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ClamAVs crappy linux gui (TK) does not indicate false-positives..help

- Sun, 17 Nov 2019 19:47:24 EST Zhg3GjpF No.122588
File: 1574038044634.png -(272621B / 266.23KB, 1366x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. ClamAVs crappy linux gui (TK) does not indicate false-positives..help
So, I have very good reasons to know my win7 x64, despite my 22 years of experience OL and being the guy everyone calls to repair their computer for cheap, I feel bad, but apparently, Malwarebytes (paid), ESET NOD32 (cracked), Spybot Search & Destroy (browser hardening) isnt enough, even non-continually running scanners I use when I do some cleaning up such as Zemana Antimalware and Malwarebytes Adware Scanner, that usually catches everything, but it really isnt right now.

Im about to install Ubuntu MATE 18.3.4 and I had it on a usb key so I started a live session and install clamav/clamtk and unlike ClamWin, possible false positives arent indicated in blue, as I have found out nosing around the internets.

I know there is some actual awful shit in there, like Ramnit and a few others, but a lot of the Win.Trojan.Generic and such that are detected in the windows system folders....well Im not gonna delete em. I did delete a few obvious ones and am ignoring monero miners being detected as shit, even if I have detect PUPs unchecked by default in ClamTK.

Help very welcome guys, Im ashamed like a japanese guy selling chicken sushi right now, this kind of crap doesnt happen to me, but theres one guy giving me heart attacks and strokes or what feels like em by trolling me using MS Anna, I deleted all of my streaming software and the mofo still manages to spam me with it, first time I got the navy seal copypasta while I was streaming on discord, even customized to me, so its one of the dudes in the only discord server I go to, so they knew I was up north, hence the small customization of the pasta...but after that a few days later, just spamming me random noises through MS A
Kirtaner !Ub4TCdRjOM - Sun, 17 Nov 2019 21:14:23 EST TcfQHxIr No.122589 Reply
netjester is too powerful
CharlesMurdville.rar - Sun, 17 Nov 2019 21:17:51 EST Zhg3GjpF No.122590 Reply
pkill -f speech-dispatcher or just fucking muting the tab does it, heh, I can see how you find this funny, but it sucks for those oldfags like me who just have an auto-loading pinned tab on 420..at least now I know what the fuck is going on.
Kirtaner !Ub4TCdRjOM - Sun, 17 Nov 2019 21:21:13 EST TcfQHxIr No.122591 Reply
trust me I'm just as confounded as you are at just how... potent this is.

We're getting users that haven't browsed the boards in several days getting Netjester's voice output on their phone. While locked.

I'm actually considering filing a bug bounty.
Kirtaner !Ub4TCdRjOM - Sun, 17 Nov 2019 21:23:57 EST TcfQHxIr No.122593 Reply
Also it bypasses tab mutes and uses the system volume on some browser and environment combos on all OSes. It's most powerful on macOS and Android devices.
Kirtaner !Ub4TCdRjOM - Sun, 17 Nov 2019 21:29:57 EST TcfQHxIr No.122594 Reply
i've created a monster
CharlesMurdville.rar - Sun, 17 Nov 2019 22:14:15 EST Zhg3GjpF No.122595 Reply

Seems like i<m cool for now then :) never macfagged and I have a regular ass cell phone, no internets on it, I know too much already to be doing that. If this is a prank or an actual out of control AI, its better when knowing where the fuck its from.

Ill ask my boi Lestat about this.
KLEZ.fml !!cEQLOiCj - Tue, 19 Nov 2019 13:31:59 EST zwV4b3zR No.122601 Reply
MS Anna shit talking Hillary Clinton about Jeff Epstein randomly at 2 in the morning and I AM NOT CRAZY I SWEAR!

Lol you should collect a bug bounty. This is a good'un.

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