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- Mon, 07 Oct 2019 00:44:53 EST ++9+PLDf No.292536
File: 1570423493514.png -(272827B / 266.43KB, 615x589) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Adderall
I decided to plug around 15mgs of adderall like 9 hours after taking my daily prescribed dose of 60mgs (I know...) and I am so fucking anxious. I'm no stranger to high doses and have a high tolerance, but for whatever reason I feel terrified.

I am also prescribed 2mgs of klonopin a day and took that with the 60mgs.

When I began feeling anxious and physically uncomfortable after I plugged the 15mgs, I took some Vitamin C, then I took another 2mg of klonopin and ate some food. That was like 40 minutes ago.

My heart isn't beating out of my chest and it's not racing like it has in the past when I have taken a higher dose of adderall, but I just feel fucked. Not the normal tweaky geeked out feeling, but anxious + sense of doom + short of breath (prob the klonopin, some pressure in my head and subtle pain in my chest (different feeling than what I have felt from adderall in the past, more similar to what i've felt during a panic attack or high anxiety).

I don't know why I made this thread. I am sort of afraid to submit this because I fear that I am going to get a reply saying to "go to the hospital" or that I am fucked or something else.

Maybe I just want to hear that im going to be okay, and maybe hear about how someone took a bit too much, felt scared and that it turned out to be okay.

Maybe some advice on how to feel better? Maybe someone is willing to just talk to me for a bit?

Wesley Lightgold - Mon, 07 Oct 2019 01:47:21 EST UTj3+Zb/ No.292537 Reply
In the future, have with you some magnesium in a form with high bioavailability, like magnesium citrate of magnesium l-threonate. Combined with some water and food, taking magnesium usually gives me instant relaxation on adderall (will work for meth too).

I won't go into detail, you can research more into this if you want to, but NMDA receptors are co-localized with the dopamine receptors in the nucleus accumbens. Magnesium levels in the brain are significantly lower after taking amphetamiens for whatever reason, so taking the supplemental magnesium helps combat this issue. Typically this results in less intense drug seeking behavior and drug cravings, as well as muscle relaxation and mental relaxation (having at least some anti-anxiety effects).

Usually taking magnesium feels like it takes the edge off quite a bit, sometimes to the point I could fall asleep if i felt like it. Then again, I can usually sleep on adderall anyway, but it makes me actually want to from time to time.
Jenny Sallysedge - Mon, 07 Oct 2019 05:43:06 EST lHTkmA+k No.292539 Reply
Shit I'm fairly drunk, forgot to mention that the magnesium matters with the NMDA co-localization because magnesium binds to NMDA receptors and acts as a negative allosteric modulator, meaning it more or less acts as an antagonist at NMDA receptors depending on the NMDA activity (clogs of up the channel calcium channel and prevents it from being released, in other words preventing NMDA activity under the right circumxstances)
dr. m - Mon, 07 Oct 2019 16:20:36 EST l5nWHER3 No.292543 Reply
Be careful of assuming correlation is causation, particularly when you're taking multiple extremely, extremely powerful psychoactive drugs. This could have easily been "caused" by the previous klonopin done wearing off and the subsequent rebound anxiety all benzos cause. Other than that, it was most likely caused by placebo, especially if you've never tried plugging amph before.

While plugging amph has a shorter onset of action compared to oral use, the bioavailability is nearly the same. Oral amph BA is supposedly ~75-100%, and assuming rectal BA is say ~95% or less, say ~90%, that's only a maximum of 20% increase in BA, at the cost of potential powder residue loss, addy-filled liquid loss, and your bowels not being completely empty. IMO, over time, plugging rectal amph on a daily basis likely is a net loss in effective BA due to these reasons.

It's also possible that at least one of the two amph salts in adderall that are 50/50 d-amph and l-amph have a higher BA increase when consumed rectally than the relative BA increase for the two amph salts that are 100% d-amph. This would result in increased negatve side effects compared to when taken orally.

If you can, I HIGHLY suggest convincing your doctor to switch you to ~60mg dexedrine. Even if they're overly informed and insist that you switch to only 45mg dexedrine because it's pretty much equal to 60mg Adderall (though I'd argue that l-amph is roughly 25% as potent mg for mg as d-amph, meaning that dexedrine would arguably be only ~24.75% stronger than adderall mg for mg, instead of the often assumed 33.33% stronger)./[%]

Not only will you be able to effectively boost your daily script from 60mg to 80mg addy, it's important to know that dexedrine has a LOT less negative side effects compared to adderall, ESPECIALLY at doses arguably above ~30-40mg per day. The only problems with dexedrine are that it's way to expensive without insurance, the highest dose tablets that are made are only 10mg for IR and 15mg for XR, and they're often harder for your pharmacy to source than adderall. That's why I typically have my doctor script me ~2-3 months of dexedrine at once. Otherwise I'd be waiting ~7-20 days for just 30 days worth of meds every month.

I can't wait for my new dex script to be filled. I'm so tired of adderall's bullshit physical norepinephrine-related side effects. Even if pure dexedrine has less physical "push" than adderall, that can easily be solved by taking a smaller portion of adderall instead of your amph dose being entirely adderall. For example, instead of taking say 60mg of adderall (which contains ~15mg of levo-amph), you could take say 40-45mg of dexedrine with 15-20mg adderall. That way, you do get a minimal amount of levo-amph so you're up and moving instead of jerking off or gaming all the time, but it's only ~5mg l-amph or less. This means less high blood pressure, less anxiety, slightly slower heart rate (assuming you're taking the same amount of d-amph as before, so you're not just taking 60mg dexedrine instead of 60mg adderall), and most of all LESS INSOMNIA (l-amph has a half-life that's like ~1-2.5hr longer than d-amph, so when you crash it's mostly just l-amph in your system...hence the irritability).

I am also scripted 60mg adderall, but for the first time in over a year of being scripted this stuff, I had a binge pseudo-addiction problem of taking more than prescribed because my doctor fucked up the script and wrote me over 1 month extra in quantity. As I need to taper in order to not run out before the new script is filled, I've tapered down from as much as fucking ~90-200mg+ per day to "just" ~52.5mg today. Every day I drop by 7.5mg, and intend to get down to 37.5mg minimum, hopefully 30mg.

Not to be too arbitrary, but chances are that more than 30mg adderall or 22.5-25mg dexedrine per day just plain isn't good for your body whatsoever, especially if it's IR taken all at once. Besides, I'm sure you've realized that using doses as high as ~60-90mg/day, or especially over 100mg/day, makes the dopamine/"high" part of amph go away almost entirely, while a large portion of the norepinephrine-related "push," that causes anxiety/insomnia/excessive BP/HR increase, and other problems at higher doses, seems to remain.

Definitely consider trying to taper down, or at least dose lower on days you likely won't "need" adderall's effects as much. Daily dosing high levels of amph without magnesium, various NMDA antagonists, and other helpful supplements is bad news eventually. It's "only" been maybe ~15 months since I started on adderall (originally like ~20-30mg I think, off and on switching between dexedrine and addy depending on insurance, but eventually got it boosted to 60mg/day maybe ~6 months ago).
Nathaniel Blackcocke - Sat, 12 Oct 2019 03:29:42 EST G7SIcE9f No.292596 Reply
imo, fuck adderall that shit makes me feel like my hearts gonna stop i need like 8mg klonopin to feel ok after dextroamphetamine
dr. m - Sat, 12 Oct 2019 17:18:01 EST l5nWHER3 No.292611 Reply
Adderall and dextroamphetamine aren't the same exact thing. Pure d-amph is notably more smooth.

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