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wireles keyboards may not be safe.

- Wed, 30 Oct 2019 19:43:30 EST Zl/SHN6M No.122561
File: 1572479010365.jpg -(56263B / 54.94KB, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. wireles keyboards may not be safe.
this was brought up years ago, some people tried to snuff it off as, paranoid, what do you have to hide anyway, bla bla. Paranoid liberal bs. By the nature of how wireless works, there was no doubt it would be exploited. I beleive that the earliest versions had no realistic encryption mechanism, nothing better than wep level at the best.

So did come into play. Obvious. Some corporations did develop effective measures before this came to light.

The idea that one would have to be within 30 feet as that would be the limitation distance anyway of the devices range, yea sure. if it were even possible. Well, if that were the case, there are devices than can amplify faint signals. So that thought of 30 ft at best is still, or was still a no-go.

Possibilities of having control of a signal from a keyboard and mose. Anything is possible. This issue was posed on this group as well some years back. It did come to be.
CarolinePobblepick.csv - Fri, 01 Nov 2019 00:35:21 EST tKnjSqOP No.122563 Reply
Ramblings of a mad man aside,

So, the PlayStation 3 incorporated wireless controllers and you could use any PS3 controller on any PS3 device...

With that said, there was a PlayStation 3 tournament of a fighting game at some event center and the people were about to begin and all of a sudden someone started trolling and connecting to the PS3 device while the game between the two people were about to start. This was very concerning because it was a huge tournament for a cash prize. The panic was hilarious.

But yeah, wireless keyboards and mice suck to use in general
James Randi - Fri, 01 Nov 2019 16:21:27 EST dUYiTWXV No.122564 Reply
It's not safe if some one wants to keylog you ffrom a short distance. But unless your sitting in a crowded place i doubt some one is chilling outside your house trying to steal your street fighter 2 moves.
I guess you could set up like a rasberry pi to do this.

I still think this type of attack is unlikely but not implausible.
I always use wired every thing but mainly just because I don't like having to keep track of little wireless dongles and charge my batteries
Witharequ - Fri, 01 Nov 2019 16:26:13 EST D7WuiUWx No.122565 Reply
>It's not safe if some one wants to keylog you ffrom a short distance
I guess that's why they have the one key keyboard, so people have just q.
EdwinBardstone.gid - Fri, 01 Nov 2019 18:11:25 EST i32fjn0z No.122566 Reply
You didn't understand the first post. it seems to make sense. Back when people were concerned about wireless devices being 'sniffed' hacked, and that there was always people (cheap right winger always whiny people in the way) calling people paranoid for being concerned about their life, $$$$ families being controlled by somebody else's fingertips.

So you bring up some known thing that could have favored lots of money going to one side. And think the panic (concern) was quote " hilarious." A lot of money resources and time gets put into these events. In all it is fundamentals of electronic security here. Reason you claim you don't understand orig post is one, you don't.
anything except play station, tournament.

You didn't even say anything in between your first letter and the last.
EbenezerBrullykot.com - Sat, 02 Nov 2019 07:27:15 EST B6BM7UEA No.122568 Reply
Encryption is important, but it may be worthless just as easy. Bluetooth was to be the secure method. As pairing it is only allowed each single used device with a device, namely a smartphone. Allowing only one connection to and from the device. I guess using aes/psk.

But what if that could be easily overcome by gaining a devices pin. Sure it's a pain in therear to simply create a somewhat strong passphrase.

I believe 'one' method is to inject packets to gain the pin. How to do this. One method I understand it to make a device
quickly drain it's power. Thereby exposing the pin momentarily when resetting the paring of a device. where the pin gained is still intact and usable. How? I would imagine the pin and even with the strong passphrase scheme, the pin would still be able to function as well.
JamesCicklesudge.mdl - Mon, 25 Nov 2019 01:41:59 EST TOmHsgwD No.122610 Reply

That's just great! Somebody asked if their android keyboard had some sort of encryption scheme. It almost a laughable at best.

The original point was people scoffed about wireless devices being insecure. That came to pass. But most 'bluetooth' devices are fine if they are somewhat recent as was mentioned. What time frame would this be.

Best bet would be noting the device and google if it is vulnerable, if it is, does the manufacturer offer a 'patch.' Many manufacturers
will never offer a patch, even if they could.
IanBliddlepot.asm - Tue, 26 Nov 2019 02:15:38 EST KxU0vgLD No.122613 Reply
There was this home smart home package. It offered security, like surveillance, with built in intruder detection. It worked on frequencies. Or a frequency. A simple tone generator could reproduce this frequency and render the trespassers intruders presence useless if it were stronger. Even breaking directly into a persons residence. Unless they had optional separate measures on their doors, windows. A dog that would alert to an intruder. All bets were off.

It was discounted that this and other systems were not built for reasonable security by the manufacturer, but more-so a security convince. Although many of these had been marked as reputable security presences in the industry. It really is even worse than that.

Smart tvs, what a mess. The NSA developed a backdoor to be capable to listen to conversations, leave the webcam on, even though the security settings, or basic settings were turned off. Even with the tv off this was possible. This got into the hands hackers/crackers. Big surprise. Didn't have to be NSA to figure this one out either though. Even without the manufacturers direct help.

If one were technically inclined to notice inconsistencies and detectable flaws could figure this all out. It's hooked up to your network, hence smart tv. So really anything beyond could be possible.

Email on a smart tv, google serrviesis a good example. Your everything could be just as well not even
be encrypted. Which services, such as firetv does like gmail services. One setting it it 'asks', is sharing your network passpharase.
Yes it is almost laughable.

Home security cameras. What port is open? Is it instantly vulnerable or not? OK. There were lists of open cams, some were home cams, some buisness, front door cameras. Today, well established websites offer security flaw of devices, laptops, smart devices, offer instructions on howto hack these. No need to join hacker groups or read hacker sites to get information. Mainstream security and tech websites offer these instructions. Why are they not prosecuted? Why should they be. They are exposing flaws that $$$ is overshadowing peoples security.

The work I do ocassionally, if somebody has tape over their webcam on their laptop, I don't even really think twice about it. Many laptops
out there have no patches. I did notice a lot of wireless logitech keyboards surface. Some were are not that out of date. A reason for this suddenly? Refer t op post. Not just logitech. Some got patches, some needed none, some even if they could be patched weren't offered patches. Some, would be impossible to patch.
HannahSittingshaw.xif - Thu, 28 Nov 2019 01:33:36 EST NbDFv8Xr No.122615 Reply
People use WPS in troubleshooting a smart tv. The guy said, I want you to go to your router, I knew what he was going to say. He said there is a button that says WPS. I said no, if thats all you can do, I think we are done here. He said, yes I do understand where you are coming from, security. Lets try a few other things.

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