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Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum 7.1 Headset Giveaway!

G933 Giveaway     Discussion Thread
Bumpin While Stimmie by SashaButterfly !kGydCRC8c2 - Tue, 24 Jul 2018 17:55:51 EST ID:85/l751n No.287653 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1532469351987.png -(1786813B / 1.70MB, 988x988) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1786813
Other one wasnt bumpin so WHADDUP STIM.... BWS up in here

Been a min, I been busy on discord running promotions for 5k+ plus member servers using sexy WoD tabletop and tryna start off private camming and being a general faggot.

Aint been bumpin but I been doing plenty of PUREST CLEAR ish tho. Hope ya'll been well, tryna get my game on lock, but fuck all that I'm experiencing the first domer I had in maybe months off smoking and its lasted 40 mins so far so... thats cool. Fuckin YEET.

Keep stimmy peeps and BUMP IT UP! <3
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Phineas Wadgecocke - Wed, 12 Dec 2018 13:32:22 EST ID:8Hu8PF5n No.289490 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Taken 210mg of adderall over the past two/three days, was already up for 18 hours when I got my script filled after staying up to go to my psych appointment to get more scripts, been up ever since. been trying to be a little bit more conservative with my usage this time, but have only been minorly successful given I'd typically have taken about 255-285mg by this point.

idk why i do this p much every time i get my script regardless of the day of the week i get it on (which in this case was monday), since i work in a factory doing lots of quick and physical labor on 11 hour shifts working night shift. my job performance isn't typically all that improved even on the first day where I'm not sleep deprived since I'm pretty fuckin excellent at my job anyway and i've worked it long enough now that it's entirely second nature and automatic, so i pretty much zone out almost the entire time or think of random shit. typically on sleep deprived days i do just as fine too, but sometimes it gets pretty painful from muscle tightness and unconscious jaw clenching and shit.

what's really strange to me this particular binge is that i usually start hallucinating in a way that's a cross between a psychedelic and a deliriant pretty decently after the first night up, and then hallucinate a fuckton all the following days i'm up, but i'm like not hallucinating at all yet, and nothing about my habit has really changed such that this would be in any way an expected result. honestly i kinda like hallucinating my balls off after being up this long, makes things more interesting.
Archie Chipperfuck - Wed, 12 Dec 2018 21:06:03 EST ID:LesdTX5N No.289491 Ignore Report Quick Reply
> honestly i kinda like hallucinating my balls off after being up this long, makes things more interesting.

one of my favorite thing back in the day when i was speeding hard, was smoking a bowl when i was finally crashed from the last dose (day 3, or 4 or 5). I was already hallucinating from sleep deprivation and high dose speed, then even a small bowl sent me to outer space.
Fucking Billingville - Thu, 13 Dec 2018 03:03:34 EST ID:BSS/uM3n No.289496 Ignore Report Quick Reply
mg45 Adderall a monster and a goddamn coke zero
to laundry day my friends
Cyril Dillysot - Thu, 13 Dec 2018 10:19:52 EST ID:MuJDgYwV No.289497 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1544714392167.gif -(1920994B / 1.83MB, 332x332) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Just got off a 28-hour bender, which ended in high amounts of alcohol and ambien. Slept for a good 16 hours. Ready to mash the accelerator again. 60mg dex down the hatch, and 20 in the snoot. YEEEEEEEEEEHAW
Benzofury !DmIYq/V7hg - Thu, 13 Dec 2018 19:21:17 EST ID:lbK/9W7c No.289501 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1544746877661.jpg -(58429B / 57.06KB, 500x497) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No, stimlionness/sasha is not me.

10mg addy bump, just to taper after too many days on it.

Extreme muscle pain Adderall XR by Samuel Gobberdale - Mon, 19 Nov 2018 22:11:53 EST ID:fPfmw1kg No.289213 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1542683513282.png -(1929556B / 1.84MB, 1920x1080) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 1929556
Is it normal for Adderall XR (Extended release medication) to cause extreme back pain to the point of feeling hot pains and being unable to bend without being immobile?

I did not have this problem before switching to adderall XR.

Steps I have tried to check.
  1. Dehydration- I drink at least 3L of water a day
  2. I sleep and eat enough.
  3. I attempt to stretch my muscles but it causes immense pain.

When I am off XR the pain goes away, anyone else have these issues?

I am laying in bed in pain, it feels like electricity running down my legs and I cant move.
Jarvis Semmleputch - Wed, 21 Nov 2018 12:06:38 EST ID:uUnQVFK2 No.289227 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The drug has nothing to do with it. Atleast directly. You are likely new to stims. They make you so focussed on a task, you stay for hours and half-days in nearly the same position. Your muscles are being damaged, by unlike you'd do normally, you don't notice it. When stimming, it's extremely important to catch up on vitals manually (as you already described). But some light stretching isn't gonna cut it. (And obviously, you came too late for that -- dont stretch once your muscles are already injured). You need to do atleast light cardio everyday on stims. Also take protein.
Beatrice Neblingbig - Mon, 26 Nov 2018 22:05:15 EST ID:9J3r516A No.289266 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1543287915569.jpg -(3292108B / 3.14MB, 1232x1728) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Try supplementing magnesium (chelated, not oxide) and potassium (bananas).
Molly Clillyham - Thu, 13 Dec 2018 16:32:43 EST ID:WlGVOSwR No.289500 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I definitely find that stims can cause tense muscles and hence back pain. TMJ tension and pain as well (hence "meth mouth").

ANYONE GOT THAT NEED FOR SPEED? by Cyril Dovingworth - Mon, 28 May 2018 21:12:50 EST ID:dKCkoX90 No.286563 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1527556370414.jpg -(8466B / 8.27KB, 227x222) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 8466

SNORT SNORT SNORT. ahhhhh yaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
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Sidney Hettingson - Sun, 02 Dec 2018 15:08:01 EST ID:+tg/SW28 No.289312 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I wanted to make a long rambling post, but I couldn't really think of anything to ramble on about...
Graham Firringnock - Sun, 09 Dec 2018 05:36:51 EST ID:u3I0v95S No.289434 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1544351811897.jpg -(126487B / 123.52KB, 960x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Jenny Monkinhood - Sun, 09 Dec 2018 23:15:25 EST ID:pC2ufDEa No.289454 Ignore Report Quick Reply
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jJZA-O_B78&t=252s used to be a personal fave while stimming.
Jenny Dedgebit - Thu, 13 Dec 2018 00:25:37 EST ID:qnZgExvZ No.289493 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Such a great thread guys
Fucking Pegglefoot - Thu, 13 Dec 2018 15:57:49 EST ID:la7PmGeL No.289499 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Gibs back Assclowns!!

"duh yeyo is stepped on pick meth bro its bettwr hurr fucking durr" by Jarvis Cacklehork - Tue, 04 Dec 2018 10:57:28 EST ID:/uAF4Ea3 No.289336 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1543939048838.jpg -(154460B / 150.84KB, 750x1334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 154460
Y'all faggots can't get good yeyo for the LIFE of you!
11 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Caroline Nozzlewut - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 20:30:43 EST ID:4N9qWPbK No.289468 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1544491843283.jpg -(39016B / 38.10KB, 325x448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
yeah but cocaine girls suck., meth girls are for real in thatt shit
Jenny Simmerheck - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 20:50:41 EST ID:7AWvojjg No.289469 Ignore Report Quick Reply
>meth """""""""girls"""""""""""
Hannah Minnerbot - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 22:13:14 EST ID:tE7jyZ2M No.289470 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Iv coke all the way, pussay. I did 2 grams to myself last night (Doing .2-.3 shots, only railed a small bit. It was good shit, a bit laced with meth but thats a bonus. Glad I had a couple valiums on hand as well as acouple brewskies and smokes and to top it off, good bud. I've seemed to have nailed th3e comedown broas
Jenny Dedgebit - Thu, 13 Dec 2018 00:15:33 EST ID:qnZgExvZ No.289492 Ignore Report Quick Reply
your cocaine in the picture is 30 to 40% pure which is really fucking high in the US actually. Its what people would claim is fish scale
Wesley Wengerlock - Thu, 13 Dec 2018 02:12:30 EST ID:VoQ6YqSw No.289495 Ignore Report Quick Reply

Thanks bro I'll take that as a compliment, the strip said it had a high concentration so i'd hope for that

magick by Caroline Crimblepare - Sat, 25 Aug 2018 04:55:46 EST ID:4unpcCwM No.288024 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1535187346773.jpg -(34228B / 33.43KB, 640x344) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 34228
>go to church
>easly get out
>cold winter on your face.gif
>get high
your ways to get high in sunny days?
10 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Nell Sinningfoot - Wed, 29 Aug 2018 07:49:56 EST ID:09jxrimS No.288089 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1535543396313.jpg -(20165B / 19.69KB, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
then explain this
this guy was a fucking psycho, even though he could just sit behind front lines he was often leading attacks against russians, once he even captured t-34 tank all by himself and used it to break enemy defences
Panda5 - Wed, 29 Aug 2018 07:59:28 EST ID:e0sbv9cs No.288090 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Lol natural lighting on hitler, flash camera lighting on said pope. Pretty legit.
lol - Wed, 29 Aug 2018 09:20:39 EST ID:XrJolsW3 No.288091 Ignore Report Quick Reply

That's awesome
Caroline Buvingcocke - Thu, 13 Dec 2018 01:24:21 EST ID:pC2ufDEa No.289494 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The pope captured an t-34? wtf is going on ....
George Feggletut - Thu, 13 Dec 2018 10:44:00 EST ID:a5DRhH/3 No.289498 Ignore Report Quick Reply
That's true, he was like fucking Rambo back then

Dang it guys. by Simon Nundlecocke - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 21:21:36 EST ID:R9SytmlV No.289483 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1544581296883.png -(343522B / 335.47KB, 417x515) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 343522
So I partied a little too hard on whatever beta ketone is available in Europe now and instead of having fun night of crazy fap I ended up on full guard mode tying to catch some Ukrainans who kept looking up my windows.
Wasn't super scary but sure annoying as hell :(
Simon Nundlecocke - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 21:27:40 EST ID:R9SytmlV No.289484 Ignore Report Quick Reply
It wouldn't be hard that bad if I didn't have strong suspition it might not be just paranoia. My flat is on ground level with windows facing the street. And I'm pretty sure I have done some stupid crap during past few weeks.Wat do?
Jack Pimmleshit - Wed, 12 Dec 2018 08:31:16 EST ID:a5DRhH/3 No.289488 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Let me guess, poland?

Just got out of prison by Charlotte Drummersadge - Wed, 05 Dec 2018 16:12:17 EST ID:pC2ufDEa No.289362 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1544044337467.png -(23459B / 22.91KB, 557x135) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 23459
I missed you guys.

Did about 5 for possession of narcotics and trafficking stolen property 1st degree.

I really missed this place.

Glad to be home
41 posts and 13 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Matilda Bloshshaw - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 20:09:42 EST ID:cC7ohNiU No.289478 Ignore Report Quick Reply

don't let the trolls get you down. These cocksuckers are from circlejerk and the future. They're more than likely not long time 420chaners.

That being said, as a fellow meth head, I've been lucky to never be caught by the cops. Are you from a red state? Were the charges you mentioned in the OP your first offense? I'm always worried that one day I'm going to be busted for possession and loose my comfy software engineering job and spend a significant part of my life rotting in jail. Texas doesn't fuck around man....
Matilda Bloshshaw - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 20:13:12 EST ID:cC7ohNiU No.289479 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Oh shit nvm you're from AZ.

Heard terrible things about that state. So sorry this happened to you my man.
Molly Wazzlewell - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 20:23:16 EST ID:pC2ufDEa No.289480 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I mostly just ate ramen off there...kept it simple as that went the furthest money wise next to PB. You get shitty state jobs....pay like .10-.30 an hour tops (although some minimum jobs pay 1-3/hr)

To put that in perspective. 1 ramen soup was .64 when i left with prices going up all the time.

Friends? hah. Dude most of those people didn't say a word to me in prison and now that im out, aren't even messaging me on facebook. Fuck them.

My mom was cool came every weekend minus a stretch when my girlfriend died and then I got a dirty UA so they closed my visits.
Molly Wazzlewell - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 20:26:33 EST ID:pC2ufDEa No.289481 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yeah its stupid.
>>289479 Yeah AZ and i had a few misdemeanors but nothing major. Somehow they were able to classify me as a REPEAT OFFENDER and give me a lot of time (They were trying for 12 years flat) because i had different dates of offense, which is bullshit because if anyone does anything usually there is more than ONE date of offense.

If not that they'll slap you with multiple counts (Ie get busted with drugs? Possession, Paraphenelia for the bag, paraphenelia for the straw, para for your lighter, for everything, and then hit you with sales -the threshold for a "sales amount" of heroin for instance is 1g. lmao such rigged bullshit) and thats enough to get a "repeat offender" category. its such bullshit
Molly Wazzlewell - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 20:28:31 EST ID:pC2ufDEa No.289482 Ignore Report Quick Reply
elaborating a bit further...every 2 weeks I had about 9 dollars worth of pay...but I had family sending me money so I was alright....people who live in there alone are straight fucked

meth tips for a beginner by Shitting Crankindetch - Wed, 05 Dec 2018 15:41:52 EST ID:YsZDKGv4 No.289359 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1544042512406.jpg -(378319B / 369.45KB, 2592x1936) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 378319
So I just ordered 1g of meth. Have done various stimulants, but not meth.

Can you give me some tips?

Pic sorta related, part of my rc collection
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Fanny Huvingsick - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 15:50:35 EST ID:7qfBX1A6 No.289461 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Oral or plugged; https://erowid.org/chemicals/meth/meth_dose.shtml
Phineas Blendleforth - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 16:37:45 EST ID:jPpBHemg No.289464 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Fuck that gay butt playing stuff, just mainline it like a man

Just kidding, iv rush is awesome tho
Phyllis Blytheforth - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 00:34:48 EST ID:qB2pnZTH No.289471 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I would say, be prepared for the duration, and don't redose.
Phyllis Blytheforth - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 00:35:39 EST ID:qB2pnZTH No.289472 Ignore Report Quick Reply
well oral feels cleaner to me, you can do like 10-15mg oral and it feels like a decent stim. or smoke a point and get the drain bamage. but smoking has that rush.
Walter Brindlechut - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 19:04:21 EST ID:YsZDKGv4 No.289477 Ignore Report Quick Reply
thanks bros

Coffee quality vs coffee high by Ian Druddleham - Fri, 07 Dec 2018 14:29:36 EST ID:usvLu3sJ No.289399 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1544210976139.png -(89931B / 87.82KB, 500x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 89931
So I use coffee pretty much exclusively just for its effects, along with a whole assortment of drugs. I consider the caffeine high to be in the same ballpark as weed, or an LSD microdose, really distinct qualities and fluctuations I am sensitive to at different doses, usage rates and different times.

I always just use instant coffee powder, and I go through my own little cycles of tolerance and tolerance breaks. Right now I should be pretty tolerant and both the quality as well as the intensity of the coffee buzz is affected, I am starting to need more and it's becoming less of an experience with certain qualities (talkativity, slight amounts of empathy and creativity, mood lift, etc.) and more just a slight energy increase.

Completely out of character, I had a cup of cappuccino at uni today, freshly ground and freshly made and holy SHIT. It was a proper coffee high, the effect was amazing, like I'd just had a 2 month break or something.

So this got me thinking and wondering to what degree the coffee high is affected by coffee quality? I have always believed people went up the scale in coffee quality purely for taste... but now I'm starting to wonder. Do you more consistently get better effects from high quality coffee? What would you consider the best way to make coffee to get the most out of it for as long as possible, psychoactive-wise?
Frederick Bloffingford - Fri, 07 Dec 2018 21:10:52 EST ID:qB2pnZTH No.289404 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Is there a difference between coffee and caffeine (like tobacco and nicotine, cannabis and thc, mushrooms vs psilocybin, etc)
Cyril Publingham - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 20:16:23 EST ID:dj0a3Y6r No.289466 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Yes it's weird as fuck. I have legit narcolepsy & a legit script and many mornings a good dose of plugged Ritalin and several caffeine pills won't do shit as I continue to conk in and out of consciousness, but a strong espresso can hit the spot and wake me up enough to be able to sit in a chair and physically stay awake for longer than 60 seconds. After which THEN I do the same, said dose of ritalin which gets me the good stim buzz I expect to get in the first place.

Course, the coffee is only effective for a week or two, after which I stop drinking it for a week, and repeat. (FWIW I don't drink coffee at any other time other than those morning wake-ups where >200mg of caffeine alone would fail).
Eliza Bloffingbanks - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 20:23:44 EST ID:o9s+u5Qs No.289467 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I can confirm that there are alkaloids in decaffed coffee that are psychoactive. Something in coffee saturates the colors in my vision as if I'm getting an adrenaline dump.

When I take caffeine + l-theanine pills that effect doesn't happen. In fact the pills have a much less noticeable effect than drinking coffee and feel cleaner.
Nigel Femmerpan - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 14:21:09 EST ID:JM84krzQ No.289476 Ignore Report Quick Reply
A lot, I really feel for muricans when it comes to coffee.

I am a dumb baby can I take my Concerta twice by Jack Perringfick - Fri, 07 Dec 2018 21:43:58 EST ID:bIV+E6Ve No.289405 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1544237038222.jpg -(19440B / 18.98KB, 450x337) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 19440
I take 18mg Concerta every day of the week. I want to take another dose tonight and pull an all nighter to study for my final. Is that okay? Would I be risking anything or damaging myself?
Thanks for answers
Jack Sengerdale - Fri, 07 Dec 2018 22:37:28 EST ID:pC2ufDEa No.289406 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Lol. No OP, you'll be fine.

I've literally seen people slam 1.5g of meth and be normal after they come down and recover.
Rebecca Billingford - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 02:47:22 EST ID:3uXL1Ob4 No.289473 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Try not to make a habit of it though, all-nighters eventually put unnecessary strain on the body and make your tolerance shoot up.

My heart and moda by Betsy Fottingstone - Sat, 08 Dec 2018 17:31:53 EST ID:rejY/DP5 No.289420 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1544308313309.jpg -(24261B / 23.69KB, 200x439) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 24261
I got an acute myocarditis because of some shitty infection and now I cant take my moda. I try to cope with coffee but it seems like coffee is too hard to my heart after 2 cups.
Do you guys think I could start doing really small doses of moda from time to time, 50mg or 100mg?
I can drink or smoke and in my experiencia smoking was the one drug that really made my heartrate go up. Modafinil by itself not.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Ernest Fombleluck - Sat, 08 Dec 2018 22:12:55 EST ID:rejY/DP5 No.289430 Ignore Report Quick Reply
The concerns were arrhythmia which could lead to a heart attack, but it seems really unlikely, when that happens I just have to lay down and take ibuprofen, for some reason
Yeah, in my experience modafinil was really hard on my heart, cigarretes for sure, but I can take a few puffs, 3, without my heart hurting. I know is stupid but I just cant resist. Is not everday of course. Once a week or so. Hopefully I will be able to quit at some point.
afaik, modafinil isnt heavy on Norepinephrine, as other stims, so I really doubt a small dose as 100mg could harm me, right?
I will report on this when I give it a try, if thread doesnt die before. I dont think anyone here could care anyways lol.
Thanks for your reply.
I know it is not wise to listen to internet strangers instead of a doc, but I really sometimes need the moda to be productive in during the day. I'm usually sleepy as hell during the day and for some reason full of energy when the night comes, but I can live like a bat right now.
Ernest Fombleluck - Sat, 08 Dec 2018 22:13:35 EST ID:rejY/DP5 No.289431 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Wasnt* really hard
Priscilla Chirryfoot - Sun, 09 Dec 2018 20:21:00 EST ID:+tg/SW28 No.289441 Ignore Report Quick Reply

I see. Well, keep your dose low then if it is hard on your heart, and don't combine it with caffeine or cigarettes. I hope it all works out for you. Don't do it too often, and if anything feels like it is going wrong, please do call for help. Better safe than dead, right?

Oliver Bebberspear - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 06:13:15 EST ID:MzQ6NT3n No.289455 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I would preffer to quit coffee and go back to moda any time
Is there a way to quit coffee without getting that horrible heache?
Polly Dobbertid - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 16:57:55 EST ID:o9s+u5Qs No.289465 Ignore Report Quick Reply
I've tried to quit caffeine a few times. Always had to taper it because otherwise I would get withdrawal headaches. Real PITA 'cuz most people get caffeine from liquids. You can brew some coffee and dilute it, switch to tea, or get another source of caffeine you can easily measure. I would brew a pot of coffee, leave it in the fridge and mix a small amount of cold coffee into my drinks all day.

Working out by Nathaniel Norrychirk - Fri, 07 Dec 2018 15:36:35 EST ID:2X0py+iz No.289400 Ignore Report Reply Quick Reply
File: 1544214995482.png -(396900B / 387.60KB, 342x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. 396900
If you're a frequent stim user (say 3/4x a week), is it a waste of effort to work out on days when you're sober? Will frequent stim use just kill any potential gains?
Shitting Poggleshaw - Fri, 07 Dec 2018 18:50:04 EST ID:iSxqGjH/ No.289402 Ignore Report Quick Reply
1544226604132.jpg -(29298B / 28.61KB, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Huh? No. I take 30mg of dexedrine everyday and have gone from a ~9-10 minute mile time to a 7.5 minute mile time in about a year, working out ~3 days a week. Pic related is me.
Fuck Sangercocke - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 16:24:07 EST ID:B61UV0sm No.289462 Ignore Report Quick Reply
If your stim use also means not eating or drinking properly, and your goal is to put on muscle, then yes, its pretty much a waste of your time. If youre trying to lose weight, itll probably work, but it would be terribly unhealthy. If youre trying to get better at running, chances are youll wind up getting injured tendons, muscles, and joints, youll get really dehydrated with higher chance of heat illness or death, and rapid muscle breakdown/rhabdomyolysis which is deadly too.

This all assumes no sleep, no or almost no eating, and poor hydration habits though
Phineas Blendleforth - Mon, 10 Dec 2018 16:35:56 EST ID:jPpBHemg No.289463 Ignore Report Quick Reply
No, but I don't advise working out while on stims, it's just asking for trouble
Also what kind of stins do you do? Is it like caffeine and ephedrine or more like coke and meth?
Phoebe Hebbernure - Tue, 11 Dec 2018 13:27:16 EST ID:MuJDgYwV No.289474 Ignore Report Quick Reply
Honestly, I don't think it's a problem at therapeutic doses. If it were an issue, you'd see warning labels all over the prescription bottle, telling you not to do heavy exercise.

I've been working out on my regular 20mg adderall dose for a few months, and didn't have any issues. I am currently taking a break, due to an injury but I'm fairly certain it's unrelated to using adderall.

Above therapeutic doses, however, I think it's probably detrimental. One thing amphetamine does is allow your core temperature to exceed it's normal limits. Usually, your body would prevent this, but with amphetamine your body can reach dangerous temperatures. Definitely would not recommend doing extended periods of cardio on a high dose of amphetamine. Seems like you're asking for trouble. I would also caution against weightlifting, as it seems like you'd be very prone to hurting yourself / over-exertion.

TL;DR-- normal, medical doses of amphetamine probably will not hurt you, if you maintain healthy habits, and avoid high intensity exercise.

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