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I am a Sex God

- Wed, 30 May 2018 19:18:15 EST CxnsnZcn No.100621
File: 1527722295917.jpg -(206174B / 201.34KB, 1080x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I am a Sex God
My current fuck buddy. I met her at a bar in Greenwich mid April. We hit it off that night and ended up going back to hers and had sex all night and into the morning. She said I was incredible in bed and couldn't believe what I was doing to her. I last a real long time in bed, and girls seem to really love the way I move inside them and the passion I have for what I'm doing. I kiss their lips and face a lot, I'm very aggressive and forceful but with a good rhythm. I like to hold their arms down or lightly choke them. I love having sex and pleasuring women. Over the next few weeks and months, we would sporadically arrange for me to go around there for another marathon sex session, sometimes for a night, sometimes a whole weekend. The more we had sex the more she was enjoying it, and in turn the more I was enjoying it. After our fourth session. Having spent 48 hours with her doing nothing but drinking wine and having sex, she admitted I am the best fuck she's ever had. We both think we had sex about 25 times that weekend and she came every time at least once. She said she's never had so many orgasms in her life, and that I am ruining sex for her because I've set the bar too high. I finally feel like I've got my sexual technique down to a tee now. I admit, my cock isn't enormous. Last I measured was just shy of 7 inches, with a curve to the left. Average girth I suppose. Its a great feeling knowing that this girl is under the spell of my sex. I had another fuck buddy recently that also really enjoyed my sex and she developed feelings for me real fast. As someone that was fat and ugly in the past, never had girlfriends, to having lost weight and hit the gym (not to mention I apparently have an absolutely gorgeous face, I'm 6'5 with dark features) and now women are throwing themselves at me. I wasted my 20s with a girl that I wasn't compatible with. Very timid and vanilla with sex though we did have a lot of it, I could never truly express this sexual animal that is inside me. Now I've unleashed him on 2 different girls in 3 months, one fell in love after 4 shags, and stopped contact, the other one we are still going at it once a week or so and thinks I'm the best she's ever had. When younger I used to be so hung up on how good I was in bed, is my dick big enough and do I last long? Since taking control of my sexuality and really learning how to read a woman in and out of the bedroom, I think I have become a fantastic lover. I truly want the woman I am sleeping with to be in ecstasy when I'm with her. If you'd like some tips or anything you can drop me a pm and I'll see if I can help.

By the way I have nothing to gain if this is all a lie. I honestly believe I'm a great lover, and I think every man should be. Women are the greatest gift god gave us.

Also if someone could give me some advice re my huge ego that would be great.
Cornelius Donderpore - Thu, 07 Jun 2018 14:46:58 EST xdj4pHd2 No.100655 Reply
>Also if someone could give me some advice re my huge ego that would be great.

Eh, don't worry, you'll have some bad sex eventually and it'll bring you back down to Earth.

My best female friend told me about a time she was out with a former fuckbuddy of mine, and essentially every woman in my social group. They were talking sex, and apparently "Taylor says you're a great fuck." I felt bad for her. I didn't even bring my B game.

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