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Is there a way to extend a Benzedrex experience?

- Sat, 26 Oct 2019 06:09:38 EST S9LoofJO No.292750
File: 1572084578799.gif -(1726435B / 1.65MB, 350x475) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Is there a way to extend a Benzedrex experience?
I've done 250 mg and 500 mg extractions.

Suprisingly my heart rate doesn't sky rocket with either of them, i don't know about my blood pressure so i'm thinking of trying 750 mg.

Anyways, does anyone know of a way to extend the Benzedrex experience?
Can't get many other amps atm so don't tell me to switch lol.

I'm just asking cause Benze for me only lasts like 4 hours then i get the comedown which isn't that bad but i would like it to last longer.

Any synergies or potentiation potential?
dr. m - Sat, 26 Oct 2019 15:53:36 EST l5nWHER3 No.292756 Reply
That's a totally normal duration. The drug is short acting sort of like ritalin IR. There isn't much you can really do about it. Definitely, definitely do not exceed a 500mg dose for any reason. Personally I never exceed a 250mg dose and only take it a maximum of once a month, usually less. It's dirty shit.

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