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Self medicating dexamphetamine for ADHD

- Fri, 27 Mar 2020 03:32:30 EST zhN/2nfr No.294244
File: 1585294350075.jpg -(5168B / 5.05KB, 462x231) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Self medicating dexamphetamine for ADHD
Thinking of self medicating dexedrine. I've had inattentive ADD/ADHD symptoms my entire life (I'm 30) and it's ruining my productivity and my life.

The "system" in place to see a psychiatrist in Australia is a fucking joke and the wait times can be over a year (that's if they don't cancel the appointment). GPs have been dismissive as soon as I bring up ADHD. Since I've been out of the country on and off, I've never successfully managed to see a psychiatrist.

I'm not a big drugs guy, I used the usual psychedelics, weed, ecstasy in my early 20's and I'm not worried about getting addicted. The thing I'm worried about is long term amphetamine effects on the brain, shortening of life span, permanent loss of dopamine, shit like that. Can anyone enlighten me?

I plan to take 5mg, and only take it every second or third day when I really need to hammer out some work.
speeddreamin' - Fri, 27 Mar 2020 10:39:21 EST KMyqdtoL No.294245 Reply
So long as it comes in the proper pharmaceutical form in medical doses it should be alright. I've tried using methamphetamine to medicate my ADHD but you have to measure it out and put it into capsules or good fucking luck.

You'll want 5mg in the morning and then 5mg 6-8hrs later to cover the whole day if it's IR, otherwise, you'll only get 6-8hrs of coverage.
DTMO - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 06:04:27 EST WdmTGF6O No.294256 Reply
They are pretty tough on stimulant scripts here and psychiatrists are extremely hesitant about adult ADHD diagnoses.
DTMO - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 06:06:37 EST WdmTGF6O No.294257 Reply
Oh, also: see GP -> ask for referral to psychiatrist -> go to psychiatrist appointment

It's not really that arcane.
Ernest Fendleteck - Sun, 29 Mar 2020 21:47:36 EST s7zupMj+ No.294260 Reply
At the dose and schedule you describe I can't imagine you would have much if any bad side effects. Dopamine downregulation, although not necessarily permanent, has been observed with higher daily doses, but not at the dose you describe. Neurotoxicity certainly wont be an issue, even at higher doses the connection is unclear and usually conditional on other factors.

I would say, if you are disciplined, then it is probably worth trying it out.
Phineas Meckleseck - Tue, 31 Mar 2020 05:14:38 EST TK9kHojn No.294269 Reply
(Warning: Stimpost below)

I might live on the other side of the world, but where I live is almost as hysterical about giving ADHD prescriptions as Australia.

I literally just came home from picking up a ten-dollar 100x10mg box of generic methylphenidate, which was the first medicine I got for my ADHD diagnosis (I'm 25, but everything you say about ADHD ruining lives fits on me).

The catch, I think, is that most psychiatrists are briefed on spotting drug-seekers, and especially in Australia (nanny state, outside of drug smuggling routes, previous problems with OTC drug epidemics), that probably leads to a lot of false positives.

I was at one shrink and brought up ADHD, and immediately he went like a Moai statue and started repeating the words "You have Asperger's and no medicine works on Asperger's" in different combinations until I got the clue and left.
That guy was an asshole too. Good riddance.

I signed on once again and waited for months.
This time, my shrink was a reasonable human being with real empathy, someone who was a real psychiatrist with faith in science instead of a cognitive therapist woo-woo who gets off on dismantling people psychologically.
One step forward.

I waited for a month, met up and told her my problems as they were, without mentioning any diagnoses or medications (I know it's hard not to open your fucking mouth when you don't need to, and harder to open it when you do need to - just keep focused on telling what you feel and experience and not what you've been told works.
It "paid off".
Sertralin/Zoloft - to real medicine what flying over Colorado is to smoking weed. Bleh.

I waited for two months on that shit. It was not nice, but SSRIs make time feel like it passes thrice as fast. I mentioned how I felt afterwards to the shrink, who decided that if it was working I'd be feeling it (one of the reasons it takes time to get a diagnosis is that most commonly prescribed psychiatric medicine takes time to work, and that means it takes time before people come firmly out of the system and you can get in).

What I got was little better.
Vortioxetine( Trintellix/Brintellix) - ostensibly a cutting-edge antidepressant with almost nootropic properties, but for me just a $2 a pop emetic. I puked snack salami matter all over my boots and immediately decided to stop.

Third time's the charm, I figured, and went again.
Duloxetine/Cymbalta. Meh. Better than the others by virtue of not working as well. No puking, no temper swings, but still the same brain fog and general feeling of ew.

I waited for two months on this but stopped taking it halfway, which I told to the shrink and she was understanding. She brought up something I'd mentioned way in the beginning - ADHD, which I have my nurse mother's statement on - and while she was just trying to hedge her bets (I don't come off as ADHD because I overcompensated and on top of that only ever had spergy friends), I got the diagnostic questionnaire to take home.

Bingo, jackpot and four in a row. I got so many positives that if I'd actually lied on any of them it would have been 100% filled out.
She looked at it and then said "well, ADHD is a spectrum and not a binary thing, and some people have these symptoms without it being ADHD, but with how comprehensive this is I have to say you have ADHD".
And now I have a box of something that I'm pretty sure has some kind of effect, judging from how long this post is getting.

This is just one good-for-nothing's anecdote, but in my experience the catch is to take it at the shrink's pace and show patience.
Take everything you're given and stick with it until you meet the shrink again, then say exactly what you experienced.

Don't despair if you're given sertralin at first - sertralin is often used by psychiatrists to see if symptoms can be handled with a very mild SSRI, because if Zoloft fixes it it was likely just hypochrondria that can be fixed by just swallowing a pill every day and feeling secure in that someone's trying to help.

On the surface, I look type-2 bipolar and somewhere on the enthusiasm spectrum, so I got something against that and then vortioxetine to see if it was just a particularly stubborn depression.

Because I waited, because I didn't bring up ADHD all the time, because I didn't go "please give me Ritalin (tm) I've heard it's guaranteed to work" every time, because I answered without bullshitting and because I did what was expected of me, I didn't come off as a drug-seeker and I got the medicine.

I know that it can seem overwhelming to just get through a full day without some kind of medicine and that months of waiting time are painful (protip: once you're in the system waiting times drop), but that ties into the TL;DR I'm going to write.

I'm in much the same situation as you but still got methylphenidate.
It's only my personal experience, but the best way to handle shrinks is the three P's - polite, punctual, patient.
Regarding the dexedrine (finally, I got onto the original topic), you should be able to use the medical standard dosage as a guideline for taking it. Stick to the doctor-recommended dosages and you'll not only get better effects and an easier time controlling your habit, you'll also be telling the truth when talk of you self-medicating comes up with your shrink.
That's the important part.
Trying to self-medicate indefinitely is generally doomed to failure through simple accumulation of error factors.
Get on the Dexedrine and make an appointment. You won't get one immediately, but self-medicate for the purpose of staying sane and functional until you can get a script, preferably just the pharmaceutical equivalent to the dosage you were taking.
If you start self-medicating and deciding that you don't need no shrink, you're very likely to be up shit creek without a paddle in two-three-four years, with a sky-high stimulant tolerance and multiple felonies to your name to "get for the rest of the week" or compensate for the binge you had.

If you want to become functional, you also need to keep your trust in the system and not immediately start hacking venom and vitriol at it when it doesn't work your way.
Someone self-medicating Dexedrine and nurturing a grudge against the System is by definition not functional and closer to a junkie than anything else.
It can be very easy to equate "being normal" with "being able to focus", but if you want to handle things like a job and a family at some point, you need to start from the first square, and that's called "learning to interface with people like a normal person, like they're not threats or monsters or faceless watchers reporting back to their Master every hour, but normal people who want to help you".

This is my first proper post on /stim/ (otherwise I'm an energy drink guy but nothing more), but it seems like it turned out to be one hell of a stimpost. Even the fucking TL;DR is a full post's worth.
Edwin Bammlemune - Wed, 01 Apr 2020 17:05:53 EST UCqmn8hw No.294284 Reply
I got scripted IR 10 mg and it's working out pretty nice. Gets me through an entire day of bullshit while being focused and enhanced.

Stims aren't my DoC, but they do help me actually function normally. Shit jobs aren't so shitty. Waking up isn't so hard. Being productive is actually possible with me now. Mood improved. Life improved. Also, takes away my benzo cravings after getting hooked trying to self medicate for anxiety.
Archie Grandworth - Thu, 02 Apr 2020 13:31:31 EST GweJ437N No.294287 Reply
as an ADHD diagnosed holder of a dex XR and IR script that has become somewhat problematic, I have come to the same conclusions you have, If I take anything over 10mg things get out of control lmao. Your plan is pretty solid.

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