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Theoretic Astrophysics

- Wed, 30 Sep 2015 21:09:31 EST 5ViW/6q0 No.55720
File: 1443661771886.jpg -(61531B / 60.09KB, 500x333) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Theoretic Astrophysics
my new theories in the creation of, and ultimate fate, of our universe. As well as what dark energy really is; and POSSIBLY has something to do with where gravity is permeating into our universe from, since it is weaker than it should be compared to the other forces, even though that really wasn't intended to be included with the rest of the theories. I could be totally wrong on all accounts, but I do love the ideas.Here we go! (Keep in mind that we don't know what the inside of a black hole is like, certainly not a 4D black hole.. the 'polar ends' talked about here could give off gravity due to strange possibilities, like space within space... the 4D black hole that is theorized here to give us our 'spacial plane' could also be sitting inside a spacial plane itself, and it's so large that it reaches the maximum edge of its bending - on the outside of the 4D black hole)

BUT ANYWAY AGAIN, here we go.

Outside of our universe it is theorized that energy is being formed and popping out of existence continuously, at the planck scale. It's theorized this is where our quantum singularity came from. Through quantum tunneling, that tiniest of energy became the singularity that eventually birthed our universe. The problem is we don't know why it expanded in the first place, or why there was more matter than anti-matter as for us to have enough matter, a significant enough amount, as to form galaxies and the universe we know. They believe there are infinite universes, or a multiverse, with every possibility of physics realized. But I'm only concerned with our own, and the answers to these questions. Continue to read and you might agree that it is much easier for our exact universe to continuously be recreated with the exact same amount of matter as this one; which would be highly significant if true because that means the physics that produce life would also be eternally renewed, and without much time needed for it to happen in comparison to random universes. And what a pleasant thought that is.
It is my theory that not only does energy at the planck scale pop in and out of existence, but also multiple singularities constantly coming into existence as well. Keep in mind we don't have, what I call, a spacial plane yet. The singularity must first give birth to that plane. But why does it expand and how does it create that spacial plane? We go back to the multiple singularities. For some reason, there are more created of regular matter than anti-matter. First off though it takes a long time for a singularity to come across another singularity, and with no spacial plane yet there would be no gravity to bend it and draw them towards one another for these collisions. But after enough time, there was a singularity of enough matter that came to being through collisions with singularities of likewise regular matter. Eventually it collided with a singularity of significant amounts of anti-matter so that the energy released from them both did something amazing. The anti-matter destroyed as much matter as was its own equivalent, but from the force of it all an unimaginably large black hole was formed and it sucked all the leftover matter back into itself, with none escaping. This is the theorized 4D black hole, published by another scientist; although I'd had the theory months before him - that there was an original black hole that were reside inside. But being 4D adds much significance to my original theory, so I thank him for that. Moving on. The matter sucked into this 4D black hole was smeared across the surface of its inside. So our universe is a 3D plane inside a 4D object, and it is this 4D black hole that is our 'spacial plane' on which matter can bend the plane with its mass, giving our universe the properties we see today. Like a black hole in our universe shooting gamma ray bursts from two opposite ends instead of all directions, so does this 4D black hole similarly have 'polar ends'. While the first singularities were ultra dense, this point in the 4D black hole is even denser. With so much energy and force released from that first collision of opposite singularities, the leftover matter sucked in expanded out instead of staying a singularity at the 'polar end' of the 4D black hole. The matter was thus able to escape its point of origin of the first polar end, and made it far enough that the opposite polar end of the black hole began to pull us towards it; just enough that the originating end doesn't cause our universe to contract back in. I theorize it this way because our galaxies' velocity are actually accelerating, we know this. It is exponential, and we only know it as dark energy. But that's what dark energy is, the pull of the opposite ultra dense polar end. The closer we get, the stronger the pull. The purpose of this is to pull our matter back into a singularity before there is a single atom of matter to decay into nothingness. So nothing is lost for what happens next (the ultra dense ends may also account for the gravity they theorize is leaking in from other dimensions - with this it would, I imagine, be considered part of the same dimension.) The density of the new singularity acting upon this ultra dense polar end work together and react to form a new 4D black hole within the original 4D black hole, and the same amount of matter that is inside our own universe right now will be inside the next universe. Down to the each and every particle. It is in this way that the universe is eternally renewed, and relative to new universes forming from the original method and with random physics that might be unsuitable for life, incredibly quickly. But also, because our universe has already once been renewed inside a new 4D black hole through this process already, we are also shielded from any anti-matter singularities that come into contact with the original 4D black hole. It's impossible for the anti-matter to ever catch up and interact with our universe of matter, so a universal apocalypse is thus impossible. To keep our universe from having a fate, and our lives recreated and our same choices made for eternity, there is the property of quantum mechanics that can make things have a positive and negative charge at the same time. It is in this chaos that each new universe recreated from the original, while containing the same amount of matter, will always have a new and unique configuration of galaxies, solar systems and planets etc. Life will go on in the way we know it for eternities beyond eternity.
John Bahcall - Wed, 30 Sep 2015 22:26:09 EST 5ViW/6q0 No.55721 Reply
1443666369886.png -(349427B / 341.24KB, 624x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ok so.. This 4D black hole sits inside a sheet that is part of a multiverse. It's orb shaped so it continues until it's 'top and bottom' you might refer to as geometrically.. reaches the maximum size possible that it can - inside this sheet. It is the two points meeting this maximum that makes the interior there experience the most intense gravity. What they call and infinitely dense singularity, this is infinitely dense as well but is not made of matter. So the singularity of matter that is infinite density meeting this point, is what makes the next 4D black hole and the process to repeat itself... There we go, my completed theory.

Maybe I'll just make a sci-fi movie about it
Charles Messier - Fri, 02 Oct 2015 01:02:28 EST 5ViW/6q0 No.55726 Reply
1443762148700.jpg -(25112B / 24.52KB, 139x160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
SOMEONE that knows laws really well....

By putting this on the internet in like 20 places, I'm guaranteed copyright of the ideas, right? Like not of sheets in a multiverse and the individual theories I took from astrophysicists, but the combined theory + some original theories.

I mean seriously a scientist already published work that we're inside a 4D black hole after I already theorized it months and months and months before him.... I'd like to be able to call shenanigans and roshambo some people.
Charles Messier - Fri, 02 Oct 2015 03:10:59 EST 5ViW/6q0 No.55728 Reply
I never said it had the mass of the observable universe. The matter of the universe is expanding outward. I never said it was a black hole either. It's a 4D black hole. You didn't read anything in the post because you'd have noticed I brought up what dark energy was. You're also assuming you know the properties to the insides of regular black holes.
Charles Messier - Fri, 02 Oct 2015 03:25:40 EST 5ViW/6q0 No.55729 Reply
outward into the already existing structure that is the 'inside' of this '4D' black hole, that is. Keep in mind

Singularities of matter exist between two sheets of exotic properties. Collide. Then collide with a singularity of anti-matter - enough matter leftover to be significant and form galaxies. But the forces involved at collision create the '4D' black hole and it sucks up the remaining matter. The 4D black hole's outside makes it to the maximum it can exist within these two sheets, creating what we'll just refer to as polar ends. Once inside the 4D black hole though, it has enough momentum to make it out just far enough that before it can contract, it is instead be ever so slightly pulled to the other end that meets the 2nd 'sheet'. The closer it gets the harder it pulls. Eventually it's so hard it's instantaneously pulled to the other point touching the sheet (touching on the outside), and all matter before decaying is pulled into a new singularity. It reacts with this point and a new 4D black hole is formed thus repeating the process and shielding the universe of matter from any anti-matter singularity that could've collided with the original 4D black hole and been sucked in. No anti-matter singularity is needed to cause the next expansion, no matter is lost; and relative to a near eternity it would take for the process to repeat outside of the original 4D black hole, a universe with the same amount of matter and configuration of physics as ours will have been created after 100s of trillions of years.

I take it you haven't read the actual published work of the possibility we're in a 4D black hole, and assumed all I typed was 'black hole'.
Charles Messier - Fri, 02 Oct 2015 03:28:57 EST 5ViW/6q0 No.55730 Reply
And actually looking at your link, some random website with no sources or name for the author. Well. Thanks anyway.
Johan Galle - Fri, 02 Oct 2015 10:07:30 EST YHjXylC8 No.55731 Reply
Most everything you've said looks like /stim/ rambling, you'll have to space everything out, define how you're using your terms, etc.

Shit like "Singularities of matter exist between two sheets of exotic properties" is meaningless if you don't say what these properties are, why and how singularities would exist between them, how and why they would collide, etc. Math and pictures help here.
Bernard Burke - Sat, 03 Oct 2015 00:51:43 EST 5ViW/6q0 No.55732 Reply
That's your problem for not paying attention to the theoretic astrophysics community and how singularities come to be when there is nothing present, or the multiverse theories. Which is also why you don't understand that not all hypothesis of these people is always laid out by math. You have to create your own clues before going into the math. I don't expect everyone here to understand that.
Bernard Burke - Sat, 03 Oct 2015 00:55:53 EST 5ViW/6q0 No.55733 Reply
Though yes you are correct, my biggest problem facing me starting out here is why the singularities would ever collide. The exotic properties within this multiverse sheet reacting with a singularity that mostly exists within nothingness, and before having the coined 'spacial plane', will be impossibly hard to flesh out further. I'd have to get the attention of someone within the field.
Robert Dicke - Sat, 03 Oct 2015 16:22:31 EST cTrnVs8H No.55735 Reply

Why don't you go to school to be a theoretical physicist and then YOU will be that somebody in the field.
Pierre-Simon Laplace - Sun, 04 Oct 2015 17:54:10 EST N+uGi0dP No.55739 Reply
can I ask if this fits along with an idea I had where all the planets are mathematically "flat" but they bend away from you the further you go from them?

Like those old drawings of a series of flat disks on top of each other but there are 4D ways to transition from any disk to any other disk without having to go through them (going around planets after they appear sphere like due to distance bending)

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