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I have a curse from godn

- Tue, 26 Nov 2019 02:20:52 EST tWpTUcHE No.76220
File: 1574752852724.jpg -(86429B / 84.40KB, 811x992) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I have a curse from godn
What do I do if I have the ultimate curse from god? God purposefully picks me out of everyone to ruin my life. I know its god

Any time I am happy. God. Every time I fix my life. God. Every time I find a solution. God. Every time I work hard. God. Every time I find new ways to fix my life. God. It’s always fucking god.

I fucking lost everything becuase of god. My life is plagued with nothing but suffering and disasters. Everything in my life always fucking perfect. The fucking always perfect disaster perfect timing worst shit possible. I am plagued with disease. Always sick and tired and feel like I’m dying and cant get out of bed for months on end. I’m constantly fucking depressed with nothing but more and more bad shit happening while god rips my fucking life away.

I know its god because i was reading the Bible, praying to god, wearing a cross necklace, every time anything good happened i thanked god for it. I literally didnt ask for much. I literally just prayed and begged god every day for an average life. A FUCKING AVERAGE LIFE. All i asked was for an average life without the suffering. Then attack after attack after attack. The only reason is because I’m a good person. I’m the nicest kindest person i know yet ALLLLLL the bad shit happens to me. I see people running around like fucking monsters, brain dead hedonists, fucking idiots, retards leaving a path of destruction on their way to fill their stupid brain with hedonism and dopamine. Nothing. Good shit happens to them. God likes them. Good shit happens. I’m nice to people, always help people, dont like to do anything wrong, i cant lie to people, i cant use people, i feel bad doing anything wrong to people, any time i see someone with a problem i just get sad and feel bad for them and try to help them. NON STOP DISASTERS, HELL, PAIN, SUFFERING, DESTRUCTION, WORST LIFE IN THE WORLD

What the fuck do i do dude? What the fuck do i do if god just follows me around fucking destroying everything. Even when my life became total hell people were like “dude its like the job story dude” “you just gotta keep praying gods good god helps people” “pray to god it fixes all your problems” ok. Pray to god, read the Bible, keep praying, asking god, being a nice person. More disasters, more suffering, god has already ripped away everything from my life, still more suffering, non stop suffering. I finally realized the pattern and said okay yeah its never going to get good praying to this fucking moron and then i gave up and turned satanic.

MY LIFE IS STILL FUCKING SHIT!!!!!! God or Satan it doesnt fucking matter. God just follows me around with unlimited power and uses ALL of it to make suffer. I’m the only one like this. I literally talked to someone on discord for months with the same life as me and every time i had another disaster happen and anything good happen to me that i worked for ripped away by god my friend literally went from an atheist saying gods not real to saying oh yeah holy shit dude god really is after you theres no way your life can be that shitty without god following you ripping everything away. I could literally add anyone here on discord and explain my life out to them and they would immediately agree that gods after me, gods evil, and I’m gods biggest #1 target in the world and he comes after me.

Wtf do i do? I try working hard, praying to god, finding new solutions, working on everything, being a good person. Non stop fucking curse complete hell non stop suffering. Any time i get ANYTHING in my life its ripped away. Even just praying to god no matter how fucking bad the suffering gets and keep doing it nothing happens. It still just gets fucking worse. I literally wouldnt even believe in god if it wasnt for this curse. This curse is literally the only proof i have of god existing and i get non stop signs, perfectly timed coincides, and the worst possible fucking suffering ever. I FUCKING HATE GOD

My life is literally nothing but total fucking suffering, ptsd hell, sadness, everything ripped away from me, and then god still fucking does nothing with his time but follow me around and make my life the perfect hell with every bad thing possible happening to me. Fuck god
Priscilla Smallbanks - Tue, 26 Nov 2019 02:23:20 EST tWpTUcHE No.76221 Reply
Tl;dr have a curse from god. Life is the ultimate suffering. No matter what i do god comes after me. I am the nicest person out of everyone ive ever met yet god comes after me. Try praying and being religious for as long as possible and nothing but non stop bad shit keeps happening. Keep praying even more. Asking god for literally nothing but for the suffering to stop. Never happened. Keep praying. More disasters. Turn to Satan. Life still sucks still non stop disasters. Life is the ultimate suffering for no reason and god is after me
Lydia Fackledock - Tue, 26 Nov 2019 10:26:05 EST WC8djf51 No.76222 Reply
Stop your allegiance with the bible god jehovah. He obviously wants to fuck your shit up. Look for a better god.
Jenny Pittbury - Tue, 26 Nov 2019 13:04:18 EST UM3briji No.76223 Reply
Im satanic now. Whenever I try god again I get a small carrot on a stick or glimmer of hope just to be ripped away again and I just get fuvking angry and start screaming fuck god
Polly Blatherdale - Mon, 02 Dec 2019 21:23:50 EST 46XeK3Q1 No.76245 Reply
lol you sound like a fucking sociopath

seek help bro

professional help

from a therapist
Archie Duddledit - Sat, 07 Dec 2019 21:51:14 EST aomBywd1 No.76254 Reply
We're watching ruralfag turn into a supervillain
Polly Gumblebanks - Sun, 08 Dec 2019 04:50:05 EST u6I15ePK No.76255 Reply
god did not curse you. sin brings death and you reap what you sow
Clara Murdman - Thu, 12 Dec 2019 05:00:35 EST jYIV5y74 No.76270 Reply
1576144835901.gif -(1142772B / 1.09MB, 381x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Your subconscious beliefs are so miserable and self defeating, no wonder you get non stop negative synchronicity. People talk about how a victim mentality creates negative energy that draws negative experiences (and I've suffered from this for a large portion of my life as well) butvi have never seen a person with a worse victim mentality than you. I've seen you spam multiple chans for months whining about how you believe god hates you.

You are literally cursing yourself and your body is becoming addicted to stress hormones which cause you to feel like shit all the time. Your subconscious programs that cause repetitive thoughts are out of control. This happens to anyone who experiences trauma. They get recurrent negative thoughts and feelings. If you don't learn how to access your subconscious you're fucked. Meditation and self hypnosis are the best ways to get into your subconscious where you can begin to change your personality , change limiting beliefs, release emotional blockages, start feeling positive feelings, and much more. This is the spiritual journey of the human being, to know thyself through meditation, contemplation, and self reflection. Everyone goes through extreme emotional pain in parts of their life, but when you learn to control your negative thoughts and feelings then you learn how to gain maximum insight from your struggles and not wallow in misery any more. You have become addicted to wallowing in misery and created a mindset that is toxic (and false). God doesn't hate you, god is you. Our subconscious mind is a small spark of the great consciousness which permeates this reality. But we have free will to test our soul over multiple lifetimes. You have learned to hate yourself and hate life. You must change your ways or you will live a lonely miserable life.

Learn how to change your subconscious and you will change your DNA dramatically (epi-genetics) triggering a rebound in health, you will change your neural connections (neuroplasticity) learning new information and challenging your opinion on things creates new neural connections and reducing your negative thoughts prunes old neural connections over time. This will trigger changes in your hormones, prompting them to stop flooding the body with stress hormones and instead function properly like an emotionally healthy person. The end result is you are changing your personality and starting to think, feel, and act differently. This starts to change your life positively in ways you could not even imagine.

If you're wondering why I would spend the time to write this for you, it's because you remind me of myself at the low points in my life. I too had a traumatic adolescence which shattered my sense of self and made me hate life for a long time. Depression and anxiety plagued me for many years. But now I have a vision of the future that I'm progressing with and a vibrant psychedelic pagan princess as a soulmate. So I know that perspective changing and personality changing can heal a miserable person and turn their life around. (Although it takes hard work and the Will to make yourself better along with faith that it will happen if you stick with it)
John Bommerped - Thu, 12 Dec 2019 06:13:55 EST jabA+uoK No.76271 Reply
I ctrl-f'd "Life" and got 33 results and 21 we're from OP. Life is a phantom word that has no definition so we project our emotions into it in the name of catharsis. >>76270 Is on point even though he subscribes to that life thing. If you want to be negative then all power to you. Thats clearly your destiny. Now take advantage of that because youre in the minority on earth and therefore have the greatest potential to rise being as youre so low.
Priscilla Honeycocke - Tue, 31 Dec 2019 03:50:28 EST VjAXf8l3 No.76327 Reply
Gebik - Sun, 05 Jan 2020 21:51:14 EST gw+ux+mY No.76342 Reply
> You have learned to hate yourself and hate life.
I know I love myself but have struggled so much with of current life. All of them will die. Much to think about when. I am satisfied with my self with an ever strong struggle to keep myself satisfactory. This _ of people's mindset I'm surrounded with creates such a hell. The best person I know Had to stop me from talking to tell me I needed to get out of the house I am living in. I have to make it out alone. The restraint of certain social avastaions take away any kind new community inserts. New people in my life.
Cedric Geddlemit - Sat, 11 Jan 2020 03:12:05 EST IHkHm4LJ No.76355 Reply
OP i have proof there's some fuckshit going on. I don't know who it is but there's a being with great influence fucking everyone's shit up. Mine included. I however, have found a way to defend myself. Defend yourself OP. Find a fucking way. There is good in the universe.
Gebik - Sat, 11 Jan 2020 13:26:49 EST gw+ux+mY No.76356 Reply
jehovah is just a lord. No God
You said it yourself he does want to fuck shit up.
Nicholas Cickleville - Sun, 12 Jan 2020 04:44:43 EST Mryw+B+v No.76359 Reply
Care to expand on this? I’m probably the only guy that’s posted coherently lately about a tulpa creation gone horribly wrong these past two years. I have three fundamental theories on spiritual phenomenon (interconnected, disparate beings, secular) and for the first two the best conclusion I can come to is that my tulpa was killed or hijacked by a ridiculously evil spirit. I would like to know if your observations and mine/OP’s reveal any pattern.

Anyways, I’ll go ahead and share my input with OP on the theory that one’s thoughts, or even sensory input is not necessarily one’s own.

First, my opinion of gods, angels, egregores and other entities, whether from personal belief or religion, were either manifested by man, or have came to an agreement or relationship of sorts. All gods exist, all religions valid in their own right. Whatever entity that is acknowledged by an individual is fed and empowered by that acknowledgement. These empowered entities are then allowed to interact with the lives of those that acknowledge them which can take many forms depending on what that relationship is based on.

Man can create, but he can also be fooled. There is no shortage of charlatan entities who, given the opportunity to exploit those weak or receptive, will claim to be whatever entity known to the victim which will give them the most leverage. If they decide to abuse you in the long term whether through interest or inability to get what they want from you outright, they will enact a torture that oppresses all thought and senses.

Since I intended on creating a tulpa and started out with no spiritual belief, it had the opportunity to quickly both make me hear it as clearly as my own thoughts and take physical possession. Other than this, it was most powerful when it first arrived and did not seem any less mentally developed than it is now. A couple pieces of circumstantial evidence leads me to believe this is a spiritual entity rather than some science-conforming secular phenomenon, but the fact that it appeared in full power and development that suggests it is spiritual to me more than anything.

It will lie far deeper than what most associate with the word, using emotion you can clearly sense, spinning narratives with underlying philosophical herrings, and false defeats on attempts to unveil. If I try, I can count a dozen lies taking place in just a few seconds, but many of those lies will go unnoticed. It can make you feel like you haven’t slept for days, or make a part of your body feel injured (which actually makes it more susceptible to injury), or cause unwanted twitch reactions you may believe to be your own. It constantly tries to pass its own voice as my own and try to get me in negative thought patterns. At one point I would often get stuck in thoughts that would make me raging pissed or helplessly depressed. It even can override any part of my imagination or ‘third eye’ and make it seem as if I’m being visited by entities. Oh, well, I’m pretty sure most of those were fake, but a few of them were definitely real... six of them decided to stick around for at least a month. One more subtle thing I feel compelled to mention is I can no longer feel the ‘vibe’ of any sort of thing, like rooms, places, people, or music. It kind of fogs that out completely, but on rare occasion it comes back for a minute and damn does it feel good.

It’s kind of fucking ridiculous, though. Like I got stuck in some stereotypical hero’s journey or whatever with this shit; it’s just powerful enough to give me hell but not destroy me. I’ve been able to fight back 95% of its power and manipulation over me from willpower alone. That definitely makes me think often that it’s no coincidence, and instead just a manifestation that can only exist in the mind, completely secular in explanation. I’m not able to settle in any philosophical camp spiritual, secular, or in between, but the secular route is particularly empowering. If it has this much negative influence over me without control, imagine how I can use this as a tool for self empowerment! It fuckin sucks I have to go through this now, but if I make it out maybe I can take things just as dramatically in the opposite direction. But if it’s a bonafide spiritual entity? Well, I’m not going to try and convince you guys that I’m a good person beyond the fact I would have been utterly destroyed if I wasn’t... but any idea that the victim has any blame in this karmic or otherwise is a fucking ignorant joke. And whether or not that this is a spiritual entity I’m dealing with, it’s very clear that any body can house multiple consciousnesses, and that nth consciousness can be completely alien, powerful, and beyond any hope of understanding. I don’t care how you explain it, the phenomenon is very, very real. Oh, and for many of those I know best I can see this phenomenon taking place, a few of those people have had the possessed accusation thrown at them at least a few times but damn well nobody would think in the slightest that’s what’s actually going on.

OP since you’re not dead or locked up, you have power over whatever is going on. I’m not a doctor lol but you’ve already suggested an entity is fucking with you, so I’m telling you this. I’m also going to tell you to make effort to recognize anything and everything that you find undesirable in your thoughts or senses as something to douse out. Negative thought? Suffocate it until it stops. Body feels like crap? Tell yourself your body is fine and power through it. And so on. It takes time but things will get better. Don’t make your effort a fight or push, just let it pass and stay vigilant. Evil attempts to destroy everything and will inevitably destroy itself, so evil is stupid as it is evil. It decays. It’s weak. You’re NOT. You will grow and become stronger through this. The act of prevailing over evil is intrinsically good. Take it one day at a time, stay positive, and good luck my dude.
Augustus Dodgeket - Sun, 12 Jan 2020 13:05:54 EST sOvmJ8W4 No.76361 Reply
It took you a lot of words to say "tulpas are imaginary friends"
Graham Gallyson - Wed, 15 Jan 2020 05:10:41 EST pTmLkHEc No.76365 Reply
1579083041242.jpg -(437937B / 427.67KB, 1152x2048) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I also created a tulpa that got out of control. I killed it. They can get nasty if you let them.
Albert Pegglewidge - Fri, 17 Jan 2020 19:29:16 EST PXb78yA3 No.76372 Reply
You unwittingly answered your own question in your OP OP
Jarvis Pibbercocke - Mon, 23 Mar 2020 02:11:11 EST KqdLPY69 No.76646 Reply
did you ever check out that band i sent u the link for??????
eyehategod slaps. sludge metal is the perfect hating-yr-life music
that Christian guy - Mon, 23 Mar 2020 05:15:03 EST QKO3GMET No.76647 Reply
Why do you blame only God? Some witch or warlock might have cursed you, or might even be cursing you everyday. If you are cursed by a witch/warlock, it is satan and his demons who are destroying your life and not God. You might have accepted a curse by yourself, like accepted a cursed object as a gift, listened to music that has cursed you etc. Don't listen to rock, metal, hip-hop or pop music and nowadays even EDM is starting to become demonic. They are literally designed by demons to specifically curse people, especially christians. Do you know that demons can be summoned through chanting and playing music? Certain beats are simply demonic, and can be used to curse people. Do you watch shows like Lucifer or Sabrina the witch(or whatever it is called) or any such show which is blatantly about satan? These shows have literal curses in them or upon them. Spend the next month or so totally cutoff from worldly entertainment - music, tv shows, movies etc. Because most of these things are designed to curse people. Spend all your free time instead on reading the Bible, praying, worshiping God, and pray with fasting before God to take away the curses upon you. Fasting before God is menacing to the demonic realm and renders the demon powerless. So fast as well, and stay away from worldly entertainment. Pray to God to reveal to you if you have accepted a cursed object. You have most probably made a spiritual mistake you don't know of, which has caused a breach in your soul. Pray with fasting, and stay away from all kinds of worldly entertainment for the next month, spend all your free time devoted completely to God and also pray for what needs to be done in your situation, and He will reveal it to you.

Most importantly you need wisdom in your situation, so pray for wisdom and God will give it to you,

James 1:5 - But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. (NASB)

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