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Highest purity cocaine

- Tue, 22 Sep 2020 13:53:41 EST Mjxc1CkG No.295971
File: 1600797221590.jpg -(125470B / 122.53KB, 750x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Highest purity cocaine
What’s the highest % purity coke possible?

What is lavada (washed) cocaine and how is it different?
Charlotte Wucklecocke - Tue, 22 Sep 2020 15:42:31 EST FWeaViPg No.295973 Reply
I clicked on this board by accident but generally most chemicals can be refined to between 97-99.something percent.

Please don't take cocaine, quantifiable innocent people die for every gram of it that reaches the consumer.
Coco CoCocono - Tue, 22 Sep 2020 21:39:05 EST 4N9qWPbK No.295977 Reply
1600825145676.jpg -(83403B / 81.45KB, 475x720) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This is a result of the black market. Please don't support people dying by remaining silent about out people being murdered and permanently imprisoned in some of the worlds worst conditions for what, wanting to have too good of a time? Alcohol is ok though? Alcohol, the drug that's done more harm to all of humanity, is ok, and you want to talk about illicit drugs (which in comparison kill minuscule amounts of people, and most of it is collateral damage from the black market gangs, who will sell anything that makes a good profit).

The Mafia sold anything they could, Cigarettes, Lobsters, whatever. Criminals don't just deal in "evil" goods", they deal in what makes money (often that means whatever is outlawed).
So long as something has an enormous demand (drugs), organizations will arise to supply those goods because the longer they don't, the higher the price and demand climbs. If society and daily life goes all to shit, that demand will skyrocket even more, ala alcohol in the Soviety Union. People always want to cut off the heads of the hydra, but never acknowledge that they are more like symptoms to the real problems.

And remember what happened during prohibition? The crime got much worse...It's almost like it's not the drugs, but the crime involved with smuggling and high stakes money making and people who are willing to do it at all costs. None of which would exist is you could go buy your drugs at CVS like one would do in the weed dispensary.
Angus Sizzlefield - Wed, 23 Sep 2020 09:16:22 EST FWeaViPg No.295983 Reply
Absolutely if it can be sourced ethically then I have nothing against people taking it (except how annoying they are) but right now it can't be.
Edward Druckleford - Wed, 23 Sep 2020 09:42:18 EST 4N9qWPbK No.295984 Reply
The answer to me isn't to obey the thing that's killing us, it's to kill the black market and corruption in the legit market (like the people using the laws to create what is effectively just a legally operating klack market that suits the sort of game they want being played in society and the economy, They use threats of violence as control mechanisms to get people to agree that they are right about these decisions.

People aren't going to stop using drugs and experiencing their lives in the way they want to, and I feel that they have they right in this case if they want to try to plant mixture of something. So the burden doesn't lie on us not to consume weird plants, but on the government and criminals not to kill us for it.
They kill for plenty more than cocaine, lots of slaves on chocolate plantations. There are suicide nets outside of the Iphone production plants. And those products are legal, again, weird world right. That's what I mean about the control.

>Don't buy this cocaine because it's immoral because Juan tried his luck in the trade and ended up full of holes staring up at the sky, and that's immoral.
>But Mutumbe was taken from his parents, handed an RPK and forced o go fight in some conflict that is ultimately about minerals like Cassiterite that is used to make the boards in our precious electronics and that is OK, or at least more ok or at least tolerable enough that you'll still use an Iphone and other electronics.

In my opinion humans will always try to find a way to blame their own actions on something else, but it's also my experience that it's usually just the humans and their bullshit that needs to be dealt with.

It would be really interesting to see just how moral and immoral what we use in our day to day lives is....Probably pretty immoral

I appreciate your sentiment, I just think it's the tip of the iceberg that's only so visible because it's already illegal in the first place so nobody really cares much to hide it, and then only gets special "but the children" type attention because it isn't "part of the plan" as far as things that are "OK" to be immoral about in the economy,.
Caroline Wunnerbanks - Thu, 24 Sep 2020 13:52:10 EST FWeaViPg No.295995 Reply
> Juan tried his luck in the trade
I said innocent people, don't give me that blaming the victim shit.
>But Mutumbe
this is just whataboutery. Mutumbe hasn't been murdered but yeah probably don't buy those electronics either.
>It would be really interesting to see just how moral and immoral what we use in our day to day lives is....Probably pretty immoral

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