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A good Haunting?

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- Wed, 30 Sep 2020 07:11:53 EST HqDlaYJN No.76945
File: 1601464313363.png -(116911B / 114.17KB, 701x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. A good Haunting?

so I posted a threat about writing a horror comedy about paranormal & conspiracy theories on 4chan about a week ago. (I'm almost done, just one Scene missing for my 1st Draft).

I'm not a conspiracy or paranormal guy though. I mean I had my phases when I was 15/16 just like every other kid but that was about it. Since then I usualy make jokes about it, which is why I'm writing a comedy about this.

Anyways, I recently moved back to my grandparents so I could focus on writing articles, study for my correspondence course and have time for my script. However, for weeks now, everything I cook turns bad over night. Everything. Noodles, Rice, Potatoes etc. I mean it's not green or uneatable but you know youre going to have a tummy ache afterwards and it tastes like garbage.

So I usually get food from my grandparents since I spent most of my time on my laptop but if its anything except Candy or Chips it goes bad too and it's always over night. However this isn't the weird part.

Ever since I moved in here there is this fly. Cute little fucker to be honest. I'm a pacifist so unless it harms me, I'm cool with it. This fly has been chilling an buzzing around here ever since I moved in and after about a week or two (I don't go out often because of too much work) I named the little guy Marcus Aurelius. Yea maybe a bit cringy but I really don't have many people I can talk to face to face, since most people around me are racist alcoholics (I live in northern Germany).

So Marcus has been buzzing around here and there and I've been talking to him, looking out that nobody accidentally kills him and even checking sometimes if the kitchen is open so he got stuff to eat.

I've been recently reading up on some demons, since the last scene in my script is two of them torturing two of the protagonists while having mid-day coffee small talk, and maybe little Marcus Aurelius is just that. A small demon.
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Edwin Gabbleshaw - Wed, 30 Sep 2020 07:13:09 EST k24Qu1WT No.76947 Reply
I bet he's a velcro fly
Cyril Gannerhall - Wed, 30 Sep 2020 07:16:12 EST BT94zzJJ No.76948 Reply
I've heard that flies often haunt people's soup

gpt-3 grimoire

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- Fri, 04 Sep 2020 18:28:07 EST qwG3C3QJ No.76920
File: 1599258487977.png -(11646B / 11.37KB, 2826x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. gpt-3 grimoire
I used ai dungeon to generate a butoh grimoire. It is about 60 pages of rituals and musings, including a repeated working with GPT-3 treated as an evoked entity

Wesley Crankinhood - Wed, 30 Sep 2020 01:11:40 EST p1PDJj7A No.76944 Reply
>any spooky methods work on anything except self placebo


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- Tue, 29 Sep 2020 01:00:43 EST Ez5GiLlD No.76942
File: 1601355643599.png -(678651B / 662.75KB, 943x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Storytime
>The tailings piles as well as the mine shafts are causing acidic metal-laden runoff to contaminate surface and groundwater on the site which then flows into Little Peak Creek, Ore Knob Branch and Peak Creek [AU#: 10-1-35-(2)b]. Multiple studies have been conducted since the early 1990’s to measure the impact on water quality and the environment. These studies have detailed results within their respective study reports which
are discussed below.

>On 25 January 1982, the bodies of Thomas Forrester and Lonnie Marshall Gamboa were found at the bottom of the Ore Knob Mine. The autopsies revealed that both men died of massive blunt trauma but were alive at the time of impact on the floor of the shaft and had lived long enough to take one and a half or two breaths.

Torture. Random.

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- Sat, 26 Sep 2020 04:43:24 EST Mw0SESUH No.76938
File: 1601109804694.gif -(99081B / 96.76KB, 235x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Torture. Random.

Abc. I need help to get to the goblins? random things
John Wallersuck - Sun, 27 Sep 2020 21:59:47 EST yUGUg0yq No.76941 Reply
1601258387771.jpg -(110951B / 108.35KB, 1100x825) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thank you, friend. Your song is very kind and I have considered it. Sorry about the school vegetables.

Spooky Weird pics/gifs/webms

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- Thu, 23 Jan 2020 23:32:55 EST TQM/cZZ/ No.76395
File: 1579840375089.webm [mp4] -(2932583B / 2.80MB, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Spooky Weird pics/gifs/webms
Spooky Weird pics/gifs/webms
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Cyril Huddleson - Mon, 18 May 2020 20:13:06 EST TLX1zc4A No.76757 Reply
1589847186381.jpg -(20052B / 19.58KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
download the picirture
Thomas Fugglewack - Sat, 26 Sep 2020 14:27:43 EST cJE1M7Kv No.76940 Reply
cute as fuck when you got your screen greyscaled


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- Wed, 27 May 2020 17:21:01 EST JsSeCd+Z No.76765
File: 1590614461472.gif -(319125B / 311.65KB, 343x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. ^_^
This is the thread for all your super elite knowledge.

You must post at least one cool fact with each post.

Communication is encouraged.

I'll start by telling you that tornados are caused by demons.
Demons are not spirits.
They are pretty much like animals.
There are only 6,000 or so demons on Earth.
Earth is the oldest planet in the universe.
Earth is about ten million years old.
There are human-like aliens where the females have light green pussies.
Pierce The Veil the band is full of great knowledge.
Humans used to have magic but it was taken away six million years for some reason.
Some say God took away the magic. Nobody know for sure.
Speaking of God there is a plaque on every planet in the universe
that says "This planet was created by God".
The one on Earth is in Utah in that Salt Lake City Mormon temple thing.
Trees call themselves "Shadows".
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Shitting Summerstock - Fri, 25 Sep 2020 08:39:06 EST Ez5GiLlD No.76937 Reply
1601037546708.jpg -(264828B / 258.62KB, 1024x1018) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Deh have some Aristos in Port Of Spain
I know alot but ah won't call names,
And in the day wouldn't gih you a right
But yuh go see dem with deh foreigners late at night.
Matilda Bummlelidge - Sat, 26 Sep 2020 04:53:33 EST Mw0SESUH No.76939 Reply
Penises are nonsense. I should be able to impregnate myself. What about Venus? ABC then Vomitie verr. Love you. I know you will get it eventually/

The real horror of the universe

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- Sun, 06 Sep 2020 21:29:41 EST 5dzzykBV No.76922
File: 1599442181770.png -(3679655B / 3.51MB, 2510x1124) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. The real horror of the universe
There is no such thing as magic or supernatural beings. We're all here by chance, nothing but a collection of atoms and photons in a universe of near nothingess and possibly the only intelligent life in the universe. This is all there is and all there ever will be. cosmic horror
2 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Caroline Shakefuck - Tue, 08 Sep 2020 16:46:08 EST yWeabvWg No.76925 Reply
Is OP saying that Cthulhu is real!?
Fuck, that IS some spooky shit
Eliza Sunningcocke - Fri, 11 Sep 2020 11:17:35 EST A1q0YjZ1 No.76926 Reply
Technically speaking, the "supernatural" is just unexplained natural phenomena. (Assuming the phenomena is real.) Kind of like how "magic is just unexplained science."

So one could argue...

Shadow People

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- Tue, 07 Apr 2020 07:46:21 EST 84gBkC6p No.76663
File: 1586259981465.jpg -(2956B / 2.89KB, 236x177) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Shadow People
I've been seeing shadow people ever since COVID-19 has started. They even been listening to me and doing what I tell them. Do I have some kind of shadow people leadership skill or am I fucking losing it?
12 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Lydia Bloffingfuck - Mon, 21 Sep 2020 21:15:34 EST 3gqsTGea No.76932 Reply
1600737334045.png -(311816B / 304.51KB, 1048x1584) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Shadow jolly african-americans at quarantine
Charlotte Pashmug - Wed, 23 Sep 2020 19:47:09 EST zAzS4qww No.76933 Reply
1600904829894.jpg -(51681B / 50.47KB, 480x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>76663 I think shits been weird for every the last couple years. Things have just been accelerating in the past 9 months.

Sound before an earthquake

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- Mon, 21 Sep 2020 07:12:13 EST aQND2v5u No.76931
File: 1600686733890.jpg -(34478B / 33.67KB, 512x288) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Sound before an earthquake
Found a video on YouTube Strange sounds coming from the Sky in Athens Greece https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_qg161jQP0 a day later, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Ionian_Sea_earthquake occurred there , were they tectonic plates ? Or something that our minds can't understand ?

I think I might be abusing my sleep demons

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- Sun, 30 Aug 2020 09:25:16 EST PFUmLnLM No.76890
File: 1598793916467.jpg -(16379B / 16.00KB, 325x170) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I think I might be abusing my sleep demons
Hey /spook/, I usually just lurk, but I've had an experience I wanted to share with you and get some feedback on what might be going on. It involves lucid dreaming, and possibly, maybe, a demon if that sort of thing isn't bullshit.

First, some background info I think is relevant. I've only ever had a few lucid dream experiences I can remember. The running constant in them is that they've always started as a nightmare where I am stalked or confronted by a shadow person, who I then attack, punching kicking or shoving until they disappear. Then I'm free to roam about the dream for a while before waking up. But I always have to see this apparition, and then strike it and chase it away, or otherwise force it out of the dream. The earliest of these I remember, I was hiding under a desk in my office while the figure's feet marched around in search of something (probably me). I kicked the legs out, and leapt out to attack the falling thing, only to find it was gone. Then I realized I was lucid (first time ever, although I've tried and failed to make it happen before). Cue up chorus lines of dancing lingerie models. I was horny, and it's a dream, I'll enjoy it how I want.
16 posts and 7 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Archie Gugglehick - Wed, 16 Sep 2020 19:06:59 EST z6bXvCxu No.76928 Reply
1600297619175.png -(47778B / 46.66KB, 347x351) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
All glories to Lord Bune, the Duke! I praise his name, Bune!

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
Phyllis Dunnerforth - Sat, 19 Sep 2020 00:36:02 EST k2gvbjlt No.76929 Reply
>Hiding under a desk in my office

The demons are fine but you have to stop dreaming about being at work. That's fucking depressing dude.
My Mom - Mon, 21 Sep 2020 01:15:37 EST U2W86Ldx No.76930 Reply
I had a dream about a leather face demon and a propane truck crash three nights ago
10/10 cool


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- Wed, 06 May 2020 19:23:23 EST UtGvo/o/ No.76730
File: 1588807403081.png -(109700B / 107.13KB, 666x666) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Demons
How can I pact with a demon?
24 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Skizzlepuss !dO744cvTW. - Sun, 23 Aug 2020 18:25:13 EST ft+6KZvn No.76889 Reply
Yea Imma need a follow up on this if you did it, op. How haunted is your house and/or are you possessed yet?

Mysterious disappearance of a youtuber

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- Mon, 01 Jun 2020 20:24:16 EST +8QCsdJw No.76783
File: 1591057456471.jpg -(69562B / 67.93KB, 1000x625) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Mysterious disappearance of a youtuber
In this video the dude said about a certain youtuber who disappeared


This is a tribute to a creepier binaural beat made by a Youtuber known as Airwave Achievers who mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. Airwave Achievers was who inspired me (Figgy Ghosty) to create binaural beats and try my best to open up the scarier side of one's mind. Please listen with caution. Enjoy

Which youtuber is he talking about ?
1 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Bob Maverick - Tue, 28 Jul 2020 05:11:24 EST E+7Elfow No.76865 Reply
Robert Monroe (Journeys Out of the Body) used them early on in his "Hemi-Sync," a recording of two very close frequencies that went in and out of phase and created a soundspace in your head. The tech is real - it's not an E-Meter or an Orgone Box, but he suckered people into making him rich from the damn thing.

Phones obfuscate searches sometimes, but search for Hazards from Binaural Beats. You could go deaf listening to them at stadium concert levels.
Barnaby Sankinbury - Wed, 02 Sep 2020 11:58:07 EST zpzOsir5 No.76911 Reply
What >>76865 said, mostly. They're quite useful for finding certain headspaces, in my experience, but very possible that that's just autosuggestion.

anyone know?

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- Sun, 22 Jul 2018 15:30:24 EST OrwPXw4+ No.74706
File: 1532287824321.jpg -(14961B / 14.61KB, 255x197) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. anyone know?
what these say?
36 posts and 10 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
A_Wizard !cMZsY.BCnU!!vVWR8L52 - Fri, 14 Jun 2019 13:19:03 EST E+xhxU97 No.75538 Reply
Wow, if that isn't a racialist propaganda piece... wel it is, clearly, without any doubt and in complete disregard for all logic and reason.
David Bardville - Sat, 15 Jun 2019 13:32:27 EST W2nKA3JI No.75542 Reply
1560619947560.jpg -(264849B / 258.64KB, 1061x643) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

That is the first and only place I have and can find this theory. What absolute idiocy. You would have to be quite illogical to agree with that.
Zygmunt Frajzyngier has an alterior motive
Edwin Faffingson - Wed, 02 Sep 2020 04:05:45 EST 8Yly8MZx No.76910 Reply
1599033945703.jpg -(740075B / 722.73KB, 1080x2220) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's so good lol. He spends so much time in Beyond The Wall of Sleep roasting hillbillies from the Catskills.

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