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Best medication to treat ADD?

- Mon, 21 Oct 2019 09:50:48 EST 3iecUTkf No.292697
File: 1571665848120.jpg -(136311B / 133.12KB, 914x1212) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Best medication to treat ADD?
Anyone has long term experience with Vyvanse, Dexamin or other options to medically treat attention deficit disorder? Alternatively some good online boards or resources where people share their thoughts.

I've been on Vyvanse for 2 months and the positive effects are great. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks I started getting "the crash" which became rather unbearable. Before adding a compensating medication for the crash, I thought I'd try an IR Dexamphetamin (Dexamin) and see if it makes a difference, as read online. Taking it for 4 days now and no crash so far, but obviously it's too early to tell. Oh yeah and just for the record, before all that I had to take Methylphenidate which pretty much was just side effects with barely any positive effects.

TLR: What is the overall best medication to treat ADD and if a crash is inevitable, what is the best medication to moderate it.
dr. m - Tue, 22 Oct 2019 15:11:49 EST l5nWHER3 No.292705 Reply
Vyvanse has the least noticeable crash, followed by Adderall/Dexedrine XR. Vyvanse is probably the best choice for ADHD, assuming you don't want to use modafinil instead as it's safer. Some people prefer adderall over dexedrine or dexedrine over adderall. Recently I've switched to dexedrine (most to get a "free" dosage upgrade of 33% more than my regular adderall dosage), and honestly it seems way less physically stimulating compared to adderall.

I don't have formal ADD/ADHD though, so maybe my experience isn't relevant to you. I technically get it off label to help "treat" MDD and opi/benz-related PAWS.
Fanny Poggleted - Tue, 22 Oct 2019 18:44:07 EST +m2TUOm6 No.292706 Reply
Pure dextroamphetamine (dexedrine... or Dexamin, as the OP calls it) is much better than vyvanse for me. For some reason, vyvanse would only last 3-4 hours for me.

I’m prescribed 30mg of dexedrine a day btw. OP, what country are you in where dexedrine is called dexamin?
Jenny Creddlenire - Tue, 22 Oct 2019 21:58:33 EST /bQr8nRY No.292707 Reply
That guy's face looks photoshopped onto his head, but it is not a shoop... Right?
Martha Sizzlewadge - Wed, 23 Oct 2019 07:18:44 EST 3iecUTkf No.292717 Reply
1571829524955.jpg -(257012B / 250.99KB, 2048x1363) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Odd. For me the comedown on Vyvanse is a lot more stressful compared to Vyvanse for some reason. The Vyvanse crash makes me angry and moody. With Dexedrine, I just get really lazy and relaxed after 3-4 hours (10mg), which isn't even necessarily a bad thing if I dose it right during the day.

Switzerand. Vyvanse is also called Elvanse here.

Not a shoop.
Jah - Thu, 24 Oct 2019 16:53:31 EST SgW1F8N4 No.292731 Reply
Was reading a court case over someone getting a government check over being in-between add and adhd
Basil Fenningville - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 08:28:10 EST Op5Xz8tf No.292752 Reply
Been on vyvanse for about 19 months, works wonders if you eat and sleep correctly, Do have to take ritalin in the afternoon tho to stay awake.

You should try magnesium too, that helped me out a bunch :)

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