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3 dimensions

- Sun, 22 Mar 2020 22:41:32 EST dtSIBdev No.79813
File: 1584931292149.jpg -(303148B / 296.04KB, 2560x1600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 3 dimensions
so i know a lot of you have probably come upon this internal conflict before. Why is space in three dimensions? it might not make sense to some, " well 3s odd, shouldnt space be an even number?"

but lets think about this in more detail. the most primary counting system is Binary. You need two numbers to count and form numbers, 0 representing no value, and 1 representing a value. The counting system is formed by associating the two primary values to positions associated with the base of the counting system to a power.

so for a 2 digit counting system, 0 and 1, you form numbers based on the associated sequence 2^position, ie 2 primary units of counting, base 2.

so forming a number goes something like this 2^0 represents the first digit, ie 0 and 1 are represeted by "0" or "1", ok so what about representing 2 or 3?

well 2^1, would be your next expansion, so 2 would be 2^1(1) representing a value here, and 2^0(0) representing none; three would be 2^1(1) and 2^0(1) representing a value for both, ie 3="11" and 2="10"

ok so what does that have to do with space? well lets think about this, values are represented as 0 and 1, either having a value or none, and counting is formed with 2 ie "10" as its foundation. So what is space? well its representing a value past our notion to count and form values, ie representing a value of 1 past our notion to count Ie "11" or 3

so in reality 3 dimensional space shouldnt be associated as an odd number but having a value past our notion to count, ie existence.

So if we extend that, what is our notion of time? or how some mathematicians and physicists put it, the dimension after space? well obviously it doesnt represent a value, but follows the trend of the next heirarchy past our ability to count ie 2^2, or in binary 100, so what is time if not an extension of our notion to count but not yet maintaining a reprehensible value, ie a location in space?

thought this was interesting, please discuss
Henry Lightworth - Sun, 22 Mar 2020 22:46:54 EST dtSIBdev No.79814 Reply
better way of visualizing it
0 nothing
1 a value
10 counting
11 dimensions of space
100 time

the number 3 is actually the 4th value in a counting system, ie representing something

1 value
11 space

0 nothing
10 counting
100 time

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