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Vaping ice/meth safely

- Sun, 22 Sep 2019 01:41:32 EST M5EsJo85 No.292418
File: 1569130892491.png -(260478B / 254.37KB, 499x288) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Vaping ice/meth safely
SWIM is interested in trying it out & I want to make sure he's safe/doing it right. He'snot experienced in vaping(or meth) at all. He's allergic to vape juice.

What is the best possible/highest efficiency setup to get the most mg for mg?

He was thinking about getting the Aegis 100W vape(LCD w/ wattage control). He's thinking of making a 50-100mg/ml solution of meth and water. Start heating it up around 5-10w for 30 then up to 20-30w for vaping.

Meth's vaporizing point is over 212C, so I'd assume you'd want your vape to boil the water slightly hotter than that?

Thank you.
Jenny Wennersteg - Sun, 22 Sep 2019 05:08:18 EST IJsz2f3b No.292419 Reply
> vaporizing point is over 212C, so I'd assume you'd want your vape to boil the water slightly hotter than that?

lmfao this kid don't know chemistry
Fanny Baffingstit - Sun, 22 Sep 2019 09:40:01 EST qoKhtLf1 No.292421 Reply
1569159601339.jpg -(47660B / 46.54KB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The celsius scale is literally based on the boiling/freezing point of water.
How could you mess up that bad.
Am I being trolled
Reuben Bluffingchog - Sun, 22 Sep 2019 13:59:24 EST iWFWXy+4 No.292423 Reply
You know drugs really damage people brains when it's 2019 and they still use that gay shit believing that it would do anything to help them in court. Or maybe it's some paranoia from tweaking too hard and too long so now OP thinks gov agents are watching his every move online
Jenny Wennersteg - Sun, 22 Sep 2019 18:20:21 EST IJsz2f3b No.292424 Reply
you can't heat solutions beyond their bp dog that's why I'm laughing atchya
Albert Fenderlere - Wed, 25 Sep 2019 13:30:51 EST V5YPt+Kk No.292443 Reply
Maybe his using of SWIM doesn't mean dick and you're all so tweaked out you're overthinking yourselves into dementia? Eat some food and get some sleep you guys.
dr. m - Wed, 25 Sep 2019 18:17:10 EST l5nWHER3 No.292444 Reply

Don't vape stimulants man. It's just as addicting as IV pretty much. Technically it has a faster onset of action than even IV. My rule of thumb is to never vape/smoke or inject stimulants of any kind, and since I had a bit of a "fiending" problem about 3-5 weeks back for almost a month, I stick to strictly oral use ONLY if it's for mundane regular use, particularly if dosing alone (had received the wrong quantity of adderall IR, was 3 months too much aka double my normal script, and it was an irregular manufacturer that makes tablets roughly ~60% as large as normal, and crushed up ~3-5x more easily than the "normal" generics I always got...so they were WAY easier to snort/plug efficiently and conveniently with much less filler, especially for snorting. I know it's objectively mental addiction no matter what, but I considered it "fiending" over "addicted" because I only ever wanted to do more when I had already done some that day. Otherwise, I didn't really have any impulse to redose as long as I took it orally the next day).

I have NEVER had this or similar types of problems with other stimulants (whether modafinil, adrafinil, various nootropics, ritalin/concerta (both concerta taken whole and concerta with polymer layer peeled off, ground up, and eaten alongside the polymer pieces), focalin, what was supposedly ethylphenidate (I suspect it was either cut at least ~30-50% by weight or was a different RC entirely, as the required dosages for even 0 stimulant tolerance users and the particularly low oral bioavailability of the substance makes me skeptical...though I only bought ~0.5-3g packs maybe 2-4 times split ~50/50 between my ex-wife and I), dexedrine IR/XR, and likely a few others I can't remember.

So yeah, definitely treat vaping/smoking all stimulants (but particularly meth/mdma/crack, due to meth releasing either dopamine+some serotonin or all three (dopamine+some norepinephrine+ some serotonin), mdma releasing serotonin+I assume dopamine as it's a stimulant, and crack definitely releasing all three (dopamine+norepinephrine+serotonin) pretty heavily, as either almost as addictive or arguably equally addictive to injecting said stimulants.

While I'd argue that smoking/vaping stimulants is significantly less physically damaging than IV stimulant use when only using a so-called cotton "filter" or any pseudo-filter that's inferior to at least a 5ug micron filter (filters over ~99.9% of particles >5ug, but presumably less than ~10% of particles <5ug, if it even filters out any particles under 5ug whatsoever, which it likely may not), or (a relatively cheap option that's arguably preferable over a 5ug micron filter that's available in the UK/EU/possibly Western Asia or North America via internet) sterifilts (filters out >99% of all particles > than I believe 5ug in size and ~90% of all particles <5ug depending on just how small they are), when using proper 0.22ug micron filters, I'd say smoking/vaping meth is equally as bad for you as IV meth.

It makes "meth mouth" even worse, is SO fiendish, isn't particularly efficient to my knowledge (IIRC, oral meth is likely roughly equal to d-amph in terms of oral bioavailability, which is between ~75-100%), and the social stigma associated with smoking it (which I'd argue, at least a portion of that stigma is there for a legitimate reason).

I haven't seen clear evidence that meth is inherently more neurotoxic than adderall/dexedrine (especially adderall), but it is a somewhat bad sign that it has minor but significant serotonin activity. I've never consumed meth, but if I did I'd like to believe I'd only eat it, or at most eat/snort/plug it after an acetone wash or something.

Don't use that stuff more than 1-2x/week max, and be sure to weigh it out. Also, using just water for ecig "juice" is a HORRIBLE idea. Are you allergic to propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or something else entirely? You're likely not actually allergic to both. Figure out which one you aren't allergic to and just use that.
Lillian Bunnernedge - Wed, 02 Oct 2019 19:09:02 EST jtDSftT/ No.292489 Reply
Using a vape is probably a good idea as it introduces moisture into the vapor you inhale. Use a mod with temperature-control compatible coils and vape at 220.

Me, I wanted to get a taste of the poison addicts inhale every day. One or two sessions of hitting the oil burner (or "meth pipe") isnt going to do any significant or lasting damage/harm.

Careful tho, once you try it, inhalation methods of consuming methamphetamine are highly tempting. So easy to adjust your dose and get it just right... and you know right away if you need more
Lillian Bunnernedge - Wed, 02 Oct 2019 19:17:22 EST jtDSftT/ No.292490 Reply
Excellent post. I agree, avoid inhalation routes.

I've heard reports of methamphetamine's oral BA being as low as 67%.
Snorting - 70-75%
IV - 98%
Rectal - 99%
Smoking - I forget this stat.

My findings, generally.

I would say its worth trying inhalation once to have the experience under your belt but I would not recommend returning to it.

Ye have been warned! There be sirens on these seas, ever-inviting be their call...
dr. m - Wed, 02 Oct 2019 21:48:00 EST l5nWHER3 No.292491 Reply

IV is always inherently 100% (minus any quantity lost in the filter). An oral BA of ~67-80% or so wouldn't really surprise me. I do highly doubt rectal is above 95%, though it seems somewhat logical that either of the rectal or nasal ROAs are either equal to or mild to moderately superior than oral use (at least when consumed in fully dissolved solution and only using ~0.1-0.3ml per nostril for nasal use, and ~0.5-5ml for rectal use). As for nasal use of dry product, there's going to be high variation in efficiency in terms of BA %. I'd be surprised if dry nasal ends up being higher than oral, but I could easily be wrong. The BA of smoking/vaping has got to be closer to like ~50-66% or lower IMO, mostly because of heat variation though. Perhaps an accurate e-nail at the perfectly optimal temperature could end up being highly efficient.

I'll have to look into its BAs. Thankfully my doc pulled through on an "unofficial" extra stim script under the guise of a medication change back to dexedrine from adderall roughly 2-3 months before my next scheduled refill/script, so it looks highly likely that I can just dose (relatively) lower amounts than normal of addy, say around ~30-60mg/day instead of my "normal" ~75-90mg/day (tapered down from crazy ~120-360mg/day usage for a few weeks...probably around ~180mg/day).

If my dexxy script ends up taking like ~3-4 weeks to be filled, I might end up either running out entirely for ~2-2.5 weeks, or being forced to drop to something (relatively) abysmal, ;ike ~30-45mg/day, followed by a 3-8 days t-break. That's way better than the previously expected alternative of alternating between "low" dose, "responsibly" weighed oral dosing of racemix meth/d-meth and fucking propylhexedrine! I hate that benzedrex shit. It feels like an adderall that's 75% l-amph/25% d-amph instead of the normal adderall being the other way around. It's HORRIBLE.

Daily meth sounds so shitty though due to the serotonin release. I know it's largely a false equivalency, but if frequent/near-daily MDMA tells me/us anything, frequent use of a dopamine+serotonin producer+reuptake inhibitor is bad news for one's brain. It looks like if daily use "must" be a thing, then dexedrine is the best choice, apart from arguably ritalin/concerta supposedly ritalin is somehow magically less "damaging" than amph/d-amph over time, but I find the effects way too short in duration, generally inferior to amph, and the subsequent side effects to be HORRIBLE. No thank you!
Martin Blillerpack - Mon, 14 Oct 2019 22:09:50 EST IcdJibxl No.292633 Reply
Let me just preface this by saying I was daily adderall for many months and I've been on ice just about daily for around 4 now. I have a high tolerance.

I don't know man. I mix eyeball amounts of ice into my e-liquid, run it around 50-60 watts (no tc available with my coil) with no issue. It's the most low key thing on the planet and I can literally do it while I work. I honestly find oral works much better.

I do have an oil burner but don't use it that often. It does feel a little gross to use it.

I have never and will never IV anything, I used to plug but it's actually just an annoying process to do.

I don't think smoking vaping meth, depending on tolerance, is as crazy as everyone says. That's just me I guess. Honestly orally dosing is what really fucks me up.

I run a small business and have regular meals. I do pull all nighters sometimes but I am very productive when I do. Otherwise I sleep normally, maintain a relationship and friendships.

idk meth really isn't that wild. maybe street meth is fucked, or maybe it's just because my brain is wired different than most.
Martin Blillerpack - Mon, 14 Oct 2019 22:41:18 EST IcdJibxl No.292634 Reply

clarification: i've do street meth, only several different online sources

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