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Is colonizing space really a good idea?

- Thu, 13 Oct 2016 22:44:38 EST kkqIA5n0 No.56515
File: 1476413078998.jpg -(228458B / 223.10KB, 1161x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Is colonizing space really a good idea?
There are more than enough resources on Earth to feed and cloth and house the entire world population several times over, but people are still starving and homeless due to our greed and incompetence. We can't make phones that don't blow up or cars that don't drive themselves into a wall. We're still dicking around with fossil fuels and nuclear reactors and steam turbines when we have a natural self-sustaining fusion reactor in the sky that could power the whole planet for millions of years if we just put more research into making better solar cells and superconducting materials and large-scale energy storage. With all our intelligence and resources, we can't make shit work on a planet that gives us everything we need, how the hell are we going to survive on a hostile world where just making food to eat and water to drink and air to breathe is a massive costly endeavor, and one tiny malfunction in our machines will result in horrible catastrophe and death? Is mankind really ready to live in space?
Tycho Brahe - Fri, 14 Oct 2016 00:14:24 EST M/g1akbS No.56516 Reply
Colonizing space is a good idea if we as a species ever want to reach Kardashev level 2 as a civilization
Roger Penrose - Fri, 14 Oct 2016 06:35:20 EST tQX5ylFX No.56517 Reply
all in good time my man.
I really hope nuclear power gets perfected/ idiots not in charge of power plants making them explode. Solar is really good on paper but I heard just making one of them puts out enough hydro carbons to make it spend 20 years recouping that damage. Maybe improve that as we got solar city.

As for colonizing. We have a pretty shit system for that. Every thing will have to be sealed environment. Would really limit the size and growth rate of colonies. The materials needed are going to be far more intesive than say, going to an Earth like planet and just making starter cabins and wood castles out of local trees.
Jocelyn Bell - Fri, 14 Oct 2016 17:33:24 EST rszf0FN0 No.56520 Reply
You're complaining that we can't get together technology (huge battery smart phones and driverless cars) that were literally impossible twenty years ago? So unless they were perfect right out of the gate we have no business trying?
Even if we could survive on earth for a long time, it still puts us at a great extinction risk because we're all in the same ecosphere. Colonization is insurance against extinction, plain and simple, no amount of efficiency in managing Earth addresses that problem.
Also, by the time we are genuinely in full colonization mode, we will likely be post-biological cyborgs at minimum, so the life support requirements aren't as dire.
Subramanyan Chandrasekhar - Sat, 15 Oct 2016 06:47:31 EST tQX5ylFX No.56521 Reply
No, we have the technology to do it right now. Maybe the engineering is lacking but things get built when the demand is there. The demand does not exists in enough power yet. Our solar system is shit in this aspect as any colony is going to need more intensive care than our home lives. It will be a slow roll but we will get there.
Tycho Brahe - Sat, 15 Oct 2016 08:53:40 EST pjhpxsvC No.56522 Reply
Are you retarded?

One asteroid the size of a good mountain, and it's game over mankind, because we only inhabit one planet.

That alone is enough reason to colonize space.

As far as we know, Earth is the only planet with life, and we humans are the only intelligent self-aware species capable of developing technology.

One big mass extinction, and that means humanity is extinct. One cosmic destructive event and life is extinct forever.

Maybe there's more (intelligent) life out there, but I'm not willing to take those chances. Colonize space today.
Maximilian Wolf - Sat, 15 Oct 2016 17:42:01 EST rszf0FN0 No.56523 Reply
It's unreasonable to expect there to be more than one earth like planet in any given solar system. Hell, Sol had two for a very long time before Mars gave up the ghost. So of course we will require pressure domes and advanced engineering to colonize the solar system, but it's not 'shit' because of that, our solar system is probably average to above average in its degree of habitability.
And just because it's hard doesn't mean we should do it. Investing the effort will create technology that improves life on earth. And again, no matter how you want to frame it, it is the only thing we are doing to prevent extinction in the long term.
Bernard-Ferdinand Lyot - Mon, 17 Oct 2016 01:16:16 EST tQX5ylFX No.56525 Reply
yeah man. we will get there. But right now there is only one guy really trying to make it happen. The rest of the world doesn't seem to give a shit. it's going ot be a slow roll. But we will get there. Maybe it will get faster when the first wave to Mars on Elons ship give us the finger on live stream form Mars.

And yes on the extinction thing, but that first colony will need to be self suficient and able to produce space craft before that worry is defeated. So we must get there asap.
John Wheeler - Mon, 17 Oct 2016 06:23:11 EST rszf0FN0 No.56526 Reply
To be fair, a lot more people than just Elon are working on it. He just grabs all the headlines because he's fucking Ironman.
Bernard-Ferdinand Lyot - Mon, 17 Oct 2016 10:29:14 EST tQX5ylFX No.56527 Reply
really who else is seriously doing it? I mean I hear the government agencies say they want to do it all the time but it doesn't sem like they are doing more than shooting probes at things. Which is still good, but it isn't colonizing. Hell I'd be happy if some production stations were built here, even Lunar mining would get me hard.
John Wheeler - Mon, 17 Oct 2016 16:56:39 EST rszf0FN0 No.56528 Reply
Also on that list you won't see Hawking's Breakthrough Starshot project.
Musk's SpaceX and Bezo's BlueOrigin get all the press because everyone likes the idea of billionaires having a pissing match in space, but private space industry is growing very rapidly and many of the 'visionary' founders are doing it expressly because of their understanding of humanity's predicament being stuck on earth.
Arthur Eddington - Wed, 19 Oct 2016 12:06:23 EST 3t/weoS/ No.56543 Reply

NASA's new orbital craft, Orion, is supposed to be capable of manned Lunar missions. Shit's really happening now that the tech is moving beyond the bootstrap suicide missions of the 60/70ies, we just don't hear much of it because the public is so disinterested.

The West ain't gonna let China's space ambitions go uncontested though, so expect more ambitious state-level missions in the future.
Arno Penzias - Sat, 22 Oct 2016 17:05:33 EST KgKlYmGv No.56548 Reply
You know, OP, you say we have all the resources here on Earth, yet still there's a lot of people living a life of distress due to lack of things and violence. You say we could fix it all, only if everybody started being logical and humane.
But therein lies the problem - it's just that difficult to change humans on that level. So difficult in fact, that it will probably be easier to build a spaceship, living pods and all that's necessary and send it all to another planet with like-minded people that are focused on one goal - making it work there.

In the sense of the mission, the monetary cost is completely irrelevant. 500 years from now nobody will give a shit about how much it cost. Even if there are failures and people will die, it only makes sense for us to keep reaching out there. Once any life arises, it wants to reach out as far as it can.

I don't think mankind really is ready to live in space, until we actually do it and get ready doing it.

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