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Alt right got it all wrong?

- Sun, 25 Mar 2018 06:20:41 EST 19j1CmxZ No.87670
File: 1521973241432.jpg -(36184B / 35.34KB, 293x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Alt right got it all wrong?
Niffty title huh? I’ve been looking into the alt right because i knew nothing about them and wanted to learn more because they are the new boogie man. And as far as i can tell there are a few major and minor issues with them.

>they never talk about eugenics.
This to me is the strongest logical argument against ethno-nationalist. Eugenics was the argument hitler made, and it was a stronger argument. They tend to focus on race only and point to lower iqs and higher crime rates in minority communities. While this is true, there is a better predictor of criminality and that is intelligence. People with lower IQs tend to comit more crimes over all. So we wouldn’t we be better over all if we just prevented stupid people from breeding by removing all socail services, and then encourage them not not breed with incentives like alowing childless people access to socail services? Also by encouraged smart fucks to breed more with incentives like a removal of income taxes for them? And couldn’t a less extreme libertarian president make such a thing a reality without violating the constitution or killing anyone?
>checkered histories.
Mike enoch apparently had a jewish wife who did racist Christmas poem on there podcast.
Weev has named the jew but in my limited research hes always criticized only zionism. I kinda feel sorry for him and think maybe the fact he got fucked so hard by the fbi for no reason kinda messed him up. But everything else i could find only hinted to mild sympathy with hitler and Germany. That i would describe as rational and well rounded veiw of history. Andrew anglin was described by classmates as a vegan who wore vegan skate shoes and had dreadlocks. As well as being friendly and nice. Some other dude whos name im forgeting right now got b& from his radio job for daring to question the race IQ question live on air. I think its important to note because every major player that i looked into has been unfairly FUUUCKED by some establishment that would make them very bitter and angry, and motivated by revenge. Opposed to a deeply sincere long held Philosophical Belief. To stright up suspicious in the case of mike enoch. The only exception I could find to this was Richard Spencer and Andrew to a certain extent although that might change.
>the inevitable tribalism problem.
By encouraging tribalism it is a inevitability that the group will turn in on its self once the orginal enemy is delt with. This is another reason why the eugenics argument is stronger. Because once the jews and blacks are gone people will call into question the greeks, slavs, and Spanish. And wonder if they are really white enough. With a eugenics your simply relying on the merits of each individual and what they can contribute to the gene pool.

Now the /tinfoil/ part. Do you think with all this bullshit with pepe being named a hate symbol to internet culture and people being right of center being labeled “””problematic””” that the alt right and antifa types are controled opposition? I clearly do not support the alt right but because they exist it gives the government and Private organizations a scapegoat to shut down free speech. Just look at whats been going on in England! And i worry as the left gets more and more radical its going to full the right to the point that things get violent. Then the government finds a reason to shut down “”””hate speech”””” and we get censored internet among other things. So do you think the alt right is pushing us towards a Socialist or communist nation like Sweden?
Eugene Dridgeson - Sun, 25 Mar 2018 15:53:16 EST L/ue6Tjr No.87677 Reply
This is a real conspiracy though. TRS is more contrived than the Tea Party even was. It's a cliche example of a controlled opposition group.
Lillian Worthingwater - Sun, 25 Mar 2018 19:04:42 EST 7Ra+eU96 No.87678 Reply
>a real conspiracy though
yeah right, whatever dude, a copy and pasted alt right politics blog is not tinfoil, bigfoot is tinfoil

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