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420chan is Getting Overhauled - Changelog/Bug Report/Request Thread (Updated July 10)
Mandelbrot Sound Ignore Report View Thread Reply
James Pondleforth - Tue, 16 Jul 2019 11:19:34 EST Dm5a4wRL No.79502
File: 1563290374706.jpg -(7712B / 7.53KB, 299x169) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 7712
How he was able to create a fractal sound ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wJY4BZhQzc
James Pondleforth - Tue, 16 Jul 2019 11:19:54 EST Dm5a4wRL No.79503 Ignore Report Reply
I want to understand how he did it.
Edwin Pickstock - Tue, 16 Jul 2019 18:33:15 EST zCQgmjjm No.79504 Ignore Report Reply
I think the video is supposed to be pretty self explanatory.
From what I've seen he is starting with a ray from the origin (0,0) and 0° degrees. Then measure the distance to the first edge of the madelbrot set that the ray intersects. The magnitude of the resulting vector is then used as the first sample of the audio.
Then increase the angle of the ray, and repeat the process.

This is an interesting idea. you could even modify the sound if you pick different origins for the rays instead of 0,0 (should work as long as it is within the set)
or alternately use the same process with different Julia sets.

All in all neat idea!
I would find it quite interesting if this could be turned into an algorithm suitable for real time sound synthesis in a VSTI and such.

EMF waves protection Ignore Report View Thread Reply
FloydMcCunt - Wed, 10 Jul 2019 08:56:41 EST lge2ABxx No.79490
File: 1562763401237.png -(142383B / 139.05KB, 1914x861) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 142383
Basically if a person is affected by nearby electric equipment or where stuff is plugged in an outlet, are these waves coming from the wall socket and through the extension adapter as well. Can these waves be minimized as in the B example by plugging in a 20m long extension cord in a wall socket from another room. Will the EMF waves only come from that wall socket or will it also be in the cord? by analyzing the picture you know what i want to accomplish / figure out so how would you go about plugging something in while minimizing the radiation?
Eliza Claywell - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 09:35:26 EST TimgSTjl No.79501 Ignore Report Reply
>Basically if a person is affected by nearby electric equipment or where stuff is plugged in an outlet
this doesn't' happen, its been repeatedly proven as psychosomatic several times

>Studies on EHS individuals
A number of studies have been conducted where EHS individuals were exposed to EMF similar to those that they attributed to the cause of their symptoms. The aim was to elicit symptoms under controlled laboratory conditions.

>The majority of studies indicate that EHS individuals cannot detect EMF exposure any more accurately than non-EHS individuals. Well controlled and conducted double-blind studies have shown that symptoms were not correlated with EMF exposure.

Chem Career Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Betsy Pickhall - Mon, 21 Nov 2016 20:49:40 EST BYwX2ie4 No.78355
File: 1479779380113.gif -(4391142B / 4.19MB, 480x304) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 4391142

Chem BS here. I formulate construction products. Pretty damn good at it. But I believe I've reached my salary cap and I'm only 3 years in.

I want to switch fields to make some real money and not just the bread crumbs I currently get in exchange for my research and ideas, but don't know what to branch into. The only things that make sense to me is:

Chemical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

or just saying fuck all and doing


What you think?

I like chemistry but fuck the industry that reaps the rewards of great minds while giving back a pittance for reward.
11 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Thomas Babberstetch - Sat, 17 Dec 2016 05:09:31 EST ynqcZ6AY No.78405 Ignore Report Reply
Ayy fam you gotta chill out. You're not making enough money? That's not a problem with chemistry, that's a problem with the company you're working for. You gotta shop around. You're talking all about how you improved their product line, that's some resume shit. Maybe your next step is staying with chemistry, maybe it isn't. But don't take one bad job as indicative of the field.

I'm a chemical engineer working in drug design. I make artificial peptides to target protein interactions. I really enjoy it, and it pays well. Just gotta find something that works for you.
Shitting Pickham - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 09:22:40 EST BBYN7ZKo No.79499 Ignore Report Reply
good advice.
Cornelius Buzzlock - Sun, 14 Jul 2019 01:13:44 EST e/tiK1BA No.79500 Ignore Report Reply

We have kinda been doing this to ourselves in commercial/industrial chemistry. The BSc. In chem has become very "cheap", oversupply of people with really poor skills due to falling academic standards in US university.

I would love to see ACS or the RSC come out with a formal licensure or certification for professional chemists in different specialities.

I manage BSc. chem and bio graduates that can't tell me why phenol is more acidic than methanol or do basic solution prep and analytical calculations.

For those with BSc. specialized experience becomes very important, but you will always be salary caped under 100k. Likely that you wont break 50k untill 5 yrs experience.

MSc. and PhD. people will get better starting salaries and can leverage themselves into higher positions with less professional experience.

Im an MSc. working in a very specialized industrial area and I make twice the salary of a PhD. academic. Get a side hustle consulting in your area of expertise or tutoring for standardized test prep (MCAT, GRE, pharmacy, dental)

BUMP WHEN LEARNING Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Fuck Brivingmat - Sat, 21 Apr 2018 22:40:48 EST +0GOZxpM No.79082
File: 1524364848505.jpg -(34547B / 33.74KB, 497x385) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 34547

This thread is for neat facts. not fun facts .
Post here when you learn something interesting, and then I'll read it and think "Wow! Neato!"
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Bressbastus Werrywag - Sat, 12 May 2018 02:42:36 EST +BoDDLT6 No.79102 Ignore Report Reply
hey you forgot about the truly ancient indians who invented fireworks and artillery
Katsuragi !hZYzX5/C3s - Thu, 24 May 2018 13:47:59 EST pMrrl6aC No.79116 Ignore Report Reply
Although argon is non-toxic, it is 38% denser than air and therefore considered a dangerous asphyxiant in closed areas. It is difficult to detect because it is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.
Shitting Pickham - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 06:33:49 EST BBYN7ZKo No.79498 Ignore Report Reply
1562927629267.jpg -(36488B / 35.63KB, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Air bubbles can freeze

Water under pressure can cut

Fuckin Minerals Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Lydia Bingernudging - Tue, 07 Aug 2018 01:29:22 EST dl9lAnzN No.79190
File: 1533619762885.jpg -(386783B / 377.72KB, 955x861) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 386783
Need some help guys. So for ???? reasons I'm making a program that models geological systems and mineral formation. Does anyone know of a good source of information on the crustal prevalence of various minerals? I obviously can't simulate every mineral known to science, but I want to get an appropriate swath.

Much appreshes.
8 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Alice Bommlegold - Fri, 10 Aug 2018 09:27:27 EST 28EjEn0d No.79202 Ignore Report Reply
I don't know if you are familiar with Dwarf Fortress, but the guy who programmed it knows a lot about geology and has already done the same thing you are trying to do. Maybe if you ask him he will show you where to look or maybe even help you.
Edward Cittingway - Fri, 10 Aug 2018 14:52:56 EST dl9lAnzN No.79203 Ignore Report Reply
1533927176929.gif -(237606B / 232.04KB, 640x622) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ah thanks but no, those guys are notoriously tight lipped and the complexity of Dwarf Fortress is far beyond the pale of what is necessary or would even be functional for my purposes. Besides, at this point Dwarf Fortress is well studied within the gamedev community and it's easy to get references about how it works without having to bother those two guys.

Definitely though what I am working on has some broad similarities in terms of making a world simulation that leans on emergent properties, but I'm basing it on real world science and chemistry rather than fantasy. Instead of 'mine 5 generic shits and 5 dire poops to craft 1 epic turd' it will be 'collect 75 kg water, 25 kg bacteria, 5 kg protein and 20 kg sugar to make 100 kg of epic turd'
Shitting Pickham - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 06:13:58 EST BBYN7ZKo No.79497 Ignore Report Reply
1562926438267.jpg -(61185B / 59.75KB, 940x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is that bismuth? I thought that bismuth was an alien metal when I was younger.
Adamantium and vibranium? Bismuth & mercury beats them both!

climate change Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Frederick Trotson - Tue, 07 Aug 2018 05:17:20 EST qv3Bs+v/ No.79191
File: 1533633440593.jpg -(96517B / 94.25KB, 1024x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 96517
How fucked are we? Are there any viable solutions? How will the world look like in 50 years? 100years?
Forgive me if this isn't the right board but i'm too hot to do a lot of effort.
27 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Hannah Bocklechot - Wed, 22 May 2019 17:33:34 EST 8Lh4u3KX No.79421 Ignore Report Reply
AIFK it's just modern civilization that's threatened. We are highly dependent on industrial agriculture that needs vast troths of irrigable land.

A medieval level society would do just fine.
Ironically so would one having fusion powered water desalination.
Esther Bardbury - Thu, 23 May 2019 10:07:38 EST PmkIrL66 No.79422 Ignore Report Reply

why wait?
Shitting Pickham - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 06:04:17 EST BBYN7ZKo No.79496 Ignore Report Reply
1562925857267.jpg -(111291B / 108.68KB, 1024x972) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Climate Change is happening, no question about it. The only question is *HOW* will it affect the environment.

Giant Robot Pilot Training Video Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Shitting Gattingworth - Sat, 30 Mar 2019 12:45:04 EST QW41opDA No.79340
File: 1553964304065.jpg -(451746B / 441.16KB, 1620x842) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 451746
Since my baby, the Engineering board is gone, I guess this goes here.

Megabots have released a "training video" showing how they pilot Eagle Prime, the monster that defeated the Japanese giant robot.

Man, it's a pity Canada never got old Neogentronyx' NMX04-1A Big Red walking.
Lillian Sottingdale - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 02:59:12 EST ASaGNcKH No.79471 Ignore Report Reply
1561273152287.jpg -(9660B / 9.43KB, 474x265) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I prefer naval engineering
<3 Gotland sub
Shitting Pickham - Fri, 12 Jul 2019 06:00:59 EST BBYN7ZKo No.79495 Ignore Report Reply
1562925659267.jpg -(55572B / 54.27KB, 600x265) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Rocket Science at home
Just add Potassium Nitrate....

how does the infinite sound illusion affect the brain ? Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Ian Trotdale - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 16:59:12 EST Dm5a4wRL No.79494
File: 1562878752996.jpg -(15422B / 15.06KB, 225x225) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 15422
how does the infinite sound illusion affect the brain ?



Living past 122. Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Phyllis Fassleworth - Tue, 09 Jul 2019 16:35:39 EST MjqcGRw1 No.79486
File: 1562704539144.jpg -(127598B / 124.61KB, 1280x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 127598
So far, humanity's all time high score for living is 122 years and 164 days.
That's using the old fashion technique of health, wealth and happiness.

What I want to know is, if we cheated nature a bit with current or future technology, how long could we live?
3 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Alice Blythebury - Wed, 10 Jul 2019 14:28:54 EST MjqcGRw1 No.79491 Ignore Report Reply

That's not what I asked man.
Isabella Suffingwill - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 03:41:11 EST d7Xsimm/ No.79492 Ignore Report Reply
Jeanne Calment's backstory was fake, she was really on 99 when she died
trypto - Thu, 11 Jul 2019 13:15:35 EST e7DBlkgA No.79493 Ignore Report Reply
LOL. Sorry.

Here's my understanding. you have the genetic lottery that makes you predisposed to all sorts of things: cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, depression, diabeetus, etc. Then you have the socio-economic lottery of what you are or aren't exposed to while growing up: carcinogens, education, physical trauma, heavy metals, emotional trauma, poor diet, etc. Then you have the lottery of what actually happens. If you don't have a predisposition to cancer, and you grow up living a healthy lifestyle... there's still a chance you can up and get cancer. DNA mutations happen. You could just get really unlucky. It's like each year, you're rolling the dice on that 0.5% chance of cancer, or cracking your skull on the pavement. Shit happens.

But when people luck out on all of those lotteries, there's still just a large chance of dying when you're past 70, and it keeps getting worse every year. The max that humans can live to about 115 if they luck out on those first two lotteries. But then aging catches up with those lucky people. Blood vessels weaken. Skin weakens. The immune system weakens. Even if you're living healthy, there's still slight damage to your lungs and heart every year. Those are the general effects of aging. It's an entire field, and people have been obsessed with it for thousands of years. 10 years ago, there was a lot of talk about lengthening telomeres (the ends of chromosomes) as a cure-all for aging, but I think that's fallen out of favour.

There's a few model organisms scientists study for clues about how to lengthen lifepan. Obviously, they're curious about turtles because they live so long. but they're really tough to study. Naked mole rats are an interesting model organism. They're rodents, but they can live to around 30 years. Compare that to brown rats, which only live 2 years. But they're pretty similar genetically. That's why they study them - because mouse and rat biology is extremely well-studied. Look up the naked mole rats.

IF we were able to slow down (or stop) the aging process, then a human could theoretically live until they're unlucky enough to get hit by a bus.

Earth 2.0 Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Shit Nicklewill - Mon, 24 Jun 2019 21:15:40 EST 6GuGraLS No.79474
File: 1561425340761.jpg -(226587B / 221.28KB, 1300x731) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 226587
Let's discuss how we could update and redesign our global infrastructure and cities, as well as building new ones, in order to better utilize the latent global energy available. Thermal/kinetic/wind/water/solar energy into electricity, and built into our infrastructure and cities. Can we utilize biotechnology? Nanotechnology?

>What would be the hardest parts of this process? It is too costly to redesign the old? Should we just build elsewhere? Maybe even in space or other worlds?

>What should these new infrastructure/city designs be like? Are there certain geometries or naturalistic patterns we can mimic to make our structures more efficient at weight bearing, flexibility, etc? Something out of Stark Trek or the Venus Project? The word "ecopotia" comes to mind here.

>Can it be done before we succumb to environmental collapse in the next 10-100 years?

>What will have to be changed socially, culturally, economically for these changes to make a meaningful lasting impact on our world for the better?

Try not to be assholes in this thread, let's get some good ideas going, show us /stem/'s got what it takes. SLAYER
3 posts omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Doris Commerchitch - Fri, 05 Jul 2019 03:46:37 EST YxLq1TDJ No.79482 Ignore Report Reply
Centralize populations into super cities that are as environmentally friendly as possible eg. Urban forests. Let the Flora & the Fauna regenerate. What does it require? Humans wanting to live together & not in there area of choice. Also all countries working together. So take that as an easy or a hard thing.
Caroline Pimmerfud - Fri, 05 Jul 2019 17:57:11 EST Jip0VezS No.79483 Ignore Report Reply
I like this idea a lot. Eliminate suburbs, but make cities VERY livable. Good mass transit and walkable neighbourhoods. You need good quality, accessible housing stock and good parks everywhere.
Hedda Fablingshit - Tue, 09 Jul 2019 14:38:28 EST ISfiqZPW No.79485 Ignore Report Reply

the obstacle here is that our society is governed by corporations and states not by human interests

The sound of mathematics Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Jarvis Greenman - Wed, 19 Jun 2019 00:47:30 EST Dm5a4wRL No.79458
File: 1560919650905.jpg -(84380B / 82.40KB, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 84380
Annon how do you think the sounds that were created with the help of mathematical formulas affect a person ?


9 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Walter Gabberwill - Thu, 27 Jun 2019 10:14:20 EST Dm5a4wRL No.79475 Ignore Report Reply
where findings from?
Alice Guckletere - Sat, 29 Jun 2019 21:25:07 EST kw9+2JdB No.79478 Ignore Report Reply
Yes! Music follows mathematical rules. Every form of art and medium of expression follows some sort of rules. Sculpture is affected by materials and tools and the properties of those. Cooking is chemistry.

Music isn't just maths in the time signatures but in the notes. Any given interval has the same ratio of frequencies. Every time you go up an octave it's always twice the frequency, 7 semitones down is the same fraction whatever the note it's down from. Every instrument's tuning is about making it vibrate. A good musical instrument is a feat of engineering and precision.

That said you can still break out from normal musical notes. The maths and science of music just gives you a reliable toolset with predictable results that allows you to mesh your ideas with other musicians and instruments using the same language. With any form of art knowing the rules lets you understand how to translate actions into outcomes, not what you should feel or what you should make.What you do with or without this framework is where the art is.
Ebenezer Murdfield - Sun, 07 Jul 2019 19:05:00 EST 9ZEZotI7 No.79484 Ignore Report Reply
There are ways of creating music mathematically by using algorithms. Also machine learning and pattern recognition has allowed for genres of music to be analyzed such as classical music. All the rules, scales, etc. are then used to construct new pieces of music that are indistinguishable from something a human wrote.

As an electrical engineer, what I really find fascinating is the relationship between the Time Domain and the Frequency Domain. In particular the Fourier Transform and implementing it in algorithms such as the FFT. With the FFT you can deconstruct an audio signal in time into its constituent frequencies and plot their amplitude on a graph. Essentially being able to look at any waveform with respect to time and being able to determine the frequencies that make up that waveform. That shit blows my mind and you'll find some awesome stuff online about it. Fourier Series animations are pretty trippy.

I also just found this Wolfram site that allows you to generate random pieces of music following some user customizable rules. Tones.wolfram.com

I don't understand the problem in making sustainable fusion happen Ignore Report View Thread Reply
James Randi - Tue, 23 Apr 2019 11:30:45 EST LIARuhXT No.79377
File: 1556033445586.gif -(2481121B / 2.37MB, 480x303) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 2481121
Explain it to me a lay person.
The issue is they don't have enough energy to:
A) Create and sustain a reaction long enough
B) Also power the containment of the whole reaction at the same time
C) Generate this whole reaction not at some massive net loss of energy.

Maybe I'm stupid or over simplifying this. Why not hook one of these big fancy Chinese reactors directly to say a gigantic hydroelectric dam (or other renewable resources) that more or less generates infinite huge amounts of energy and use those to power reactors?

Pretty stoned.
15 posts and 5 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Lillian Sottingdale - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 03:04:28 EST ASaGNcKH No.79472 Ignore Report Reply
1561273468287.jpg -(321674B / 314.13KB, 1600x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hot fusion is hard to control; that's the problem. Fusion left to itself makes explosions ala hydrogen bombs.

Let's NOT talk about cold fusion.
James Randi - Sun, 30 Jun 2019 07:52:51 EST 0ZtUa/pQ No.79479 Ignore Report Reply
No one has answered the question in my OP.

I was thinking use hydro power act as like a starter battery and back up power to sustain the reactions untill you can get them running on their own power.

Sort of like an electric starter in a car (from my basic mechanics knowledge...i don't claim to know a ton about engines).
trypto - Tue, 02 Jul 2019 14:59:29 EST L5MY1jTl No.79480 Ignore Report Reply
I thought the main problem was just a materials science issue? like, they don't have materials suitable to contain a fusion reactor at scale. I forget where I heard that.

UNCLE FESTERN BOOKS Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Hugh Geddledale - Fri, 08 Jan 2016 21:26:41 EST gtW0pF7l No.77510
File: 1452306401219.jpg -(50179B / 49.00KB, 500x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 50179
hello there /chem/ I've been reading uncle festern books and I would like to ask:

is this serious chemistry to be applied? what do you think of his methods? good, bad or dangerous?

thanks, SLAYER to all chems (seeing Bombastus still here is great as fuck, I've been outta here for long time)
15 posts and 4 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
press !QUHukXEvkY - Tue, 09 Feb 2016 12:44:51 EST MD/oThse No.77644 Ignore Report Reply
yes, just burn the evidence. while were at it, burn the forrest down, just to make sure there are no witnesses
then continue with self immolation, that way you wont fail any urine tests
Lillian Sottingdale - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 02:56:50 EST ASaGNcKH No.79470 Ignore Report Reply
OP image is for the chemical of protein?
Fuck Claystone - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 19:51:15 EST ISfiqZPW No.79473 Ignore Report Reply


Light Ignore Report View Thread Reply
Cedric Tillingstone - Fri, 26 Dec 2014 02:34:37 EST 5BjIx1Ou No.75944
File: 1419579277601.jpg -(80538B / 78.65KB, 720x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 80538
Is it visible without anything to reflect off of and if you cannot see the source of it? I'm in a room lit only by the computer monitor, waiting for someone by my open window at night and the thought just randomly occurred to me and I thought I'd hear your guys' thoughts on the subject.
6 posts and 1 images omitted. Click View Thread to read.
Angus Novingstone - Sun, 13 Dec 2015 16:35:02 EST u8+Bwmjx No.77431 Ignore Report Reply
or just ya know, use a half reflective plate that way some light passes through anyway
Molly Sabbercocke - Sat, 02 Jan 2016 18:31:11 EST 5xtVf077 No.77490 Ignore Report Reply
1451777471784.gif -(2090770B / 1.99MB, 500x335) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Not so fast!
This isn't completely wrong.
If you could build a box out of PERFECT mirrors
If you could keep the mirrored box from losing ANY energy over time...
then following troll's procedure would result in
the input light bouncing around ~forever
However, you could never use the light for anything for anything or observe it, since doing so would consume the meager amount of energy stored by the endlessly reflecting photons.
There is an electromagnetic component to this as well, but I'm pretty sure that a PERFECT mirror keeps reflected radiation from losing energy due to electric or magnetic forces.
Given, perfect mirrors don't exist, and likely never will... however with really fucking good mirrors you could get the light to hang around for longer.
Cooling the entire setup to nutsack shattering levels would help with duration as well.
Lillian Sottingdale - Sun, 23 Jun 2019 02:54:52 EST ASaGNcKH No.79469 Ignore Report Reply
That's the speed of darkness. Haha.

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