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I think I need an adderall prescription for it's intended purpose

- Wed, 12 Jun 2019 15:06:29 EST +TGGvFdo No.291141
File: 1560366389753.jpg -(42292B / 41.30KB, 791x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. I think I need an adderall prescription for it's intended purpose
I'm not diagnosed with adhd but now that I'm looking into it I'm 99% sure I have a very severe form of it. I've never been hyperactive at all but I'm extremely unmotivated and it's practically impossible for me to focus on anything or do anything productive I just get distracted and procrastinate for months without getting anything done and it's practically impossible for me to follow directions or learn new thing's. I've been rotting away in a room for year's as I have extreme anxiety to a point where i can't leave the house during daytime and now that I'm reading up about this adderall shit I want it badly. does it actually work? If so how do I get a doctor to give me it?
Emma Bunson - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 15:19:58 EST JKsqQeU3 No.291142 Reply
I'm going to be no help I terms of how you get it (I'm UK based) but from what you've just posted, I'm not sure you sound ADHD to me? Sounds more like depression so far in honesty, and then you have come across a medication that also has abuse potential to get you high and thought - oooo how do I get that?? Look I'm not knocking you man, but if you truly want medical help for your problems, let a doctor decide what you need based on the symptoms you present. If you just wanna get high, you might as well just say that here and forget the back story...
Nathaniel Babbledock - Wed, 12 Jun 2019 19:11:52 EST h/LcW3RQ No.291146 Reply
1560381112424.jpg -(61299B / 59.86KB, 728x546) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
How old are you OP? If you're 22-23 or under go NOW to your GP and say that you were diagnosed as dyslexic, apparently, while in primary school or at the start of secondary and that you got a spazzie-coach to help you and that you struggled with deadlines and constant feedback was around the fact that you were easily distracted, often said inappropriate (not necessarily offensive/lewd things but maybe just 'random¨', however that as your internal dialogue is often louder in your own mind you say things which are often percieved as others as inappropriate, or that people struggle to follow your train of thought). Say that you struggled with being given direction and could often fall into your own world. Say youre in further education now and the spazzie-support there has suggested that you would benefit from extra time and such but that they also strongly suggested you saw your GP. Say that as you got older it wasnt necssarily behavioural problems as in youre lazy or beligerant, but that they notice teachers often have to repeat things or spend more time with you than other students. Say it has historically made you feel insecure and that you were into lego and playmobil and shit while you were younger.

You WILL need a referral to a psychiatrist, not a psychologist, not some academic support worker but a psychiatrist. Whether you mention that you want a psych referral is up to you and depends on the doctor, but if you ask for one you are a hundred percent entitled to one and if the GP suggests otherwise, it depends on the GP and how they'll take it, and how you come accross as a person whether it will go down well if you say "can i have a psychiatric referral". Maybe mention that its stressing you out the idea of going to uni but make it clear the reason isnt because youre a mong but that the workload and given previous feedback, youre lacking confidence now about going to uni and your parents also agreed you should get wahtever support you need, and that they've always thought you might have something. Say even that you've considered not going to uni at all because of being put off by academia, but that you managed in some cases to do very good work - but that no matter what it always seems to take you far more time and energy to meet the same standards as your peers. Describe it as barely treading water.

This is also from a UK perspective, no idea how it works in your country and if it is also your right to see a psychiatrist if asking for one there.

For what it's worth you probably "do" have it as much as teh next person, ive had a diagnosis since i was a kid but i'm not going to be snobby agianst people who are older and think they haev it. If we all lived underground being tall would be a disability and sure maybe as little as 100 years ago you couldve been a farmer or a soldier or something else but the reality is today's society requires you (for the MOST part) to be able to succeed academically to make it in life. So whether or not you were born predisposed to being mal-adapted for sitting at a desk or not or whether you've become this way through hyper-exposure to stimuli doesn't really matter if prescribed ADHD meds help then why not try to get every advantage you can?

good luck
Sophie Buzzwell - Tue, 27 Aug 2019 13:39:35 EST ciXQjcv+ No.292142 Reply
>why not try to get every advantage you can?
You. I like you.
Cedric Pammlebat - Sun, 01 Sep 2019 09:35:12 EST gBXrV+L9 No.292198 Reply
Could you post information about captagon/gewodin/gewolen please?

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