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Where to start

- Wed, 29 Aug 2018 17:19:51 EST 429Wm7kd No.74861
File: 1535577591791.png -(1106683B / 1.06MB, 640x1136) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Where to start
Long story short

After a lot of brief armchair reading on the occult I finaly thought it could be a good idea to have a little go.

So first I wanted to make a sigial because It seemed like the most believable type of magic l..create an intention and let your subconscious manifest it.

So I started reading
Philip coopers book on it

I've just briefly read it all and it talks about learning the lesser bandaging ritual.

Now I honestly think it sounds silly

But I get the idea that by doing this you are focusing your mind more on the intention.is this right or is it for other reasons ??

>im also reading libre null

The first few pages are about hardcore mediation which I'm trying to learn and what I've read it's going to take a few months before I can sit an mediate for a couple of hours at a time.

>what else should I look into learning ?
I do want try scrying soon

>what Actualy happens when you summon a demon...Do you just see visions like closed eye visuals what are from your subconscious?

Or do people think you are Actualy conjuring up a 5d entity ?

>I Actualy don't want anything like money,love or to hurt some one with it
I just like ye sound of the whole looking into your self part and controlling energy..

It also seems lucid dreams and remote viewing are to do with it what seem very Interesting

>also how do I keep my self from getting too deep without knowing the basics

Like I tried reading some alister Crowley and it just made my brain fart
Doris Chuzzlenot - Wed, 29 Aug 2018 19:07:51 EST hbGjJd0p No.74862 Reply
>> you are focusing your mind more on the intention.is this right or is it for other reasons ??
There are other reasons, but they all have to do with focusing the intention (and attention) ultimately. The reason you don't want to go picking it apart is because there is a lot of subtle symbolism invisible to non-adepts that help it function, and if you take these out, it won't work as well, but you won't know exactly why. So just trust the paths that have been laid out until you're more advanced.

Also I lol'ed at 'lesser bandaging ritual.'

>>>what else should I look into learning ?
Sigil magic is a good starting point. Dreamworking, banishing rituals, basic divination are the bread and butter of your occult starter pack. Really, the most important thing at this stage is to establish good journaling practices. Record everything in detail and with honesty.
>>I do want try scrying soon
What kind? Crystal scrying is pretty hard to get your foot in if you don't already have a lot of experience. Good entry level forms of divination are geomancy or the I-Ching, pendulum readings. Tarot is good for intermediate through advanced. However, you really need to have a strong theoretical understanding of why and how divination works or it will lead you crazy off-track.

>>Do you just see visions like closed eye visuals what are from your subconscious?
>>Or do people think you are Actualy conjuring up a 5d entity ?
The apparent distinction between these two possibilities exists only for the uninitiated. The adepts know that the higher imagination and the 5th dimension are one in the same. Now, for how that's experienced in ritual -- it can range between CEV and OEV type visuals, to deliriant or dissociative (I can hardly make anything out but sincerely *believe* its there / I can see it clearly, but no longer believe anything is *anywhere*) type of visuals/hallucinations. However, you're only going to get things like that if you're very advanced or very crazy. Mostly, you will learn that the voice that speaks loudest is the silence.

>>I just like ye sound of the whole looking into your self part and controlling energy..
That's good. The only 'safe' kind of magic is the kind focused on transforming the individual and raising their consciousness. It will elevate you out of the material world. Using magic to get money and shit is not only like building a nuclear reactor to light a match, but it will poison your soul and drag you even further down into this material illusion.
Caroline Findlelock - Sat, 01 Sep 2018 06:51:52 EST 429Wm7kd No.74870 Reply
1535799112172.jpg -(72285B / 70.59KB, 638x479) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ok so for now I've told my self I. September I'm going to do this

>twice a day meditation-morning 15mins night build up to two 20/30 mins with a few mins rest in between.
>journal things-But how ? Seriously I've never wrote like this before
>maybe buy scrying mirror
>should I practice the lesser banishing ritual or not ? What is the true purpose and what I'm igoing to get out of shouting out around my room like this ?
>create and charge a sigil in the next two weeks .

The other week after watching "the secret" and seeing the use of the gratitude stone I dug out a bag of stones I got given a few years ago(malachite one) and out the intention on it that it will give me more opertunites to meet women and for work.

Nothing's come about for work but it has for meeting girls and got a few numbers after like 8 days of using it..
Emma Drerrytane - Sat, 01 Sep 2018 16:36:55 EST hbGjJd0p No.74875 Reply
1535834215913.jpg -(78801B / 76.95KB, 960x628) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>>journal things-But how ? Seriously I've never wrote like this before
Well since you're using Liber O for your LBRP you can't be too scared off by Crowley so I'll say his official instruction on journaling (and of course he was the founder of the idea of a scientific, records based approach to occultism) is good for giving you an idea, if not entirely helpful since it doesn't actually give you an example; Liber E: http://www.sacred-texts.com/oto/lib9.htm (It's just subtitle 1)

Thanks to the existence of modern weather and other official records, I've observed that you can fulfill all the suggestions for recording the astrological conditions, weather and local social conditions, simply by recording the exact time and place, which you will be able to reference to get that other information later if you determine a particular point in your record is significant and want to research those correspondences.

In general, you should put everything, but not in a crazy Buckminster Fuller way where you record how many chips you eat and how many sheets of toilet paper you use. Record everything that seems significant and anything that seems insignificant but still is apparent to you. The purpose of the record, apart from making it easier to do statistical analyses of the success of your work, is mainly to keep you from deluding yourself about what happened in the past, as well as to encode those elements of ritual events that are extremely blindingly significant at the time, but quickly fade from awareness simply because of how bizarre and unconnected with ordinary life they are. The record is your ultimate weapon against the thief of your own memory.

But almost no one does recording practice perfectly, so if you mess up, you should remember the most important thing is sticking with it, not being perfect. If you record the methods, intentions, and after effects of your rituals and spiritual studies reasonably accurately, that will be enough.

>>scrying mirror
I recommend black concave mirrors for scrying. There's a reason people use quartz crystals rather than glass ones -- murkiness makes scrying easier, clarity makes it harder.

>>What is the true purpose [of LBRP]
All banishing rituals are about cleansing your spiritual body and immediate space of negative energies and spirits, centering your self in the spiritual world and sanctifying your circle for the purposes of your Working. Basically you're learning to wash your hands, just like the very first thing surgeons have drilled into their head is 'motherfucker, you wash your hands before you even go in that O.R.' Yes, it's kinda simple, but that's on purpose -- it's as bog basic as possible to introduce these ideas to you in the most accessible possible. Trust me, it gets a lot, lot, LOT weirder than the LBRP.

>>Nothing's come about for work
Remember, you can't catch a fish if you don't cast a line. Once you have made your intention clear through ritual, you need to make sure practical circumstances are open to allowing the change you want to take place. And remember, just as no amount of magic can turn the moon to cheese, because it is logically impossible, so can no amount of magic give you a job in a place or situation where no job could possibly be given. Doing the ritual is the first step in opening the door to the manifestation you want in the world, not the last.

Seems like you're pretty well on track bud, just keep your nose to the grindstone and keep studying and you should shape up nicely.

Pic related to how things can get funky in ritual...in the real version of that ritual those tits would be out, as I have seen and done in person
Albert Drommershit - Mon, 10 Sep 2018 19:15:02 EST 429Wm7kd No.74929 Reply
1536621302018.png -(746898B / 729.39KB, 640x1136) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Long post got deleted

It's boring me now.I can get to 15 mins without opening my eyes but my thoughts are very dull.I just hear my self repeating shitty conversations I've had thst week or imaging boring situations.

I know the purpose of it for magic is it quiets the mind but it just feels boring.

Going to start visualising images now.Still can't reach 20 breaths without thinking having a thought appear in my mind.

>does this look right for notes
Set timer for 20mins
Listened to pink noise
Sat crossed legged,knees felt stiff after 5mins,feet hurt after 10mins
Middle back stiff pain 10mins

Opened eyes 3-5x due to paranoia
General thoughts on things to do pop up in mind
Checked timer after 15mins
Started rocking my back on floor because it was stiff last 2 mins
Checked timer again 20 seconds to go and I gave up

>summoning a demon.
After reading all of kaos and some article about Carl jungs archtypes it seems to me all summoning a demon is is that you research this fake entity,read up about its characteristics then enter a trance thinking of it and try to manifest its personality on to your self so you become this demon..Or you can do the same by reading about a spiritual leader/philosopher or even just role model and try to copy there form.

If that's what it is I want to do it as I do want to make big changes in my self.

Thoughts on this ?

>libre k k k
When should I go through this ?

>now I've read libre null,kaos and Philip coopers sigials what should my next read be ?
Suggest two more of you could.Doesnt have to be about chaos magic but should be a similar guide to what ever type it is.

>what should my action plan be
besides the whole mediation/gazing/visualising techniques when can I and what should I learn when it comes to the whole evocation/invocation/illumination

Should I just start with libre KKK
Somthing more simple ?

My main goal is to change my self for the better,become a new me and find my TRUE PATH
Reuben Blebberville - Wed, 12 Sep 2018 12:08:01 EST QC/rEJ1u No.74930 Reply
1536768481530.png -(2864B / 2.80KB, 293x303) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Crowley was an idiot.
Literally the only authentic occult/esoteric system is the Septenary System
Caroline Hemmlefield - Thu, 13 Sep 2018 19:06:31 EST hbGjJd0p No.74938 Reply
Sorry for the late reply,
>>my thoughts are very dull
Well the whole point is not to focus on less and less and duller and duller thoughts -- its to shut down the faculty that continually generates new thoughts. You shouldn't feel bored, and if you do, you're not doing it correctly. You should feel absolutely empty. When you say you can reach 20 breaths, is that pranayama cycles or normal breaths?
>does this look right for notes
Its pretty good, although I would include details on your state of mind and emotional condition, as well as relevant circumstances in your life. When you're in the thick of things you might not be able to see, but looking back over your data you might notice 'hey, this demon (or whatever) mostly only bothered me when xyz was going on. Maybe it was actually a manifestation of that' etc.

>>manifest its personality on to your self so you become this demon
No, see this is a subtle difference that Jung messes up because, while a student of occult philosophy, he was at best a dilettante occultist himself. If you (as in your egoic locus, your center of self) become the demon, then you will be chained to madness. Demons exist below us in the chain of being in magickal theory, so doing so essentially is de-evolving yourself. You are supposed to assume the identity of gods and higher beings only, because they will elevate your state of consciousness to a higher level.

(Now, some entities traditionally called 'Demons' like the Princes of Hell etcs might be more traditionally thought of as 'fallen angels' or gods in their own right, but this is technical. If by demons you mean things like the Goetic demons, the worst thing you can do is try to become them in your ego. Rather, demons in this sense are like root level command codes for your subconscious and id, the lower parts of your psyche. It's like deliberately telling a part of your brain to go on autopilot and act autonomously, rather than giving your entire identity over to a subconscious impulse.)

>>If that's what it is I want to do it as I do want to make big changes in my self.
This is the right idea and this is the main focus of magic. For this, a good practice is just assumption of god forms. Remember, demons stay in the triangle, magickian stays in the circle, then the god will enter the temple. Let the demon enter the circle (i.e. let yourself become the demon) and you are doomed.

>>When should I go through this ? [liber kkk]
Most people read it early, but I think of it as kind of advanced stuff that is easy to misunderstand. Use your own judgement on that one.

>>Suggest two more of you could
Well still mostly in the genre of chaos magick, you could go to the source in the form of A.O. Spare's work. It's very hard to understand, and doesn't really function as a guide book, but more as an example of the work of a very advanced adept. Also, idk if you're already been down the Prometheus Rising hole but if not, that's an obvious next step. What other branches of magick beyond chaos are you especially interested in?

>>action plan
The best thing to do is to not put too much weight on a young back. Don't bite off more than you can chew and get discouraged. Build habits, with the habitualness more important than the extent of the habit. Essentially treat the whole of your magickal career like one Great Working: you determine what goals you want as your end result, you consider the powers, elements, entities, and correspondence most appropriate for that path, and then implement it through research, design, and then action. Naturally as you progress your ideas will change; this is part of the system. A lot of people use systems called Pathworkings to kind of put a big-picture scale on their magickal work, and I think it's a great system for that.

As long as you remember the only arbiter of your true path is you, you should be in good shape. Keep it up!

Crowley was probably more intellectually gifted than any occultist that ever lived except perhaps Samael Aun Weor. He was also certainly insane, but it makes no sense to call him an idiot -- except perhaps in the sense of a 'cosmic fool' ala the Atu.

And if that shit you're bringing up in here is the O.N.A. bullshit I think it is, I'm pretty sure OP is not in magick to get literally murdered by a bunch of fucking psycho edgelords.
Fuck Sozzleforth - Fri, 14 Sep 2018 16:53:21 EST wdQoCk+Z No.74940 Reply
1536958401446.jpg -(64757B / 63.24KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Crowley was an idiot who didn't even have an understanding of the occult beyond an initiate. All his goals were based on mundane crap to gratified his ego. Just an new age cult leader and nothing else. The O.N.A is more than just some edge lords killing people. The Star Game is probably the most effective and practical esoteric tool in the last century.
Nigel Pizzlelet - Fri, 14 Sep 2018 17:25:36 EST hbGjJd0p No.74942 Reply
>>The O.N.A is more than just some edge lords killing people.
Observe how Fuck does not deny this but confirms it.

WARNING TO ALL WOULD BE OCCULTISTS: IF YOU JOIN the ORDER OF NINE ANGLES, YOU LIFE IS BY DEFINITION FORFEIT. All members of ONA to gain entry must acknowledge that their life might be taken for a 'sacrifice' if they draw the short straw at rituals. Nevermind that members have ADMITTED (in criminal proceedings) that they abducted complete random strangers to be sacrificed. To you want to become a serial killer and or serial killer victim? Join ONA today!

So sure, if you think this guys claim that 'Crowley didn't know anything beyond an initiate' is enough proof of his esoteric knowledge to join a group that literally on the tin say 'hey, we might just decide to kill you one day, and that's just how we roll on a daily basis' then go right ahead.

I will admit the star game is pretty interesting, but it is wasted on such a psychotic group, also, it's not like it's completely original, it draws on a number of existing sources and some think it wasn't even originally connected to the ONA.
Nigel Pizzlelet - Fri, 14 Sep 2018 17:44:34 EST hbGjJd0p No.74943 Reply
1536961474285.png -(39111B / 38.19KB, 200x267) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Myatt or Anton Long
You mean the one guys, David Myatt, whose pseudonym was Anton Long? The former neo-Nazi who then became a wahhabist jihadist, who then got bored of that and now preaching about peace love and compassion? THIS GUY? He re-translated books that had been translated for hundreds of years at that point, is that supposed to indicate something?

I'm sorry, are you seriously this far up ONA's ass or are you just trolling people to try to get them involved with a widely known and feared sect of terrorist neo-nazis? OP is playing with sigils and evocations, not looking to gut someone stem to stern and get high off the shock of just having committed murder with a bunch of other hooded edgelords. nb
Martin Fuddleson - Fri, 14 Sep 2018 22:37:40 EST 7fuYENKC No.74944 Reply
1536979060542.png -(66450B / 64.89KB, 500x666) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You obviously don't know anything about the ONA besides the sensationalistic crap on the internet. First of all it does not exist as an actual organization, is a system that you work with on your own or in a small circle.
Culling or sacrifice does not mean literally killing someone in some ritual, it can be by taking an insight role as a soldier or police and killing your enemy. Nothing wrong with following the warrior archetype. We as humans have evolved through might is right.

ONA is also not "neo nazi", politics move the masses and NS or Fascism possessed the Faustian/Pagan/Promethean spirit that the real Western civilization had with the Roman Empire. Not the Nazarene, Judeo-Christian,masonic/white lodge magick that poisons the current Aeon with their mundane modernist system.
Eliza Shittinghall - Fri, 14 Sep 2018 23:19:04 EST hbGjJd0p No.74945 Reply
>>Culling or sacrifice does not mean literally killing someone in some ritual,
I do not believe you have ever even talked to someone else who pretends to like ONA if you seriously believe that. I mean I guess when the whole principle of your 'organization' is that everything within it is lies and misdirection you can claim whatever you want, but when everyone who has ever had anything to do with it claims that's what it's about, you're pretty much just chasing your own individual windmill you've called 'ONA,' or deliberately doing that 'mythological labyrinth' bullshit (i.e. lying about more extreme practices in order to dupe new members.) Have you ever even been around a Drecc, have you ever even talked to someone who claimed to be a member? Have you ever been physically stalked by a member of a major ONA Drecc who was gunning for you because you were the visible contact person of a major local competing Satanic organization? I have

>>ONA is also not "neo nazi", politics move the masses and NS
In this sentence, 'NS' is an abbreviation for 'National Socialist.' I don't need to expand this anymore. If when you say nazi it doesn't mean nazi, then none of your words mean what they themselves mean.

This guy is either an internet edgelord who thinks claiming ONA association will make him look 3cool5school, or he actually is stupid enough to be caught up in this stuff.
EVERYONE ELSE; who may be interested in learning about real, legitimate forms of magick like OP was, please ignore and stay as far away as you can from anything to do with this group. They are beyond Scientologists in the level of crazy, dangerous, and brainwashed they are -- and they're worse, in a real way, because they have no authority to which they are beholden and the whole premise of their religion is about destroying the universe and everything in it.
Martin Fuddleson - Fri, 14 Sep 2018 23:53:23 EST 7fuYENKC No.74946 Reply

Hahaha please, tell me, which nexion "stalked" you?
You said it was "neo nazi" and no, NS is different than the uncultured neo nazi gangs. Fact is an "original" member was from Singapore. (and there's a nexion that works closely with he Hare Krishna)
Fact is, O.N.A mythos are UNIQUE and no other LHP system comes close to it. The fact that you are so afraid of it because it actually involves action, real discipline and real life dangerous situations necessary for an alchemical evolution and not just mystic bs like summoning pokemon in your basement proves it.
Scientology? There's no dogma and no structure, you are not force to paid them because as i said, the ONA is not an organization. Unlike the rest of new age "esoteric/occult" groups that involve memebership , grades, and revolving around stupid candles and altars.

just stick with your "circles of protection" , useless 2d sigils and other Judeo-Christian or Nazarene magick like a good bourgeoisie armchair occultist just roleplaying
Eliza Shittinghall - Sat, 15 Sep 2018 00:17:51 EST hbGjJd0p No.74947 Reply
1536985071514.jpg -(75899B / 74.12KB, 1000x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>Hahaha please, tell me, which nexion "stalked" you?
I didn't say a nexion, I said a drecc. Do you know the difference? If I told you that it would be easy to figure out who I am since you already know I like Crowley. But why deny something your group openly admits it does? Do you deny that ONA consider members of other Satanic groups to be valid 'opfers'? (for the kids following along at home, that means potential human sacrifice victims.)

>>NS is different than the uncultured neo nazi gangs
Ah, see, you're splitting hairs about how some kinds of nazi groups are bad while other ones are good. Not to me pal. You may hide behind some veil of intellectuality, but the 'National Socialist' movement was never much more than a bunch of uncultured street gangs hiding behind paper-thin justifications to steal power from useful idiots through violence and lies. Seems like the same bag of tricks to me.

>>Fact is an "original" member was from Singapore.
Fact is the original Nazis were more than willing to accept people from other races who also had racialist ambitions. Did you forget about Japan?

>>Fact is, O.N.A mythos are UNIQUE and no other LHP system comes close to it.
Fact is, that's because everything about it was made up whole cloth either by the legendary Shropshire witch who may not have even existed or Myatt himself. So of course it's unique, in the same way Dianetics is unique -- it spawned from the psychosis of a single individual or small group of individuals, rather than being part of the ancient traditions of occultism passed down through the Aeons.

>> no other LHP system comes close to it
How many systems of LHP magick are you familiar with? All systems of real magick involve action, discipline and real life danger. Not all systems of magick use those facts as justification for murder, xenophobia, and just utter thuggishness, all under the guise of some so-called 'sinister enlightenment.' In fact I can only think of one system that fits that bill: the odious abomination under the name ONA.

I'm not personally afraid of it because I know it poses no real threat to me. The danger it poses is to new people coming to magick who might get suckered into it (like you're trying to do here.) It also makes Satanism in general look quite bad, but luckily there have only ever been a handful of adherents (in the real world, not internet fantasy, that is.)

>>There's no dogma and no structure
Well there is dogma, the core writings. No one is beholden to it, but almost no LHP path features 'dogma' in that sense. There are plenty of Orders that have no structure, but my comparison with Scientology is precisely to show the way they are better than you. Yes, they have killed, but they don't do so at random, out of a doctrine that provides unlimited license to individual madness. When their members act out, they work to constrain it. And, even though insane, their religion is at least nominally about helping people. Your religion, explicitly, is about bringing an end to this universe by disrupting the system of causality, and accomplishing that by becoming violent, vile monsters to destroy society.

No one is going to bite for your bullshit vile system, so an Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos to you Martin. I don't really believe you know anything about this stuff, but if you do, you're even more pathetic than you appear, and I hope your higher self pulls your ass out of the fire before you really fuck up. Your 'acausal gods' are nothing more than puffed up egregores, and your cult's narcissistic obsession with its own antinomianism blinds you all to the entirety of the occult world you claim to be about. You are like the most base pretenders, thinking you can steal the stage of the temple with the force of the knife. You cannot, and the knife you aim is only held to your own throat.
Emma Chickletatch - Sat, 15 Sep 2018 17:14:33 EST 429Wm7kd No.74948 Reply
1537046073022.png -(1021985B / 998.03KB, 1136x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>op here
Haven't got a clue what half these messages are about
So to make this quick

I think I'm getting bored because of two things
1.its getting harder now I'm not doing it guided.Have been listening to Bonilla beats,white noise type sounds that helps a lot
2.Ive realised my actual thoughts are boring,the new ideas and new memories of previous day events and conversation are dull and they keep on looping in my head while I'm meditating.

>what to read help with my next step..

Ok so I don't know what speicfic tyoes of "magic" All I known for now is I want to do it for self improvment and to change my personality in other ways than it is.

So what route and what books would you suggest for that ?

>Syrian rue
So I tried this the other day and I think this induced all them visuals you are aiming for while mediating and entering a trance..It was like a crazy cheat code to the path of your 3rf eye.
I had an intense vision with my eyes closed (but it wasn't like a CEV)I ended up seeing some sort of angel from above with a big bright light and it was as if it was asking me tongontonit without words.

It didn't feel like a hallucination and I wasn't awestruck,itnfelt more like when you visualise an old fun memory and it pops up real clear.

Can see it being a very useful tool

So I had a vision the other day that my friend fell over and seriously hurt him 2 weeks ago self then 2nights ago he falls on his step and fucks up his back and elbow
Thought it was strange seeing that after I start mediating..I've also had that strong intuition feeling

I also thought it was weird that I had a dream where I seen a book called the seven spheres after only reading about it once.
The book I seen of it was very clear/vivid and stood out tha tmuch it makes me wanna look into it more
Basil Clemmerfuck - Sun, 16 Sep 2018 17:10:18 EST hbGjJd0p No.74950 Reply
1537132218653.png -(33659B / 32.87KB, 340x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>Haven't got a clue what half these messages are about
An evil dude was trying to convince you and anyone else reading to join a very very dangerous group. I was trying to offer the truth about what he was saying, and we argued about it, and in doing so argued about a bunch of technical stuff to do with their fucked up system that you don't need to worry about other than to know to stay away from it.
Well there are many different types of meditation practices, if you get bored. Empty-mind meditation is only one variety. A classical subject of 'one-pointedness' meditation are the elemental tattvas, pic related. The idea is to focus on the consistency of the shape and nothing else (and later it becomes a method of contemplation of fundamental principles.) Or focusing on simple systems, and maintaining their function (for example, wheels and pulleys) in your mind, as a way to build your powers of visualization. Another famous alternative meditation subject from Buddhism is to meditate on the eventual and progressive decomposition of your own corpse.

However, remember that magick and mysticism (meditation) are kind of like the two 'poles' of the battery of your spiritual anatomy. Everyone has a natural inclination and talent to one over the other, and consequently find the other one comparatively harder. If you get discouraged in one, work on the other a bit -- but don't let yourself become too imbalanced; you need both.

>> All I known for now is I want to do it for self improvment
A.O.Spare's work probably won't help you then. I'll emphasize my suggestion of Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson then, as it is both absolutely accessible and simultaneously an utter mind fuck in terms of the degree to which it will enhance your level of understanding. But beyond that, essentially all true forms of High Magick are about self improvement, so I guess my question is more about what appeals to you personally? What mythological systems or ancient cultures resonate with you or you like the style of? If you don't know then I suggest the next step would be to just review some classic texts on different mythologies and see what appeals to you (it's not important that you necessarily 'believe' in the mythology, just that it resonates you. You will use it as your base building blocks for constructing your own magickal universe.)

>>>Syrian rue
Syrian rue is the real deal and will definitely give you visuals by making you trip off of your own serotonin. I caution ever mixing it with true psychedelics though as it can get out of hand really, really fast (which I assume you know true psychedelics are some of the most powerful magickal tools available, yes?)

Like with psychedelics, Syrian Rue will take you where you lead yourself. So, having a magickal intent and state of mind will take you there, but if you don't, or just kind of half subconsciously want that and half want something else, it will take you there too. Like I said in the beginning, "it's all in your head, you just have no idea how big your head is."

>> that strong intuition feeling
The deeper you get into magick, the more you will start experiencing unexplainable paranormal phenomena or 'siddhis.' They won't necessarily correspond to exactly what you're trying to do or be completely reproducible. It's almost like, as you start pulling on the strings that make up the tapestry of the world, other fibers start to fray that are seemingly disconnected. It's important not to become fixated on these phenomena or seek them out, as they are just another level of mundane distraction from your true spiritual quest.

>>Seven Spheres
The Rufus Opus book? Haven't read it, it's a very recent book, but I've heard high praise for it here and there. I will tell you that, especially as you practice more advanced dream control and especially once you get into astral projection, you will be able to access tomes of arcane knowledge in dreams and the astral that will actually contain new information and ways to do rituals that hold a whole other level of power. Really, they are the key to moving all your operations into the astral plane -- which is one of the key steps on 'the serpent's path up the flaming sword.'
Angus Dacklelune - Sun, 16 Sep 2018 20:25:00 EST wdQoCk+Z No.74953 Reply
1537143900834.jpg -(3696396B / 3.53MB, 2952x5248) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You seem to confuse the 218 current with the Seven Fold. Or else point me which MSS indicate bringing an end to "cosmic order" or some other anti cosmic bs.

Also the shit right now on the internet is all desinformation and you seem to think the edge lords of ToB hold a monopoly on ONA.
So unless you actually own the original 70s MSS and the early 90s NAOS MSS everything else is BS right out of lulu.com or some online blog.
Angus Bizzleson - Mon, 17 Sep 2018 15:53:52 EST 429Wm7kd No.74955 Reply
1537214032010.jpg -(124188B / 121.28KB, 626x897) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Today I done some visualisation while meditating while listing to some Tibetan bowl music on Spotify.

At first I was trying to see a circle then a triangle and both where failures..I started to get restless after this then once I got back to it after about 1min of stretching my head and back I started to see al smoke forming.

I randomly thought of trying to see my dad and it wouldn't work then for some reason I thought of my dead dog,then I seen this little white head then a minutes visual of him ran towards me then it was over in like 5 seconds if thst

For some reason I sort of believe the Syrian rue I took the other day helped me with this as it was the same type of image I got on that.

Maybe that was like a cheat code to unlock this power,I dunno.

Still don't know what to do after all this mediation and sigial making.
Angus Bizzleson - Mon, 17 Sep 2018 19:53:34 EST 429Wm7kd No.74956 Reply
1537228414010.jpg -(672348B / 656.59KB, 3000x2250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson
I've had a little read of that years ago and didn't get it at the time but probsbly would now.Ill give it another go.

Well I do like the idea of his sigials..What else can I gain from reading his work ?

Yeh done them loads that's why I'm Actualy on this site.They have helped tremendously in my life,learnt a lot.

>what I want /goal
I want to improve a lot of my personality and make some changes to it in various ways and then when I hopefuly go to Peru in 6months to do ayahuasca (and maybe some San Pedro)that will top it all and make me that extra special (I'm being very hopeful here lol)

>what else decent can you get from magic ?

Like I do want money and girls but when you read about them sort of spells people always say there is a negative throw back at them when they work.

I am wanting to use sigials tho to find a better way to make money and also to start being more confident with approaching girls.That voice inside me to Actualy ask them out had died the last year.(on about girls you don't know in non drunk situation or even random FB adds)

Egyptian and Greek seem to entertain me for various reason.
Egyptian because the pyramids make me think wtf and I plan on going to see them some time.Ontop of that I like to entertain my self with the idea of the

Because of this should I look more in hermetic stuff...
>astral projection
This is somthing I've wanted to get into for years but have just never knew where to start properly.

Btw I have always had strong intuition but it seems to be coming back more since I've been mediating and also stopped all the partying

Thanks for the replies
Angus Mankincocke - Sat, 22 Sep 2018 01:55:36 EST hbGjJd0p No.74964 Reply
>>Still don't know what to do after all this mediation and sigial making.
Work on more complex rituals. Once you have a hang on banishings, move up to evocations, invocations, preliminary pathworkings. Ultimately, the next big roadblock is learning to astrally project.

>>What else can I gain from reading his work ?
His stuff is very advanced, so it's good for insight into where you're ultimately headed. But, it is also highly idiosyncratic, so in and of itself it won't be very useful. It's basically up to how you want to allocate your time.

>>They have helped tremendously in my life,learnt a lot.
Cool, well I would recommend working ritual into a trip. People probably got the original concept for how to do magick from tripping, and the degree to which the concepts of 'head space' and 'sacred space' overlap is not at all coincidental.

>>I want to improve a lot of my personality
Well first you need to specify exactly how or what it is you want. Then you can design a practice to get there, step by step.

>> I hopefuly go to Peru in 6months to do ayahuasca
Why do you want to take it in Peru? Not trying to deflate your plan, but just, why do you think that will make it different/better?

>>)that will top it all
One is never 'done' working spiritually. It's a lifelong process, for sure. So, don't get too fixated on some big trip in the future. Life will still go on afterwards, and you'll still be on your journey.

>>to find a better way to make money
Cool, so the next step would be to design a pathway from the sigil creation to the actual putting of the dollar bills in your pocket. Just making the sigil and having that desire is only the first step.

>>start being more confident with approaching girls
Same thing, except you kind of need to work backwards. Instead of building forward like you would in using sigils to make money (i.e. I make a sigil for the basic intention...that gives me an idea for a plan, which I sigilize to crystalize my intent, etc...) but to go back to the origin of that blockage to undo it (i.e. first make a sigil to clear out the negative energy and state your intent to heal this, then use one to try to uncover the origin of that fear, then to undo it, then to consider what you think your most attractive points are, enhance those, etc. etc.) Having the desire is just the beginning, magick is the toolkit, but you still have to use it to build every stepping stone along the way (even if you didn't imagine there would have to be so many steps between points A & B.)

>>Because of this should I look more in hermetic stuff...
Kewl, Egyptian and Greek are of course the OG magick mythologies so you will definitely have the easiest time finding material with these selections. The Crowley stuff I already linked you is heavily leaning toward the Greco-Egyptian angle, although if you want to go down a more reconstructionist (i.e. 'authentic) or more post-modern angle is up to you. With that in mind, do you know of any particular gods or archetypes within those traditions that appeal to you? (picking a patron deity is important for some meditation practices, like bhakti yoga, but also focusing your intention at this early point might help make your path clearer in general.)

>> have just never knew where to start properly.
Honestly you might be better off starting with the very vanilla, non-occult themed astral projection stuff, because it's easy to misunderstand when occult authors talk about it through a lot of innuendo. Can you lucid dream? If so you're already mostly there, the next step is learning to get into that state without falling asleep. If not, first you will need to build up your energy body. Mostly that involves doing specific types of meditation that focus on circulating patterns of energy through your body until you feel like the whole thing is vibrating and floating and you begin to lose your sense of position in space. Once your astral body is developed enough to feel that, you'll be ready to practice for actual projection.

Hope this helps!
Ernest Druffingstig - Wed, 26 Sep 2018 12:02:07 EST 1SD251QJ No.74971 Reply
spare is great for folks who are skeptical of high ritual and sytems of belief. he has an angle that's a lot more intuitive, philosophy based and open to new ideas as new evidence/concepts emerge

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