totally eliminated almost all psychotic features, other than occasional DP/DR, dissociation, and hearing indistinct whispers and seeing faces now and then.

Really you need to seek professional help from someone who can really dig far deeper into your case other than the 30 seconds you get with the psych in behavioral care where they ask you one question, misdiagnose you, and then prescribe whatever drug they get the most kickback from the pharma companies for. But a strategy you could try if you don't want to totally eliminate drug use is try to do some harm reduction by using them in moderation as well as potentially taking them alongside another drug to reduce the psychosis. I've heard that CBD at least does a very good job of killing anxiety and paranoia on weed and of course if you see a psychiatrist you might be able to be put on something other than antipsychotic that would help, like Lamictal which I can't recommend enough as is 100% the only reason I stand here before you today.
Phyllis Bobblelut - Wed, 30 Sep 2020 21:42:07 EST 9Ie9Kzyz No.536308 Reply
I know some people from whom weed and acid and the likes have caused psychosis and to be honest the vast majority have schizophrenia. There is one guy that only had two bouts of temporary psychosis. That could be you. But yeah that dude is a sportsman and an extrovert so he has a healthier lifestyle than you. You seem more like all my precious schizophrenics from this tiny window.

So yeah like to stave it off you've got to improve that lifestyle son. If abstinence isn't possible, some exercise every day and some fruit and veg, a hang with a friend every now and then, a quiet chat with how you are going with someone, maybe go see a therapist on top of the psychiatrist etc. Get a hobby outside. Go hike in the wild. Look at some birds or some shit.etc etc
Clara Pickridge - Thu, 01 Oct 2020 03:20:26 EST 1SSFeKJF No.536309 Reply
Yeah, if you get the symptoms of schitzophrenia smoking weed it means if you keep smoking it they'll just eventually stick around. Weed doesn't cause drug induced psychosis but it's known to trigger schitzophrenia in those who have the predisposition to get it.

I don't know what happens to those people who stop doing drugs, maybe if you're lucky it'll never happen. Maybe Phyllis has a point. But odds are you have the genes for it and you should stop and do everything you can to take care of your physical health. You might avoid or at least stall it a bit that way.
John Pemmlekod - Thu, 01 Oct 2020 08:59:23 EST 1GSL4sLX No.536310 Reply
>So over the years of using many drugs I've had multiple instances of psychosis,
Stop using drugs today and get psychological counseling to learn to handle all the toxic shit you're masking with drugs. Do this before you get older and hurt someone.
>I feel so down most days,
Drugs don't stop that, they just get you high so you don't notice how shitty your life is while taking away your ability to manage it.
>I have anhedonia too
Do you? Or are you just bored with your life because it reflects the amount of effort you're putting in?
Graham Paffingshaw - Thu, 08 Oct 2020 02:54:16 EST /a0EWK+P No.536365 Reply
Avoid the hard stuff and you should be alright OP
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