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Feeling Like I REALLY FUCKING NEED to Piss While Receiving Anal

- Thu, 28 Jun 2018 03:32:51 EST unSq9cwk No.100703
File: 1530171171120.jpg -(624543B / 609.91KB, 956x1349) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Feeling Like I REALLY FUCKING NEED to Piss While Receiving Anal
(the pic is extremely related but if it has to be removed just delete / replace the pic please don't delete the thread it's just a drawing anyway)

ok so i get this is probably pretty common. but the issue is the severity. oh yeah and also i should start out with this as it's probably important because physiology: i'm a transgender woman but i'm in the really early stages i'm only on estradiol (a low dose of estrogen, no test blockers [idk how much i need them, i'm naturally hyperfeminine] and only for 10 weeks, it isn't the hormones doing it, but i have a dick and shit lol.

PLEASE tell me there's something, anything I can do to make this urge die down? I sit down leaning forward and piss every last drop out of my bladder, then as soon as I start getting fucked (trivia [kinda]: actually a lesbian and enjoy dommes/strapon play so i want it to last for hours...), like as soon as i'm penetrated I feel like I need to pee, then when i'm being fucked i feel GODDAMN AMAZING IF I DIDN'T KNOW ANY BETTER I'D THINK I WAS GONNA SQUIRT like i'm going to piss myself, and this is really starting to be a buzzkill. i wanna get a fucking machine soon and i can't help it, while i'm being fucked i feel like i'm supposed to be pic related and holding it in hurts more than being fucked hard in the ass with massive phalli.

i just did some reading and found out this is confirmed for a normal feeling but idk it's way too extreme atm i mean i could practice with the fucking machine just letting go and seeing what happens because when i stop to pee there's never any piss and apparently it feels like squirting (i've had anal orgasms; like proper ones where i don't touch my cock *at all* and after about 2 hours i fucking gush cum like a fire hose - normally i don't even cumshot, it just sorta slides up and out. not anal orgasms. i literally had a ~30 second out of body experience and i levitated above my body, it was the most insane thing i've ever felt. it was like DMT. maybe it was DMT haha.) it feels like i have this "normal" issue but to an abnormal extent. i'm thinking of seeing a doctor... this is insanity. i feel like i'm holding back so much because of it. i LOVE the feeling of being penetrated, i'm never getting the genital surgery, feels like i already have a pussy. it's more sensitive than my cock by orders of magnitude. it's crazy...

please. any tips/tricks something i can eat/drink/take for this i'm actually happy with transitioning (the trans board seems highly reflective of the 40% suicide rate, it's more /qq/ than /qq/. i feel absolutely fucking elated. not everyone on that board is depressing, some are probably happier than i am) i want to enjoy being fucked without this stupid feeling...
liltripperalyssa - Fri, 29 Jun 2018 03:33:39 EST unSq9cwk No.100704 Reply
damn that was supposed to be spoilers not strikethrough at least i know how to strikethrough now lol
Nathaniel Fovingchog - Sat, 30 Jun 2018 04:04:08 EST OWeNBnmi No.100705 Reply
Do you trust your partner? If so, discuss how you feel and get a waterproof mattress protector so you can relax and enjoy the sex.

If you don't trust your partner, get a new partner then proceed as above.
Archie Denderworth - Mon, 16 Jul 2018 19:52:41 EST 7nBXAbOy No.100746 Reply
You can’t piss from anal sex ive never seen it happen its like feeling you need to shit. You aren’t going to shit or piss you just stimulating parts of your body that only get stimulated when those things happen so you’re brain tells you your going to piss.

You wont don’t fight the feeling or tighten up at all just let it go completely and sink into it. It will go away once you retrain your brain that that sensation isn’t associated with going to the bathroom.
Sidney Billingwill - Tue, 24 Jul 2018 22:43:05 EST /DSfGI9a No.100767 Reply
This op

make sure to pee before playing that way it can put your mind at ease that your bladder is empty. If you do pee so what? just let your partner know it felt so good you lost control of all motor function. I think that would excite them haha

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