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Quitting compulsive amphetamine use

- Sat, 12 Oct 2019 02:12:20 EST 6IsEgU07 No.292592
File: 1570860740172.jpg -(30317B / 29.61KB, 639x435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Quitting compulsive amphetamine use
Long story short, I've had a script for dexedrine for almost a decade. Been using it on and off, recreationally and medicinally. Right now I'm in a position where I need it for school, but only like 10mg two times a day tops, and I do. However I also use it almost daily when not studying, just to "give me energy". And also recreationally on weekends.

Neither of those two improper uses have actually given me any real benefit. I just go into this auto pilot mode where I feel good and energized but my actual well-being and productive output is the same at best. So I figured I should restrict myself and only use it for studying, never "just because".

What should I expect cutting out 20-50mg of dex daily apart from study doses? Been on this dose for about a year. I hope to get more in touch with my real me, and get rid of the kind of automatic robot-like existence that I've felt taking over more and more.
Frederick Lightville - Sat, 12 Oct 2019 03:29:32 EST Ofz4egDm No.292595 Reply
Every habit is hard to kick. Including addictions.

You have to manually reprogram the robot, which takes some hard human will and discipline.

Introduce something into your life that will take over the habit of dosing. Every time you would dose, do 25 pushups or eat an orange or drink a liter of water.

It could be anything, just start replacing your use schedule with something productive.

When I stop amphetamines, I find it helpful to remind myself about the energy it would bring. The drugs provide your mind with wakefulness, but it's really YOU utilizing that energy. You've used for so many years that I think you could placebo your brain just through memory.
dr. m - Thu, 17 Oct 2019 22:12:35 EST l5nWHER3 No.292662 Reply
You should taper relatively slowly, as in maybe reducing by as little as 5mg every 3 days. Stick to oral dosing only, and don't crush up your tablets before you eat them. Perhaps change up your dosing schedule so you don't take 20mg all at once twice a day. Try doing something like 10mg then 10mg one hour later, followed by 10mg one hour earlier than your normal second 20mg dose of the day, followed by the last 10mg dose one hour after the third 10mg dose (or otherwise at the same time as you usually take your second 20mg dose of the day). Doing it this way will reduce the "rush" you get from each dose (particularly the first of the day) without significantly changing your ability to get to sleep each night.

While dosing more times per day arguably results in a higher frequency of dosing "rituals" that can actually make mental addiction worse, in this case I'd argue that the benfits outweigh the possible negatives. Even if you drop to 35mg tomorrow and take it the way I suggested (10mg after waking up then 10mg about ~45-90min later...then few hours later roughly ~45-60min before you normally take the second 20mg dose, take 10mg, then again ~45-90min later take the last 5mg), the extradosing frequency should be able to partially "quench" your metaphorical thirst to dose more than 2x/day like you currently have trouble with.

Again, just drop to 35mg, remain at 35mg/day for ~2-7 days, and then drop by 5mg again. If you want the best chance of not feeling like shit for weeks and weeks before your chemically stabilize, then yeah stick to 5mg reduction per week. That should only take you ~4-10 weeks to drop down to a slightly less absurd d-amph dose of 40mg/day.

I'm not judging, as I'm scripted 60mg addy IR/day (equal to roughly 45mg d-amph) and recently had roughly a 5 week period where I was realistically using more like 90-180mg/day (average was maybe 120mg addy/day, which is ~90mg d-amph). However, that doesn't change the fact that 40mg d-amph, let alone fucking 60-110mg d-amph, per day is an ABSURDLY high, unhealthy dose! I mean Jesus, 30mg d-amph is considered quite a high dose, and is arguably the highest dose that most doctors would be comfortable saying isn't guaranteed to be unhealthy for you as long as you're under say ~45 and don't smoke. It just seems like you think that 40mg d-amph isn't even all that much, as you say "only" 40mg d-amph. Was/is your doctor not clear on how unhealthy 60-120mg of d-amph is? That's equal to about 80-160mg of adderall/day!

Luckily I'll be switching from 60mg addy IR/day to 60mg d-amph IR/day (80mg addy equivalent) in less than a week. Still, it was important to taper down roughly 7.5mg every 4 or so days under my daily dose was "only" 30mg addy, aka 22.5mg d-amph. If we're being real, anything over 22.5-25mg d-amph or 30mg adderall per day every single day is just plain bad news for your cardiovascular system. Hopefully you'll be able to at least drop to 20-30mg d-amph/day over time, and perhaps stick to dosing higher but somewhat more reasonable doses such as ~40-60mg d-amph a maximum of once a week.

Do you take clonidine or another alpha/beta blocker alongside your amphetamine? Definitely ask a doctor before taking alpha or beta blockers with your stimulants (one or the other is not safe to take with amphetamine), but for me clonidine is a godsend in reducing the long term accumulative cardiovascular harm incurred by 75/25 d/l-amph.
William Nicklehall - Fri, 18 Oct 2019 05:43:19 EST 3iecUTkf No.292665 Reply
Doc often say you should try to taper after 1 year to see if you still need it and/or get use from it.

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