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building pcs

- Tue, 28 Jan 2020 00:16:50 EST 272o9m/s No.293618
File: 1580188610379.jpg -(189981B / 185.53KB, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. building pcs
Been gone for about 9 months dealing with some personal life shit. First post back.

Sup boiis

Just build a PC for a buddy off some d-amp salts

i7 9700k
16 GB 3600 DDR4
1060 gfx card

whats one of your hobbies?
Shit Clopperkadge - Tue, 28 Jan 2020 15:57:22 EST NKWdxOZE No.293627 Reply

building a harem with my somewhat charismatic ego and some spiritual bs
ON 'THE OFF' SMITH - Tue, 28 Jan 2020 19:18:44 EST h+HP6NA+ No.293631 Reply
1580257124974.jpg -(1880352B / 1.79MB, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Doin' huge lines.
I've been told it mostly all goes to >Drip >Oral ingestion.
but I never gave a fuck. that is my shit.
Cyril Tootbanks - Tue, 28 Jan 2020 19:34:17 EST fu8T7Fei No.293632 Reply
readin,?mainly fiction along with physiological textbooks

im collecting all of the parts i need in order to rig an IV cat with bag and hose

im gonna be so fuckin great
Archie Madgefoot - Wed, 29 Jan 2020 19:48:36 EST ujTEzZy6 No.293638 Reply
reading books on philosophy, finance, and economics.
Betsy Gaddlehack - Fri, 31 Jan 2020 01:31:25 EST ujTEzZy6 No.293650 Reply
two most recent books i read over winter break were "milton and rose friendman - free to choose" and "the man who solved the market"
i use this site for downloading books: https://b-ok.cc/
Lydia Gunkinhood - Sat, 01 Feb 2020 12:27:39 EST 47VDVUzA No.293663 Reply
air jordan on my flip-flops
kill me now if I did it all for hip-hop

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