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How stupid is doing stims on probation

- Fri, 03 Jul 2020 03:47:07 EST pJIHVaOi No.295020
File: 1593762427840.png -(286393B / 279.68KB, 613x589) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. How stupid is doing stims on probation
N anyone of you on probation?
I have probation(where i have to show up at my prob.officers office every couple of months to show that im ok and to talk to her, but in the legal docents it is stated that they can, at any time of the day, knock down my door to check on me.
But i want to go fast, what do you think, how bad of an idea is tailing so e shit?
lol - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 19:42:44 EST XrJolsW3 No.295030 Reply
Horrible idea. Dont know what kind of person you are or anything but when im on probation im super paranoid, add in stims and its even worse. Do what everyone on probation tries to do, get a doc to write you a script for some sort of amphetamine and make sure you only stick to drugs that fall under the same category on those 12 panels. Only way i could survive without getting violated everytime was finding a doc and even thats possible to fuck up if you let the addict in you run wild.
m - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 21:06:24 EST ncx5wpUD No.295031 Reply
Would propylhexedrine even pop a 10/12 panel, even as a false positive? I've only taken the hardcore GC-MS drug tests (apart from testing myself at home using specific 1 or 2 panel tests), and the test lists exactly what I'm tested for and at what cutoffs levels to be detected as "positive."

Honestly I'd just go with the ~$4.50 (from wally world) benzedrex inhalers. Think of it this way...not only will you likely not pop hot, the drug itself has a rather short half-life, around 4hr +/- 1.5hrs. So it basically only has a duration of serious effects for ~2-3 hours, possibly like 4-6hr total. My logic here is that if you need to be "sober looking" on command, statistically a 2-3.5hr time window where you can't "hide" your lack of sobriety is a lot less risky than being twacked on meth for 8-16+ hr.

Just stick with shit you 99.99% know you can't fuck up on, which AFAIK tends to be stuff like nitrous oxide, maybe dxm (don't advise it as possible opi/pcp false positive), DMT in particular (short duration) or I guess LSD/LSA/shrooms/most psychedelics, kratom for mild opi tramadol-like sort of buzz, kava kava for super super mild benzo-like "buzz," maybe modafinil/armodafinil or propylhexedrine aka benzedrex for stimulants, etc.

Basically just avoid the traditional amph/methamph and analogues, benzo and almost all benzo RCs (some people have good luck passing when taking cLam, ClonazoLam, but it's not "safe" to do regularly and your PO WILL notice you're high), almost all opioids except usually kratom, and most non-nitrous dissociatives as they can pop false hot for pcp.

If you can't hide you being high if your life was at risk, then yeah I guess stay sober. This is why I was super cautious when I was involved in that life, no plain view shit, know my rights, don't ever smoke in your car PERIOD and all product either vac seal or at least airtight canning jar, don't ride dirty when it's not absolutely necessary, don't sell to idiots without the same mindset/basic intelligence, don't bother with $20 transaction people, etc.

But I don't pretend to know your life and how you ended up on probation.
Cyril Smallway - Fri, 03 Jul 2020 23:47:18 EST WkUtcul1 No.295032 Reply
Benzedrex (propylhexedrine) will show up as a positive for meth on a drug test. A confirmation test will rule it out but why fuck with that?

Source: search on Google and I have popped many times for meth when all I was doing was Benzedrex (drug tested somewhat regularly when I first got my Adderall script; I no longer do Benzedrex due to that).
Beatrice Goodstone - Sun, 05 Jul 2020 02:27:34 EST YP/3oztx No.295039 Reply
First, europoor here so no kratom and benzedrex and gl finding anyone who will give you a ritalin(the only adhd medication we have here) script.

Btw any hints on how to get a adhd medication script?
Polly Fummleville - Tue, 07 Jul 2020 05:53:53 EST NBF4Nt6r No.295051 Reply
1594115633949.jpg -(75260B / 73.50KB, 640x678) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i've had propylhexedrine trip drug tests for meth. it's very similar to meth chemically and will 100% trip that drug test. chemical names include hexahydro-desoxyephedrine and hexahydro-methamphetamine. i don't even know if you could label it a false positive when it's basically just shit meth.

idk how long it'll sit in your piss, but it came up when they tested me on intake, and i'd taken the benzedrex 3 days prior.

as far as the other listed drugs go, I've had DXM test positive for barbiturates of all things. any benzos, or anything close to benzos, will likely show up as.. benzos. moda/adrafinil are both chemically distinct and unenjoyable enough that they won't bother testing for their metabolites. Nitrous basically goes in and out of your lungs, even if they wanted to I don't think you can test for it. I wouldn't test your luck with other r/c dissociatives as they tend to be structurally similar to K or PCP. LSD ought to be fine, as long as you're sure it's LSD and not some wonky research phenethylamine that might give you a false positive for speed. Psychedelics in general aren't tested for (unless, say, you've given them a specific reason to). Mushrooms won't show up unless they're specifically looking for them. DMT won't show up under any circumstances, your body will turn it into melatonin. Synthetic cannabinoids weren't tested for when they were giving me drug tests, but that may have changed. the alkaloids in kratom are structurally dissimilar to classic opioids and shouldn't show up on a test.

i say again: benzedrex/propylhexedrine WILL make you test positive for meth.

as far as i can tell, propylhexedrine isn't controlled in the EU. you should be able to get it off amazon.. but again, you'll come up positive for meth/amphetamines. if you want a diagnosis, your best bet is to find a shitty psychiatrist/GP through other drug addicts. We had one such doctor in my area until the DEA slapped him with 75 years worth of charges lol. you could imitate symptoms and go through legal channels, but if you're not subtle enough (in Burgerstan at least) they could put drug seeker on your chart and that can fuck you up if you ever actually need drugs-- especially pain killers. that might just be burgerstani standards, though. if they're keeping an eye on ritalin scripts, you might gun towards a modafinil script then complain that it isn't working, or that it's causing non-cardiovascular side effects. It helps a lot if you're a student and your ADD is impacting your studies.

Are you OP tho? What's probation look like in Europe?
George Mommlebury - Sun, 02 Aug 2020 22:35:46 EST klHhwZrU No.295354 Reply
if they ask couldn't you just say "I did take use a nasal decongestant could that have something to do with it? I think it was called benzedrex" and claim it was a false positive
Jenny Hepperhuck - Tue, 04 Aug 2020 11:02:44 EST o23pIvqG No.295365 Reply
Probation doesn’t fuck around. You’re an absolute idiot if you try to get around the terms of your probation. Think about the type of people they deal with everyday. Do you think they are really going to believe that you took an over the counter medication that caused you to test positive for meth? Lmao.

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