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Night v/s day

- Mon, 24 Aug 2015 22:12:00 EST Fk84gn/u No.55620
File: 1440468720383.jpg -(149638B / 146.13KB, 778x740) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Night v/s day
Hey, so just as here on earth we've got longer days in the summer and longer nights in winter, is there a possibility for a planet, any earth-sized planet, to have a 6 hour day and, I don't know, a 40 hour long night?
James Elliott - Tue, 25 Aug 2015 01:47:54 EST v2I6+0VG No.55622 Reply
It depends entirely on the observer's location on a planet. So while the days may be longer and the nights shorter in the northern hemisphere, the situation will be reversed in the southern hemisphere. And it depends on your exact latitude (how far north or south you are). I can tell from the information provided to your hypothetical planet must have a 46 hour day (46 hours from one high noon to the next). This means that your planet is rotating slower than Earth, orbiting its sun faster, or both. Now for the 6:40 ratio, this depends mostly on the tilt of the axis about which the planet spins wrt its sun. If we knew the latitude where this day/night cycle occurs and at what time of the year it occurs, we could work out approximately the tilt of your planets axis. This is assuming that the length of a day is much shorter than the length of a year for your planet and that there is a great distance between your planet and its sun.

tl;dr Yes it's possible.
James Mother Fucking Randi !lwriJ94kMg - Tue, 25 Aug 2015 05:31:05 EST yA35CPLh No.55625 Reply
This reminds me of Time cube for some reason.

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