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Ze Jenkum!!!

- Tue, 24 Apr 2018 13:03:23 EST +TBCD8TQ No.87862
File: 1524589403187.jpg -(58053B / 56.69KB, 220x316) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size. Ze Jenkum!!!
Has finally been exposed to the wider world!

Cedric, whose recreational drugs run out while his tour bus is being repaired in the Mormon-heavy Provo. After a roadie suggests jenkem, Cedric goes on a bender, culminating in his death by asphyxiation while inhaling methane from a port-a-john
Martha Pickridge - Wed, 25 Apr 2018 18:05:00 EST ZcKMNawS No.87868 Reply

Woooooah havent you strayed a bit too far from your flock?
Lillian Dinkinnit - Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:23:34 EST tfimM86r No.87873 Reply
Technically speaking anything can be used to hammer something, kind of like breaking bricks with a copy of DARK SOULS because DARK SOULS is so hardcore that only another copy of DARK SOULS can break a copy of DARK SOULS

I think I've made myself perfectly redundant
Nathaniel Blatherlock - Fri, 27 Apr 2018 06:59:13 EST ZcKMNawS No.87876 Reply


I could use a rock as a hammer if i use a rock as a hammer does that make the rock a hammer? what i use a rock to hammer a rock to make a hammer?
George Serryfock - Fri, 27 Apr 2018 09:52:31 EST DYft86BT No.87877 Reply
Naw! I'm looking for a tap and dye and some WD-40
Jenny Clayworth - Wed, 02 May 2018 11:47:53 EST MWkhESsF No.87889 Reply
I always return muh tapes, I read at a fourth grade level!

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