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Discord Now Fully Linked With 420chan IRC

Bell asked the Canadian government in 2017 for censorship(!), no further development?

- Sat, 31 Aug 2019 19:31:33 EST 90t+puvC No.122432
File: 1567294293538.jpg -(15762B / 15.39KB, 190x190) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Bell asked the Canadian government in 2017 for censorship(!), no further development?

Anybody noticed anything ? Would using a different DNS than the default ones prevent this? I'm already using a different one because Bell sucks and are behind the times in other ways, no DNSSEC dns servers etc. Cloudflare's seemed great for a while but them going after nazichan is the kind of first potshot in a possible trend.

Having to use 4 search engines nowadays to really find shit and not torrents, I'm on my private trackers and it'll stay that way. But it's getting hard to find just regular websites/blogs that are not anything extremist, some can be political..but, we're already taking it in the ass from corporatism, now the state? In Canada? Yeah the story is from late 2017...looks like the Liberals likely ignored Bell. There's already a list of banned websites in Canada, but it's like 30-40 of them and the kind most people would be fine with it, plus some online casinos...that's a state business here and they don't take kindly to that up here...I don't want to become like China because the US is already doing it. ffs

Those mofos have monopoly on fibre internet...although, I have options, some small ISP's now offer TV and gigabit cable, no symmetric uploading, I'd go with their 740/125 plan which is much faster on the download side (I got 300/300 FTTH) but 125 up sucks, I upload a shit-ton to my VPS so...that's a downside, but if Bell can have all ISP's modify their behaviour so that we end up like in the UK where only tiny ISP's offer uncensored internet by default, the others they gotta ask for porn to be "enabled", that gets one on a list that's for sure, especially if there's kids in the house or Australia's China-style firewall...

So, anything strange to other canucks 'round here?

Pic unrelated, the album I'm rockin right now while toking some Sensi Star.
Kirtaner !Ub4TCdRjOM - Sat, 31 Aug 2019 19:39:05 EST juO1XMNt No.122433 Reply
420chan is on bell ftth 1500/1500 in my house

removed the SFP module from the modem and slammed it in our rackmount gear, works amazing with a 10GBe SFP+ card with modified firmware
GeorgeDizzlehood.xsl - Sat, 31 Aug 2019 19:55:53 EST 90t+puvC No.122434 Reply
Ohai, boss. Yeah I know of no ISP up here that blocked 420ch. I've been on Videotron, Distributel, Tekksavvy (and will likely go back to them now that they got TV figured out for QC pretty soon), I'll save 70 bucks, faster download, only way I could get nearly as fast upload speed is the 1gig plan but it's getting too expensive there and it's 250 up.

I was speaking of generally of our internets and censorship, like, Facebook going after Jimmy Dore, it's getting retarded. I'm glad it seems the Libs ignored Bell, when they used to be very cozy-cozy when they had their monopoly on landlines.
GeorgeDizzlehood.xsl - Sat, 31 Aug 2019 19:57:54 EST 90t+puvC No.122435 Reply
I'm good with the 300/300 FTTH for my needs, I don't think 1.5/1.5 is available up here, I assume you're in the cement jungle of southern ON, hell even my plan isn't available to new people here, there's 150 and then there's 500 or 600, no in betweens no more.
EdwinBavingspear.pol - Sun, 01 Sep 2019 01:20:22 EST 90t+puvC No.122436 Reply
Oh, I get it now, you're hosted on your own Bell connection. I wonder, is that modem a HH3000? Because here, we were on Bell Aliant Fibre before Bell Canada took it over, and we have FTTH...there's the ONT that they installed in the house, I had to destroy my "inside the wall" aquarium because they could only bring the cable from the phone pole in that one place, then that ONT is connected to the router/modem HH2000....I hear it's pretty easy with pfSense to get rid of the HH3000, but one can't use their own modem or mess around much at all with the fibre to ONT to modem HH2000 setup preferred by Bell Aliant, forgot to list em, since one of the big selling points, since we don't really know them, they were new when it came to outside maritime provinces, that they were NOT Bell Canada, well that lasted barely a year.

Good to know. But you also got rid of the toxic sludge that even our /pol/ over here was removed, since a good while. Better off to keep it this way for a while I'd say and this place will be safe. Good news then.

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