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thesis on bdsm in generally unsubmissive (yet asocial) people

- Fri, 03 Jul 2020 10:07:07 EST S13Wwzt7 No.102373
File: 1593785227909.png -(294139B / 287.25KB, 609x568) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. thesis on bdsm in generally unsubmissive (yet asocial) people
>In sexual submission there are two types when it comes to men: true submission and passive submission.
>True submission, of course, refers to traditional notions of sexual submission: enjoyment in humiliation, pain, in being dominated and belittled.
>Passive submission is not a sexual submission per se, and while its end result may not differ from true submission, passive submission is a result of asocial or socially passive personality
>It occurs firstly in sexual fantasy, a fictional encounter with the sexual. Obviously, harbouring itself in a socially uncomfortable person, it cannot, or it can, but not for long, result in fantasy of active sexual participation. Dreading interpersonal intimacy, the passive-submissive type cannot actively pursue satisfaction, but needs satisfaction to be brought to it. The first sexual fantasies of these type put great focus on the desired, usually a woman, and the role of the fantasy-maker is rather insignificant. This is where artifical submission arises.
Emma Semmerbadging - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 10:08:21 EST S13Wwzt7 No.102374 Reply
>In these fantasies, the passive type does not yield control. He is not a seeker, but is seeked, or his seeking is forced upon him by situational construction, as it would be in real life. More often than not, the passive type is asexual in practice. He does not, as I said, seek social (and thus sexual) interaction, but waits for it, or, after some time, avoids the possibilities of new interaction. He can only have it brought upon him, which is why the passive type is highly sociable with his family or those inescapably close to him. In sexual interactions, this transfers to tendency to fantasize about those near him, such as classmates. This is so that he could construct a situation with as little necessary active involvement on his side. The resulting passivity as a consequence has an artifical submissive sexual mentality because the desired partner in the fantasy over time has an increased role within the fantasy, to the point of controlling the near entirety to the situation.
Emma Semmerbadging - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 10:09:03 EST S13Wwzt7 No.102375 Reply
>However, this is not yet complete transition to artificial submission. The object of fantasy may be in full control of the situation, but the result sexual intercourse may still be of rather normal nature, or even some form of domination by the passive type. The next step must occur in general aversion to normal sexual intercourse as asociality increases. This usually occurs with offset of puberty "automatically", or it can be caused or accelerated by trauma. In general, puberty itself brings heightened aversion to nature of sex in many teenagers, so in the passive type this can be exaggerated exponentially.
Emma Semmerbadging - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 10:09:42 EST S13Wwzt7 No.102376 Reply
>With that, the passive type gains aversion to genitals and puts focus on secondary sexual characteristics, such as outer look, legs, breasts, clothing etc. According to what one has natively tendency to like, that is, has more predisposition to sexually enjoy, he may develop his submissive fetish. General trend of these fetishes becomes ones genitals, usually by "narrowing down" of possible acceptable sexual positions to oral sex. From there, many fetishes, spanning from orgasm control to various forms of CBT, usually developed under previous psychological influence, or through internet pornography, or both.
Emma Semmerbadging - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 10:10:28 EST S13Wwzt7 No.102377 Reply
>At this point, the passive type may feel trapped. He very likely came to a position he may not like, but has no option but to enjoy. Though socially passive, he may have a dominant personality, or an un-submissive personality, or even have an avid aversion to submission, he is cornered sexually into submission. This may cause psychological confusion and existential dread because he cannot explain his overtly submissive sexuality and his distate for such submission generally. Especially with males, this can be a problem. I do not know how this may be solved, yet, but I hope that with this small paper I showed how submission in asocial type can be explained by their social aversion.
Cornelius Nicklefield - Sat, 04 Jul 2020 20:22:07 EST d6w9hmp5 No.102384 Reply
You're probably describing a small number of people but I don't think it's that simple. The idea that some people are submissive for different things and dynamics is true. And I'm sure that you have described 2 valid types. I am not sure if there might be more.

Where you lose me is where you describe this long specific set of circumstances leading to one after saying the other is "true".

Sounds to me like you've got some experiences you're trying to justify and explain and are trying to find a plausible explanation rather than you're being pointed at it by data. I think if you are talking about a subset of people who are into "Passive submission" but unhappy and a mechanism by which they end up there you might have a point. I dunno. But I think that people reach that sort of submission in other ways. I don't think labeling the other sort as "true" is helpful though because every sub has to willingly give it up. The dom has to be trusted and earn and regularly proove themselves worth of that true and take it seriously.

I can think of a couple of examples. I also have a friend who's "true submissive" but a closer fit with that journey you described. Maybe he just likes that? Or do you have a good body of case studies?

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