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Feminine energy

- Fri, 23 Oct 2020 15:39:16 EST TCgXz6aF No.102693
File: 1603481956347.jpg -(97157B / 94.88KB, 799x612) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Feminine energy
I am just a regular hetero dude, but almost every woman I have ever been friends with has at least hinted in some way or other that I have some sort of feminine energy. Some say they can just feel a hint of femininity in everything I do, while others say that I am outright feminine. Even a couple of guys have told me the same.

The thing is, I look sufficiently masculine and my mind is more or less masculine. I have self-confidence and am not a "nice guy"/simp/whatever you wanna call it. My face is that of a male, I have a nice, thick stubble, I don't have long hair, I go to the gym (and it shows) etc. But still, there is that dash of femininity in the way I move, talk and act which I can't control and usually don't even notice. But it's still enough for people to take me less seriously and it hinders my man points. I'm not trying to be some super macho pu55y s14y3r, but I wouldn't mind being a bit manlier.

What do I do about it? Is it really true that people take you less seriously? Is it true that women see men with just a hint of femininity less desirable as partners? I have talked to a friend who knows women well about it, and he said it ain't a problem, in fact it can sometimes even help me. However, from my experience, it totally kills you as a potential partner. I'd like to talk to a woman about it, but pandemic has really shaved off my circle of friends and for various reasons I don't want to talk about this to the only two women who'd understand what I mean.

I've really done my best to improve myself over the years and this is pretty much the only thing I can think of which explains why I'm still single
Betsy Brombleman - Sun, 25 Oct 2020 02:19:40 EST oiCKFbkr No.102697 Reply
1603606780410.jpg -(470196B / 459.18KB, 750x912) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I am a woman, I married a bisexual guy. He is certainly feminine in a lot of ways (some of his mannerisms, his interests, has an ear piercing and a nose piercing) but still masculine in a lot of other ways (he has a beard, he’s tall, handsome). I really enjoy it

I don’t think there’s anything to “do” about the femininity. There’s nothing wrong with it, and your friend is right in saying that it could even be helpful. There’s a guy I work with (who is definitely gay but not out at work), he is very feminine in the way he acts and in terms of his interests, but, is objectively a handsome and masculine guy, has a deep voice, etc. There are women at my work who still hit on him and are into him. The feminine aspect probably makes you seem more approachable and compatible than guys who are toxic masculinity incarnate.

Like my husband is feminine to the point where I have the knowledge that another guy has had a dick in his ass during the time we have been together, lol. So, granted that many women are not comfortable with that because of homophobia/society/internalized misogyny/whatever, women who are down with femininity certainly exist and are abundant. I have a friend who has a bisexual partner of like 10+ years, and her partner wears eyeliner and seems pretty well full gay... and they are still very much into each other.

So, your femininity is not a problem. Either your problem is 1. not finding a compatible person or 2. being too insecure about this. Instead of trying to change it, I would suggest just accepting it, leaning into it, owning it, being non-judgmental about your feminine qualities, be nonchalant about it. I think the only thing that would turn me off about feminine qualities in a man would be if he was insecure about it. I think you probably have to undo some social learning that’s been deeply ingrained within you.

I am certainly not thinking about how my husband is “too feminine” when he’s making me cum. And neither will your girlfriends. Best of luck
Hamilton Suvingstirk - Sun, 25 Oct 2020 13:21:47 EST TCgXz6aF No.102699 Reply
Thanks a lot for the reply. It could be that I'm uncomfortable about that without my knowledge, which is something I've kind of suspected for a long time. I agree very much that being uncomfortable about your own quirks and features is significantly worse than just having them no matter how quirky and feature...y (???) they are. But I'd say that it's mainly because of where I live - I'm in the worse parts of Europe and misogyny/homophobia are pretty normal here and there is a much higher masculinity standard than normal Europe or US/Canada. I'd probably be in the margins of usual in the developed world but for better or worse, I live where I live. Eh, that's one of many downsides of living in the 2nd/3rd world. Not much I can do about it other than hope I get a work visa somewhere in my late 20s. Also nice pic.
Thomas Seshway - Sun, 25 Oct 2020 13:29:48 EST c7CqqjtL No.102700 Reply
The entire world is becoming more misogynistic/homophobic, pretty soon if you're a man and you're not willing to crush a woman's skull open with a rock and rape her corpse in the street while all the "AlPhA cHaDs" cheer you on, you're not a real man and you deserve to be tortured to death. Humanity deserves much worse then cooking themselves and the planet to death.
Thomas Seshway - Sun, 25 Oct 2020 13:31:00 EST c7CqqjtL No.102701 Reply
*you won't be considered by society to be a real man nb
Edwin Perrywatch - Sun, 25 Oct 2020 20:44:35 EST /n9cQc9T No.102705 Reply
well for one thing you have two female friends who you talk to regularly (whom you didn't meet via your girlfriend) and that's a low point for you, so you're an outlier right there
>But it's still enough for people to take me less seriously and it hinders my man points.
>Is it really true that people take you less seriously?
which one is the real question? you said you think you might be acting effeminate BECAUSE you think people take you less seriously. then you asked will people take you less seriously because you act effeminate. what is the actual thing you experienced? you being effeminate or people not taking you seriously?

trying to read between the lines here: it seems like maybe your verbal mannerisms, tone of voice and choice of words, are the "tell". while nothing is going to make you "less feminine" at a constitutional level, if the way you speak is making people not take you seriously, you might consider reading some material about communication and paying more attention to your tone of voice. dealing with that might also help you in dating, too, since projecting confidence is USUALLY a good thing for guys in dating.
Priscilla Nummlegold - Mon, 26 Oct 2020 11:54:39 EST oiCKFbkr No.102708 Reply
1603727679343.jpg -(493505B / 481.94KB, 828x729) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Love that dude. He runs a chihuahua sanctuary. basically Brazil’s wet dream. chihuahuas are definitely considered very femme, but obviously the guy is objectively masculine. it works for him.

good luck on your adventure. Be your true self friend, people will love it
Cyril Brecklesane - Mon, 26 Oct 2020 18:27:36 EST TCgXz6aF No.102709 Reply
1603751256396.png -(118473B / 115.70KB, 481x368) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>well for one thing you have two female friends who you talk to regularly (whom you didn't meet via your girlfriend) and that's a low point for you, so you're an outlier right there
I hope i misunderstood you, do you mean having female friends that aren't your girlfriend's friends is a bad thing? I just met them through uni and we stayed a funky trio, is there anything wrong with that?

>which one is the real question... ...you being effeminate or people not taking you seriously?
I think I was clear, I am asking whether women see men who are slightly effeminate as less of a partner in today's society. Some people say it doesn't matter, some people say it can help you if you're not an idiot, some people say it's a burden. From my experience, however, I feel like people think of me as a man less. I know I am slightly feminine, and I need no other answer to that.

>it seems like maybe your verbal mannerisms, tone of voice and choice of words, are the "tell"
Exactly - it's not like I have some overwhelming feature that screams "THIS DUDE BE GIRLY AF" but it's a combination of many small things which just make me give off a feminine aura or energy.

>while nothing is going to make you "less feminine" at a constitutional level, if the way you speak is making people not take you seriously, you might consider reading some material about communication and paying more attention to your tone of voice. dealing with that might also help you in dating, too, since projecting confidence is USUALLY a good thing for guys in dating.
I know changing such subtle things isn't something possible, but I've tried reading up and researching the good ole how to be more masculine topics, and frankly all they did was make me uncomfortable and look super unnatural when i try and apply the techniques. Also, confidence, as I said, isn't a problem. Sure, I am not politician tier self-confident, but I am far from shy and awkward when I act naturally.

To sum it up, I was primarily asking if it's true that women don't see men with a bit of femininity as partners, and what to do to control it or steer it in the right direction.
Cyril Brecklesane - Mon, 26 Oct 2020 18:29:32 EST TCgXz6aF No.102710 Reply

Friendly chihuahuas? Now that's strange, what's the guy's name, reverse google has failed me. And thanks for the kind words
Caroline Bunfuck - Sat, 31 Oct 2020 00:48:07 EST gzISc1N1 No.102725 Reply
>I am asking whether women see men who are slightly effeminate as less of a partner in today's society

I feel the exact opposite and I think that's not really rare at all, I feel like I can make a much stronger connection with a guy who has a healthy blend of masculine and feminine traits, even going towards feminine, because a lot of shit you guys think is girly is only really girly in comparison with the ridiculous hypermasculine standards you hold yourselves to, mostly among yourselves too, there are probably a thousand times more men who think a man having a feminine side is a bad thing than there are women, there are some obviously but i think most of us would prefer men stop acting like these machismo caricatures because they don't feel comfortable expressing any emotion whatsoever, and by and large that's what's been happening over the last few decades and it is awesome and I am here for it
Jack Blunnerlock - Sat, 31 Oct 2020 01:17:28 EST pRIA9Dk3 No.102726 Reply
As a straight guy i consider myself pretty "non toxic" masculine. Like i'm a traditionally masculine dude in the sense that i'm "manly" presenting (tall, hairy chest, deep voice, broad shoulders, muscular etc.); But when it comes to the misogynist/incel/MGTOW trend nowadays of just being like "DAE THINK WOMEN BAD?!" every five minutes and constantly hating women to prove how much of a "man" you are i never got into that. I appreciate a ton of "feminine" art, music, activities etc. and i really could not give less of a fuck what any dude thinks of that. For the most part of done fine with women, however i have had women reject me/tell me that i was not "masculine enough" before, which surprised me considering for most women i never get that feedback, but i chalked it up to some women having really strict standards when it came to how men should "act". And i would never want to be with a woman who thought like that anyways so it just saves me time.
Caroline Bunfuck - Sat, 31 Oct 2020 03:49:01 EST gzISc1N1 No.102727 Reply
I think the problem is while masculinity (in my mind) seems more clear cut and seems to consist of a much narrower range of things that are quintessentially masculine, what one person considers masculine could be miles away from what another person considers masculine. Some people could mean more in terms of physique and others could mean in terms of personality, affect, and that sort of thing.

It's an interesting thought experiment though for me to try and work out what the fuck "feminine" art, music, and activities are and if I would ever have the opposite problem of liking something too masculine for a partner. All the stereotypically masculine things I'm thinking of like cars, football, fishing, whatever all seem boring as shit and that's why I'm not into them, I don't avoid them to preserve some kind of ego I've built up around femininity, because I don't see anything that I like or really anything about myself that's inherently feminine, it's more a collection of traits that when taken altogether give one that impression and I'm comfortable with it. I think it's less the things I do and more the way that I do them that make me who I am.

The only hobby I have that even approaches boys only territory is programming, and most of the time when I talk about it with guys I get a positive response, at least from the ones that don't immediately get defensive and start testing me on it, people tend to think it's cool or an interesting hobby to have and a lot of times there's a whole lot more to talk about if he's tech savvy as well, i think any well-adjusted girl should feel exactly the same way towards a guy being into knitting or whatever, that might not be where we are as a society but that's not on you or me, and i think a lot of that is guys shaming other guys about it and women just picking up on that already established societal norm if they're particularly shallow.
Nicholas Duckgold - Sat, 31 Oct 2020 20:20:33 EST /n9cQc9T No.102730 Reply
>do you mean having female friends that aren't your girlfriend's friends is a bad thing? I just met them through uni and we stayed a funky trio, is there anything wrong with that?
No, not in any way, not at all. It is a good thing particularly if you want to have healthy relationships. It is, however, not common. I don't have much to go on, so determining whether you actually have feminine qualities doesn't mean I just look for feminine qualities that might be a problem, but also I look for the ones that might be neutral or, as in this case, good.

>From my experience, however, I feel like people think of me as a man less.
Ok, well, then you don't have to ask the question of whether people will take you less seriously. You seem convinced they already do take you less seriously, and you'd like to understand that -- is that a fair inference?

>I've tried reading up and researching the good ole how to be more masculine topics, and frankly all they did was make me uncomfortable and look super unnatural when i try and apply the techniques.
One thing I would strongly recommend not doing is thinking about anything you are doing to improve yourself as being "masculinizing" or concerned primarily with masculinity.

Masculinity can be briefly and badly described by a core-shell model. Here the core masculine characteristics are the ones that actually serve a purpose for you and the people around you, like physical strength, and the shell are the ones that tend to accompany that and become associated with maleness by proximity, like aggression. In general lacking any of the "shell" characteristics might make some people suspect you are less masculine, but there's also a lot of it, and none of it is important, and changing yourself that much isn't fair to you, or really practical. Lacking the "core" characteristics is actually bad, but they also tend to be more generally virtues, and so the better way to think about this form of self-improvement is to make yourself more virtuous.

There's also the fact that because masculinity is generally constructed (accurately or not) as something that just comes out of men, it is implied that it isn't something you should have to work to achieve, and because you're not going to and shouldn't try to acquire all of the major features of masculinity, you're setting yourself up for failure. All of this means that chasing masculinity is a depressing task that will inevitably make you feel insecure for no good reason. By contrast everyone knows that virtue is a struggle and you're prepared to work for it already.

So with that, here's the best advice I know:
Shit Geddleson - Sat, 31 Oct 2020 23:25:55 EST gzISc1N1 No.102731 Reply
I really do think that what you're saying is all great advice and kind of in the category of "if it works for you, it works" in terms of self-help, but I just have to say that article is a little bit, uh, bad. In my opinion.

>If this study is at all representative of the truth, it means that eventually you will physically change into the person your body is pretending to be.

Incredible. The entire field of evolutionary psychology needs to sort itself out ASAP or just be dissolved. It is the "wouldn't it be cool if..." of the sciences. It is the Joe Rogan of disciplines. I'm not saying that there aren't valuable findings with-in the field, but the absolutely insane leaps a lot of evolutionary psychologists make are fucking hilarious and this is just a perfect example.

There is absolutely no evidence that power posing has anything but a placebo effect.


The supposed hormonal effect just doesn't happen, the sole author of this power posing phenomenon Amy Cuddy intentionally skewed the data and then when confronted on that, sort of hemmed and hawed and eventually came up with the idea that the hormonal change was only secondary to the psychological effect, which, duh, that's what the placebo effect is and no one's doubting that testosterone has a very poorly understood and nebulous association with aggression that might lead to slightly higher levels in people who are power posing (if and only if they think power posing works). If you present yourself as very smart and get paid millions for speaking gigs (like Amy Cuddy does, again the only single human being behind any research that supports her theory) people trust you and if you tell them "do this one weird trick to make yourself look strongg!1!!" that can have a powerful effect on their confidence.

Even if it did though, even if it could be reliably demonstrated that it had a discernible impact on testosterone in most people, the leap from hormones to behavior is massive and I've yet to see any good research showing a strong correlation between anything this specific and levels of sex hormones. Let alone the leap from hormones, to behavior, to physical growth (???)

The basic premise that you can reduce something so complicated as human psychology into what is and isn't evolutionarily advantageous is deeply flawed to begin with, and not only that but the emphasis strictly on these sort of bleeding-edge biological models for human behavior instead of more holistic models that incorporate the myriad of things for which we have no clear biological explanation, but can be empirically demonstrated.

The really insidious side to evopsych is that for the most part it starts with the assumption that the conditions we're living under now are more or less natural and have been selected for by evolution and therefor are immutable and that it's our job to conform to the system and not the other way around It's used to justify the same exact unjust hierarchies the irrational belief systems of the past did, but instead of "God wills it" the explanation is "it's evolutionary".

This is particularly true when it comes to sex and gender relations. The reason power posing took off in the corporate world (and among cishet men) is because it's an easy, mystical fix to the problem of discrimination against women in the workplace. It places the burden on women to just "act more manly" (i.e. power pose) instead of recognizing the differences between men, women, and non-binary people and working to change the corporate structure to be fairer to everyone and allows everyone to use the strengths they actually have and actually want to use. That requires money, and it's much cheaper and easier to blame people for their own hardships. Ultimately resolving this and having anything approaching equality ofn opportunity requires the abolition of the economic system that allows these firms to exist in the first place, but we don't even have to talk about that yet.

Why not recognize that those four people are posing the way that they want to, in a sort of affective external representation of inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions? So much of human communication is non-verbal, and privileging one sort of affect over all others greatly diminishes the communicative power of body language and forces people to behave in a certain way.

The whole "fake it till you make it" shit only works if you're striving towards something you actually want to be. If you're striving towards something someone else wants you to be, you're not going to make yourself anything but miserable. You'll never "make it" as something you don't genuinely want to be. I don't want to present myself as assertive and strong, I have other traits that it's important for me to communicate and I shouldn't have to fit a specific utilitarian mold in order to live a good life because we're human beings not just any other animal including lobsters.

tl;dr advice good, article bad

I'm not really coming at you or anyone specifically here (except Amy Cuddy), I'm just bored and manic and this happens to be in my domain.
Edwin Sishhat - Tue, 03 Nov 2020 03:20:48 EST aLwc0TyU No.102752 Reply
I think all of this is stupid, because generally people just go by a hip/shoulder/waist ratio anyway, so if you just have a thin midsection they see you as more feminine when this is actually often just because you are in better shape.

Lots of this is just stocky people with "bronzed tall master race" envy
Graham Greenforth - Sun, 08 Nov 2020 06:38:52 EST 1YHgGHoV No.102768 Reply
Maybe as a Kinsey 5 woman I'm biased, since I move mostly in queer circles, but in my experience women can be really attracted to men who own their feminine side. It's a confidence thing - being confident enough in their masculinity that they don't feel their feminine parts are a detractor - as well as a contrast thing. Like gap moe, or whatever the inverse would be, depending.

If you really feel it's causing people not to take you seriously, you might want to look into things like training yourself out of uptalk, placing your voice, and mannerisms. If it's just a dating thing, though, I'd say you might want to think about growing comfortable with it rather than suppressing it, because I guarantee that while some women only want the alphaest alpha ever to alpha, others are attracted to the opposite, and most to something in the middle.
Walter Blatherhall - Sun, 08 Nov 2020 14:22:45 EST gzISc1N1 No.102769 Reply
i think the uptalking/vocal fry thing works for us but i wonder if it might not for straight men since both are a stereotypically female thing to do at this point, and also a part of homosexual affect in a lot of places

but i mean i really like it don't get me wrong, i hear it and i instantly feel a little bit more at ease around a guy even if he's not doing it on purpose and it's just how he talks naturally, in a relationship i would feel like a guy who talks like this actually feels comfortable enough with himself to be able to deal with emotions and actually give a shit about me and not just pretend to care for sex in a quid pro quo kind of way, because i mean it's not like i don't like both, i should hope it's not a chore for either of us to do either

but if OP is looking to move away from that, iunno
Eliza Fanville - Wed, 18 Nov 2020 19:42:49 EST /n9cQc9T No.102800 Reply
I'll concede that you're right about the study. The author of the blog post is a psychiatrist -- he wrote the post before we all found out the data was faked, so he got fooled -- but I think he was using it as a jumping-off point for the more general idea:
> you can't just be something while people are watching, you have to be that all the time
And that plays into what you're saying about whether it's really what you want to be, because otherwise, you won't do it all the time.

But I mostly want to respond to something else:
>The really insidious side to evopsych is that for the most part it starts with the assumption that the conditions we're living under now are more or less natural and have been selected for by evolution and therefor are immutable and that it's our job to conform to the system and not the other way around It's used to justify the same exact unjust hierarchies the irrational belief systems of the past did, but instead of "God wills it" the explanation is "it's evolutionary".

This is a fair criticism if the evopsych you refer to is the evopsych that gets famous. However, evopsych also includes plenty of other ideas. One of the most well-founded is the "evolved developmental niche" based on observations of child raising in primitive cultures all around the world. This theory is difficult to implement in practice and therefore difficult to test, but it's the furthest thing from justifying the status quo in childrearing:

More generally evopsych differs from e.g. Thomism in that rather than saying we should learn from this culture we instead try to learn from a comparative analysis of many different cultures. The problem is that you can get conclusions much faster if you only study the most well-known cultures and there is a strong publish or perish bias, and worse, those easy conclusions tend to be clickbaity.
Hannah Porringfield - Thu, 19 Nov 2020 21:33:35 EST gzISc1N1 No.102806 Reply
This is all fair, I'll admit that I was too incensed to throw in the disclaimer that I'm sure there are plenty of individual evolutionary psychologists doing sound research, it's the tendency for some of them to vastly overestimate the degree to which they can explain human behavior/psychology in strictly evolutionary terms that I object to, and honestly I think that extrapolation is mostly done by the STEMlord dudes who eat it up because they see themselves at the top of the food chain

If you look at evolutionary psychology as simply one of many lenses through which to view certain specific aspects of human behavior then that's perfectly reasonable and what I suspect the majority of honest evolutionary psychologists believe
Hannah Porringfield - Thu, 19 Nov 2020 21:37:51 EST gzISc1N1 No.102807 Reply
lol rereading my post now, i forgot how scathing it was, i definitely could have been a bit fairer
Jack Ficklechurk - Thu, 03 Dec 2020 18:10:07 EST 6kBGZuCa No.102872 Reply
don't worry abt it, most girls love men in touch w their feminine side. it doesnt make you any less straight.
Cedric Sirringpedging - Thu, 03 Dec 2020 18:19:20 EST con9tyNE No.102873 Reply
1607037560237.jpg -(525765B / 513.44KB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
"You were facetiously saying?"
User is currently banned from all boards
Shitting Buzzwater - Fri, 04 Dec 2020 12:44:01 EST sfH8GICR No.102874 Reply
What's facetious?
User is currently banned from all boards
Rebecca Greenford - Wed, 23 Dec 2020 18:33:22 EST eP40beP5 No.102909 Reply
LOL. Dude, I'm foppish and effeminate. I talk with my hands and drink expensive herbal liquor and I love cats and sad string quartets (Schubert's 14th ftw). I'm a total literary faggot. I also have a gf whom I will probably marry this summer.

Don't sweat it, dude. You don't need to become "manlier." Just be comfortable with yourself.
Augustus Dittinglare - Sun, 07 Feb 2021 17:11:31 EST Al3eW4H4 No.103126 Reply
1612735891380.jpg -(5541B / 5.41KB, 240x178) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>tfw no beautiful gelded youth for paratif
User is currently banned from all boards
Augustus Dittinglare - Sun, 07 Feb 2021 17:45:51 EST Al3eW4H4 No.103127 Reply
1612737951380.gif -(997936B / 974.55KB, 500x259) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>102705 I'm calling pink pill child grooming op these thread themes where it's like "hey im an average joe im column a and column b, how bout I softball a question with a plausible premise to you As and Bs and you can type my talking point backut to me and we let it sit on the internet for a while while?
Every sentance is leading directly at the answers he's seeking.

anyway idk but YWNBAW , don't be a bugman dude, society is sick and codependent and its dragging everythign to shit with it. These dorks think people are misogynist when grown men sit around ppolitely with napkins on their face and implore insight on ruffled petticoats.
I have no advice for you, just in general, The lack of dudes that signal on a visceral animal level that they are a strong mate is so abysmally low that oversexed femcels have blown out their pair bonding on internet forums and eventually get to the point where they have to settle for some garbage tier human refuse from afrika cause despite the comically low iq, high aggression, low impulse control personality that they have coming together to form the illusion of strength (meaning you only excell in a conflict scenario being dumb and impulsive so long as no one no one is fighting and cops back off) that actually is happening.

Idk what';s up with this guy there def seems to be some ball fanning going on and resistance to personality change idea but like.. idk stop worrying what chicks think of you, cause a who fuckin really cares honestly, and girls, like your potential husband doesnt need to enjoy or even respect 100% of your free time behaviors in fact why would he even? That's liek what gay couples do then they break up immediately.
Just dont be a pussy dont be mean but like, idk youre bigger than them and your voice is scarier, everythign you do will be hotter if it reenforces that complimentary sex energy jsut by default thats a dude you wanna grab on to spontaneously and before you know it no one remembers crying about misogyny while a dude was posting poodle pics on the internet trynig to figure out whatever t f this is lol
damn dude
Nathaniel Pittford - Mon, 08 Feb 2021 11:48:30 EST Q0/Bzi5S No.103131 Reply
Good friend, this is your mannerism, if you feel bad or uncomfortable with this, you can try to change, but on the other hand, I don't see the problem. So, what's the problem with being a little feminine, who isn't? Or what woman is not a little masculine? It sucks, brother.
Ebenezer Sucklebury - Tue, 09 Feb 2021 19:24:14 EST gzISc1N1 No.103139 Reply

i love that shit you guys have started to do, no one has any idea what the fuck that even means lol, i've only ever seen it from lost 4channers here and i had to guess what it meant from the context, you gotta know an insult doesn't sting quite as much if you have to go google what it is, to normal well-adjusted people saying "40%" and "YWNBAW" just makes it look like you've had a stroke, and it makes you immediately identifiable when you're posting anywhere else
DrWorm !Jq.HCcHctg - Tue, 09 Feb 2021 21:32:25 EST r1Zt1Zk3 No.103140 Reply
>it makes you immediately identifiable when you're posting anywhere else
that's the thing with 4chan; their culture is one where you basically learn a new language to communicate and if you're seen not using memes or talking like a chantard, you're the odd man out. Here, its the exact opposite but they still can't help it, they're literally the sweating white kid meme, they're on the verge of a brain hemorrhage trying not to use any of the filtered words
Ebenezer Sucklebury - Wed, 10 Feb 2021 00:03:58 EST gzISc1N1 No.103141 Reply
>they're on the verge of a brain hemorrhage trying not to use any of the filtered words

They really just can't not do it, and then bitch about it as if it's a new feature

>you cuties are disgusting
>lol I meant *cuties
>wtf you can't say cuties? this is like george gershwin's animal house
Alice Dunkinwell - Wed, 10 Feb 2021 00:27:25 EST TSbow6Y2 No.103145 Reply
Okay so now we know why you stick out like a sore thumb in this place.
Nathaniel Mazzlestatch - Fri, 12 Feb 2021 02:52:07 EST gzISc1N1 No.103150 Reply
i dunno from my vantage point as a woman things aren't THAT dire, i just think that people are more polarized now, but what cannot be hammered home enough i think is that the really rabid woman-hating incels are an extremely phenomena and they have almost no real presence or influence in the real world, of course mentally ill shut-ins with a bone to pick and nothing but time are going to have a huge presence on the internet, but in the real world they're universally a laughing stock, to the point that even just pointing it out seems mean, i don't give a fuck about them while they still hold the views they do, but i'm not the kind of person to make fun of someone just for being alone

also i think things aren't nearly as gradated as some people think they are where there's a bunch of people who somehow "lean" towards the incel side, i dunno how many people i think are on the fence about whether or not women are human beings, you can look at these people for what they are, an aberration, they don't represent a real current of thought that has the potential to break into the mainstream, people on the far-right are pretty much universally reviled by every single person who is not one of them and they aren't anywhere close to the majority, any gains they make are through lies and deception, it's not a popular movement it just has the appearance of one if you don't look to hard
Shit Pizzlechene - Fri, 12 Feb 2021 17:01:49 EST LPETrEen No.103151 Reply
both men and women have the opposite sides in them. I mean chicks even have dicks...

OP, dude, don't worry about it. Consider it simply an additional benefit that most males simply miss out on. Own it, enjoy it, embrace it. Masculinity is enough to attract women and you have that. Having enhanced femininity doesn't diminish that, it simply makes you more multidimensional and makes your life overall more interesting. If you cave in under peer pressure you will never be happy. The most awesome and charismatic people just express themselves and say "this is cool" rather than looking for what is cool and being that. The most charismatic people are unique and only by being themselves can they actually bless others with that charisma. I hope you catch my drift. Don't look for what girls like. Look to know yourself, who you really are. Offer that to the girls in an unapologetic take it or leave it manner and that's all you need, you don't need to fit into any standards. Your unique authentic gifts are your only selling point at the end of the day and the only way that you will be happy with what you choose.
Nathaniel Mazzlestatch - Fri, 12 Feb 2021 18:15:53 EST gzISc1N1 No.103152 Reply
1613171753388.jpg -(114182B / 111.51KB, 788x976) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>both men and women have the opposite sides in them. I mean chicks even have dicks...

yeah everyone should have both feminine and masculine traits because at the end of the day they're all human traits, it's just the proportion people have them in that makes them who they are, which is why i think you see this awesome mosaic of different sexualities and gender identities young people are coming up with, i can't imagine responding to any of them with incredulity, someone says they are something i say "sure i guess thanks for letting me know" simple as, why try and limit the complexity of the universe? We can never even begin to fit it into our tiny heads, so why not just experience and observe once in a while instead of always trying to make "sense" of everything? an infinite universe sprung forth from nothing and you're going to tell me a man can't become a woman? i will never understand why some people get so bent about this sort of thing
Jack Faddlewell - Sat, 22 May 2021 14:39:49 EST jkgeot30 No.103667 Reply
1621708789299.gif -(11322B / 11.06KB, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Speaking as a somewhat "feminine" man who's reasonable sexually successful, a few thoughts:

  • You sound like you're insecure about this, and that could be coming across in person. Confidence is really all that matters, and anything that decreases your confidence will slow you down.

  • When you say "feminine" do you mean you act submissive or overly polite/deferent around ppl? (men or women) Cause that definitely isn't attractive.

  • Having long hair or piercings or makeup or whatever is completely unrelated to the previous point. Maybe you should try it!

  • In my experience, if women aren't taking you seriously as a potential sex partner, it's because you don't act like a person who is interested in sex. You maybe act awkward around sexual topics or jokes or never mention it in conversation? People who have sex generally talk about it openly and casually with friends.

- Related to the previous point: I broke out of the virgin zone by literally just bluntly (but nicely/politely) asking women i was attracted to if they wanted to hook up. They all were embarrassed and turned me down at first, but ALL changed their perception of me and actively tried to/did fuck me later.

  • Living in an eastern euro hyper-macho shithole isn't helping
Jack Faddlewell - Sat, 22 May 2021 15:27:58 EST jkgeot30 No.103671 Reply
sorry, i should specify for the 2nd-to-last point, I mean I asked women friends who previously treated me non-sexually. It changed their perception of the relationship and me. This isn't an ideal situation for finding a partner, but it illustrates the point that you need to just be clear to women whether you are interested in having sex with them or just want to be friends.

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