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how many is too many? wardrobe size

- Tue, 20 Jan 2015 11:19:47 EST U73K+tjn No.59756
File: 1421770787576.jpg -(1091455B / 1.04MB, 2688x1520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. how many is too many?  wardrobe size
i'm interested to have a discussion about what everyone considers a minimal amount of clothes or at what point does it become excessive? whether in the retail price or the quantity you own

i used to have a thing for clothes and trainers - ended up having too many (picture from years ago) and thought it was getting a little tastless and unnecessary... have really been trying to cut down and own about 9 pairs now (3 beaters, 3 everyday, 3 premium pairs) and just wear the same pair of jeans everyday and 1 other pair for "nice" occasions

clothing wise i've cut down massively, but considering selling all of my designer stuff - stone island jackets/shirts/jumpers for instance with 3 figure resale prices

my wardrobe would still be fine without it but a part of me likes having the items, even if i'm not nearly as absorbed in buying clothes or caring as much anymore - whats left are the finely curated, absolute "best of, personal favourite" stuff

no need to sell but sometimes i ask why i'm bothering with such expensive clothes, these items will last for life though, i've pretty much settled on a wardrobe that should last me the next 5 years because i gotta save money for other things now that i'm in university

i paid for a lot of these through selling on my used clothes, it's effectively cashing out an ongoing investment - i've been on ebay for several years just recycling my wardrobe and going on ebay shopping sprees with the money
Archie Hicklespear - Tue, 20 Jan 2015 14:13:32 EST Z/rs5Lb7 No.59757 Reply
I'm similar, bought quite a lot of designer gear (mainly Norse Projects/Our Legacy/A.P.C. stuff but few random buys from other brands also) and I feel like I needn't buy this kind of stuff too often anymore. I'll still pick up one or two pieces from a really good season, but I mostly buy staples from American Apparel and replace black Superga 2750's as necessary.

I like the idea of having a 'uniform' I kind of don't have to think about - I can just mix and match as necessary and got rid of quite a lot of stuff a few months before I started uni.

Only place I won't skimp is legwear - I have two pairs of A.P.C. Petit Standards, one pair nearly four years old and the other two, and a similarly-aged pair of Norse Projects shorts—paying for a heavier weight of fabric (or more expensive materials) counts for something.
Charles Drirryket - Tue, 20 Jan 2015 14:14:11 EST 6+ryMpS+ No.59758 Reply

Kind of on the same ticket as you. Buy designer/quality which has been gentle used or on sale. Cheap crap falls apart after a year, I have some shirts that I've owned for years and will still hold up quite nicely.
Cyril Buncocke - Tue, 20 Jan 2015 15:22:02 EST U73K+tjn No.59759 Reply
Definitely considering a uniform myself - a part of me would really like it, whenever i go away for a project and need to have outfits for a week or whatever, i usually figure out a way to stretch a couple of black tees a hoodie/jacket layered and a shirt last all week for everything from filming to partying...

I'm big on colour palettes and very, very picky - it's either black, brown, camo or khaki for shoes and jackets, they all go really well with the black denim i wear
Cedric Sassleville - Thu, 22 Jan 2015 17:44:17 EST U73K+tjn No.59771 Reply

ive been keeping the footwear grey / blacks, jackets have been reduced to either black, brown or khaki so it all seems relatively consistant even though they are all different pieces for different ends

day in day out i rep a blank tee, same denim - only things that diversify is the layering piece and the shoes but it keeps it looking different daily
Angus Blatherfoot - Sat, 24 Jan 2015 03:43:09 EST 6wUbwDel No.59775 Reply
I never understood the fashion sense with fitness orientated shoes. Why do you not have a variation of shoes?
Hedda Sadgeson - Sat, 24 Jan 2015 10:51:22 EST 6+ryMpS+ No.59776 Reply

he was probably pretty young when he got into it, if he were past HS age, we'd need to have an intervention.
Phyllis Wibblefuck - Sat, 24 Jan 2015 14:14:05 EST FYUMflCD No.59777 Reply
Ever hear of a Capsule Wardrobe or French Wardrobe? Essentially, you own only 20 or so main pieces of clothing, but most everything can match with everything else. You have a minimal amount of items but can make a large amount of different matching outfits. I'm trying to whittle down my clothing and maintain a capsule wardrobe. Minimalism FTW.
Lydia Hagglelag - Sat, 24 Jan 2015 17:52:17 EST ElVE/1g0 No.59778 Reply
I love shoes, but I've always heald restraint in buying a ridiculous amount.
I have around 5 pairs of shoes at any given time.
1 pair of everyday sneakers
1 pair of shitty yard work shoes
1 pair of "classy" shoes for job interviews or w/e
1 pair of sandles
and some slippers
I'm looking to get a nice pair of boots.

My roommate has soooo many shoes and it bugs the hell out of me. She's got like every color of all stars, couple different heel type shoes, work boots, boots.
You can only wear one pair of shoe at a time and she's got 21 pairs of shoes, 90% of she never wears. I can't recall seeing her wear any of her converse in at least a year.
This kind of rampant consumerism is unsettling to me.
I wear my shoes until they can no longer be considered shoes, but people buy multiple versions of one shoe without hardly wearing in their current pair, and I just don't get it.
Phineas Fecklegold - Sun, 25 Jan 2015 16:23:28 EST 2Mm7Wohq No.59780 Reply
That picture makes me cringe, who needs all those pleb tier nikes and adidas when they have a fine pair of Vans?
Phyllis Guffingtore - Tue, 27 Jan 2015 14:33:35 EST 32pmkyvG No.59783 Reply
i own like 3 pairs of shoes. my all the time work shoes, black nike running shoes. that are mesh. i wanted full leather.
a set of real cheap work boots that are piece of shit but keep my feet dry
a set of dress shoes that i wear like once a year when i have to dress up.
op - Tue, 27 Jan 2015 18:09:00 EST U73K+tjn No.59784 Reply
Well apart from there being quite a few limited edition or collab releases (acg, atmos,infrareds, skulls pack, denim pack, camo pack, chillis...) in amongst that photo, i'd agree with you. In hindsight I wish I had just a few nice premium shoes, but I was just going through a phase where i was generating a lot of cash on ebay constantly from buying and selling - I just bought whatever I liked constantly and was selling to fund it.
Thomas Cribberstock - Tue, 27 Jan 2015 18:22:52 EST U73K+tjn No.59785 Reply

"This kind of rampant consumerism is unsettling to me."

hit the nail on the head there, i think part of it was that it is kind of normalized in society now - the culture we are surrounded by generally encourages these purchases

for clothing/shoes, there is definitely a big community online who actively pursue this sort of excessive consumption - it makes it seem really normal and a valid interest/hobby/passion, it definitely can become an identity thing, especially with the rise of instagram

what really fucks me up about it all though is that if i saw the working conditions of the people who made those shoes, i can bet it wasn't pretty - if i let the gravity of it sink in, the entire idea that western fashion/excessive consumer shit has ruined so many lives and is basically the closest we have to modern slavery in a sense... its a reflection of the entire disposable product society we live in now - people just buy shit to throw away or sell later on
Bruno Giacomelli - Sat, 18 Apr 2015 22:26:42 EST k0QvRkBB No.60078 Reply

sorry to bump an old post but can anyone id the black and white adidas in OP's picture?
Cedric Meshlut - Wed, 22 Apr 2015 13:52:32 EST x15dNcdP No.60087 Reply

They kind of looked like sambas to me, but that is the mold for everything they make that isn't a trainer type shoe.
Archie Fanwill - Fri, 24 Apr 2015 20:28:35 EST U73K+tjn No.60092 Reply

trust me they ain't sambas - this is my post from earlier in the year

i picked them on a facebook page and it was pretty non descript, all i can tell you about them is that they are adidas skateboarding
George Borringham - Mon, 11 May 2015 16:28:48 EST tg+plVy3 No.60144 Reply

is 19 pairs too many? i used to have around 30 including my skateshoes but they got tacky
Martin Mendersidge - Fri, 15 May 2015 00:57:21 EST iT/fsTGh No.60154 Reply
1431665841838.jpg -(395141B / 385.88KB, 767x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I got high and wandered into this fashion place on accident

I got 6 different flannels
5 different pairs of jeans
2 cargo shorts
1 pair of shoes
11 socks

and only 5 undawears, which bums me out sometimes
Phoebe Hankinwell - Fri, 14 Jul 2017 13:34:54 EST WZd63WLo No.61496 Reply
your shoe accumilation is beutiful

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