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Your recommended method of extracting DMT?

- Sat, 18 Aug 2018 10:13:51 EST Udk0Y39+ No.79204
File: 1534601631648.png -(365367B / 356.80KB, 602x452) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Your recommended method of extracting DMT?
I was looking up how to extract DMT and apparently it's most commonly done with Mimosa Hostilis root bark. Looking at the guides it's very MacGyver tier. I'm saying I'm wondering if there is a more professional way of doing it. Essentially I'm asking, if you ever looked into extracting DMT and if you have the chemistry background, what methods of extraction do you prefer/recommend and do you have any advice regarding it? Perhaps a mistake that commonly diminishes the quality of the extraction or some deviation from the existing guides to end up with something more pure.
trypto - Sat, 18 Aug 2018 15:30:50 EST OdR7meD+ No.79205 Reply
Rotovaps make chemistry much, much, much easier. That's a device that evaporates solvents very quickly.

Solvent choice is also very helpful. The amateur has to choose between a few commonly available solvents meant for shit like paint-stripping. Professionals can choose a solvent that has analytical standards, and is harder to obtain (can't get at the hardware store).

Pros also have better filtration systems. This is less expensive than the rotovap, and not as much as a time save, but still very helpful.

TLC plates help keep track of whether or not product is there (so you can be more efficient when pulling).

Better ventilation is nice.

Lab freezers are better than home freezers, and usually have safeguards to prevent blowing up.

In the end, if you have white crystals, it's a reasonably pure product. Crystallization is cool like that. However, a well-stocked lab will get higher yields in less time.
Edward Digglepadge - Thu, 11 Oct 2018 22:40:06 EST Ub0k3Gmq No.79242 Reply
When doing TLC I am separating by molecular weight, no? If so, how do I predict how many bands I should get during these sorts of processes?
Sry if these are silly questions. I am a physicist only familiar with a bit of chem, mostly spectroscopy.
puress - Fri, 12 Oct 2018 13:48:21 EST bibGzGaZ No.79243 Reply
TLC is most often distribution chromatography ( with a smidgeon of absorption chromatography) , meaning its more about polarity of the substances than about their weight itself (though there often is an indirect relation between weight to affinity). you basically have a solvation hull on your substrate and the mobile phase flows above that, depending on the polarity of a substance it moves between the stationary and the mobile phase, thus seperating from other substances. ive made a nice animation for that shit but im too paranoid, ill see if i find a comparable animation

in theory you should get one band per compound of your mixture but high concentrations or an unsuitable eluent may lead to streaking and improper seperation depending on the number of theoretical seperation stages.

in the OP scenario TLC would only serve as an analytic tool, even column chromatography couldnt really yield a lot of DMT doses

youd be seperating by molecular weight if the different compounds had no intrinsic dipoles. i used to hate chromatography since its such a bitch ass compromising bullshit way of seperation... wait theyre all based on equilibrium
purrbastus - Sat, 20 Oct 2018 04:31:22 EST L5efXmCV No.79256 Reply
you can do TLC on a large enough plate after plating it on glass and then chisel the silica or alumina off it to extract it back out

you can do that up to like 2g of a sample depending how many silica coats you do and how patient you are. works for analytic and organic chemistry. definitely not for others. but then again, if you're operating with fucking oxymorphone or dmt or cocaine for personal usage, this may be viable.
pupress - Thu, 25 Oct 2018 16:21:28 EST KFcL1XHa No.79269 Reply
put my gold fish into the bath tub so that the aquarium is free to serve as a tlc chamber

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