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using protection

- Mon, 15 Apr 2019 07:39:52 EST zs9cOSiL No.122239
File: 1555328392221.png -(354718B / 346.40KB, 588x507) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. using protection
what all do i need to keep my identity as obscured as possible online? Ive been tryna not to jump into this stupid. if i :
>factory reset my computer
>edit my device's MAC address
>use socks
>use hide.me
>keep vpn shit running constantly if its online
>never log into anything attatched to my real identity on the device
is that enough?
is it still unsafe to use my own wifi/ethernet with all that?

my device is a macbook air
i know i will have to create a new apple ID to set it up when i reset it, any advice on the best method of doing so? should i just create a new hotmail acc thru a vpn?

i also have a old iphone 4 (never registered to me) i was gonna use in conjunction with it and just buy a burner SIM for after clearing it out with phoneclean and jailbreaking it. But im worried that even the burner SIM is a bad idea to have linked to the macbook air in any way cos it will still still be location specific. should i make a tertiary apple ID for the phone if i want to use it too? i was hoping to avoid doing so cos it would make everything more difficult than if i could just link them.

i have a handful of other windows computers i can use if i need but i don't wanna doom them to a life of secrecy

this is babby's first post so im sorry its prob been made 100 times
PhineasChoblingford.art - Tue, 16 Apr 2019 03:41:53 EST UDyf0GsX No.122240 Reply
Easiest solution to everything.

Install tails to a sd card or usb. When booting choose the device. Surely macs have a boot menu option
when booting the machine.

Tails will encrypt all connections with tor. Tor will only show the tor exit node to remote sites. Not your own.
Tails will change your mac addys.

Tor is a socks proxy that is encrypted.

So after installing do a 'dns leak test' from the tails system to make sure it is working correctly.

Make sure that your real isp assigned server address is not shown and your dns server addresses are not shown.

Note that many sites will block tor. 420chan blocks tor servers ip addresses.

Can likely use your hide.m vpn with tails. Otherwise there is also qubes meant to work with a vpn with tor.
Otherwise, your proposed setup looks ok with the vpn. Again just google dns leak test to make sure your vpn does not leak your dns or ip address while running your vpn.

The change of the MAC address would not be necessary with a VPN, the VPN should mask that. Changing your MAC address could cause conflict with your network connections. Usually not though.

A trick is find a older windows computer or piece of networking hardware and note it's mac address.

Change it slightly. on your mac machine. Use Tor browser bundle if you want to use this method you described. Not quite sure what you had in mind with a socks application, settings, server?
PhineasChoblingford.art - Tue, 16 Apr 2019 04:48:36 EST UDyf0GsX No.122241 Reply
Actually, changing your mac address on your mac system security wise, would only be between your computer and your router. i would assume.

Some routers do allow one to change mac addresses. Which would likely change your ISPs assigned IP address as well, after rebooting the router.

But changing the mac of the router may cause conflict and no or unstable internet connections. Depends.

To sum it up, tor can be slower than a vpn. But depends on what you want to accomplish. Your setup sounds right to be secure enough for I guess corporate use. Tails is basically secure on it's own, Wired connections are more secure.
James Randi - Tue, 16 Apr 2019 14:08:11 EST v849/pLO No.122242 Reply
Have you tried wearing a balakava or a Guy Fawkes mask?

On the real tho, that all sounds pretty good. I also recomend booting an OS like tails from an sd card on an unregistered device.

But if the man truly wants to find you there is no where you can really hide. They can build up a picture of your online behavior and then slowly zero in on you in real life and match up your RL behaviors with your online ones.

Thats how they caught the Dread Pirate Roberts.
Old fashioned detective work.

They slowly build up when you post, what you post and where from it looks like your posting. Slowly they can find you with this.

But unless your Weev or a global terrorist then they probably wont find you.
FuckBrookham.ppd - Wed, 17 Apr 2019 12:21:29 EST CdQwEbGE No.122243 Reply
OP I'm actually planning on doing something like this myself, except on a HP notebook instead of a Macbook.
Would you mind if I use this thread to ask some basic/stupid questions on this topic?
PhineasSenderville.ppt - Thu, 18 Apr 2019 12:02:40 EST zs9cOSiL No.122245 Reply
Thank you.
Would it be redundant to also run a vpn if I’m already using tails/tor or would it add some degree of security?

I was mainly planning to use the alt MAC address when connected to random public wifis, if that makes a difference. This won’t be a daily use computer.
Wym an unregistered device? I thought all FCC compliant devices had to be registered?
Go for it yo I’d prob learn shit I need to in the process
DorisCaddlehood.mdb - Wed, 24 Apr 2019 01:54:21 EST 6NvWcTdy No.122249 Reply
People posted here a lot, not so much anymore. Make it a security post thread. No real stupid questions. If somebody cals you lame, they weren't born know- it-alls themselves.
Let alone know anything but what they think they know.
CedricPickbury.mdb - Wed, 24 Apr 2019 02:31:32 EST d5/E0FrD No.122250 Reply
>Thank you.
>Would it be redundant to also run a vpn if I’m already using tails/tor or>
>would it add some degree of security?

OK, tails as far as I know does not support VPN as of now. Quebes does. There are workarounds to basically everything, but doesn't sound to easy to accomplish with tails to use with a vpn, depends. Tails is sufficient on it's own though. Generally speaking.

Look up Qubes, look at the Tor website. What these do and maybe cannot do. Proxies can ne beneficial, then again,could be more of a hassle to work with.

I see though, changing mac addy using the 'mac changer' I believe it's called in mac syatem to use in
public places, sure. It can make a difference. I am sure there are mac changer applications as well.
Changing macs, browse differently if changing mac or IP addresses. This will all seem to start to fit together.

Just use tor broswer bundle, use tails, look up proxy test look up dns leak test. All the information should be able to see what is what.
JennyChungershaw.mid - Mon, 06 May 2019 02:48:15 EST tp+wFzsZ No.122263 Reply
Try DnsCrypt-proxy. Follow windows instructions. Or whatever OS one uses. Keep logs from being stored on your ISPS servers.
HenryBrookwill.css - Tue, 07 May 2019 10:51:52 EST auesfeif No.122265 Reply
VeePN maybe? It's good opportunity to keep the identity as obscured as possible online. I used it before and I can certainly say it really helps a lot. It's also an possibility to protect your personal data from bad guys
RebeccaMeblingdale.sys - Wed, 08 May 2019 05:09:39 EST +98BzGvm No.122268 Reply
The head, is there
Sure VPNs are perfect. Fine for corporate usage. Free ones, I would have doubts.

DnsCrypt-proxy will encrypt requests with remote servers so that they are not stored on ones internet providers servers logs. I have found dns leaks that should not have been there with vpns. VPNs may boast being the best,
but many variables can come into play. Leaks that would be resolved directly by ones ISP's dns servers and logged and could be avoided. Anyway, with a vpn, not much of an issue if something slips through if using some dns encryption scheme. Even basic browsing without a vpn, there are free open DNS servers that at times are much faster than you ISPs servers.
AlbertBunhall.ico - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 19:18:44 EST 3K7Dcfof No.122394 Reply
>edit my device's MAC address
I didn't know you could do that...
NellNillyfet.tmp - Fri, 02 Aug 2019 22:44:51 EST LPfm3OYR No.122395 Reply
I think you can on mac computers, but routers, some will allow you to do that. If you get anthers mac address by coincidence if may cause some issues. Use an old router and change the mac a bit using that mac address. I guess ne could use hardware mac addresses just as well.
NellSiffingsadging.hlp - Wed, 07 Aug 2019 06:19:52 EST 0NLuJEWU No.122402 Reply
On a mac, one would change a MAC address if browsing, whatever, wireless.
On a home router, internet, it would make little difference. Some travel with routers, where they could change the MAC on these. Not much more complicated.

Compliments to a router ot basic internet connection is, dnscrypt or other dns encryption. Otherwise you have your dns queries in the US for how long, 3 years was the law. Reality, why have your ISP, hold a DNS request for a period of time,
when you are just browsing recipes, sports, etc. Actually, ISPS, servers seem to get overloaded and slow to resolve ip addresses. Maybe because they have to store DNS queries by law, by default.
FrederickSagglehug.gif - Sat, 07 Sep 2019 19:04:28 EST eh+02X+q No.122454 Reply
A sysadmin friend I know says Pokemon Go has banned some accounts because of GPS co-ordinate hacking. When you "teleport" too much, it gets suspicious. I guess that means anything software can be hacked with enough effort.

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