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my sneaks

- Wed, 05 Aug 2015 19:32:13 EST jrLwu6ro No.60303
File: 1438817533810.jpg -(1223367B / 1.17MB, 2688x1520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. my sneaks
i've had a big clearout and it's looking pretty good now, had around 20-25ish trainers last summer. this is all i have left effectively - nice mix of (relatively+subjectively) limited edition/collaboration shoes that i've been picking up on ebay for pretty cheap and then some of my older skate shoe beaters...

anyone else out there pay much attention to their footwear?
[mlg]420_no$c0pe - Wed, 05 Aug 2015 19:34:09 EST jrLwu6ro No.60304 Reply
1438817649709.jpg -(1287652B / 1.23MB, 2688x1520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
flash on - there is a reflective detail on the laces for one of them which i thought was pretty cool, that pair also glows in the dark, the mesh for them sucks up rays during daytime then glows in shade
Basil Nobblefoot - Sun, 09 Aug 2015 00:56:33 EST 6hC4vKpX No.60309 Reply

I have 7 pairs of Jordans. Honestly I love them cause they last forever. Got some old ones that I wear as beaters and some nicer newer ones that I keep clean and only wear on special occasion. The only two pairs that are really special are the black/red 15's and the more recent white/orange carmelo's. One of the older pairs is a sweet black suede that I wore to prom with a nice tux and that was straight pimpin'
Hannah Buzzson - Mon, 10 Aug 2015 20:34:41 EST SMmcc+um No.60314 Reply
tried getting one of these going a few weeks ago.
UK fag

Got some OSIRIS bingamans on right now. Super comfy, got stash pockets, fly colourways. I have 3 pairs.
I collect Dunks, Jordans(1s & 5s mainly), ADIDAS freemonts.
Getting into force 180s and 'posites. Barkley stuff really
Ill cop shell toes, supras and osiris from time to time. Never really bin into vans even when I was a wannabe skater, always c1rca and globe. I like globe.
Im thinking of customising shoes like you get in the states but I dont know how well itll take. I mean everyone wears huarache, air max 95s, ones and 90s or puma or summat suede.

Just missed a pair of them RESNs youve got on ebay an all, I dig your crepes.
Hannah Buzzson - Mon, 10 Aug 2015 23:51:35 EST SMmcc+um No.60317 Reply
Also, going through some old threads on NIKETALK and I was in one about GMs(fakes/replicas).
The argument was basically 'a real sneakerhead is defined by love of basketball shoes and not buying fakes, mainly Jordans 1-14.'

I hate that. If you ONLY collect fakes and whacky shoes are you not a sneakerhead? If you ONLY collect Guccis, LVs, belenciagas are you not a sneakerhead? Maybe youre into tennis shoes or skate shoes.
Sneakerheads like wearing kicks, end of. Some just display them, appreciating the art.

Remember when everyone collected kickers?
Walter Gogglestutch - Wed, 12 Aug 2015 10:19:08 EST jrLwu6ro No.60321 Reply

If you are going to customise shoes, it really *has* to be done on models that are popular. Staying "on trend" is pretty important with these sort of things - you mentioned all the key players, i'd start out doing one of those to test the waters. TY sir it was probably the same RESNs as they are a recent ebay uk pick up.

100% feel you on the sneakerhead attitude. I do think that fake/replicas aren't truly sneakerheads, I've bought plenty of fakes over the years for straight forward finance reasons - but would never post them online and felt obliged to deflect any compliments with "they are fake". NIKETALK is the last place to go for progressive attitudes though, they are rightfully stuck in the past. Since it's filled with all the OGs of the 00s who basically came from a different era. They feel some type of way about acknowledging other dudes because it takes something away from their "thing". See it a lot on the fb pages for dunk collectors, "nobody realises how much history are in these shoes and would rather spend it on latest HYPE" type comments on a pair of rare 15 year old dunks etc. Kinda weird but I do get it - everything changed so much.
Caroline Smallgold - Thu, 13 Aug 2015 14:12:25 EST qA3qzNas No.60325 Reply
1439489545530.jpg -(110573B / 107.98KB, 835x885) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Nice, kicks thread, yo

I thought of buying pic related Vans brigata. Thoughts?

As for my shoe wardrobe I don't have a ton:
Stan Smith adidas
Black Vans old skool
Brown Dr. Martens boots
A pair of green New Balance 574's
Some nike sport shoes
Samuel Febblespear - Mon, 17 Aug 2015 06:28:53 EST hYQdTwC9 No.60334 Reply
bump for some last chance of response

I'm about to buy 'em
Emma Lightdale - Wed, 19 Aug 2015 17:33:34 EST Cu4VJnOh No.60337 Reply
You want them dudw, just buy em.

Got a matching coat or summat for ?
then your chilling.

not my thing but so what[%]
Doris Brasslepore - Wed, 19 Aug 2015 18:51:54 EST V7N3Ab3j No.60338 Reply
1440024714314.jpg -(46917B / 45.82KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I approve of 'em. Personally, I'd just go for a pair of black core classics though.
Phineas Gurrynark - Thu, 20 Aug 2015 01:50:11 EST gnrMJV+S No.60339 Reply
Thanks for the replies, guys. I Bought them like yesterday or the day before that and they are shipping.

I'll have to buy something that goes with it. In the mean time I'll have to search in my closet for something that fits them.

They look really good too.
I just wanted to go for something new since my old vans are black. The colour also fits me really well.
I might as well throw away my old ragtag vans with holes in them and buy your pic related. It'd be justified since I need some fresh black kicks.
Vans are pretty cheap, too.
Ian Crinnerson - Wed, 26 Aug 2015 17:11:56 EST 796BXA+w No.60368 Reply
Anyone wanna recommend some kicks please?
Nicholas Blugglestock - Tue, 08 Sep 2015 10:48:32 EST UddryuQB No.60402 Reply
love em, but the soles can be shoddy

and as someone with wide feet (its why i picked vans over nikes tbh) it has no arch support and is a pain to replace with good arches
Cyril Blundleshit - Wed, 09 Sep 2015 06:20:37 EST jrLwu6ro No.60405 Reply

AIR FORCE 1 LOWS are a classic old skool hip hop joint but the premium/dark colourways can look very smart and sophisticated

NIKE DUNK SB are again, an old skool sneakerhead favourite

NIKE AIR MAX 1 - more european trainer but still very popular with the scene in US
Phoebe Somblebury - Fri, 11 Sep 2015 15:45:26 EST dmbhytCo No.60415 Reply
1442000726025.jpg -(128992B / 125.97KB, 1500x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thanks, bro.
I am looking for something fresh and smooth
Are these af1's stylish?
Phoebe Somblebury - Fri, 11 Sep 2015 15:50:13 EST dmbhytCo No.60416 Reply
1442001013025.jpg -(23414B / 22.87KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I really, really like these but I don't know if I can pull them off or if they are indeed stylish.
I don't really like mainstream shit and I have never seen 1 dude with jordans in my town.
They look fresh like a new pair of jeans and a matching shirt, fresh like a cold beer right after work.
Phineas Gacklewadge - Sat, 12 Sep 2015 12:50:14 EST 5ZYniE18 No.60422 Reply

Sorry for late reply, I'm not a a frequent browser. Out of what you have posted, I was thinking the AF1s look best but this is really just down to a matter of preference since I own 3 pairs.

I think what you need to do is find your own balance between "perceived" and "personal" style - the 3 sets of black shoes you have posted all have their own thing going on as pretty distinct looks. I steer clear of the shoes you posted in your final reply (grey nikes linked in it) - the black ones just don't look right to me without laces, they go into that weird abstract sports-turned-concept shoe that some brands end up doing. The grey ones would just be hard to pull off as "smart" (much more street trainer) and also grey / white is such an uphill battle to keep clean.

I guess I will throw a few of my own suggestions in. I live in the UK, so I assume anything I can find on a british website will be available in about 20 extra colours in the US for less money and released a month earlier... you living the dream man.

My general "style" rules for shoes are pretty basic - buy black shoes, never go too extreme and if you gotta stunt, make it subtle. Don't wear colourful trainers - I'm 22 and don't want to be perceived as a teenage stoner anymore. I dress up but still do my sneakers, but keeping it darker, more mature colours is how you can still get away with it. I can't dress "smart" in a traditional sense because it makes me uncomfortable, but by keeping to this sort of code going, I catch compliments for smart appearance while at formal events etc.

I'm the OP so you can see all my shoes in the original post... I have rare shoes but they aren't hyped the same way, I buy them on ebay when the hype dies and enjoy huge savings, even on retail price. £30-80 is how much I spend, even while there will always be a handful of resellers still demanding £100-250 for them. Worth looking into, never know what you will find on eBay even if it's just a regular shoe and not rare. Plus you can buy more shoe for less on ebay, if you get me - if you have a budget of $100, you could potentially buy something that retailed for twice that if you get lucky.

I'm gonna throw in this wildcard - http://www.size.co.uk/product/adidas-originals-gazelle-indoor/006484/

adidas have a lot of nice trainers, it's very current in the UK and doesn't have as much of a street association because of football culture, may be different for you
Thomas Hanningwill - Sun, 13 Sep 2015 07:18:18 EST dmbhytCo No.60427 Reply
1442143098016.gif -(1009649B / 985.99KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Think I am going to get all black af1's. Totally agree with you on the last two posts, and the jordan eclipse looks like nike roshes, i.e sport shoes and not casual.
Really wanted some jordans but, again, idk if I can pull them off. I have also been told to avoid white soles. I just want something that is subtle and original and not mainstream, you know? Tired of regular vans, adidas and nike shoes. Hence I am looking for something more smooth old school hip hop shit. Something that goes with my style, but is not too negrocore. I am the guy that posted the sage/dark-beige vans
I mean, I'm a young student in a very youthful area/city so the whole he-looks-like-he-smokes-trees-look (even though I dont) is pretty much me.
Oh, and I don't live in the U.S.; northern Europe here aswell

Thanks a ton, man.

I'm having a hard time
Charlotte Crunkintutch - Sun, 13 Sep 2015 16:31:47 EST 5ZYniE18 No.60431 Reply
1442176307994.jpg -(41347B / 40.38KB, 517x396) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well taking on board what you have said, and what you have shown me. The ideal shoe probably would be the dunks or air force 1s - both have basically experienced a total death across the board, not nearly as common to see as Jordans. Lows or highs for either - depending on your vibe, lows if in doubt since high tops can still kinda look justin beiberish. Brown/black/mature shades of navy etc are all very safe yet flexible colour schemes - suitable for dressing up or for going hood rat on a summer day. White sole is very subjective, sometimes it gives a shoe just the right amount of life - completely black is still a colourway I am yet to purchase. Personally not for me, pure black isn't as flexible as just mainly black.

IMO steer clear of jordans for this one - it just doesn't fit the smart-but-sneaker description. Jordan's mostly look like basketball shoes. AJ1, 3 and 4 are all options though. Stay well away from the other numbers - especially 5 + 11, yes they are popular, but they ain't smart, it's really diehard "i dont care about clothes" sneakerheads who wear that shit with a shirt yano. The thing that sucks about jordans is that all the good colourways are usually limited release and due to how popular they are, everything sells out and is on ebay at a resale price.

Hit up ebay, get yourself something on the cheap - tend to find that ebay is filled with stuff that ends up in the factory stores. There is technically a markup, but it's still a fraction of the retail and it's brand new. Honestly, the nicest part of ebay is that you are completely out of season - whatever you pick isn't influenced by whether it's "heat" or not, but down to what catches your eye, within your budget. As it should be imo. 5 of the shoes in that photo are rare, limited collabs or editions - but i got them all on ebay, at least 8 months after the release (upto 6 years after haha). Paid absolutely nothing for them, like throwaway money in the £30-60 range.

In other news i have a new addition to the family coming soon, managed to score some bape manhunt camo shoes. Late 2011 release, retail was probably in the £150-200 ballpark, resale is typically £150-300 + shipping + taxes from Japan.... I got them for £50 used. Will post up pics when they arrive. I only own the shoes in that picture (plus 2 pairs for sports etc), so these are a welcome addition and my first real step into "formal" clothing. I still can't stand the concept but I'm trying to force myself into it, things with my freelance graphics have been going well, starting to shake hands with known dudes in the fashion industry and really wanna step up my game for meeting people like that.
Thomas Hanningwill - Sun, 13 Sep 2015 17:17:10 EST dmbhytCo No.60432 Reply
1442179030016.jpg -(151867B / 148.31KB, 2000x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Thanks, dude. After I wrote my post I actually ordered some all black Stan Smiths in my pic. I thought they matched your description perfectly.

Oh, and I found a site that sells jordans for like 50% off where I'm at, so I could get a pair of 1's for like 100 bucks.
I'm really fucking tempted, bro. I just know for a fact that jordans look good on bigger guys and black people. A skinny north-african looking guy would have issues with them, right? I look like Rami Malek.

You are my guardian angel of sneakers, man. I really appreciate the help.

Hope everything works out for you and I'd love to see pics of your next buys.
Eliza Surringwit - Mon, 14 Sep 2015 07:55:40 EST 5ZYniE18 No.60434 Reply

Good choice man, smiths were left off my list as I'm still kinda in withdrawal from adidas superstars and smiths atm - both have had a real surge in popularity in the UK recently.

AVOID THAT SITE - IT SELLS FAKES. Do not buy off websites claiming to have every jordan ever, for 50% off brand new. That isn't even in my language but looks exactly like every other fake website out there. Don't trust the internet for even a second mate, buy in a store or off a reputable online seller. Don't get caught up in sites saying they save huge money - end up with a pair of fakes. Typically people that have stuff like "cheap, discount, wholesale" etc are all fakes.

And cheers man, I kinda feel like not many people on this board will have the same level of experience/interest as me - good to put it to some use.
Archie Nabbleson - Mon, 14 Sep 2015 16:39:08 EST dmbhytCo No.60435 Reply
Thanks for the advice, dude.

Yeah, I figured that out when I googled its IP and China came up, and it had a gmail account, and there was no customer reviews. Thanks for the head up, though :)
Albert Blythefield - Mon, 14 Sep 2015 23:47:15 EST SMmcc+um No.60438 Reply
Feel you on the US merking man. eBay is the only place to get 'unique' kicks. Best way to fill in blanks in your collection for instance.

Age shouldnt stop you enjoying colour, admittedly there are some whack colourways *huarache* but there IS a time and a place for every garish shoe. I mean fuck, look at J. Scotts shite with adidas.
Im confused with your gazelle reference though. They are very much a part of 'casual' culture.

Anyone who tells you to avoid white soles dont care enough about their shoes. Crisp white soles/outersoles with crisp white laces will always freshen up your look. Always make you look cleaner on a whole and hell bright white gets attention.
Plus white and gum are hella oldskool.

Controversial with the jays there my man. I would say 1s 4s 5s 6s 10s 12s and futures IN THE RIGHT COLOURS are the smartest. Mind you I massively dislike 2, 3, 4s and this is only my preference.

Those smiths are a good choice.
I would be dubious of that website. There are colourways that never existed on there. Almost def fakes/repilcas even if 'cheaper'.

but you already knew that hahah >>60435
Albert Blythefield - Mon, 14 Sep 2015 23:53:32 EST SMmcc+um No.60439 Reply
Dissapointed with who Rami Malek actually is but I still lold.

Fuck the whole 'I aint black, cant wear that' bullshit everything is worn ironically nowadays anyway.
Im 5'8, white with freckles. Im not hip-hop and Im not 'fashionable' I draw influence from high end designer, winter, thrash/metal and roadman. (shit, maybe I am fashionable) My shoes are for my vibe that day not always for how I want to be percieved.
Alice Hirrydock - Tue, 15 Sep 2015 04:55:49 EST 5ZYniE18 No.60443 Reply

Yeah I kinda turned my back on colour a year or two ago, my entire wardrobe / shoes is basically a dark brown/green/khaki/camo/black colour palette. The most colourful shoes I have are the green and red dunks in original post.

Threw in the gazelles as a wildcard. They are part of casual culture, thought anon was from USA so figured he would shake off that association and have a different pair of shoes to most people. Plus imo gazelles look street as fuck, it's just that the associations aren't there in the same way.

I'm with u on the futures, I didn't wanna overcomplicate things though.
Samuel Cripperdale - Tue, 17 Nov 2015 12:06:12 EST kua9OQxi No.60561 Reply
1447779972975.jpg -(77612B / 75.79KB, 780x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I recently bought some Air Jordan 1's

And the Lebron 13's written in the stars
I don't know why people are hating on them
Samuel Cripperdale - Tue, 17 Nov 2015 12:07:42 EST kua9OQxi No.60562 Reply
My next buy might be some AF1's
not sure which colour way though
Shit Grimspear - Sun, 17 Jan 2016 18:22:20 EST 5ZYniE18 No.60663 Reply
1453072940989.jpg -(159454B / 155.72KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Currently wearing these. You should look up AF1 on ebay and see what comes up - sometimes you catch rare badboys for no money.
Aamir - Tue, 26 Jan 2016 03:10:12 EST rqtLU6LE No.60668 Reply
i want to buy this in Pakistan wat it will b cost i want in bulk
Oliver Nushdock - Thu, 28 Jan 2016 17:25:41 EST kua9OQxi No.60671 Reply
I am broke as fuck, haven't bought anything since my last posts :(
I really want some new kicks and oh lord if I only had the cash I would have bought the aj 72 10's. I am also looking for some foams.
Oliver Nushdock - Thu, 28 Jan 2016 17:31:49 EST kua9OQxi No.60672 Reply
Depends on the shoe. I don't know anything about the import charges in Pakistan but they are high here in Europe.
James Greenridge - Wed, 20 Apr 2016 17:04:26 EST kua9OQxi No.60845 Reply
I live in a bumfuck city in Europe and holy shit, the amount of assholes wearing fake 350's in my city is annoying as hell.
The worst part is that I know peeps that actually think that they aren't that exclusive.
Ebenezer Chugglecocke - Fri, 22 Apr 2016 17:15:38 EST kua9OQxi No.60848 Reply
Now there's a dude I know who got some fakes. He'd probably insist that they are real.
I don't really care, I am just naturally bothered by people's shallowness to purchase
something, that isn't even the real thing, just to up their social standing amongst idiots.
Augustus Bonninglen - Mon, 25 Apr 2016 05:32:32 EST 5ZYniE18 No.60849 Reply

OP here. As a sneakerhead, I disagree - especially for 350s.

Shoes went on sale, immediately sold out. If you were caught lacking, you missed the retail price and several seconds later the shoe price rose upto 3 times the sticker price. This means a lot of people can't afford that shoe anymore, it's just a stupid price.

It doesn't mean it's outwith their ability to own or finance, but the price no longer reflects the product and is now about the reseller's making their money.

A lot of people reject that sort of item and buy a fake of it because they don't see it as that big a deal. They like the shoe, would rather pay $40 and have a good time.

The shallow people upping their social standing just seems like a narrative you've weaved, rather than anything with much basis in reality. Nobody is getting their social status raised through fake yeezys.
Cedric Soblingfield - Mon, 25 Apr 2016 14:25:21 EST URvvGlb5 No.60850 Reply
>The shallow people upping their social standing just seems like a narrative you've weaved, rather than anything with much basis in reality. Nobody is getting their social status raised through fake yeezys.
Riiigghht.... Ever heard of popculture? Maybe if you are in more mature and sophisticated social circles, then sure.

>Shoes went on sale, immediately sold out
Exactly, that's why when I see 350's I am going to assume that they are fake, especially in my city that didn't even release any 350s. There are only x number of them in the world, how many more are fakes?
I mean, are you seriously going to believe that the average non-sneakerhead guy is going to buy a pair of 350s for 800 bucks or more?
Buying something fake demonstrates their shallowness.
Edward Brinningdot - Mon, 09 May 2016 08:16:31 EST V7N3Ab3j No.60878 Reply
1462796191548.jpg -(87008B / 84.97KB, 900x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is it still acceptable to wear moonboots? Back when I was skating I had a pair of DVS Bexleys and they were by far my favorite shoes just down to comfortability. Apparently they were swapped out for these Enduros since I can't find Bexleys anywhere these days. But I'm thinking of picking these Enduros up.
William Codgekeck - Thu, 21 Jul 2016 13:49:37 EST 6vZhigK4 No.61008 Reply
Bought some AJ 1 lows
classic red/black/white colorway

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