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too dumb for jeans

- Tue, 30 Dec 2014 12:22:15 EST uM7Yq+Hb No.59685
File: 1419960135146.jpg -(123644B / 120.75KB, 1050x777) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. too dumb for jeans
back that way, they get set. the seams up the sides twist towards and end up on the front of my legs. when i sit they pull up and my ankles + a couple inches of legs show, if i pull them down while sitting so it doesn't show leg then i'm just revealing what the top of them covers. they'll flare out at the front and press into the back of my leg when they do this to, but i have no ass so i don't understand this. when standing the front presses back into my legs and the back flares out. also all of them seem like they have male enhancement technology built in or something, i get this terrible obvious bulge effect and i don't like that at all, super obvious when i walk, but this i don't understand either as i've not got anything special going on there either, im just a normal person at best.
i don't like this as its weird and makes me feel like a liar, a things arent always as they seem kinda deal. anything to help or look for when i buy them? i don't know the first thing bout any of it. i don't need perfect anything but just something good enough, theyre either too tight, really akward, or super loose where it look like im wearing a dirty diaper.
Fanny Crellyville - Tue, 30 Dec 2014 12:23:35 EST uM7Yq+Hb No.59686 Reply
wow, i dunno what i did, heres the first half of it... :/, i typed in wordpad first.. I haveno idea about clothes other than 'it covers me, thats one part of it' and that's where it stops. I'm having a world of trouble simply buying jeans. I wear a size 30 ), but this often ends up too loose, i can pull them out from me with near 3 inches space, they sit odd and constantly fall down. but if i go down to a size 29 it's skin tight 1970s charlies angels effect, i don't want this, it's uncomfortable and i'm a bearded guy so it'd look very odd anyway. all my jeans the front half of the waist part ends up saggy, seem permanently inclined down, and ofc the back half up relative to that. if i set them straight even they just fall down or go right
Phoebe Crackledock - Tue, 30 Dec 2014 15:17:19 EST aJrCfXOo No.59688 Reply
Jeans can be real shitty if you go cheap. How many brands have you tried? My only suggestion is to try a lot of different stores, tell the people there your issue and try on several sizes when you find something that looks nice.

maybe you're just a chino person?
Fanny Crellyville - Tue, 30 Dec 2014 15:58:00 EST uM7Yq+Hb No.59689 Reply
i've tried on lots, every style, every size mix, all of it. maybe you're right and i'm just not for jeans though, i'll look at chinos. aren't chinos 'dressy' though, or like a dressy person's 'casual'? I believe most my stuff is more in line with jeans. maybe they're not dressy though and i'm sounding like someone driving off from mcdonalds staring with envy at all the people in perkins. my shoes are new balance, adidas, and some steel toed ones, all my shirts are just plain color shirts, would this sort of stuff be out of place with chinos?
Phoebe Crackledock - Tue, 30 Dec 2014 17:42:49 EST aJrCfXOo No.59690 Reply
> would this sort of stuff be out of place with chinos?
Not really. Chinos are dressier than jeans, but they're still casual enough to not seem stiff. I'd suggest skinnier fits to boost the laid back tone they'd give but you don't strike me as a skinny pants kind of guy.
If you're wardrobe is set towards jeans you should stick to colors in the tone, at first anyway. Greys and blues, that kind of thing. Stay away from khaki, though, that's not a bad color but it implies the kind of dressiness you want to avoid (unless they're skinny, than they give a skater vibe.
William Nammershaw - Thu, 07 Apr 2016 13:15:25 EST a7rLYWpK No.60806 Reply
lmao you really can't figure it out?
They're just too fucking tight, my man.
Size up.
Faggy Summlestone - Thu, 07 Apr 2016 14:10:50 EST 9NHyAdU2 No.60807 Reply
>go to store
>find nice jeans
>wear it
>Does it fits you like a glove?
>Try another store

dont give up, you have to try some jeans before finding the perfect fit
Charlotte Cudgedeck - Thu, 29 Sep 2016 19:49:48 EST gGMgE+FF No.61116 Reply
american eagle has these jeans made of some stretchy shit, all my jeans are from there and I will never wear cotton jeans again
Lydia Bombleville - Wed, 26 Oct 2016 06:48:51 EST XAhw2sAo No.61161 Reply
1477478931514.jpg -(577481B / 563.95KB, 1580x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i've had the same problem. here are 3 of my recent options i've looked at. i chose the middle pair and the ones on the far right as i thought they were more flattering to my lower figure.
Phoebe Chuffinggold - Wed, 26 Oct 2016 14:11:55 EST ZDoxsSvp No.61164 Reply
Aren't you a bit old to be using the internet?
Cyril Greenbury - Sun, 30 Oct 2016 17:21:51 EST avXG3SXl No.61172 Reply

I'd oil them up or put them in nylons and fuck the soles.They look a good size and firmness for it. Would cum buckets too. Hot face, and a fit body.

But yeah. Jeans are a pain to buy for me too. Got thick thick legs from years of biking, hiking, lifting, etc. So some of the only available cuts that fit me at some stores are rather baggy.
Nothing worse than jeans binding on your muscles. Feels like your circulation is being cut off. Clothes shopping just frustrates me.

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