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Hottest memory thread

- Thu, 02 Apr 2020 15:16:38 EST kwTP3I+T No.102076
File: 1585854998710.jpg -(24207B / 23.64KB, 495x315) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Hottest memory thread
It was late summer and I had just bought a truck. It came with a camper shell and the truck was in good condition with low mileage. I immediately wanted to put it through its paces with a long road trip to Canada. Not even a week after purchase I was on the road with my then girlfriend. We had scheduled some airbnb’s for the trip, but one night between cities we got caught up exploring and were running too late to make the check in for the next airbnb. We decided to pull over and sleep in the bed of the truck at a truck stop. We made a nice comfortable bed in the back of the truck, but there were no curtains and it had zero privacy; we never intended to sleep at a truck stop to begin with.

The truck stop was filled with truckers and travelers and although it was too late to check into the airbnb it still wasn’t particularly late that night when we pulled in. It was around 10pm and the whole stop seemed alive. Cars and Semi’s were piling in for the night, people were wandering about, travelers letting their dogs out to stretch while talking loud and the lights seemed as bright as could be. Anybody walking by could clearly see us in the back of the truck making our car bed. It was incredibly hot and humid that night even with the windows open, blankets were not an option. I took off all my clothes; I didn’t care because it was the only way I even had a chance at sleeping. We both tossed and turned in the back of the truck for a while, shuffling about to get comfortable. The heat was just too much so my girlfriend decided to take off her clothes as well. We laid there naked for a while, together. This was our first night in a truck stop and we were naked while doing it and completely exposed, we had no other option.

We were slightly paranoid about peepers, but we brought bear mace for the Canadian Wilderness we were heading towards which offered some solace and sense of safety in this particular situation. Oddly enough, we were both slightly aroused by the idea of peepers watching us too. After a few peeper jokes and a few moments of lying there naked together we turned towards each other and started caressing each other's damp, humid, naked bodies. I think we both knew on an underlying level that the only way to get some sleep on a night like that was to get a good cum in before bed. There’s something about the release of an orgasm that allows oneself to slip away into a deep slumber even in the most uncomfortable of circumstances.
Fanny Dazzlegold - Thu, 02 Apr 2020 15:17:56 EST kwTP3I+T No.102077 Reply
Our petting turned to kissing which got me up and erect. She felt my hard cock pressing against her soft body and started stroking it. It melted me completely, but I feigned composure. There just wasn’t enough privacy to keep going, I rebuffed her advances, turned over and told her “good night”. This made her grow mad with lust--she turned me on my back, pinned me by putting her knees on my shoulders and stuck her sweaty pussy and ass right on my face and started rubbing herself back and forth. This damp, moist suffocation awoke a fire in me. We both knew we weren’t sleeping until we got this out of our system.

Maybe it was the heat that night, or the humidity, or maybe even the idea of peepers, but I had never seen her turned on this much before. I got her off of me and her clitoris was completely engorged and full. She was in an ecstatic rage and she saw me looking at her with both bewilderment and a rock hard cock. She immediately lept towards me and started sucking it. She wasted no time with tender kisses and sweet licks on the head and shaft of my dick tonight; she swallowed the whole thing at once balls deep. I gathered her loose thick hair in a ponytail and pulled her off me. She looked eager for more, she didn’t want to stop sucking so I kissed her passionately and bit her lip a little, then forced her down for a second helping. She started slobbering all over me and I kept her on the verge of gagging without pushing her too hard. She was rubbing herself furiously while I reached around and played with her holes. She let me explore them both as freely as I pleased, and I gave them both as much attention as I could.

I took my cock out of her mouth, and by controlling her through the use of her ponytail I got her in the doggy position and slowly slid myself in. It was warm and wet and felt so good, but I was determined not to bust first. I started thrusting softly and slowly, but she was not having it. For every soft thrust forward I gave her she swung her luscious hips back towards me with twice as much force, doubling what I was giving her and creating a loud clapping sound. She needed no warm up; she wanted to be pounded so I let go of her hair, pressed her shoulders down to the floor while keeping her ass up in the air and got into the squat position above her and started pounding. She moaned soo loud even I was taken by surprise. I put my hand over her mouth and told her to shut the fuck up or people will hear us without pausing the pounding I was giving her. She lightly bit my finger as if to tell me she hears me, but a few seconds later she starts moaning just as loud as before through my hand.

I turned her over on her back so I could get a better grip over her mouth to keep her quiet. I entered her again, but noticed that I could get better leverage by putting my feet against the roof of the camper shell while using my knees to angle into her extra deep. I started pounding her as hard as I could while keeping my hand over her mouth. The angle was too much for her and she started MOANING like i’ve never heard before or since. She was yelling at me not to stop, not to bust, to keep going as hard as I could. It was insane. I looked out the windows and we had developed an audience. This wasn’t the perverted peepers we joked about before, but a straight up audience of truckers and travelers watching and laughing in disbelief at our total disregard for privacy. I started lightly choking her to get her to stop moaning and yelling so loudly, but this made her even more turned on.
Fanny Dazzlegold - Thu, 02 Apr 2020 15:19:16 EST kwTP3I+T No.102078 Reply
I never let up on the pounding even while noticing the audience. They were there for a show and it looked like we were giving them a good one. She kept yelling dirty commands: fuck me as hard as you can, fuck me like a slut, I want to feel you as deep as you can go. I kid you not, the laughter turned to cheering. I must have pounded her a straight 10 minutes in that position alone before she started seizing up. She screamed and squirmed and I still didn’t stop. Her nails dug into my arms and left noticeable marks for days afterwards. Then just as suddenly as she started seizing her whole body turned to goo and went limp. People were still cheering and laughing when she started blushing in embarrassment. We were in a foreign country, in a random truck stop, in an area we didn’t know. Lust had completely overtaken her and all inhibitions temporarily fell by the wayside. She was like a maenad overtaken by ecstasy, lost in the moment, but finally coming back around to realize what just happened. She was always the shy and buttoned-up sort and I could tell she wanted to hide from the crowd. I got off her and threw some blankets over her. My truck doesn’t have a sliding back window so I got out of the truck bed butt ass naked with a rock hard cock and hopped in the cab of the car then drove out of the truck stop.

Right outside the truck stop and away from our audience I pulled over and let her out of the bed of the truck. We laughed and kissed and got dressed. She told me that was the first time she had a vaginal orgasm, she didn’t know she could even have one. She said she’s only ever had clitoral ones. I told her that was the hottest moment of my life and that we better head to another truck stop given that we’re now celebrities at the one we were just at. We looked it up and the closest truck stop was about 60 or 70 miles in the opposite direction so we would have to back track the next day to the airbnb. By then it was really late at night, but I didn’t mind having to drive. We were deep in love that hot humid summer night off a random Canadian highway. She told me that she wanted to return the favor I gave her and give me a good one too. I said “Baby, don’t worry about me, the memory you gave me is more than enough.” She smiled and hugged me tight. We both got in the car and started heading to the next truck stop which was completely out of the way.

We had been traveling a good 15 minutes on that highway towards the stop. It was completely empty and pitch black--nothing but a dark road, bright stars and our love. She suddenly leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, nibbled my ear, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I remember passing a speed limit sign at that moment and it said 60 kilometers per hour. I was averaging around 80 or 90 miles per hour at the time and I remember wondering how many kilometers per hour that worked out to be when she put her mouth on my cock and started with her usual tender kisses and sweet licks up and down the shaft and head of my dick. I guess it didn’t matter how the math worked out between miles and kilometers because I quickly slowed down to enjoy the ride to the next stop.
Thomas Corryford - Sat, 11 Apr 2020 22:08:38 EST HMbfBTjZ No.102107 Reply
That's a long ass story, bro.

My best sexual memory was with my ex in the middle of watching silent hill in the dark in her parents living room. Looking back I'm kind of embarrassed that her parents almost 100% heard EVERYTHING. I was high on DXM which makes it really hard for me to cum. Maybe from being raised with the internet and a lot of porn, my sense of self worth as a man gets really inflated by performing sex very well. Fucking the hell out of her, giving her multiple orgasms, indulging in her body, eating her pussy, eating her ass, kissing her, she's breathing into my ear and biting it and scratching me and giving me hickeys. Me leaning back on the couch to force my dick up as high as it will go while her butt is slamming down on my crotch and she's breathing and moaning. Grabbing her hips and totally fucking her brains out, then eventually getting on top of her knowing I'm going to cum as deep inside of her as possible and having to really work and focus to make it happen. Knowing she wants it and knowing I'm probably about to get her pregnant while she's holding on to me and trying to keep me there and force me to do it. Probably fucked her for over an hour and it wasn't unusual for this to happen because I was taking DXM often. But this experience for some reason stands out.

Turned out she had a boyfriend when I met her and she actually was already pregnant, but told me she had an IUD. She got pregnant like a month or less before I met her and we started fucking immediately. The feeling of being high and fucking her hard and having her wetness all over my dick and my balls though.. knowing I'm getting filthy and it's her sweat and bodily fluids all over me.

Eliza Mirringcheck - Mon, 15 Jun 2020 05:22:55 EST tUE1O2Ip No.102327 Reply
Old thread but hey.
Was fucking with this much bigger butch girl who had a giant strap on that you apparently tie to your thigh? IDK. We were making out heavily and she grabs my hips and pulls me down onto this thing with zero warning and it hurts a lot but also feels good, and she just wraps her arm around my waist and holds me down on it as I'm squirming and squealing and she fingers me off as she sucks my tit and I have never come so hard in my life.
EmmaOlivia - Tue, 16 Jun 2020 05:01:10 EST W5gkA+7I No.102328 Reply
" 종로마사지 " + " 종로안마 "

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