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Feel nothing from cocaine

- Sun, 26 Jul 2020 20:56:47 EST 6IsEgU07 No.295264
File: 1595811407472.jpg -(30317B / 29.61KB, 639x435) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Feel nothing from cocaine
I've done amphetamines for like 15 years. Street powder/paste, pharma pills, all gives me the good (and bad) effects properly. I've done cocaine more and more the last 5 years or so, at least 30-40 or so times. From different sources, in different countries, different settings/levels of intoxication, different doses etc. But I always feel next to nothing with coke. At BEST I get a little more energy but it's not much more than from a cup of coffee. I'm sure some times I've gotten really bad stuff but I'm also certain that many times it has been proper good. Yesterday I snorted like 0.35 in one line and felt pretty much nothing at all. Can some people have some kind of immunity to cocaine or something?
m - Mon, 27 Jul 2020 01:49:08 EST ncx5wpUD No.295266 Reply
Some argue it's likely due to cocaine primarily functioning as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor as opposed to being majority outright dopamine releaser like say amph is (though amph actually is both a DNRI and a releasing agent). If you're anything like me and (whether occurring naturally or as a direct result from both recent and accumulative stim/opi usage) tend to feel generally more depressed/slightly more permafried than others when generally sober, it's quite possible this distinction is due to us specifically having insufficient quantities of dopamine molecules existing to be continually reuptake inhibited in the first place.

Drugs like amph/meth can generally demand that more dopamine to be released (on top of being DNRIs), but when your drug of choice only basically inhibits naturally, pre-existing dopamine from being reuptaken/"deactivated," you can see how it's not surprising it's ineffective for people with say chronic depression or major lack of dopamine release due to say longer term stimulant PAWS. It's severely limited to how much dopamine (and maybe readily available dopamine-related building blocks) you have available on tap. If the rate of inital dopamine release is lackluster and/or the total raw quantity of current dopamine immediately available for use is lower than average, then it's no surprise that a mostly NDRI-based drug is generally ineffective for you.

Ritalin is conceptually quite similar coke in this regard, as methylphenidate also functions as primarily (and maybe nearly solely) as an NDRI. By some coincidence, I generally HATE ritalin whether IR or XR, and even wasn't exactly in love with the better version focalin IR.

See why I haven't tried coke/crack before in my entire life and genuinely have absolutely 0 drive to do so? I mean at least crack might "make up" for being a bitch boy primarily DNRI drug by way of very rapidly blocking the natural reuptake process and potentially exploding the relative dopamine concentration densities in specific key (most of them being small) areas within the brain.
Jenny Hubblestock - Mon, 27 Jul 2020 08:58:55 EST 7VPM8o+T No.295271 Reply
Not OP but wow that actually explains a lot if true, thanks for the info
Matilda Druddleridge - Mon, 27 Jul 2020 17:14:36 EST s3jF+Ywm No.295277 Reply
I think it's a combination of what m said and maybe your personal genetics. I know that whenever I was doing a shit ton of coke in the army with my buddies I'd have to do a fair amount more to get as blown out as they were, and even then I didn't appear to enjoy it nearly as much. Whenever we moved on to MDMA, I regularly had to do 25-50% more to be as satisfied as they were too.

I also know that ritalin/focalin is something a lot of people enjoy, but it functions similarly to coke and I find it to be a total waste of time. The only thing that makes less of a waste of time is that it lasts 2-3 hours as opposed to 20-45 minutes, and it's far cheaper (especially if you're prescribed it).

Ever since getting out of the army, I've had access to coke but found no reason to ever by any, because I'm prescribed adderall again and can get ice if I really feel like it too, and they're vastly superior in every way imo. Coke felt like glorified caffeine to me, and even then I think given how quickly it was over and I would get irrationally upset and want more, I legitimately get more enjoyment out of caffeine (well, at least in combination with phenibut caffeine is great).

My friends, after developing a bit of a coke problem eventually started getting to where they'd have to save some coke to get to sleep, but even when I didn't use coke nearly as long or often as them (I got out long before they did), I almost immediately found coke relaxed me and made me almost sleepy after the first 5-10 minutes, which would last up until about 25-30 minutes in, then I would be more awake like I took a stimulant up until about the 45 min - 1 hour mark. Then I was back to baseline. I found while being prescribed focalin that, after the first day of use, taking it would also just make me relaxed and sleepy. Taking more, up to a certain point, would actually make me sleepy as though I'd taken some sort of sleeping pill, and then after that certain point, I would get extremely jittery/shaky, distraught, irrationally upset/mood swings, and would impair judgment and cognitive ability. I guess something about dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (coke is also a serotonin reuptake inhibitor too, but whatever) causes me to get relaxed and sleepy.

I mean, vyvanse/d-amp, provided I've been up for over 12-16 hours, especially if up over 24 hours also causes a similar sleepiness/relaxation (more so relaxation and than sleepiness) but also includes total mind silence, dopiness, bouts of staring and not doing anything at all to the point of near stupor, and being abnormally quiet all the time with no desire to talk, as well as sitting abnormally still (I kick my knees/feet up and down almost constantly). Meth seems to be rather similar to d-amp for the most part in this regard, and Adderall does this to an extent but it's generally more stimmy. The commonality here between them all is that it requires being up for an extended period of time and on a higher/moderate dose for this to happen, and even then it's still not nearly as relaxing and legitimately sleepy as coke or (dex)methylphenidate (focalin/ritalin) causes me to be, and they pretty well do it immediately. It really seems to be that I've got a genetic predisposition to reacting this way to these drugs.
Solanacia - Wed, 12 Aug 2020 04:23:37 EST nQp/E8N6 No.295427 Reply
1597220617935.jpg -(216189B / 211.12KB, 459x514) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I get the same thing OP, though I haven't done coke as much as you have, maybe like 5 grams worth over my lifetime. Each time I hear it's good shit, everyone seems to be having a great time, and I get what you describe almost to a T.

I have ADHD and take vyvanse 20mg, used to take 60mg in school. Amphetamines have kicked cokes ass to bajivas and back for me, it's a fraction of the cost, last longer, and feels stronger. I'll admit amphetamine comedowns are more of a bitch, at least to me, but amphetamines make me feel like fuckin sonic, coke makes me feel normal+ at most.

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