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Friend went into psychosis

- Sat, 08 Feb 2020 05:26:19 EST 9gvVGzZo No.293752
File: 1581157579253.jpg -(7030B / 6.87KB, 145x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Friend went into psychosis
So my friend just started doing stims again and went on a 3 day binge and ended up hallucinating that there police that were coming to his house to get him. Ended up freaking out and getting pissed at me for not beleiving him. Didnt hear anything from him until a few days later and today he came on a image board and let us know hes in a psych ward and there was no cops and hes not in any legal trouble. Yet hes still pissed at me and wont talk to me.

Did I do anything wrong? Should i even care? I felt bad at first because I thought I was trivializing a serious situation, but not it just seems lke hes being childish about this. It still looks like he wants to believe a part of that night was real.

At one point he was saying he was seeing spirits, robots having battles in the sky, and people hiding off far away in bushes taking pictures of him and watching him.

To me thats textbook paranoia and delusions of persecution.
Augustus Blatherworth - Sat, 08 Feb 2020 05:29:09 EST 9gvVGzZo No.293753 Reply
sorry i didnt add enough detail. He freaked out that they were coming and took his bag of stims and ran out of the house and hid the bag somewhere and then came online to tell us he was hiding from the police and that they were coming for him. at that point i tried to rationalize to him that he was in psychosis and more than likely hallucinating all of this to which he got real pissed and basically told me to fuck off for not beleiving him. After that he got offline and I didnt hear anything from him until now
Clara Gullerded - Sat, 08 Feb 2020 07:20:56 EST 8DuXJMrj No.293755 Reply
dear op,
i think the last thing to say to any psychotic person is that they are hallucinating. You really don't know what is and isn't real in that state (been there). Having said that you haven't done anything morally wrong so don't beat yourself up about it, I'm sure you didn't mean it badly. If I were you and if possible I'd reestablish contact with your freind and apologize for disbelieving him. The biggest problem for someone in psychosis is a total distrust of everybody and everything in the world, so that they can't talk about their problems.

So just listen to what he has to say and ask what he thinks should be done, how you can help him etc.. If you know, in that state, that you at least have one friend, one person you can trust, that makes a world of difference. One person who takes you seriously, who doesn't dismiss you as crazy... then you can digest what has happened to you and return to the 'real' world without fear. You just need somebody to tell you not to worry and everything will be alright and stick by you as a friend.
Fanny Pommleshaw - Mon, 10 Feb 2020 06:13:14 EST 04+LUbNK No.293778 Reply
Ay, OP.
Stim psychosis is a rather normal part of stimulant use. The key is to go to sleep once the psychosis begins, and not to dose any more stims. Then, avoid staying up for as long and/or taking as much to avoid psychosis in the future. Everybody makes this mistake at some point. It's avoiding this that leads to a healthier relationship with this class of drugs.

Maybe fetch some antipsychotics for him to dose if that happens again. Olanzapine and haloperidol are both great options for treating stimulant psychosis.

Also, eat and sleep. Dose less. Sometimes I wish these stim users had trip sitters to help them stay out of harm's way.

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