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Career options

- Wed, 14 Feb 2018 20:24:52 EST tOh/RtMs No.121619
File: 1518657892865.jpg -(25009B / 24.42KB, 500x281) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Career options
Guys i need some advice. i am 28 year old male, livin in Eastern europe, at the moment im working in warehouse and all of my life worked physical jobs but im also attending college(Multimedia technologies degree)
Im very uncertain of which career path to choose. im very introverted, have terrible anxiety but still i want to move on in life, one of my main character quality is that i have very rich imagination and good sense of humour(dunno how that helps lol)
So i must choose between few different career options:
  1. Sound engineer and producing(i like it alot, but huge downside that there are practicaly no jobs in my country for that branch)
  2. Graphic designer,like Photoshop master and etc.(its ok but i kinda suck at drawing,in a sense i never trained myself how to draw)
  3. Programming games or software (alot of job offers for this, but sometimes i think its too hard for me, since i cant into logic and ima brainlet for maths)
  4. Web developer (lots of jobs, but kinda meh for me)
  5. 3D artist,animator ( looks fun)
  6. Sysadmin or helpdesk, like IT route (well, maybe its boring but i think requires least brain usage)
So what do you think guys, what would be the best and most lucrative career path for an old fart like me?
Maybe some of you already working in one of my listed fields, and could share expierences? ive tried so many of these things, but if i want to make something out of myself i need to focus on one specific thing i guess ;/
Thank you for your time
EmmaFirringfield.xcf - Thu, 15 Feb 2018 00:21:07 EST vpfE8QdL No.121620 Reply
sound engineer designer and 3d artist is meme degrees

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