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Weed resin inside laptop

- Sat, 02 Mar 2019 17:04:08 EST 7KrOZBtP No.122177
File: 1551564248271.jpg -(126715B / 123.75KB, 820x803) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Weed resin inside laptop
How do I clean this?
My ducting system is totally clogged with resin, probably have to replace that.
GPU overheated and fried (see clogged ducting system)
Ram probably has to be thrown out, you can see the resin on it

Motherboard seems fine but probably has resin is there a safe way to clean resin off my motherboard?
CyrilClembledale.o - Sat, 02 Mar 2019 20:50:21 EST NoJcfjtZ No.122178 Reply
isopropol alcohol may save basically everything. use a q-tip, or whatever means.
make sure you don't discharge static to system, ground onto the chassis before you do whatever. kinda watch platstic chair deals and carpet. It is possible to do more damage than fix stuff. Just take your time. good luck my friend.
Retard - Sun, 03 Mar 2019 18:02:51 EST 7KrOZBtP No.122182 Reply
oh cool I didn't realize Iso could be used on electronics that's a releif.
I still think I have to replace the GPU though, it overheated from the cooling ducts getting clogged with resin / dust
Thanks for the advice!
HannahLightshaw.dll - Sun, 03 Mar 2019 20:46:33 EST NYUejQGi No.122183 Reply
Yea if a gpu goes it goes. dust everything off, canned air might help. disconnect power for sure. Idea for the iso is it dries prertty quickly. can maybe vaccum power supply, fans but make sure fansd are not spinning, if they shin too fast they may fail.

Can take off the prossor and remove old thermal paste and replace with new paste, will make a bit difference in heat if things are overheating. Can youtube how to do this correctly, be deliberate, not worry about breaking stuff.

Can remove fans as well to make things easier. if wanted.
AngusMammlehun.uue - Wed, 13 Mar 2019 19:09:30 EST nSO+g/z/ No.122197 Reply
I ordered new fans from Celvo, did a full replace.
Their tech guy said the motherboard beeps was actually from the fans not spinning.

The computer funcitons now and is resin free, still glad iso worked.

However, now i'm frequently getting a MEMORY_MANAGEMENT bluescreen shutdown?
My first thought was that this is a ram issue, but the Clevo tech said the system wouldn't even post if the ram had gone bad?
AliceGrimstone.asm - Thu, 14 Mar 2019 13:06:37 EST C7IrPxTW No.122198 Reply
Try doing a bios reset.
PC bioses often store superfluous info in persistent memory that you don't have access to after a hardware fault. The system can then misinterpret said info after fixing a hardware fault.
IanDuttingsit.lnk - Thu, 14 Mar 2019 18:27:31 EST nSO+g/z/ No.122199 Reply
o shit i didn't know that. Thank you i will try this!
ShitDartfoot.icl - Sun, 24 Mar 2019 02:59:21 EST NYUejQGi No.122222 Reply
Yea, changing hardware, not sure about fans. That should be enough to throw error messages by changing hardware.
Does very much kinda sound like a ram issue though. Can reseat the ram. Can remove one ram module, if it still does that put that back in and pul another. and see if the issue(S) persist.

My guess a clean reinstall would fix your issue. Find a clean win10 install dvd? Install. That should fix things. Backup, what you want. If it came with a manufacturers dvd, again find a clean DVD. Get drivers from website. Can use model of computer or use service tag from bottom of computer.

Do remove extra usb devices, gpu etc, if any. I You may need to get a lan driver from the website for windows update. Likely not though. Do initial updates wired to router if possible though.

If doing a clean win10 install, do not allow windows to decide what to put on there
you may get more than you want. I think it's called express install, don't select that.

Sorry for the long reply, I would simply reinstall windows to begin anyway, then update only important updates selection in setting, discard the get optional updates the same way as important ones. Optional updates, choose your first entries in like net framework, adapters for your screen audio. Do everything wired to a router. Create a limited account while your at it right away, and do updates from there. Browse from there always. Avoid 'quality rollups' in optional updates,
as these are not final. Yea may need to have a lan driver on a usb for after reinstalling, if your comp does not recognize a wired connection. Worry about wireless later if wanted.

Hope I am somewhat clear.
BetsyMacklelork.jpg - Mon, 25 Mar 2019 17:01:37 EST vAOTDvMr No.122224 Reply
How did you get resin in your computer?
WesleyShittingcocke.raw - Thu, 28 Mar 2019 01:31:28 EST jUJ+BPpn No.122225 Reply
I think blowing smoke into it to filter out the smell of weed. Be surprised.Used to have an upright video games as kids. Would blow pot smoke into them and the pot smell was basically non-existant outside. Cab blow smoke under covers in bed.

Or into a coat, jacket, sweater and the amount of time the pot smell stays in minimized. Just little tricks, could have used maybe a fabric freshiner sheet or improvised paper towel with air freshener on the exhaust vents. My guesses.
Stealth smoking.
NathanielFuzzleville.mdb - Sat, 06 Apr 2019 11:43:48 EST Qx3lfgFz No.122229 Reply
1554565428835.png -(28932B / 28.25KB, 300x171) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Used to have an upright video games
>an upright video games
What does this even mean
Hiffwe !BKmffWgROY - Sat, 06 Apr 2019 17:00:34 EST jVgc5cIb No.122230 Reply

Upright usually refers to a cabinet style.

So an arcade machine?
FannyGavingdick.dxf - Sat, 06 Apr 2019 22:20:01 EST eFmoYsxG No.122231 Reply
>Always refers to stand up video game arcade machines.

No doubt you could probably figure it out.
PhoebeFozzlebury.html - Sat, 13 Apr 2019 02:02:32 EST ACwZAr3S No.122235 Reply
Why have I never seen a video of a glory hole installed in an arcade cabinet?
HamiltonBunbanks.shtml - Sun, 14 Apr 2019 00:07:10 EST a7jHxCBl No.122238 Reply
You must have the key, If you smoke cigs that helps mixing the smoke. Camouflage.
Covert smoking in public or otherwise. I never really liked to get high with other people except for the few associates. Get high in romt of people and they never noticed.Except for putting hash in a gig, as an experement to how much to gethigh and with a filter, it worked empigh, but dude kept saying loudly, somebody's smoking pot. As the smoke streamed off the hash chunks.

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